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"Are you still afraid of me Medusa?" His deep voice send shivers down my spine like always. He's too close for me to ignore. Why is he doing this? He's not supposed to act this way. What the hell? Better to be straight forward! I gulped down the lump formed in my throat and spoke with my stern voice trying to be confident. Actually trying hard to act like I'm confident. "Hmm" Don't look at me like that it's hard to even let out that "Hmm" word while he's up this close. All my imaginary confidence faded away within an instant as his soft chuckle replaced the silence.Jerking me forward into his arms he leaned forward to whisper into my ear. "I will kiss you, hug you and bang you so hard that you will only remember my name to sa-, moan. You will see me around a lot baby, get ready your therapy session to get rid off your fear starts now." He whispered in his deep husky voice and winked before leaving me alone dumbfounded. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? Is this how your death flirts with you to Fuck your life!? There's only one thing running through my mind. Lifting my head up in a swift motion and glaring at the sky, I yelled with all my strength. "FUC* YOU AUTHOR!" What if you wished for transmigating into a Novel just for fun, and it turns out to be true. You transimigated but as a Villaness who died in the end. A death which is pathetic.

Romance / Humor
Girl in blue
Age Rating:

1-Red Moon

Medusa’s Point of View

“She ran all the way, with the bag hugging close to her chest. She ran fast clenching the bag in her hands, not caring about the rain nor her pain. She was desperate. Very desperate to reach her destination.

Her eyes were blood red and the reason was aware to each and everyone in the city. Her family was brought down to the streets overnight without even a penny. The D`cruz’s who were top notch in the entire industrial sector were now struggling to have a drop of water.

Each and every one in their family left their side. Why? Because they didn’t want to mess up with the most powerful person ever in the country, the one whose name shivers everyone. Her dearest friends whom she ignored and took them for granted, didn’t help her. Why would they, she cut off each and every who loved her without any mercy.

She regrets. She regrets loving the man who doesn’t love her back and she regrets messing with “him” the one made her this way. She lost her mother whom she ignored and her father who’s in the hospital trying to survive. If it wasn’t for her unrequited insane love for that person, they wouldn’t have been in this situation.

She sighed in relief once she saw the old hospital with shabby exterior. They didn’t have enough money to pay for her father’s treatment so she had to obey the devil and beg him for his mercy, the thing she has lost didn’t bother her anymore, she could save her father now, the man whom she ignored all these years.

When she was about to get close to the hospital she was dragged by her arm to an abandoned alley near the hospital. There stood a few men who looked bulky and scary. Unconsciously she clutched the bag in her arms more tight than before.

Within a fraction of seconds she got a tight slap on her cheek which made her to kiss the rough ground, she didn’t loosen her grip. She thought life couldn’t be more miserable, but she was proved wrong every time. The men who looked like local gangsters got frustrated by her deathly grip; they didn’t have any intentions to leave with empty hands.

One of them yanked her by her hair while the other tried to take the bag filled with money and finally succeeded in getting it. She tried to get it back but tears left her eyes in pain when one of them stopped on her stomach with force making her to cough blood.

They kicked her with their legs without any mercy and left her injured alone in the alley. Maybe the word happy was a thing which she couldn’t even think of. Maybe it was a sin for her to be happy.

The time they had given to pay her father’s treatment fees has completed hours ago; she tried hard to stand by herself with her bruised body. She need to ask for some time. She can’t let anything happen to her father. She ran despite of the fact that she could only limp.

She didn’t care about her injuries anymore, she can’t. She ran inside the hospital and halted once she saw her sister, Arya who came running towards her with a smile on her face, normally the little girl would just hug her even though she knew that there wouldn’t be a return hug, but now she didn’t.

“Medie, dad’s now getting operated. You don’t need to worry I took care of everything. Someone who we knew helped us. “

Arya said smiling like always. The one thing that Medusa admired was the little smile on Arya’s cute face. But still she didn’t hug her like always which worried her. But one thing crossed her mind. Medusa didn’t even talk to her since her birth. Why? Because she was her step mother’s child, that child whom she didn’t approve as her sister even though she’s her father’s blood that is her blood.

