Queen Bee to Mother Bee

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7: Past comes back

Chapter 7: Past Comes back

3 weeks later.


I walked out to my car and drove back to the hospital. Tyler was there and said I could go by. She was still asleep but the doctor said that she was fine just suffered from lack of sleep. When I got to the hospital I saw Victoria’s mom walking out. She stopped when she saw me and gave me a hug.

“thank you.”

I nodded then she walked past me and out the revolving hospital doors. I walked over to the elevator and waited. Once the doors opened I pressed the floors number and the doors shut. I took out my phone since it started vibrating.

New text

I sighed then opened the text and read it.

Hey Adam-boo. Well your probably at school so I’m gunna just tell you I’m back. We moved back. Can’t wait to start over with us. Well see you later. Love ya. lily :-*

I read over the text a bunch of times. My ex girlfriend lily. Who I dated for 6 years before her parents moved away so they could take care of her grandmother whose house was destroyed by a tornado. That was 2 years ago. But when she came to say goodbye I promised that when she came back that we’d start over. I said that before I suffered of heart break. And hours of debating whether to drive to Oklahoma and bring her back. But after a year of waiting around and isolating myself I gave up hope and moved on. I knew she wouldn’t come back. At least I didn’t think so.

I deleted the text and the doors slid open. I walked onto the floor and towards the room where she was occupying now. I walked in and saw Ty sitting by her bed watching the TV.

He looked from the TV to me and walked over to me.

“hey man.” he said as our hands collided and we hugged.

“how she doing?”

“doc says she should be waking up soon. were lucky you found her when you did. What were you doing at the beach at 1am anyways?”

“they didn’t tell you?”

“tell me what?”

“she left her house and grabbed some thing that caused her to be drunk out of her mind. And well she called me saying how if I remembered she wanted to be a mermaid. Well she beeped at someone and well she told me Bryan..he called her a whore and..um..he uh..he fucked her like one. And before she hung up she said she was going to be a mermaid. And well she hung up. I left the house and got to the beach. I couldn’t see her all I saw was the clothes. And then I was in the water looking and my arm bumped hers and I found her. I swam her back to shore and covered her with my sweat shirt and called 911 then brought her to the car and held her close with a blanket wrapped around us till the paramedics arrived once they did they brought her here. When she was sleeping the first night Bryan came and kicked me out so I left.”

Ty shook his head and looked over at Victoria’s sleeping body. He sighed and I clapped my hand on his back and he looked at me.

“Dude when we got the call that she almost died I swear to god I felt my heart stop. Dude me and her said some hateful things. Hell I said worse and I thought that if she died that’s how she would think I felt. I swear she’s coming to the cabin with us this summer. At least to get her away for a little while.”

I nodded then looked at Victoria whose eyes slowly began to open.

“She’s waking up.” I said and Ty turned and looked at her.

He walked over and bent down close to her and stroked her face and smiled.

“Hey Vikky.”

“Hey Ty.”

She looked over at me and I smiled and her eyes lit up. I stayed where I was because Ty and her needed time to talk.

“I was scared that we almost lost you Vik. I’m so sorry for what I said to you the other night. I was just so pissed that you went back to the damn kid after everything. But that doesn’t give me the rest to say that shit. I’m so sorry.”

She nodded and put her hand on the back of his head and smiled, “Ty its fine I know you didn’t mean them things. It’s okay. You were just looking out for me.”

I knew with her saying that took a load of Ty’s shoulders. He turned and looked at me then looked back at her and cleared his throat.

“I’ll go let the doctor know she’s up.”

I nodded and he kissed her forehead then left the room. I stood where I was while she just looked at me.

“You don’t need to stand over there Adam you can sit down.”

I nodded and walked over next to the bed and sat down in the chair that Ty was sitting in before. I sat down and looked away from her while she just looked at me. It was too quiet so I had to break the silence.

“Now who’s the one who’s starring.” I said looking at her and winking.

She chuckled and coughed so I got up and got her a cup and poured her some water. I handed her the cup and she drank it slowly then smiled. The doctor walked into the room but without Ty so he must have went to call her mom or grab food or most likely both.

“Hi there Vikky.”

“Hi Dr. Harthon.”

“So Vik I have some good news and bad news.”

She looked at me then back at the doctor.


“Well Vikky you are...”

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