Soul Locked

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Chapter 3 - Nora Karoshan

Three days is a bit weird right? Three days in a row, to have the same dream, it is a little odd. Even if I had fun in the dream and it was super cute like something from a movie, I don’t think I should have had it three days in a row though. The exact same dream. Well, I think the only thing that changed in the dream was the flavour of my ice cream.

It was a beautiful day, in the dream. Walking on the beach, I could feel the warm, amazing sand on my toes. It felt like I was walking on candy floss! I was in a long dress and yellow accessories.

I remember clearly the sea, it was sky blue with small waves that I could hear gently falling and rising. I also remember smelling the air that kind of smelt like water particles and it’s weird because no one really does smell in dreams but this dream was definitely different.

Anyway after this, a tall man who had dark hair, slightly tanned skin and was extremely good looking. He looked a tiny bit like a model who also plays football on the side. This mysterious man approached me with two ice cream cones and insisted I had one. I remember taking the ice cream which for me was chocolate flavoured and he had vanilla. We talked for hours whilst walking side by side but I don’t exactly remember what we was talking about, or that much about the environment but I felt like we was really close. Then this same exact dream happened again, and again. Maybe it’s just me, I must be sleeping in the same position or something.

Central park with Trish and Tori was extremely fun though, I bought a red lock and key that had my name on, it was so pretty. I would have put it on my key chain but we had to throw it in the water which I did.

But, I think some guy through someone else’s camera into the water instead of his lock and key, which was kind of crazy. He looked straight at me as soon as it happened, it was actually kind of awkward and there were people laughing at him. I don’t think it was funny, I mean I do stupid stuff all the time. Once, I fell of a boat and I’m not exaggerating. I fell into the water and possibly nearly drowned, but I’m okay, I’m alive.

I also met some new people and made some new friends, maybe that was the luck from the key and lock but it felt pretty good to feel part of the community, to feel part of something, to belong. At least I have left a piece of myself in New York, so if I ever do decide to leave I’ll remember that.

As much as I loved the fake reality of the dream I keep having, I can’t suffer the torture of going through the dream again, I mean I’ve never really had a love life. Boys to me seem uninterested or too interested and so in any real life context, I would stay away. I would rather re dream the insane flying fish with laser eyes who roam and turn everyone into zombies that break dance and shake hands with humans than this super cute one.

Question. Who would talk about the dream in detail and not the dream guy? Well, he was well built and had the biggest smile, the smile that looked like it hadn’t been used in a while.

He walked slowly and had a deep yet calm voice, I could feel that he had a lot of love inside him, a huge heart which matched his smile. He did seem quite preserved and different, but I felt that maybe he was just overly amazing yet totally unrealistic and will most possibly stay in dream land.

Don’t we all dream of something that’s really unrealistic? I guess that’s why they’re called dreams.

I’m not going to think anything of it, it was just a dream, a dream!!!

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