Miss Replaceable

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Do you remember that one girl in every story? She's usually the secretary to the CEO or a gang member in the mafia. The one who sleeps and falls in love with the male lead but never ends up with him. She's also the one in the story everyone tends to dislike... yeah her! little miss replaceable. This is her story.

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Chapter One

"What the fuck are you doing Delcan?" I angrily questioned the musclar man who had came into my room and began moving my things around.

He turned to me with a saddened gaze before his face turned stoic and he was clearing his throat, "Sorry Becca, bosses orders." he said continuing to scrummage through my belongings.

"Why the hell would Isaac tell you to do this?" I asked my voice laced with annoyance but he just continued searching, ignoring my question.

I watched as he opened one of the drawers in my dresser, stopping when he found my depermartment full of all the weapons I owned.

That must've been what he was looking for because before I could say anything he grabbed the entire drawer and began to walk out the room.

"Woah Woah, What the fuck do you think your doing?" I said giving him a menacing glare as I stepped between him and the door.

Right when he was about to answer a deep and cold voice came from behind me, "Step out the way Becca." I turned my head to the side coming face to face with Isaac.

I looked at him for a few seconds, sucking on my teeth before moving out the way, "What the hell is this all about Isaac?!" I questioned angrily once Delcan had left.

He sighed looking to me with a blank exspression on his face, "I'm kicking you out." he said.

I looked to him in disbelief, He's kicking me out? "What?" I questioned.

"You've been pulling a lot of shit lately." he said leaning against the doorframe "What? Did you think I wouldn't notice you constantly antagonizing Layla?" he asked.

I scoffed at his question, "Oh so it's about that bitch." I said not bothering to mind my words.

He face started to show his irritation and I smirked, "You know it didn't have to come this far." he said suddenly "If only you knew your place."

I furrowed my brows in genuine confusion "My place??" I questioned, clearly showing my annoyance.

He walked towards me and I instinctively backed up until I eventually hit a wall and couldn't move anymore, He smirked noticing he had backed me into a corner.

"Did you think we would be together?" he questioned "This was a mutual agreement Becca. Friends with benefits, remember?" he reminded me.

I glared up at him, "I'm very aware of what our relationship was Isaac." I spat out, hiding the pain I felt in my chest from his words.

"Then why did you have to get your feelings involved?" he said, I could hear in his voice the hint of saddness he was trying to hide.

Before our agreement and before Layla we were childhood friends, we grew up together and spent everyday together.

He was my best friend and I had a crush on him but he was also a playboy, that didn't stop me from agreeing to our little friends with benefits agreement when he asked.

I thought I could handle it but when Layla, a pretty little blue eyed blonde with a petite body and a sassy mouth, showed up I lost it.

Her presence made me mad and I couldn't help but to antagonize her every chance I got, especially after I figured out her and Isaac had feeling for eachother, though Isaac still won't admit he does.

"You'd really chose her over me?" I asked no longer trying to hide the hurt that was now evident in my voice.

His eyes softened, "She's pregnant with my child." he revealed.

I looked up to him in shock before furrowing my brows in anger and disbelief, I pushed him away from me "I'll kill that bitch." I said too annoyed to shut myself up.

Isaac features changed from soft to cold as he roughly grabbed both my shoulders and slammed me against the wall, I quietly winced in pain but didn't dare make a sound.

He leaned close to my face "Is that a threat Rebecca?" he questioned with a dark glare, I returned his glare not scared of what he could do to me.

"and if it is?" I said, smirking as his features darkened more.

"I would mind my mouth if I were you babe, you're not only threatening Layla's life but also the life of my unborn child." He hissed.

"You don't scare me Isaac, you may be the leader of this gang but let's not forget that everything you know I also know." I said with a smug look.

We stood there for a few minutes, neither of our glares wavering as it would be a sign of defeat. We were suddenly interrupted when someone cleared their throat.

Both our heads snapped to the door, the mean glares we had now directed at Delcan who was the one who interrupted us.

Delcan nervously cleared his throat looking between the both of us, "Her weapons have been disposed of boss." He said looking at Isaac.

Noticing Isaac was distracted I quickly shifted my weight catching him off gaurd and causing one of his hands to slide off my shoulder.

He quickly turned around and as his face met mine I swung my head forward head budding him in the face.

"Shit!" he cursed under his breathe as I stumbled back against the wall, my head was throbbing from the impact but I smiled nonetheless, knowing he was feeling worse than me.

Delcan came in and grabbed me forcing my arms behind my back, I got ready to fight him off but was stopped when Isaac's hand flew up signaling for him to let me go.

He immediately let me go and I shoved his arms away from me with my elbow sending a glare back towards him.

Isaac wiped at the blood that was now dripping from his nose, he started to laugh and I crossed my arms looking at him unamusingly.

"I think it's time for you to go." he said looking to Delcan, "Escort her out." he ordered and I quickly walked out the door with Delcan following close behind me.

I was so angry I didn't notice the small nod Isaac gave to Delcan, if I had things wouldn't have ended how they did.

Once I made it out I began to walk off but was stopped when I heard the click of a gun being loaded behind me.

I let out an annoyed sigh turning behind me with a bored exspression. I analyzed Declan, the man who was now pointing a loaded gun towards me.

"Really Declan?" I questioned with a glare.

"You know the rules Becca, the only way out a gang is-"

"Death." I said cutting him off and finishing his sentence "Yeah yeah, I know." I said, the same bored exspression still on my face.

I rolled my eyes turning back around, "Do me a favour." I said pausing for a little but continuing after not getting a reply.

"Make sure and shoot my body" I said turning my head to the side to look at him "I want people to still be able to see my pretty face when they find me." I said with a smirk.

I turned after seeing him slowly nodding his head, seconds pass before gunshots ring out into the air.

I feel the pain of three bullets penetrating into my body; one by my shoulder blade and the other two landing in my stomach.

I fall over onto the cold hard ground without a sound. I laid there not even bothering to try and stop the blood that was pooling out my wounds.

My last thought before everything went dark was Isaac, I imagined him and Layla laughing and cuddling with a child, their child.

The life I wanted with him was now nothing but a distant dream as he was now going to have that life with someone else.

I snickered to myself, wincing at the pain, Well isn't life a Bitch? I thought to myself before everything became dark.

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