Soul Locked

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Chapter 10 – 5 years later

Ezra Sebei -

We got married, yes we did it!!

Nora Sebei -

We did and it was by far the happiest moment of our lives.

It was also extremely beautiful. I planned it all, well most of it. We had a beach wedding, it was incredible.

It wasn’t huge, we only invited close family and friends, but we all flied over to Hawaii, we both realised this place would be perfect. It’s surrounded by water and is the place where dreams come true.

I wore this long white dress, it wasn’t a wedding type dress, just a simple stunning dress.

And she did, she looked stunning and obviously I wore a suit with a tie because I had to look smart on this day. But I took the suit jacket off after a minute because it was hot as you can imagine. I'm also not really a suit person.

The scenery was beautiful. The beach was surrounded by flowers and after the actual ceremony, myself and Ezra hopped onto our boat and rowed out to nowhere, so we could release our lanterns after writing our wishes inside them… which we can’t tell you… yet.

After releasing the lanterns, guess what else we did? We ended the beautiful night, fishing. Nora had never been fishing before so I had to teach her my tricks. But it was amazing. We caught 5 big fish and I've actually never caught that many before, ever. I guess that night was my lucky night.

Now for the honeymoon… let’s travel the world.

I can honestly tell you all, from what I've learnt from this experience is just to never give up on your dreams, even if they are seriously weird and you feel like you're going crazy, keep going because my dreams have changed my life. I'm the luckiest man in the world.

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