Queen Bee to Mother Bee

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4: Well now

Chapter 4: Well now


I watched as Tyler paced back and forth it was 9:30am and I never saw this kid up this early unless he had to go pick up Victoria or was driving Tori home after a long night. I sat in the computer chair and watched the news feed stay the same as it had been all night. Victoria hadn’t posted anything which wasn’t like her she usually posted about something. Even if it was about fighting with Tyler or suttin. But this time I guess not.

Tori walked into the room I was using for the month and I got up from the computer so she could use it. She signed into Facebook and gasped. Both me and Tyler walked over and looked at the computer. There was a picture of Bryan and Victoria at the mall but she was wearing the most slutiest outfit possible.

Tyler’s fist immediately went flying into the wall and a picture frame of him and Victoria fell to the ground. He walked over and sat on the bed with his head down and his hands on the back of his neck.

Tori signed out then walked over and knelt down in from of him and took his head in her hands and made him look at her.

“We’re going to get her back Ty. I promise you we’re going to make her see the truth about him.”

“One thing about that plan how the hell you plan on that? You didn’t see how she flipped out just from me trying to take her scarf off she won’t believe us and she won’t come near us.”

“My cousin dated Bryan a few years back. He beat her until she ended up in a coma. Luckily she came out of it, but when she went to press charges he told her that he would kill her so she left. Told the hospital she fell down the stairs and doesn’t remember anything before or after that. So I’m having her come back here so she can talk some sense into Vikky.”

“And how are we suppose to get her here when your cousin is here?” I asked looking at both her and Tyler.

“You.” They both said looking at me.


I walked into Bryan’s bedroom and sat down on the bed while he went and grabbed a couple of drinks for us. The clothes he bought for me were still in the car since he was gunna bring me home once he showered since he had a date. No not with me.

He walked into the room and handed me a soda and I started drinking it.

“So who’s your date with tonight?” I asked.

“Sam and Jazzy. You know the girls I hooked up with the other night.”

I nodded then took another sip of my drink, “Have fun.”

“Oh I will. Don’t worry I’ll pick you up when I’m all done.”

“Oh I can’t my mom wants to go back to Ty’s house and I can’t get out of it.”

“Well just tell her you have a project to work on for school and you can’t. Because I want you tonight after I get home and I’m gunna have you.” He said grabbing my chin making me look at him.

“Alright I’ll tell her.”

He smiled then kissed me forcefully and went to take a shower. I sat on his bed waiting for him when my phone started to vibrate. I picked up my phone and opened the text message.

Adam: Hey Victoria, your mom wants you to come back to the house for dinner.

Me: I can’t I have a project to do for school.

Adam: Victoria I know he told you to say that just tell him you’re going to be home by the time he needs to pick you up. Your mom really wants you there tonight.

Me: -sigh- fine.

Adam: I’ll pick you at in half an hour.

Me: Mhm.

I deleted the text messages and texted my mom telling her I’d be there for dinner. She texted back saying she couldn’t wait to see me. The door opened and Bryan walked into the bedroom and got dressed as I went and threw away the empty cans of soda. He came down stairs and we went out to the car and he drove me home. As I went to get out of the car he pulled me back in and kissed me.

“So I’ll pick you up at 2. You better be here.”

“I’ll be here but I am going to eat dinner with my family but I’ll be back in time.”

He nodded then kissed me forceful again and I got out of the car and went into the house. I made sure he drove away before I went upstairs and changed into different clothes.

I looked out my window and saw Adam pulling into the driveway so I grabbed my phone and went downstairs and opened the door just as he went to ring the doorbell. We walked over to the car and got in.

“So can we just get there so I can eat and leave?”

“Where not going to the house Victoria. We need to talk. And I knew if I said your mom wanted you at the house you would go.”

Just as I went to open the door he locked it and backed away from the house. I looked at him and crossed my arms.

“Don’t ever speak to me again Adam. I trusted you. Now....Well now...” I couldn’t finish because he grabbed my cheeks in kissed me.

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