Soul Locked

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Chapter 5- Nora Karoshan

I’ve not had a chance to ‘collect my thoughts’ today, it’s been crazy. After 3 years of contact, Rexxo came to visit! It was so lovely to see him.

We talked for hours and ate creamy waffles that smelt like heaven, like we did as kids and it’s extra special with Rexxo because he reminds me of the parts of childhood that I want to remember. Our families used to be really close as Rexxo used to live next door when I was really young. Our families were joined at the hip and Rexxo had 4 brothers but because he was my age, we got on a lot more.

The only difference is that now, instead of playing pretend Mums and Dads who own toy cars, we are in the adult world and this is in fact much different, less pretend with no cars.

After hours of catching up, I told Rexxo about the weird dreams. Yep dreams as plural because I had another one yesterday. Rexxo didn’t really have a response, he started joking at first by saying it was some magical and mysterious third dimensional behaviour but then told me to just enjoy the dreams because they won’t last long.

Yesterday’s dream didn’t even seem slightly realistic because it was kind of animated.

It was like a Disney movie, literally and I don’t know whether that’s a good or bad thing or even how to describe this dream but I’ll try it in its simplest form.

So, I was a mermaid swimming in the sea. Don’t laugh, I was actually quite pretty. I looked kind of similar to myself as a human, I had the same hair and facial features but I had a long, purple, scaly tail instead of legs. I was still thin and short but I had glitter everywhere and yes, I wore shell clothing.

But, surprisingly I was with Trish and Tori, who were also mermaids. They both had the same tale as mine but Trish’s was bright pink and Tori’s was dark blue. The three of us were swimming along with the other mermaids and other sea creatures.

I couldn’t really smell anything but I remember hearing weird noises like I was in the jungle. I don’t fully remember where I was going but I know we all wanted to welcome the arrival of the new ‘King Merman’ who, I found out was the ‘dream guy’ from the other dream… Yep that definitely got weird real quick.

I mean it was weird enough that I had an animated dream and that I was a mermaid but the same dude, from the other dream, he was in this dream too!

The dream ended when I saw the ‘King Merman’, he was kind of really handsome and he had a shiny black tail. He was just floating in the water and the last thing I remember were his eyes. They were a bluey green colour and camouflaged with the water which made him look like he was part of the actual water surrounding us, glowing. I still remember the exact image.

We was both floating next to a table full of food… under water, yes totally normal. The ‘King Merman’ was floating next to me, just looking at me and after 5 minutes, he started asking me questions about the food and then we linked and started to float around everywhere, talking.

Anyway, the next part of my day compared to this dream, was completely insane. I don’t think I even napped, which was crazy because I must have been day dreaming whilst I was awake and is this even possible?

I feel like I passed out but I was still awake.

Anyway, remember the central park grand opening of the gardens? Well I was ‘day dreaming’ about being there. I was walking with the previous dream guy, the exact same person. However, this time it felt extremely real, like I was talking to him and I could feel him next to me in real life too. This happened after Rexxo left so I didn’t tell anyone but I found out this man, the one who I keep dreaming about, has a name! He told me in the ‘day dream’ that his name was Ezra. Ezra, Ezra, Ezra, it’s so short yet so marvellous.

Anyway, that’s all that happened, he told me his name and I told him mine. After this, we smiled at each other for like 10 minutes and then I think I woke up. It’s definitely peculiar though, it feels as if I and ‘Ezra’ are meeting in real life but yet it’s not exactly happening. What if, what I’m doing right now is also a dream? This is all making it hard for me to distinguish the difference between dream land and real life.

Are these visions or hallucinations? Am I a psychic? Because that would be cool if I was, I would know the result of my actions before I do something stuiped and no one would be call me lumbering nori anymore.

It’s now 11pm and the day dream happened at around 6pm and since then I’ve been thinking about how this is happened, it must be coming from somewhere, right?

I thought about what the day dream entailed and I realised myself and ‘Ezra’ was at Central Park. So, this must mean something. Maybe Ezra was there too whilst I was there but if I saw him, I would have definitely remembered. The only weird, mystic thing that I even participated in at the opening was throwing my lock and key into the water but this was supposed to bring me eternal luck and not irrational dreams.

Nevertheless, soon after thinking about explanations and causes, I decided to google dreams.

Obviously, I didn’t find much just that dreams are made up of our own thoughts or desires. But then, I found out that the dreams are sometimes made up of past life memories and the people you see in dreams have crossed paths with the dreamer in a past life. Or, two souls were connected deeply and this is why dreams occur but this was a mythical piece of research and I didn’t know whether to believe it or not.

After this, I decided to google ‘Central Park lock and key’, to see if there was any additional meaning or effects of the lock and key ritual.

Surprisingly or maybe not so unexpectedly, I found out that 30 years ago in France, the exact same thing happened. The similar type of dreams and madness, with a couple who threw both their lock and keys into water across the bridge and their lock and keys landed on each other.

I didn’t find much but their story was that they constantly dreamed about each other for over a year.

They both had the same dreams, fell in love and then eventually found each other where they went onto live extremely happy lives. This is all sweet and all but it’s also something very fictional and could be made up, I learnt not to believe everything I read even if I kind of want it to be true.

I mean Ezra seems like a really nice person, I know I don’t how much but I felt like looking in his eyes told more about himself than he did. He was bright and had this astounding huge smile, but I felt like if he thought he was showing too much of himself he would stop.

This makes me wonder who he really is, I unquestionably know he makes me smile.

It just doesn’t seem realistic at all, what if I’m still dreaming?

I just want someone to knock me over the head so I can wake up because I’m completely confused and I’m unsure of what to do next.

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