The Prince's Mate

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Chapter Fifteen: New Ties

“Ignore him,” Rayne hissed.

I blinked a few times, “Did he just ask for—”

“Yes, now ignore him,” Rayne ordered. The trailer jostled again and people screamed.

I looked at Rayne as if she were crazy, “Ignore him? How do you do that when he’s throwing around the trailer we’re all sitting in?”

Rayne rolled her eyes, “He’s an idiot.”

Instead of ignoring Cal, I decided to ignore her. “Cal!” I screamed.



“I want my mate!” The trailer rolled and somehow I managed to end up on top of several people. Everyone groaned and tried to make sense of their positions.

“Cal!” I heard Seb yell, “Serena is in there.”

“I don’t care,” Cal spat, “I want my mate.”

“She’s in there too and you’re going to hurt her!” he exclaimed.

“He’s not going to hurt me,” Rayne snorted. I looked at her with wide eyes and a jaw hanging wide open.

“You’re his—”

Rayne held up a hand and winced, “Don’t say it, I’m utterly repulsed by the idea already.”

“Mate!” Cal cried, followed by a long howl.

“Shut it you mutt,” Rayne muttered.

“Serena,” Seb called, “Are you alright, love?”

I smiled, “I’m alright, the stitches are out of my shoulder though.”

I heard a growl and then Seb said, “Rayne, release Serena. We can go back to the castle and talk this out. Please, I beg you to see reason. My brother isn’t going to be able to contain himself much longer. His wolf seems to be a little more aggressive than he is.”

“Ha!” Rayne laughed, “Like I’m falling for that! I’m not coming back to the Palace so your brother can lock me up like you did to Serena! Me and my sister are leaving.”

“Your driver is unconscious and the trailer you’re in is on its side, I think it may be time to give up, Rayne.” I could hear the amusement in Seb’s voice.

I looked at Rayne and nodded and she heaved a sigh, “I don’t like you Sebastian Winchester. I don’t like you or your brother and I sure as hell don’t trust you. And if you keep me or my sister in your Palace against our wills, than I will sneak into your room as you sleep, slit your throat, cut you up and feed you to the rabbits in the forest.”

For a moment there was absolute silence and then there was a long line of unbroken, hysterical laughter. “My mate is so kickass,” Cal said proudly. I saw Rayne blush and felt all warm on the inside.

Reluctantly, Rayne opened the trailer doors and I instantly ran to Seb’s arms. Cal jumped on Rayne and pulled her into a tight, bear hug. She however pushed him away and then shoved him to the ground.

“Paws off, rat.” Cal grinned and stood up before dusting off his jeans and running after her. He hugged her from behind and rested his head on her shoulder. To any other girl, this would have been adorable. To Rayne, it was annoying. Without hesitation her right fist flew up and hit him in the nose.

“Goddess!” I yelped, “Are you alright, Cal?” Cal looked at me with an ecstatic grin on his face and blood running out from his nose.

“She touched me!” he yelled in victory.

“I mean your nose,” I said, “Is it alright?”

“Oh—it’s fine, it’s healing. But Rayne touched me! My mate touched me!” I laughed as he ran after her and tried again. I noticed then that all the other wolves had fled and all that was left was Sky, looking awkward. I turned and smiled at her.

“You can come with us, Sky,” I offered. She looked at Seb’s arm around my waist and shook her head.

“You’re foolish, Serena,” she warned, “They have awful things planned for you. Don’t forget about that prophecy, they expect you to be their saviour. But you may just have to lay down your life.”

Seb growled and I felt cold all over, “Please come with us.”

Sky shook her head, “I’m sorry.” I watched as she turned, shifted, and ran down the road. Seb pulled me along behind Cal and Rayne and intertwined our hands.

“What’s your favourite food?” Cal asked Rayne.

“Shut up,” she replied.

“What’s your favourite colour?”

Rayne rolled her eyes, “Shut up.”

“Favourite animal?”

“Shut up.”

“Favourite song?”

“Shut up.”


“Uh, Cal?” I interrupted, “I don’t think she’s going to answer you.” Cal looked from me to Rayne and deflated.

“I think you may be right, she’s just a private person I guess,” he said. I grimaced and clapped him on the shoulder.

“I’m sure she’ll warm up to you.” We continued walking and Cal continued to pester Rayne and she continued to shut him down every time. Seb was amused by the whole Rayne, Cal situation. I knew it pleased him to see his brother have troubles at something.

“How are they mates?” I asked.

He shrugged, “I guess the Goddess thinks that they can help each other. That’s why she mates people together, because the other has a lesson to teach the other. Most of these lessons are difficult which is why no mating ever goes smoothly, no matter how much we want them too.”

“No, I mean how are they mates. I mean what are the chances of two sisters being mated with two brothers?” The math didn’t add up.

Seb bit his lip as he thought, “Well, maybe it has something to do with genes. I mean you and Rayne share genes, as do Cal and I. So if our genes are compatible, shouldn’t theirs be too? You hear about family matings all the time. My grandfather’s sister was mated to his mate’s brother.”

I frowned, “Weird. But they are kind of cute in a way.” I titled my head to the side as I watched Rayne and Cal. Although my sister didn’t know it, I could tell she enjoyed the attention from Cal.

“They’re alright. Rayne is pretty lucky though, she struck out with my brother, he’s a pretty amazing guy,” he said.

