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28: Our little miracle

Chapter 28: Our little miracle


I sat with Ty at the table where Bryan sat across from us. My parents were upstairs sleeping. They had no idea that Bryan was sitting in their kitchen turning himself in. Ty had me go and check on Val who was knocked out in their bedroom. I walked back downstairs and saw Bryan and Ty giving each other dirty looks. I put my hand on Ty’s shoulder and then saw flashing lights. I walked over to the window and saw it was the cops. I walked back over and looked at Bryan.

“They’re here.” He stood up and then moved his shirt out of the way and I saw a gun. He pulled it out and pointed it at us. Ty stood up quickly and stood in front of me.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Ty said looking at him.

“You really think I’m going to go out like that. Not unless I take her down with me.” Bryan said looking at me.

My eyes grew wide and I put my hands on my stomach. I was scared and this was the first time I was scared since Adam died.

“Bryan put the gun down. That will only make things worse just please put the gun down.” I said pleading.

“Sorry Vik.” He said that and everything began to slow down. I saw his finger move slowly towards the trigger and Ty stepped in the way of the bullet. I screamed and the cops banged down the door and tackled Bryan to the ground. They hand cuffed him and then a cop walked over and helped up Ty who was lying on the ground. When Bryan tried shooting me and Ty got in the way it got Ty in the arm.

“Son you should go to the hospital.” The cop said looking at Ty.

“I’ll go once he’s gone.” Ty said sitting with his hand on the wound covering it.

I heard footsteps running down the stairs and I saw my dad looking around. He saw Bryan cuffed and Ty bleeding.

“What the hell happened?” My dad said looking at all of us.

“Well Bryan told us that he wanted to turn himself in so we came back here and when the cops got here he took out a gun and pointed it at me and went to shoot me and Ty got in the way and got shot in the arm. And the cop banged down the door and arrested Bryan.” I said and my dad nodded. Val and my mom came down stairs next and looked at us. Val went over to Ty and looked at him.

“Please go to the hospital.” I said looking at Ty and he nodded.

My dad helped him stand up and the cop assured him that everything was safe. Val and my dad took Ty to the hospital while me and my mom stayed behind. I went upstairs so I could calm down. This was too much for me and the baby. I watched as the officers walked out the house with him in front of them and in handcuffs, it was finally over, after so many years it was finally over. I just watched as they put him into the cop car and turned to face my mother who was thanking them again for saving us from his wrath.

While they were talking he looked up at me and i could see the pain in his eyes and the wrath slowly creeping into them as he saw me watching. He started flipping out and kicking the door trying to open it. My mother screamed and one of the officers went over and got into the car with him, the other one had escorted my mother into the house. When the other officer got into the cop car they drove away, but i couldn’t pay attention to any of that only the rage in his eyes as he looked up as me after the first cop had got into the car. I knew he wanted me dead but with the look in his eyes he was going to kill me with his own hands.

When the cops were gone my mom came up to my room and we sat there and she hugged me. “Are you okay?” She looked at me.

I nodded then smiled, “He’s finally going away. Finally.”

My mom smiled and nodded, “Yeah sweetie he is. But you should get some sleep, when your father calls I’ll wake you up.”

I nodded then got under my covers and fell asleep. Things were finally over.

5 months later:

I looked at my mom who was sitting on the couch holding Angel who was getting bigger every day. You couldn’t even tell she was early anymore. After the night that Bryan got arrested after trying to shoot me and Ty got in the way. The whole family got much closer. Ty and Val finally found out why Val wasn’t sleeping that much. She was pregnant and the baby wasn’t healthy. Val lost the baby and that put a big issue on their relationship but they worked through it. Now they act as if it never happened. Of course we all know it still hurts to think about it but they act as if it didn’t and that’s for the best.

My dad brought his company from Italy to the states so he was able to stay here with us instead of having to go back to Italy. Which we all clearly didn’t want to happen. Val was in the kitchen getting me some raspberry tea while my dad and Ty got the car packed. We were going to go get my water broken at the hospital so the baby would come already. Since I was a couple days late. As I began to drink the tea I felt something leak from me. I looked down well tried to look down since my stomach was so big I wasn’t able to. When I started feeling contractions I knew it was time.

“Mom.” I said and she looked up from Angel and looked at me.

“My water just broke.” Her eyes grew wide and she stood up quickly making Angel gasp then chuckle.

“Val sweetheart go tell the guys it’s time and we’re leaving now.” Val nodded then my mom handed her Angel and he went out to the car.

My mom came over and helped me up then we walked out of the house locking it behind us and got into the car. We were headed to the hospital when my phone started ringing. I looked down and saw it was Adam’s mom calling me.

“Hello?” I said trying not to show any pain which that’s all I was feeling.

“Hey Vikky it’s me.” She said.

“Hey. Um you guys should get to the hospital now since my water just broke and all.”

“It did?”

“Yeah so you guys should get there.”

“We’ll be there right away.”

“Okay see you soon.”