Heck Medusa didn’t even let her call “Sis” but this little one always lingered around her to gain Medusa’s attention but didn’t succeed.

Arya kept a reasonable distance between them as she smiled widely clapping her hands. The 16 years old girl looked so much younger than she was maybe because of her step mother who was as beautiful as a goddess. Too bad she died even before hearing Medusa call her “Mom”.

Medusa couldn’t even find strength to smile as she collapsed on the floor instantly and darkness has enveloped her entirely.

Opening her eyes Medusa clutched her head due to the sharp pain and found herself in the hospital bed. She panicked finding herself alone without her sister. She ran outside of the general ward and searched for the cute figure. That’s when a nurse came to her watching her almost panicked form.

“Oh, you’re awake. You must be searching for your little sister am I right!? I saw her heading to the roof top.”

The nurse informed making Medusa run towards the stairs. What if Arya does something to herself? No! She couldn’t forgive herself if something like that happens. Medusa literally ran towards the rooftop and opened the door harshly revealing Arya who was back facing her.

Her long silky hair blew along with the wind as she turned around to see her sister. A wide smile crept onto her lips as she watched Medusa walking towards her.

“Here! “

Arya waved her hand and gestured her to come over. She distanced herself from Medusa which made her heart clench. Right! Arya must be hating me now- Medusa thought.

The two sisters stared into the sky keeping their hands on the railing. They looked similar except the fact that Arya has a smile on her face. They stood on either ends of the railing according to Arya’s choice.

Arya hugged herself as spoke through the phone still staring at the sky. It was her idea to talk through phone. Medusa couldn’t disagree coz she didn’t want her little sister to hate her more.

“Medie look there’s a shooting star. Let’s make a wish. “

She giggled pointing at the shooting star and placed a hand on her heart while her other hand was catching her phone, as she made a wish. Medusa just stared at the young girl beside her with utmost respect and admiration and love too that she kept to herself from revealing. A slow smile made it’s way to Medusa’s lips watching Arya’s cute actions. She’s her little sister whom she need to protect from the world.

Finally after a few seconds the younger one opened her eyes and smiled. She spoke not taking her eyes off the sky.

“Med, there’s a necklace beside you hanged to the railing. I want you to have it, wear it now please. Someone close to me gifted this to me as a reward for my hard work. You can sell it and get money. “

Medusa saw a small necklace which was a rare pendant with a diamond stuffed in it. The pendant shined under the moonlight providing a clear view of it. It has both sun and moon with a small diamond stuffed in the middle of the moon shape.

She took hold of the necklace detaching it from the railing and tried to give it back to the younger one, she stared at her little sister pouting cutely which made Medusa to accept it. Her heart broke while watching Arya being distant. Even they’re on the roof top they stood a way too far from each other.

“You know Med, I love you since I was born. You’re my role model, my hero, my angel. I struggled hard to gain your attention. I used to watch you always. I wanted to be as good as you’re. I love you so much, even you don’t love me back.”

She said through phone not looking at Medusa. Medusa tried to get closer but Arya gestured her to stop. Medusa wanted to tell her that she loves her from the bottom of her heart but couldn’t utter a word. She could never.

“Now see, I lessened your worry by bringing money. You must’ve been worried sick about arranging money right!? See now it’s solved.”

She showed her pearly whites as she stared at Medusa who frowned in suspicion. Everyone else left their side in this hardship. How did anyone help her? And this pendant it wasn’t her sister’s. She knew it well. Who helped her without asking anything in return?

“You didn’t speak to me for 16 years. I know you well to read your expressions. You still don’t want to talk to me? It’s fine I got used to it. I know what are you thinking. You’re thinking about how did I manage to get it right!? “

Medusa nodded in agreement but she couldn’t tell the reason behind her not speaking since morning. She couldn’t or she would get her sister panicked. She just looked curious still placing the phone at her ear.

Arya smiled as she shrugged her shoulders but now that the smile wasn’t genuine. It was rather painful. The younger sister stared at the other while smiling before revealing the secret.

“Simple, I sold myself to someon- sorry not someone but many for a while.”

