Queen Bee to Mother Bee

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29: Once upon a time

Chapter 29: Once upon a time


1 year later:

I walked down stairs and into the kitchen where i saw my mom feeding Skarlet. Skarlet looked up from her cereal and reach her arms up to me. I smiled then walked over, my mother got up and went over to where her coffee was sitting on the counter and took a sip of it. As i picked up Skarlet i saw a small smile creep onto my mother’s face. I sat Skar onto my lap and she began to play with my hair braiding it into small little braids.

“How’d you sleep mom?” I asked since she had been having really bad nightmares lately.

“Another nightmare, i swear the pills the doctor gave me aren’t working they just cause me to pass out once i take them.”

I nodded then gave her a half smile and looked at Skar who looked up at me and smiled flashing the four teeth she had inside her mouth.

“Having fun?” I asked and she nodded.

“Pretty?” She asked as she held up the braid for me to look at.

I smiled and nodded, “its beautiful Skar.” She smiled then hopped off my lap and went into the living room to play with her toys that she got for her birthday last week.

I looked up at the clock and it was 7:34 i had to be at school in ten minutes. I walked over and grabbed an apple and a juice box from the fridge and then kissed my mom on the cheek and walked into the living room.

Skarlet looked up she hated this part of the morning where i couldn’t stay and play with her all day like i do during the summer.

She got up from her toys and walked over to me holding onto the couch, i knelt down and she hugged me.

“I’ll be home soon, be good for grandma ok?” I said rubbing her back and she just nodded.

I kissed her forehead and she backed up and walked me to the door, i turned around and waved goodbye to her once i was down the drive way and near my car.

She waved her little hand and shut the door after i turned my car on and drove away from the house; i looked at the picture sitting on my mirror of me and Skarlet when she was just born. She looked do much like Adam it was amazing. The way she has grown over the 1 year since she was born.

The school day went by as it normally did people all looked at me because I didn’t socialize with anyone. They all hated me or were sad for me. But I didn’t really care. I came here for a couple hours and left to go home to my daughter. Which was all I cared about these days I didn’t let these people and their thoughts bother me.

School ended and I left and went home. I walked in through the front door and saw Skar playing with Angel in the playpen while my mom was folding laundry on the couch. Skar saw me and ran over to the edge of the playpen and reached her arms up for me to pick her up. I put my bag down and I reached down and picked her up after kissing Angel’s head.

“Mommy we go see daddy?” She asked looking at my necklace that had the picture of Adam kissing my tummy.

“Yeah baby we can go see daddy. Go put your shoes on.” I told her then put her down and she went over to the rack where her and Angel’s shoes were stored on. She grabbed her little cheetah boots and walked over to my mom and pulled on her pant leg. My mom looked down at her and then kissed her on the head and Skar walked over to me and took my hand. We walked out of the house and I put her in my car and drove to the cemetery. I parked the car and we walked to where Adam was buried. The flowers we put there last week were still looking good so we didn’t need to put more yet. We come here once a week so she can talk to Adam.

I sat on the ground in front of the gravestone and she sat in my lap and looked at it. “Mommy tell me the story again.”

I was running my fingers through her hair when I smiled and asked her, “Which one baby?”

“The story of how the girl met her prince.”

“You love that story don’t you?”

“Mm. Tell me please?”

“Okay baby.”

“Well once upon a time… there was this girl and she was the head cheerleader who dated the captain of the football team and he wasn’t a good guy. His name was Bryan……………..”

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