The Prince's Mate

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Chapter Seventeen: The Black Luna

“Could this carriage thing be any bumpier?” Rayne complained. The Golden man grumbled and looked out of the window. “I mean, why can’t we take a care? Why do we have to travel in such a medieval fashion?”

The Golden man growled, “The Queen requested horse drawn carriages many years ago.”

Rayne smirked, “Now there is a new Queen.” I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat and looked down at my hands. Rayne turned to me, “Can you please get the palace some Lamborghinis or something with an engine?”

I grimaced, “Sure Rayne, I’ll get right on it.”

“Well, I’m just happy to be going home. Lover boy was suffocating me.” She was talking about Cal, he had thrown a fit when he caught wind that Rayne and I were leaving. Seb had shut down, he stopped talking to me since he had told me to go.

“Stop being so indifferent about him, he’s your mate,” I snapped.

“Is that a royal rule? To fall over your mate and throw yourself at him? Sorry, but I don’t obey to men. Mate or not.”

I glared at her, “It’s not a royal anything, it’s the truth!”

“Serena, I’m not like you, I don’t melt at the hand of my mate.”

“Really? Because you looked pretty worried when Cal was fighting his dad!” I spat.

Rayne blanched, “I wasn’t—”

“Whatever Rayne,” I hissed. The carriage went over a pothole and we were all sent into the air only to crash back down again. I grimaced and rubbed my bum, which was considerably sore.

“You girls are so petty,” The Golden man sneered.

I glared at him, “Don’t forget who your Queen is.”

“I don’t see a crown on your head,” he shot back. I closed my mouth and leaned back into my seat, closing my eyes. We suddenly stopped moving and I opened my eyes, curious to as to where we were.

“Why are we stopping, Godly?” Rayne asked.

He shrugged, “For food.”

“How come we never stopped for food the first time?” I asked.

He laughed, “Because you weren’t special that time around.” We all stepped out of the carriage and stretched our stiff limbs before looking around. We were parked in between two cars in the parking lot of a small diner. All around, people were staring at us and the horse drawn carriage.

The Golden man stepped out and all the humans drew in a collective breath. I looked over at him and noticed for the first time how tall and wide he was. Add that with the old fashioned golden armour and you had one intimidating person.

“Are we ready to eat?” the Golden man asked. He growled at a nearby human and sent them running in the opposite direction. I let my shoulders sag and shoved my hands in the pocket of my hoodie as we proceeded inside the diner.

We took our seats beside the window and waited for the waitress. I sunk lower into my seat to try and avoid all the stares we were receiving. Outside, the horses were lazily chewing on some hay the Golden man had provided for them.

“H-h-hello there, m-may I p-p-please t-take your order?” The waitress stuttered as she looked us over. She was sweating like crazy; her curly hair was damp at the front.

The Golden man smiled sleazily, “Why are you so nervous?”

I glared at him, “Leave her alone, I’ll have some French fries please.”

“A burger and onion rings would be great thanks,” Rayne ordered.

“I’ll take the steak sandwich,” The Golden man grumbled. He watched the waitress stumbled away and glared at me. “I was just having a little fun.”

“She was frightened,” I told him. Two scrawny preteen boys walked up to our table and stared at the Golden man.

“Can I help you?” the warrior growled. The two boys looked at each other wryly, almost losing their courage.

“Why are you dressed like that?” one inquired.

The other added, “Where you are some sort of comic book thing?”

The Golden man laughed and pulled out a golden dagger from the holder on his waist. “No, boys, I’m not from a comic book thing and if you don’t make yourselves scarce in five seconds I will cut you from navel to chin, understood?” The two human boys ran away, tripping over themselves as they did.

Rayne snorted in laughter and reached up for a high five, “That was awesome.”

“Why did you have to do that?” I asked.

The Golden man stuck his dagger back into the holder at his waist, “Because those human snobs have no right to ask a man about his whereabouts. They need to learn who they’re superiors are.”

I looked at him flatly, “The humans are superior to us, they outnumber us by far.”

The Golden man spat on the ground, “They’re scum. We’re the next step in evolution.”

“They have nuclear missiles,” Rayne said, “I think that kind of trumps us.” The Golden man shrugged and leaned back in his seat, pacified with his work.

We ate quickly since the stares were becoming too much. The Golden man nearly lost it when one young girl had the nerve to snap a picture of us with her phone. Within half an hour we were back on the road with full stomachs.

“I don’t think we should stop for food again,” Rayne said, “That was painful.”

The Golden man ran his tongue over his teeth, “I quite enjoyed the attention.”

I rolled my eyes, “How are we travelling? Were not on the main roads.”

“Obviously,” The Golden man sneered, “You can’t bring horses onto the highway. We take the back roads, there is always a way around the humans.”

The next hours were spent between complaining and sleeping. I did more of the latter. Rayne picked at her nails and bugged the Golden man, the whole time she was becoming increasingly sadder.

“This is it,” The Golden man said. The first thing I noticed was the silence.

