Soul Locked

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Chapter 10 - Ezra Sebei

My prayers have been answered. I’ve finally met her, the girl of my dreams, for real this time.

The first few minutes were penetrating, all I remember was her smile and the imaginary hug we shared, but it was real.

She felt like a big teddy bear in a small body who smelt of girl perfume and bubble gum. As you already know, I have always been publically shy with a million different insecurities but being with her, especially for this moment, I ignored all my social anxieties and overcame this fear of being myself.

I was me, I laughed like me, smiled like me and even talked like me. It felt so good, I felt like she accepted me.

Being with her for this moment was meant to be and I wouldn’t swap this moment for the world.

After this, Anora and I discussed what could have happened that made the dreams occur and I’m just glad Chuck took me to the Central Park opening, he saved my life and he doesn’t even know.

But, after listening to Anora’s theories, I do believe we could be star crossed lovers who maybe have met in a previous life and possibly connected again, which sounds unwise but anything is possible.

We’ve decided we’re both going to stay in New York and carry on getting to know each other, even though I feel like I know every part of her.

I mean it’s not the first time we’ve met. I want Anora to find herself and if, like she says, acting is her true passion, then I’ll help her get there.

Who knows, maybe I could screen write movies and she could act in them? That would be a dream. And, we’ve all learnt that somehow dreams do come true.

These past few months have changed my life and the way I feel about it.

I’m so blessed and I know I’ll stick to the praying. Also, do you know what the weirdest part was? In all of the dreams that I and Anora had together, there was water present in all of them. Isn’t that crazy? Maybe, all this was set up by my fish and they all came together to plan some fantasy dream for me that came true.

Actually, no, that doesn’t make sense but in the end, I realised that there was only ever one fish in the sea for me.

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