Miss Replaceable

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Chapter Two

A beeping noise wakes my up, I reach over trying to turn off what I thought was my alarm but was stopped when I felt some type of wires.

I furrowed my brows, "What the hell?" I grumbled, slightly opening my eyes to a bright blinding light.

I took a second to let my eyes adjust before looking to my right when hearing the same beeping sound again, then saw that I was connected to a heart monitor.

I look around at my surroundings, it looks like I'm in a regular room. Well, regular would be an understatement the room is huge, but besides the IV and heart monitor everything was normal.

I was in a large king sized bed with purple sheets and a dark purple blanket over my body, there was a huge flat screen TV mounted onto the wall, a fluffly rug, some beanbag chairs, and a pretty big bookshelf.

I go to sit up and wince as I start to feel pain in my lower stomach, "Fuck." I cursed under my breath. I sit up real quick ignoring the pain and pull the blanket from off me.

I'm still wearing the same clothes and when I lift my shirt I immediately notice the large bandage that's wrapped around my stomach as well as the other one wrapped around my shoulder.

A take a deep breath, forcing myself to ignore the pain and get out of the bed.

Once I was out the bed I quickly unplugged the heart monitor machine before disconnecting the machine and the IV from my arms.

Just when I was about to peek out the door I hear footsteps and immediately lay back down and pretend to still be unconscious.

A few seconds later a man walks in, I peek at him through my partially closed eyelids. He's fairly muscular with brown locks and green eyes, he has ear piercings and a sleeve tattoo.

I look down noticing the pistol on his waistband, when I look up he's looking at the heart monitor with furrowed brows.

He looks down at the wires on the ground and I take that moment to attack, I use all the strength I had to lift my legs up.

As soon as I bend my stomach in to reach my legs to his neck an excruciating amount of pain shoots through my body, I bite my lower lip trying not to make any noise as my legs successful reach his neck knocking him down.

He struggles on the floor as I tighten the grip my legs have on his neck, after awhile of struggling he's finally out.

Not dead, but unconscious, because lucky for him I don't have any time to kill him, not when I'm trying to escape.

I take the hand gun from off his waistband, I peek out the door for a few seconds before leaving when I saw the hall was clear.

The hall looked like a hall that would be in a house, so I'm assuming I'm in a house. A turn a corner trying to find an exit.

After a few minutes of limping around I'm forced to stop when I feel a cool piece of metal go against the back of my head, "Turn around and put the gun on the ground." a man said from behind me.

I slowly lower my gun before turning around. He slowly beant down not taking his eyes off me as he reached for the gun I had put on the floor, after a few seconds of struggling he finally looked down.

Big mistake, I hit the back of his hand with my palm, applying enough pressure to knock the gun out his hand.

Once he let's go of the gun I grab it and the one off the floor, I point one of the guns at his head, "Your gonna show me where the exit is." I said with a smirk, putting the other gun on my waistband.

I watched him take a large gulp, "and no funny business, I will kill you." I said clocking back the hang gun I had tooken from him so he knew I was being serious.

He nodded and I signaled for him to walk ahead of me, I slowly followed behind him making sure to keep a good amount of distance between us.

"Fuck." I hissed when the pain in my stomach got worse, I stopped walking and leaned against the wall. I lifted up my shirt and saw that the clean bandages that were wrapped around me now had blood stains on them.

Shit, I must've opened my wounds. I look up and see that the guy is staring at me, well more like at my wounds.

"What the hell are you looking at?" I grumbled, I waved my gun ahead "Keep going." I said pushing myself off the wall.

After a few more minutes of walking he stops in front of a door, "This is the exit." he said.

I drew the gun I had in my hand back, swinging forward and hitting him with the barrel in the back of the head.

He falls to the ground, I step over him not bothering to check his pulse because that hit wasn't strong enough to kill him.

I open the door and smile as I feel the wind push against my face, just as I'm about to leave an arm wraps around my body and a hand covers my mouth.

I can tell that it's a guy and that he's pretty strong, I quickly try and move the gun to the his head but he grabs my wrist with the hand he was using to cover my mouth.

I was about to yank my hand away but stopped when he starts to put pressure on the wounds on my stomach.

I groan as I start to feel a large amount of pain begin to shoot through me, "let me go." I breathed starting to feel dizzy, probably from the loss of blood.

"You know I expected you to put up more of a fight." a deep voice whispered into my ear as I leaned back into a hard chest not able to stand up straight anymore.

"You don't know me." I winced "Your pushing into my wound you bastard." I groaned, the mystery man chuckled.

"I actually know a lot about you." he said, but I didn't have the strength to reply as my eyes slowly began to close on their own.

He finally removed the pressure he had on my wound. After, I felt him take the gun from out my hand as well as the one on my waistband, right before he picks me bridal style.

I would've fought him but I was barely consicous because of how much blood I had lost from him applying pressure to my wound.

He began to walk god knows where with me in his arms, "Let's try and have a civilized conversation when you wake up." was the last thing I heard before I completly lost consciousness.

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