Queen Bee to Mother Bee

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5: Pain go away

Chapter 5: Pain go away


I pulled away from Adam and just looked at him I couldn’t believe he had kissed me. He always referred to me as his little sister so for him to kiss me was a big surprise. Don’t get me wrong I find Adam extremely handsome. But if I ever even tried Bryan would have my ass literally. Adam looked at me surprised like he didn’t realize what he had done until after he had already did it.

“Victoria I....I didn’t...I mean.” He searched for the right words.

I put one finger to my lips and he stopped talking. “Adam its fine. What did you want to talk about? I’ll listen but I want to grab at least something to eat.”

He nodded then kept driving since he was driving when he kissed me. He drove out of the city and we ended up at a little cafe on the beach. He stopped the car and we both got out. We walked over to the cafe and grab a seat. A waitress walked over and took our orders for drinks then went back and I was looking at my menu when I realized Adam was looking at me.

“what do I have something on my face?”

He smiled and shook his head, “no its just I remember when you would sit on your knees and read the menu and when me and Ty would ask you why you did that you would say....”

I stopped him by finishing his sentence about the past, “I would say because I wanna be big.”

He chuckled and said, “you were such an innocent girl.”

I looked down because I knew where this was going. The waitress came back with our drinks and it was time to order. Once we did she walked away and I took a sip of my root beer.

“Let me guess you’re going to start by saying how innocent I used to be and then gunna ask what happened and then you’re going to tell me Bryan’s no good for me and I’m going to end up either pregnant or dead. Am I right?”

“I’m not Ty. I’m not going to tell you what isn’t right for you and what is. That’s not how I am. But I am going to tell you that you used to be innocent when the parents were around when it was just us kids you would be just like us. A punk. Yeah Bryan isn’t good for you but even if I did tell you not to be with him you wouldn’t listen and you would shut me out just like you did Tori and Ty. Victoria you know I’m not the type of guy to tell you not to do something. So look at me and please listen to at least why I brought you here today.”

I nodded deciding to listen to him. Hey why not he’s not bitching at me like Ty did and he’s not giving me a problem like Tori used to before I flipped out on her now when we see each other she is “friendly” because I’m Ty’s cousin. But we all know that if we weren’t related me and her would fight the first chance we get. And yet she’s my “Best friend” outside of cheerleading.

Our food came before he started talking and he saw my french fries and decided to grab a bite as I looked down at my phone. I looked up as he put it in his mouth and closed it and smiled.

“I saw that you meany.” I joked then pushed my plate of fries towards the middle and put the mayo on my side and ketchup on his even though we both knew we would end up using both.

I bit into my bacon cheese burger and see Adam smiling as he watches me swallow.

“How you get girls I have no idea.” Joking around.

“What’s that suppose to mean?”

“Well the hole watching me as I eat thing is creepy so how you get girls is beyond me.”

He picked up a fry and flung it at my forehead where it bounced off and landed in my drink. He started laughing and couldn’t stop.

“Real mature Adam. But can you just tell me why I’m here please?”

He stopped laughing and took a sip of his iced tea and once he swallowed and looked at me.

“We will once we’re on the beach. I wanna eat without anyone listening in. Plus we haven’t walked on the beach in years so I thought it’d be nice.”

I looked at him and went to decline but I thought about it and he was right it would be nice to walk on the beach. So when he looked at me waiting for my answer I nodded and bit into my burger again as he ate his hotdogs covered in ketchup and relish. We quickly finished eating and he paid the bill after we fought about who should. He won.

We left the cafe and were walking on the beach when I decided to take my flip flops off and walk with them in my hand. We were walking when I stopped to look at the water that must have been freezing because it was only April and yeah the weather was shorts and tanks perfect but the water wasn’t ready to be swam in yet.


I turned and saw that Adam had kept walking someway so I jogged to catch up with him. I turned my head to look at him as we walked.

Soon he finally began to talk to me.

“Victoria you know I would never lie to you unless I had to and unless your life was in danger. Well Victoria I need to tell you this. A few years ago Tori’s cousin she was dating Bryan and well he beat her almost to death. Well one day he beat her so bad she ended up in a coma. When she came out of it she was going to tell the cops but he said he would kill her if she did. So she left the city. Moved away so he could never find her again. Victoria I’ve seen the way you cringe when someone touches you and you freaked out when I tried taking your scarf off. Yeah I know about the hickeys but those aren’t the reason I’m worried. Victoria let me see your waist. Please Victoria I won’t tell Ty and I won’t flip out just please let me see.”

