Soul Locked

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Chapter 6- Ezra Sebei

I’m going to do it.

I’m not ready but I’m going to find her.

I had another dream about her, Anora. She has a beautiful name. I don’t need to go into my dream because you can guess how it went, amazing. Okay, I’ll tell you. We was on a boat, just rowing and talking, all night. We talked about everything and anything. All I remember was her continuously smiling, her smile can light up the world for real.

But, she told me her name.

In the dream, we got off the boat and was at Central Park and this is where we planned to meet, it felt like Deja vu.

It started there so maybe that’s the place we need to be. It was weird, but I felt like we was communicating through dreams, a bit like a live chat. We was both online but we was both asleep.

This sounds crazy when I write it down but since the first dream, I’ve wanted to meet her and now finally it’s going to happen.

Anora told me she would be at Central Park waiting for me so I need to go and find her, I know what she looks like but I still need to see her obviously. I want to see if she is real.


These were my emotions written down before I went to Central Park, and now I don’t know whether I made a mistake or not. Was this all fake? I mean it was a dream, am I crazy?

I arrived at Central Park two hours after the dream as this is the time we planned and I waited patiently for 3 hours. I couldn’t see Anora anywhere so I started pacing up and down, all around the gardens but there was no sign of her anymore. I feel like I’m swallowing my stomach as I’m writing this.

I had one chance, and I blew it or it blew itself, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I really thought it would happen, I thought I would finally see her.

Her long eyelashes flickering as she opens them and the way her tiny dimples show when she smiles. She has such a bright personality that just gleams from her, you could tell all this by just looking at her smile.

She was cheerful, calm yet jumpy. She doesn’t know home but that’s just because she doesn’t know that she is home.

I wanted to encounter her existence just one more time, because I know this is all part of some delusion. I wish it was real but maybe it’s just not, maybe I need to stop.

I literally sound so crazy and I can’t even tell anyone, I need to get my mind off all of this. I will get a second job if I have to, anything because this seems more and more like a nightmare because I know it’s just going to end in disaster. I did have hope because I felt like I and Anora were destined to meet but what if it’s more like a curse, and this is all a hoax to the mind?

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