We hung up the phone and we got to the hospital Ty grabbed a wheel chair and I sat down in it and he wheeled me in then my doctor was already in the waiting room.

“Vikky? We weren’t expecting you for another hour.”

“My water broke and I’m in a lot of pain.”

He nodded then handed my mom the clipboard and paper work so she could fill it out. When she did we went into the room that would be mine. I changed into the gown and laid down on the bed. My mom sat in a chair next to the bed while Val and Adam went and got the baby bag and Angel’s baby bag. My dad sat on the chair next to my mom with Angel sitting on his lap who was looking at me making silly faces. I smiled and made a silly face then gripped the bed sheet because of how much pain I was feeling.

“Mommy make the pain stop.” I said looking at my mom with tears in my eyes.

She looked sad and rubbed my head, “Sweetie they need you to be enough centimeters before they can.”

I sighed and wined then turned on my side and my mom started rubbing my head and smiling. I heard footsteps coming then heard Adam’s parents walk in the door.

“How you doing sweetie?” Adam’s mom asked as she walked over and kissed my head.

“In pain.” I said looking at her from a weird angle.

She chuckled then sat down next to my mom and Adam’s dad sat with my father and they watched the football game that was playing on the TV.

It took 6 hours before I could get the needle to stop the pain. My dad took Angel to my aunt’s so she could sleep and everything. My mom was half asleep when my contractions started up again. I gripped her hand and she opened her eyes quickly and I nodded.

“I’ll go get the doctor.” She said half asleep. Ty was sitting in the chair across the room with Val’s head in his lap asleep. He moved her head out of the way and walked over to me.

“How you doing kiddo?” He said looking at me.

“It hurts Ty.” I said in pain.

“I know Vik I know.”

“It’s not just that. It’s that I’m going into labor and he can’t even be here.”

“Vik he is here though. He always is you said that yourself.”

I nodded then gripped the bed sheet and the doctor walked in and checked how many centimeters I was.

“It’s time to start pushing Vikky.” I looked at him scared and he smiled, “it’s ok just relax and when I tell you to push you push okay?” I nodded then Ty, Val and Adam’s dad left the room leaving me with my mom and Adam’s mom.

He put my legs up and my mom took one of my hands in her hand and Adam’s mom took the other one.

The nurse walked in with everything they would need and then he looked at me, “It’s time Vikky ready.” I nodded then he had me start pushing.

“And push….and push…push….and breathe.”

“Okay just a couple more times.”

“Push… breathe…”

This went on for another 2 hours.

“Okay Vikky one more big push.”

I pushed as hard as I could and I felt her head and shoulders slip out.

“Alright Vikky just one more.”

I pushed again and the rest of her was out. They laid her on my chest and I saw my beautiful baby girl for the first time. They got the after birth out then took Skarlet so they could clean her up.

The doctor looked at me and then at my mom, “Who do you want to cut the umbilical cord?”

I looked at the door and there stood Ty. He knew what I wanted him to do.

He walked over and looked at the doctor. “I’ll cut it.”

The doctor nodded then had Ty cut the cord. They cleaned her up then handed her to Ty who held her in his arms. They cleaned me up and stitched me up then Ty walked over and handed me Skarlet. The doctor and nurse left the room and Val and Adam’s dad and my dad came into the room. My mom was looking at the baby with tears in her eyes. Adam’s mom was the same.

They all held her a couple times and then she started getting cranky so I took her back and decided to feed her. The parents all left and Val left with them while Ty stayed with me. I was tired so I had Ty put her in her little bed and closed my eyes for a little while.

When I opened my eyes I saw Ty holding Skarlet and he was talking to her.

“Skarlet I’m your uncle. Your uncle Ty. I just want you to know that the woman over there is your mommy. And she’ll do whatever she needs to; to make sure you have a perfect life. She loves you Skar. Your daddy loves you too. But he’s an angel. He’s you and your mommy’s angel. He loved you Skar so much. Skar I’ll always be here to protect you. I love you Skar. I want to read you something your daddy wrote for you. That your mommy doesn’t know about yet but sh it’ll be our little secret.”

I just laid there listening to him talk to her.

“Skarlet I love you more than anything. You are my world Skarlet and if one day I’m not there anymore than just know you’ll always have your mommy and your grandparents and your uncle and auntie. They will protect you no matter what Skarlet. And I just want you to know that daddy will always be here regardless. Even if I’m just your angel I’ll still be here. I love you baby girl. You’re the best thing to happen to me and mommy. You’re our little miracle. I love you peanut.”

Tears fell from my eyes and I just sat there and smiled.

Ty turned and looked at me and smiled, “How did I know you were listening.”

“Because you know me too well.”

He chuckled, “Ty where did you get that?”

“Adam gave it to me the night at the fire. Just in case.”

I nodded then smiled and Ty walked over and handed me Skar. She looked up at me and smiled. I smiled down at my beautiful little daughter then looked at Ty and he smiled.

“He’s right she is our little miracle.”
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