Queen Bee to Mother Bee

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3: GIrl in the reflection

Chapter 3: Girl in the reflection

We pulled up to Bryan’s house and he carried my bags into the house and up to his bedroom. I followed behind him and when we got into the room I walked over and sat down on his bed and watched as he set my things down and sat down in his computer chair and just looked at me.

“Vik I’m so sorry I really am.”

“Bryan you hurt me, you’ve gotten mean but you’ve never laid a hand on me and you never forced me.”

“I know, I know.”

I sighed then laid my head down on the pillow and just looked at him as he sat in the computer chair looking at me with sadness in his eyes.

“It’s not warm over here.” I said.

He smiled then took off his shoes and walked over and got under the covers with me and held me close to his body. I soon drifted off to sleep as he rested his head close to the back of my neck.


My phone started to vibrate and I opened my eyes to see who texted me this early in the morning and who was rude enough to wake me up from my sleep.

Ty: Get back here before your mom wakes up and I have to tell her where you went to.

Me: Then tell her Ty I’m not coming back to the house so you can bitch at me about the hickeys.

Ty: I know it’s not just the hickeys.

Me: What are you talking about?

Ty: Tori said she saw him slap you at some party the other night. Vik did Bryan really hit you?

Me: He didn’t mean to.

Ty: He never does mean the shit he does? How many times have you come to my house balling your eyes about him screaming at you and cheating on you and all that shit? How many times have I threatened to handle it and you beg me not to because “he didn’t mean it?”

Me: Ty this is the exact reason I don’t tell you this type of shit anymore because you bring up the past like an asshole!

Ty: Asshole?! I’m looking out for you since no one else has been. Adam he’s more than pissed because of what I told him about Bryan. When are you going to realize that Bryan is an abusive bastard and it’s going to get worse?

Me: Ty stop Bryan wouldn’t hurt me on purpose.

Ty: Fine when you end up either pregnant or beaten to almost death don’t call me. Because I give up trying to protect you and get some sense into your head.

Me: Some family huh. Smh!

Ty: SMH nothing Vik your being stupid by staying with him.

I started to get more pissed so I shut my phone off and laid it on the ground. I rolled over and put my head on Bryan’s chest and tried to fall back asleep but I couldn’t. I got out of bed and walked over to Bryan’s computer. I logged onto his Facebook and started to look through the notifications and messages he had.

Jasmine Blake: Hey daddy, fun night with you last night ;) let me know when you want some more Jazzy time XO

Samantha Ryan: Hey big boy had some amazing fun with you and Tabitha last night let me know when you want a 3 again. OX

I kept reading the messages and they were all from this morning or before 2am when he picked me up. So he slept with other girls that night either before or after what he did to me. Before I could sign off I heard him clear his throat.

“What are you doing on my Facebook?” He asked.

I turned around and looked at him, “Reading how you cheated on me the night you fucking rape me!” I yelled at him standing up from the computer.

He pushed me back into the chair and got in my face, “I’ll do whatever I want with any of those hoes and I’ll always come back and have your legs open to me. You’re mine and no one will touch you!” He said holding my chin in his palm.

“Let go of me I’m leaving!” I said trying to take my chin out of his hand.

“No, what did I just say you’re mine, and your legs are open to me.” He said grabbing me by my wrist and dragging me over to the bed. He threw me onto it and hovered over me.

“Bryan get off of me before I scream!” I threatened him.

He slapped my face and took me by my chin, “Don’t you dare. Vik I swear to god I’ll tie you up again. And I don’t want to do that. Now stop being a stupid slut and let’s have sex alright.”

I looked at him and he was so serious you could tell by the look in his eyes.

I laid there without making a noise as he took off my clothes and put a condom on then slipped inside me. He didn’t stop until he finished, once he did he had me go and take a shower. I got out of the shower and walked back into his bedroom with the towel wrapped around my body and hair.

“Put this on we’re going out to the mall, I want to buy you a couple things.” He said handing me clothes that I would never wear but only brought so I could give to Tori.

I shook my head and he got up from his bed where he was laying and took my chin in his hand again, “I said put this on.”

I didn’t move so he kneed me in the stomach, when I grabbed my stomach he took a fist full of hair and pulled my head up to make me look at him, “Put this on while I go and grab some food for us.”

He put the clothes on the bed and shut the door behind him. I walked over and looked at the clothes I knew if I didn’t put them on he’d just hit me again.

I really didn’t want to wear this but I also didn’t want him hitting me anymore. I grabbed the white shirt that had you will be mine on it and slipped it on and put the black acid washed shorts on. Luckily I had left a scarf here from the last time I was here so I grabbed the grey knit scarf and wrapped it around my neck to make sure nothing was seen. I slipped on the Victoria secret lizard print heel booties and walked over to the mirror. I sighed as I looked in the mirror I didn’t even look like the girl in the reflection. When would the girl in the reflection be me?!
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