Soul Locked

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Chapter 2 – Introducing Ezra Sebei

Today was pretty awkward. It was fine, actually it was great until like 30 minutes ago. I started off the day by waking up and hitting the gym followed by my usual protein filled breakfast. After this, I visited my parents’ house; I love seeing them smile when I bring them their favourite, chocolate chip cookies. It gets hard sometimes to see them struggle at home but I know deep down, they’re happy. Then, I went to work in my office on the usual magazine stories. This is all pretty usual and boring but I’m working towards my dream… screen writing, which at 26 years old, still keeps me going. It’s not that I don’t like my job, it does give me enough money to save so that I can help my parents get all the medical nursing care they need. This is so that they can stay at home. However, I am determined to expand and I do sometimes feel that I have potential beyond editing magazine articles. I can do more than this and I am a happy person, I just don’t feel like I’m living life to the most.

Eventually arriving home, I changed into my baggy gear expecting to go to my usual peaceful spot to do the thing that keeps me going every day. The thing I also do every Friday night, fishing… I know, boring – but it’s me.

Anyway, today this didn’t happen; Chuck, my best friend and roomie, decided to drag me to the ‘grand’ opening of the Central Park newly created Gardens. I surround myself in busy and noisy environments at work every day so I, for once, just wanted to chill out, alone. But, Chuck stopped me and said: “Ezra, if you don’t come with me I’m not going to tell you where I hid blue”.

Blue being my fishing rod, I tried to get it out of him but Chuck being bigger, stronger and faster, I had no luck.

I met Chuck 10 years ago, we was both 16 years old and in high school, we used to make films together. They weren’t very good but we would find different inspirations and then just film. Chuck would edit the films to make them better and this was fun for a while but it ended when my mother got ill, I just didn’t have the time and Chuck didn’t want to do it alone. During the time my mother got ill, Chuck was always just there and he helped me more than anyone could. He’s definitely the brother I never had.

Anyway back to today, I knew it was bad luck from the start, I should always follow my gut feeling. Always. It was actually going okay when we arrived there; it was huge, bigger than a football stadium. All you could see was green grass and bright blue sky, which somehow looked more blue than usual. The garden place was just surrounded by huge trees and had a lot of beautiful lakes but there was one that really stood out, it was mesmerising and everyone surrounded the ‘Grand Reservoir’. The place also had colourful fireworks shooting up into the sky which you couldn’t surprisingly hear, just the voices of happy people. There were bright luminous lights and the strong, amazing smell of ice cream flavours, obviously because of the 20 different ice cream parlours parked all over the park. I also saw a long, golden bridge across the water or reservoir next to the garden maze which sold personalised locks and keys so everyone could join their lock and keys and throw them into water for ‘good luck’. But, this was done mostly for remembrance and belonging which is kind of cool for people starting a fresh start or wanting to fit in. Also, who believes in luck these days?

Anyway, I thought I might as well buy a lock and key whilst I’m here so I did. It was engraved with my name ‘Ezra’ in blue font which was done pretty fast, I was even a little excited.

Chuck didn’t buy a lock and key, he was busy eating hot dogs. I went along with the crowd and dropped my joint lock and key into the water, it made a little splash compared to the other sunk lock and keys.

After this, I was struck by embarrassment and had to leave ASAP. As soon as I dropped my joint lock and key into the water I pulled my elbow back and accidentally knocked someone next to me, he was a man and I actually knocked his possibly HD, very expensive and top notch camera… into the water… that was really deep beneath the bridge. As I watched it go down, I thought of all the different types of fish I caught in my 10 years of fishing, but then I turned to the man, who turned back to me. His face went really red, kind of like a tomato that was really angry because another tomato just squashed it.

I could feel people’s faces laughing at me and judging me with their eyes. Even people from the other side were just gawping at me, acting all shocked. I don’t know if tremor or anger was expressed on his face but I knew he lost maybe his most valued and prized possession. It was an accident so I repeatedly apologised and even offered to pay for a new one but the man was still in astonishment and wouldn’t communicate, so I went home and realised that any social events that include going out, people or cameras, just wasn’t for me.

I always somehow manage to embarrass myself in any social situation, like once I went to Chuck’s work party, he works as a film editor for a huge organisation in our city, I went to use the chocolate fountain because it looked kind of deliciously appealing. I tried to use it anyway and somehow it managed to explode and there was chocolate everywhere, literally.

This is why I stay at home.

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