Soul Locked

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Chapter 7 - Nora Karoshan

This might seem senseless, insane and even stuiped but I waited for Ezra at Central Park two days ago, for hours. I had this dream and we planned to meet there, it seemed so real like we was actually forecasting a date. But, just like a lot of things in life, it was a disappointment.

Ezra didn’t show up, we didn’t meet and this was all ridiculous. It’s even more pitiable because I really thought we would meet, I thought this was the one thing in my life that was going to work out, this was my answer and my escape. But, nope. I don’t even know how to feel or react, I have no sense of emotions right now.

I’m also very cold and I’ve been thinking, revaluating my life and I know I need to start living in the real world and stop with foolish dreaming, I give up.

Even if I didn’t want to, I uncontrollably yet again had another dream about Ezra yesterday.

We was sat on a tall wall, surrounded by water lamps and lanterns.

I remember the smell of Korean noodles.

The view was extremely stunning and I could hear fire flies, they were watching the lanterns too. It was late, but the lanterns were flying which made everything glow and it even made me glow. I can’t even describe the scene, it was just breath-taking. I’ve always wanted to watch lanterns fly away, it’s like they are me, my wishes and my dreams flying away right in front of me, it’s beautiful.

I was sat next to Ezra and we was watching the lights. I had my head on his shoulder.

He looked so perfect. I could see the reflections of the lanterns in his eyes.

We talked about the Central Park situation and both of us agreed it wasn’t meant to happen. It was sad because I could read his emotions.

There was gloom in his eyes but he still smiled, I think he did this so I would smile. I did. I do like Ezra, a lot, but I told him how I’m going to move away.

He persuaded me not to but then he soon realised these dreams need to stop and the only way was for one of us to leave.

We both said goodbye and we had this warm, strong hug that lasted forever. I’m sat here now in Tori’s family restaurant, I would love to meet Ezra again but I know that this is supposed to stay in dream land and that we both need to move on.

I’m waiting for Tori and Trish to arrive so that we can say our final goodbyes.

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