Loving My Stepbrother

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Her mother remarried. She meets her new stepbrother. She shouldn't be feeling anything more than siblings towards him but why are they feeling it?

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Chapter 1

She arrived home from Europe and walked into her house and looked around and put her bags down. Her mom came in from the kitchen and hugged her.

“Hi honey, welcome home,” Tracy said.

“It’s good to be home,” Lily said.

“How was Europe,” Tracy said.

“It was great, got to do some sightseeing between photoshoots,” Lily said.

“I wish I could have been there with you,” Tracy said.

“I know Mom but you had your job here,” Lily said.

“I do have some news, honey, I didn’t want to tell you over the phone, I met someone after you left and we got married two weeks ago,” Tracy said.

“You got married?” Lily asked.

“Yes honey, you were gone six months,” Tracy said.

“But you couldn’t wait for me to get home to meet him before you married him?” Lily said.

“I’m sorry honey,” Tracy said.

“Who is my new stepdad?” Lily asked.

“His name is Steve Davis, he’s my age, he’s president of Band of Brothers MC,” Tracy said.

“He’s MC?” Lily asked.

“Yes honey, he owns a restaurant too,” Tracy said.

“Which one?” Lily asked.

“The B&B steakhouse,” Tracy said.

“Has he been married before?” Lily asked.

“Yes, she left him two years into their marriage for another man who she had cheated on him with,” Tracy said.

“Does he have kids?” Lily asked.

“A son and daughter, they are twins, they were only two years old when their mother left, she gave up her rights to them so he raised them with help from the MC,” Tracy said.

“So what now?” Lily asked.

“He has a house on his property away from the main MC clubhouse, we are moving in there,” Tracy said.

“Um no you can move in, I stay here,” Lily said.

“Lily,” Tracy said.

“No Mom, I’m almost 25 years old and I can take care of myself,” Lily said.

“Lily,” Tracy said.

“Mom, I just got home from being gone for six months and now you want me to leave my home to move in with people I don’t know,” Lily said.

“I invited them over for dinner,” Tracy said.

“Oh great, that’s just perfect, I don’t have a chance to rest and relax much after the long flight I had,” Lily said. She went up to her room and put her stuff down and sat down on the bed. She texted her best friends at the agency.

“You won’t believe this,” Lily texted.

“What happened?” Amelia texted.

“What’s up?” Ricky texted.

“My mom got married while I was gone and now she wants me to move with her to his house,” Lily texted.

“Whoa, so you just got home and she laid the news on you and now this, that’s it, I am coming over,” Amelia texted.

“Me too,” Ricky texted.

“She invited my new stepdad and stepbrother and stepsister over for dinner,” Lily texted.

“We will be with you for moral support,” Ricky texted.

“You will not go through this alone,” Amelia texted.

“Thanks guys,” Lily said.

“What are friends for,” Ricky texted.

“You have always had our backs, we will have yours, I would bring Jake with me but he has to work late at the restaurant,” Amelia texted.

“My new stepdad owns a restaurant along with being President of an MC,” Lily texted.

“Jake works at Gileon’s remember,” Amelia texted.

“My new stepdad owns the B&B steakhouse,” Lily texted.

“He owns that one, I won’t eat there then,” Ricky texted.

“Ricky, seriously, it’s fine, I’ll have to see how things are after meeting them,” Lily texted.

“I hope your new stepsister isn’t a total bitch,” Amelia texted.

“I hope she’s hot,” Ricky texted.

“Ricky!” Amelia texted.

“Hey, I’m a guy okay, I’m single and looking,” Ricky texted.

“See you guys later,” Lily texted.

“See you soon,” Amelia texted.

“See you later!” Ricky texted. Lily put her phone down and went and showered and changed into something comfortable. She went downstairs and found her mom cooking in the kitchen.

“Mom,” Lily said.

“Yes honey,” Tracy said.

“Ricky and Amelia will be here as well,” Lily said.

“Lily,” Tracy said.

“They insisted on being here, just them, Amelia won’t have her boyfriend with her because he’s got to work late so it will be just them, I haven’t seen them since before I left,” Lily said.

“Fine,” Tracy said. The doorbell rang.

“That must be your stepdad and siblings,” Tracy said. Lily went and opened the door and saw an older man with a younger guy and girl behind him.

“Hello, you must be Lily,” Steve said.

“Yes I am, you must be Steve,” Lily said.

“Yes I am, this is my son, Seth and my daughter, Samantha,” Steve said.

“Hey,” Seth said.

“Hi sis,” Samantha said.

“Come on in,” Lily said. They came in and she led them to the kitchen.

“There is my beautiful wife,” Steve said.

“Hi honey,” Tracy said. They shared a kiss. They sat down at the kitchen island. Lily got out some drinks. The doorbell rang.

“Must be my friends,” Lily said.

“Her friends will be joining us if that’s okay,” Tracy said.

“Of course,” Steve said. Lily opened the door and saw Ricky and Amelia with Jake.

“I thought you had to work late, Jake?” Lily asked.

“I got off early,” Jake said. They came in and walked into the kitchen.

“Mom, Amelia brought her boyfriend,” Lily said.

“Okay honey,” Tracy said.

“Ricky, Amelia, and Jake, this is my new stepdad, Steve, my new stepbrother, Seth, and my new stepsister, Samantha,” Lily said.

“Hello,” Amelia said.

“Hello,” Ricky said.

“Hello,” Jake said.

“Hi there, so Ricky, you seeing anyone?” Samantha asked.

“No I’m not, I am looking for that special someone,” Ricky said.

“How about we go chat,” Samantha said.

“Okay,” Ricky said. They went to talk in the living room. Jake and Amelia followed. Lily went to join them.

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