A huge pang hit Medusa’s heart as he heard her sister’s words. Her eyes widened at first finally getting blurred with tears similar to Arya who couldn’t hide her tears anymore. Medusa ran towards her sister, her phone was long gone, but halted when she heard Aray’s strong voice.

“Stop right there. “

Arya yelled while crying as she knew that her sister had left her phone long ago.

“I’m dirty Med, I don’t want your hands to get dirty too. No. You shouldn’t be dirty. No. You shouldn’t.”

Arya shook her head strongly as she cried clutching her heart. Medusa took slow steps towards her sister as she saw her getting closer to the end.

“Stop Med or I will jump off.”

Arya warned making Medusa to cry harder. She wanted to yell at her sister for thinking herself dirty. How can people do that to a 16 year old girl. Bastards. But still, she blamed herself for letting it happen.

Wiping her tears off harshly, Arya smiled at her sister lovingly. Her innocent smile was just like a blooming flower, innocent and lively. But who knew that it would soon be vanished.

“ See, Med. The stars. Mom said that dead people watch you from up there. Mom must be watching us.”

She pointed at the sky, full of stars while Medusa kept stepping closer to her sister. It was her fault she should have done it earlier when she told her to stand long away from her.

Out of a sudden Arya turned to face her sister, and flashed her smile once again.

“I will watch you from there too, sister. Goodbye.”

She waved her good bye and jumped off the railing. Medusa ran too fast to save her sister but still it was too late. She collapsed on the floor and her little sister’s smile flashed through her mind. Medusa couldn’t even say her that she loves her. How could she when she was turned mute. She couldn’t speak. Her tongue got cut off from her as a consideration for the stolen money.

Her ached as she cried clutching her heart. “I love you Arya, I hope I said it to you sooner. I love you so much, I love you mom. I love you dad. I’m sorry. It was my fault.” she wanted to let those words out and cry but she couldn’t.

Medusa died a miserable death like a beggar. With no food and water. She was left alone in this world as her father couldn’t make it either. She didn’t think that loving could be a sin for her. It was a sin and her sin was loving ” Eros Miller” And messing with her “Death” the actual person who made her vulnerable to die a painful and lonely death.”

(End of the book “caught in a lie”)

“What kind of ending is this? Shi* Damn it, why that character has to be named same as mine. Arya deserves best yet author made her die. She did nothing though. Damn you author, why do you have to be so cruel?”

My finger’s worked fast I yelled while typing the same words as a comment. How can anybody be so cruel? I expected a happy ending to everyone, but this author is Ju- I don’t have words. Why is she so keen about making me cry? But her writing is good though I have to admit it.

It was the last bonus chapter of the Novel. I’m Medusa Roosevelt, a complete Novel Addict, who doesn’t have any of the purchased book except tons of free books in their reading list. Yes, we do exist. Broke reader, right you could say that. I personally don't like the character of the Villianess even though she posses the same name as mine.

They’re my inspiration, motivation and also distraction. I’m an orphan with no one to take care of me, I wasn’t that confident in myself.

“ Today’s red moon. Did you hear that our wishes will come true if we make a wish?”

I heard some of my colleagues squealing happily and I just rolled my eyes. Nonsense. Who would believe those kind of words these days? How stupid.

I shook my head to get rid of those silly thoughts of my fellow colleagues. Wishes come true? What a bullshit!

“Hey Med, why don’t you try it? I heard it’s true. What say?”

One of them asked and I just rolled my eyes. These girls need some help.

“ Nah, I don’t believe such stuff. I’m leaving, it’s past 11pm, and you guys should leave too. Be careful on your way back.”

I bid my goodbye and left the place, I work as a waitress, so it’s obvious for a woman like me to get off work at such a late hour. It wasn’t that new to me.

Walking out of the restaurant, I ran to cross the road but it’s already a red one. Damn it. Rolling my eyes I stared at my wrist watch checking the time. It’s 11:10pm already.

Stading there and waiting for the signal to change, I tapped my foot impatiently. I need to get fast to the orphanage or the gates will be closed.

That’s when my attention went to a big circle drawn perfectly in the sky, between those numerous twinkling stars it looked more prominent with it’s red color as if it was drawn on a black paper.

