Soul Locked

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Chapter 4 - Ezra Sebei

The theme park was where it happened. I know I said I’m not a social person but I love theme parks, I always have and I always will, especially after this experience.

So, I just came off a rollercoaster and it was huge, I regret going on it actually, that was Chuck’s fault again. I walked over to the candy floss stall because I just had to, the sweet smell of candy floss makes me feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud.

Also, I have a huge sweet tooth and so I bought the rainbow flavoured candy. As I was turning around, I saw this girl next to the fish pond and I froze, it was a vision of beauty… I mean the fish. I walked over towards the fish, and the girl.

I would normally let my low self-confidence win but something came over me. Suddenly, I looked around and everyone was gone and everything inside me was screaming at me to stop and leave but I couldn’t stop.

I approached the girl and asked her if she liked fish, I mean who asks that? She had the most amazing, extremely dark brown, flowing wavy hair that swayed in slow motion when she turned around. She was really bubbly, she seemed shy but would talk a lot when you ask her a question.

The rest was a blur but we sat down on the bench which was on the left of the fish pond that made the quietest sound of tiny fish splashes and we was surrounded by pretty flowers that smelt of even prettier flowers.

I remember staring into her brown eyes. It felt like we was sat down for ages just talking, but it seemed perfect. Too perfect in fact… it was all a dream.

This feeling of weirdness has come over me, it’s weird because I can’t describe it but it was after the dream, I think. The girl in the dream, I feel like I know her from somewhere but I would have remembered if I ever saw her face.

I had the dream once but I feel like I’m getting visions of the same dream during the day at work and it sounds really creepy and that’s why I can’t tell anyone but I need to see the girl.

I just want to ask her something, but I don’t know what. I don’t know who she is or where she comes from, but she feels real. Is dreaming really believing? Because I don’t even know how to feel or what to believe now. Anyway, it was just a dream and I don’t want to go into all this mushy stuff, it was probably nothing.

After feeling this way, a way that I can’t even describe, I decided to fish.

Fishing is my way of regrouping and a way for me not to only find my thoughts, but structuring them so that I can figure things out.

Before my mother got ill, myself and my father would go fishing every weekend and it was the best feeling. I felt that’s the only time we would ever really connect and I guess that’s why I need to fish. I know I’d always take my children fishing one day.

I don’t know if for this situation, this was possible but I haven’t been fishing in two weeks and that is disastrous for me.

The reason why I fish so much is because I kind of relate to the fish. It’s strange but it’s true, they’re basically emotionless machines who constantly move their mouth without knowing what they’re saying, but you can actually see a lot through their eyes… I see myself.

I’m not saying that I’m emotionless because I know I’m not but that’s how some people describe me, I guess they haven’t seen this other side to me. But, I feel like I do talk without knowing what I’m saying, I’m not always with it but usually when I’m with the fish, I am with it.

However, today I was with the fish and for the first time in forever, I wasn’t looking into the fish’s eyes. Instead, I was looking, or imagining looking into the mystery ‘dream’ girl’s eyes.

I’ve always felt like you could see someone’s whole face and soul just by looking in their eyes. She had the fairest face, with slightly red cheeks and the most perfectly shaped lips that looked naturally red, kind of like Snow White. I know, there’s no such thing as perfect but she really was, she’s perfect because she’s unique.

I need to know her name.

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