I stayed still for a few minutes and then sighed and lifted my shirt up slowly, you could see the bruises from a mile away they were so dark. His breath caught and his hand slowly moved towards the bruises. I caught my breath and when his fingers gracefully touched them I let out my breath and when I did tears began to fall.

Adam put my shirt down and pulled me into him slowly so he wouldn’t hurt me anymore than Bryan already did. He held me as I cried and soon I realized it was dark and I knew Bryan would be back soon I needed to get home.

I pulled away and looked up at him, “I need to get home.”

He put his hands on my shoulders and nodded then we walked back to his car and got in. The drive home was full of silence because I didn’t wanna say anything and I knew he didn’t know what to say. He pulled up to my house and once the car was stopped I was about to get out but he took my wrist and stopped me.

“Victoria just please think about what I said alright. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

I looked at him and nodded, “I know Adam. Please don’t tell Ty what you saw.”

He nodded then leaned over to give me a hug and when he pulled away he said, “If you need me just give me a call alright. I’m here when ever.”

I nodded then went to hug him again and when we pulled away slightly we were so close, our lips soon came together and the kiss was amazing.

Once the kiss was over we pulled apart and he put his hand on my cheek and said, “I’ll always be here for you. Regardless.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” I said and got out of the car.

I walked up the stairs and unlocked the front door once I was in I knew someone was in the house.

“Ma? You home?”



Nothing again.

I walked up to my bedroom and saw Bryan standing there looking at me pissed off.

“Thought you were going to see your mom?”

“I...I did.”

“Why you lying to me you whore.”

He came towards me and slapped me hard.

“Bryan I’m not lying I saw my mom. I was with her.”

“Yeah then why did you ask if she was home? And why did I see you in Adam’s car? Huh Vik? You out there whoreing again huh!?”

When I didn’t answer he pushed me to my bed and got on top of me.

“You want to go and act like a whore then im’a treat you like one.”

He said as he ripped my clothes off and held me down onto the bed as he put a condom on and slipped inside me. Once again he raped me until I passed out from the pain.

When I woke up Bryan was sound asleep. I moved his arm away from my waist and picked up my shoes and left my room. I walked into the kitchen. Mom always kept a bottle of whiskey for when she couldn’t sleep. I grabbed the bottle and left the house. I knew where I wanted to go. I knew what would take away the pain I was feeling. I hoped into my car even though I wasn’t able to drive it yet I knew how to though. I pulled away from the house and drove towards the one place that would take away the pain. I opened the bottle and drank more then I normally would if I wanted to have a good time. I drank this time to get the pain to stop. I took my phone out of my pocket and dialed Adam’s number.

He answered on the second ring.


“Adam?” My speech slurred.

“Victoria what’s wrong?” He said sounding worried.


“Yeah Victoria what’s wrong?”

“You know how when I was little I said I wanted to be a mermaid?”

“Yeah? Victoria have you been drinking?”

I almost hit another car and they beeped so I beeped back and flipped then off.

“Victoria why do I hear beeping?”

“Because I’m in my car silly.”

“But you can’t drive.”

“So what that never stopped any of us.”

“Victoria pull over I’ll be there soon.”

“No it’s okay. I’m here.”

“Where’s here Victoria?”

“You know he said I’m a whore? Then he fucked me like one. Hurt really badly. I passed out again.”

“Victoria where are you?!”

“Hey you yelled at me. You never yell at me. See I’m just a fuck up. GOD I SUCK!”

“Shhh. No Victoria I’m sorry. Just tell me where you are so I can come get you before you hurt yourself or someone else.”

“I’m going to be a mermaid. I’ll talk to you later.”

With that I hung up the phone grabbed the bottle that was now just about empty and got out of my car. I walked towards the water and once I was close enough I stripped off my clothes and drank more of the bottle once it was empty I threw it into the water and chuckled as I watched it hit something and brake.

“Oppsy.” I said to myself.

I shrugged then threw my hair up and walked towards the water all I had on was my booty shorts and bra. My toes touched the water and I got goose bumps all up and down my body. It was freezing and it was night time so it was worse. I shrugged the goose bump feelings off and dived into the water. When I resurfaced I could see my breath. I laid on my back and just looked at the stars. They were so pretty. I began to sing a little kid song from when Ty would sing to me after I had a nightmare. Soon everything started to move slowly and my eyes grew tired. They slowly began to close and when they did I heard.....
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