It was eye catching indeed, there’s something different and unique about the moon today. Is this what they call “Red Moon”? It’s beautiful.

I may look like a dumb head to believe that myth but still it’s just a wish. What will happen. I wanted to have a family of my own. Living lonely without anyone to lean on sucks. But now I have these boys in the book. Just looking at them makes me happy. I can’t help but to think about how would it feel to have them around me just like That “Medusa” in the Novel. She had everything right on her finger tips yet she dies a pathetic death unable to cherish the people who loved her and in the end no on stayed by her side. If I were her I would have cherished my family and friends to death.

“I wish I could be in a Novel I have read with many handsome guys around me.” I wished unknowingly closing my eyes but instantly shook my head getting back my senses.

“I’m going to kill those girls for getting that wish thing in my head.” Damn I feel so dumb right now. Shaking my head, I walked straight towards the road forgetting to look at my surroundings.

A loud horn blew on my right side gaining my attention and my eyes widened in horror when I realized myself standing in the middle of the road where a car was looming straight over to my direction.

My breathe got stuck inside my throat, surprisingly I forgot that I’ve got legs to run. Is this what they call shock? Neither could I yell nor could I speak. And everything happened in a blink of an eye. There was no Hero to rescue me in a dramatic manner, I was alone. All alone in the middle of the road when the car hit me with force.

I felt my feet getting detached from the ground and even before I could realize anything, my head landed on the rough ground with a loud thud making it to throb like hell, I can feel the pain eating me up. Guess I couldn’t go back with this head on my body.

I couldn’t move my legs anymore, I felt like I didn’t even have legs to walk. I just feel like someone had splashes a hot liquid on my face, it’s fucking irritating when it passed through my forehead and to my cheek. It passed down my cheek and touched ground making it to look red. It’s blood!

My heart beat quickened and I wanted to breathe but couldn’t. It’s hurting like hell to even breathe. I never thought I would die like this. So this is how I die. I was born alone and will die alone too, how pathetic. There’s no one to even cry for me.

I wish I was born like a normal person, with a family to be with and parents to take care of.

My eyes felt heavy as the seconds passed and that’s when darkness enveloped me completely.


Sunlight hit my eyes as I stirred in my bed. The blanket was surprisingly warm and the bed is too soft rather than being hard. Why? Waking up with a gasp, I sighed when I found myself on bed.

Is it a dream? Right!? Damn I thought I really got hit by a car. Well, today’s dream hurt like a bitch. I felt like my head broke into million pieces. Placing a hand on my head I confirmed myself.

Sighing in relief and nuzzling my eyes, I saw myself in unfamiliar surroundings. The room is extremely neat and tidy, which couldn’t be mine for that exact reason.

Hearing some soft sonres I turned my head to the source from where I can see a unfamiliar man sleeping on the couch laying on the couch a few feet away from the bed. Narrowing my eyes and nuzzling my eyes for the second time.

I’m still dreaming...

Standing next to the couch, I watched this handsome man sleeping peacefully. His cheeks looked fluffy as he slept on his right side making his lips to pout.

“Sebastian?” I read the words out loud which were printed on his Id which was hanging round his neck.

Out of a sudden Sebastian opened his eyes making me flinch by his sharp gaze. For a second I thought it was real. Damn it! I thought as I placed hand on my heart.

“ What are you doing Medusa? “

He spoke as he sat nuzzling his eyes in a cute way. His deep voice is soo sexy in the very morning. What a great dream. I just kept staring at him. It's a rare thing for me dream about sexy guys.

“ I wish it wasn’t a dream.”

“What dream? “

“This! You’re a dream. “

I said pointing at him and he scoffed in return while standing up from the couch.

I sighed standing straight and turned around to go back to sleep. I need to wake up soon.

“ Medusa!”

He called me with his deep sexy voice and I couldn’t stop myself from turning back. I was hit a strong splash of water making me shut my eyes instantly.

“The Hell!”

I yelled in frustration only to see Sebastian standing with an empty mug.

“Are you sure this is a dream Medusa. “

That’s when my eyes widened in surprise and I just did what it seemed practical.


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