I looked over at him, feeling proud. “That’s the nicest thing I’ve ever heard you say about Cal.”

Seb shrugged, “He’s my brother.”

“I guess this solves the whole me not being able to see Rayne thing,” I said with a shaky laugh.

Seb frowned, “Not exactly, I don’t think your sister is going to want to stay here. She seemed pretty adamant about her freedom in the trailer.”

I laughed, “She’s not as much of a hard ass as she seems. She’ll fall for him; she’ll just hide it well.”

Cal sighed, “I hope you’re right, because he will be heartbroken if she rejects him.” I frowned as I mulled this over. I knew Rayne liked being independent, but did she like it enough to totally forget about Cal?

We came up to the castle and entered the gates. Rayne whistled as we entered and ran her fingers over all the expensive looking things. “Nice place,” she commented.

Cal grinned from ear to ear, “I’m so glad you like it here.”

She snorted, “Calm down, I said I like your floors not that I’m intending on staying here.” Cal’s smile dropped immediately and my heart went out to him.

“Calvin!” I looked up to see the Queen running towards us, she kissed Cal’s cheeks and then moved onto Seb. “I’m so thankful you boys are alright!”

“No help from you,” Rayne said. The Queen stopped dead in her tracks and looked over at Rayne. Her eyes instantly narrowed as if Rayne were a poisonous snake.

“Who are you?” the Queen demanded.

Cal’s chest puffed up, “She’s my mate, Mom.” The Queen looked shocked and I could tell that Rayne took pleasure from that.

Rayne mock curtseyed and said sarcastically, “Rayne Hope, your royal highness.”

The Queen growled, “Rayne Hope, Serena’s sister who decided to host a war against my Palace!” Cal growled lowly and moved in front of Rayne. “GET OUT!” the Queen bellowed, “OUT! OUT!”

“Mom, wait—” Seb tried.

“What is going on here?” the King demanded as he stormed down the hallway. As soon as Rayne caught sight of him she snarled and pushed past Cal.

“You!” she snarled, “You hurt my sister!”

The King recoiled and shot a look at me, “Excuse me! But you have absolutely no right—“

“To attack my sister you bastard!” Rayne screamed. She launched herself forward just as Cal caught her waist. The King’s eyes darkened and Seb growled, stepping in front of me.

“Who is this?” the King demanded.

“My sister,” I said at the same time Cal said, “My mate.”

The King blanched, “The traitor to the throne is your mate? Despicable.” The King spat on the ground near Rayne’s feet and curled his lip, “I’m disgusted.”

Cal stepped forward, his eyes darker than I had ever seen them. Even Rayne stepped back when she looked at him. Cal’s hands balled into fists as he stalked towards his father. The King shifted his weight from foot to foot as his son approached. Cal stopped when he was chest to chest with his father.

“Apologize,” he ordered.

The King laughed, “Apologize to the piece of scum you’ve brought home? The very same scum that threatened our lives earlier today and threatened the lives of the guards that have pledged their lives to you? I will never—”

“Apologize,” Cal boomed, “Now.”

The King’s jaw tensed, “She’s nothing, Calvin. She’s dirt, she’s scum, she’s a piece of trash that needs—” The King was interrupted as Cal’s fist collided with his face. The King just wasn’t getting along with his sons lately, it was probably because of how he treated their mates.

Rayne strode forward and with one swift kick to the groin, sent the King to his knees. “That’s for my sister you royal bastard. You’re the whole reason I had to come here and get her, asshole. Maybe if you treated her right, we could have avoided what happened this afternoon.”

Cal glared down at his father, “I’m challenging you for the throne. Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll meet you in the courtyard.”

Cal took Rayne’s hand, and together they walked off down the hallway. The Queen kneeled to the King’s side and looked up at Seb. “Aren’t you going to help your father?”

“This man isn’t my father,” Seb said coldly, “My father would never intentionally hurt my mate just to get a reaction out of me. He would never disrespect his son’s mate by spitting at her, even if that mate had behaved irresponsibly in the past. My father isn’t this man.”

The Queen’s expression went blank, “Sebastian, don’t do this.”

“He made his choice when he attacked Serena. She’s my mate, mother. I love her with all of my heart, attacking her was the breaking point. I’m sorry.”

The Queen nodded, “If that’s how it is then fine. Leave.” Seb took my hand and led me to the medical wing. He plopped me up on the counter and called for a nurse. As we waited he moved and stood in between my legs and rested his head against my chest. I reached my hands up and intertwined my fingers in his hair.

“This has been a crazy couple of days,” he muttered.

I laughed dryly and winced at the pain in my shoulder, “Tell me about it.”

“After this is all sorted and your shoulder is better, can we go somewhere?”

I looked down at him and smiled, “I’d love to go somewhere.”

Seb grinned, his green eyes sparkling, “How about we travel North America? Visit all the packs.”

I smiled, “I’d love that, really I would. But what about the throne?”

Seb frowned and looked down, “I guess Cal is going to take it by force. I know I can’t beat Cal in a fight, so I’m out.” I frowned and rubbed the back of his neck.

“I’m sorry, Seb. I really wanted you to have it. But I must admit, it’s kind of a load off knowing I won’t have to be queen anymore.”

Seb smiled wryly, “I’m happy you don’t feel pressured. Maybe we can just live a relaxed life and mooch off of Cal’s royal money. How does that sound?”

I reached down and planted a kiss to his lips, “Sounds like perfection.”

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