“Why is it so quiet?” Rayne asked, voicing my thoughts.

I shrugged, “Maybe they are all sleeping?” I suggested.

The Golden man gave me a flat look, “Maybe, but I doubt it.” He opened the door slowly and grabbed a sword that he had hid underneath his seat. “Stay here.”

He exited the carriage and closed the door behind him. Rayne and I sat in silence, listening to him walking around. “Everything is f—” he was cut short by a bloodcurdling scream. His own bloodcurdling scream. Without thinking I threw the door open and looked around wildly.

The Golden man was lying on his back, unconscious. I looked around and nearly choked on the horror of the scene before me. My pack was gone, our land was torn to shreds. People lay everywhere.

“Rayne,” I whispered. She came to stand behind me and grabbed my hand.

“We have to get out of here,” she told me. I nodded silently and started to walk towards the Golden man.

“Goldstein,” I whispered, “We have to go.”

“SERENA!” I whipped around to witness Rayne being tossed effortlessly through the air by an invisible force.

“RAYNE!” I screamed back. She lay on the ground, much like the Golden man. I looked around wildly and saw a slim figure leaning against one of the ruined houses. “Who are you?” I yelled.

I crouched down and picked up the sword that lay at the side of the Golden Man. The woman walked towards me slowly, lithely. She came close enough so that I could see her features. She was slim and of a medium height. She had blonde hair that was fair than my own with a shocking black streak across the bang. A dark, vine like tattoo crawled up one arm. The blackness of her clothing matched the darkness of her eyes.

“My Queen,” the way she said it was mockingly. She bowed and then straightened, a comical grin on her face.

“Who are you?” I asked. A part of me already knew the answer.

“Haven Mathie,” she answered. When she saw the blank look on my face she laughed. “Of course, you’d know me as the Black Luna.”

I felt my whole body grow cold, the hand that held the sword felt numb. “I’m Se—”

“Serena Hope,” she answered, “It’s funny, I thought you’d be Serena Winchester by now.”

I shrugged, “I was thinking on keeping my maiden name.”

The Black Luna laughed, “I was planning on the same thing, Haven Evers didn’t have the same ring.”

“Why are you here?”

“I’m looking for something,” The Black Luna answered.

“Did you find it?” I asked.

She threw her head back and laughed, “I think I just did.” The sword flew from my hand with just a twitch of her fingers. She strode forward and I immediately turned to run, but a wall of black fire rose in front of me, trapping me.

“You can’t run from me,” she snarled. Suddenly, we were face to face. “I’m death,” she said, sounding hollow. Her eyes were black holes, sucking in everything but gaining nothing. She was dead inside, I could see that clearly. She couldn’t be more than nineteen and she was already so destroyed.

“Kill me then,” I said, “I knew this was bound to happen.”

“You’re supposed to be the one who kills me, isn’t that how the prophecy goes? I die at the hands of you when I am twenty-five?”

I bit my lip, “I think the Goddess got it wrong.”

The Black Luna smiled, “Good, because I had my twenty-fifth birthday three weeks ago. I’ve spent the last eight years searching for someone and I haven’t found it yet. I can’t die now, I can’t.”

“Who are you looking for?”

Instantly, her hand was at my throat and I realise that was the wrong question to ask. “I am looking for my daughter,” she snarled. For a brief moment, her eyes flashed green.

I swallowed, “Was she taken from you?”

The Black Luna’s face crumbled, “Yes.”

“Can’t I help you find her?” I asked.

She shook her head, “You’re meant to kill me, you can’t live. I’m sorry.” Her eyes hardened back to black and I closed my eyes, knowing what was to come.

“Why kill all my pack?” I blurted out.

She frowned, “They’re not dead. Simply unconscious. I am not my father, but I am ruthless.” She opened her palm and a small ball of black fire rose there.

“Please,” I begged, “You don’t want to do this.” Images of Sebastian flooded my head.

She sighed, “You’re right, I don’t want to do this, but I have to.”

“Haven!” a voice called. I was dropped to the ground and the Black Luna twirled around, a growl ripping itself from her throat. A large guy came running from the surrounding forest. His face was smeared with dirt and exhaustion and his grey eyes were as dull as the dark hair that sat on his head.

“Don’t,” the Black Luna warned.

“Stop running from me,” the guy said as he approached. He looked around, his face going even paler. He looked down to me and licked his lips.

“Stop following me,” the Black Luna snarled. “I have to do this.”

“No you don’t, Hav, we can find her together.”

“She is the one who is supposed to kill me, Logan,” the Black Luna pointed to me, her voice was raw.

Logan looked down at me again and said, “Let her go, Haven.”

The Black Luna shook her head, tears falling freely, “I can’t let her kill me.”

Logan looked heartbroken, “Everything will be alright, I promise.”

“No! No it won’t!” Just as the Black Luna was about to strike at me, Logan tackled her to the ground.

“RUN!” he yelled. I picked myself up and started kicked the Golden man, jerking him awake. I ran towards Rayne and lifted her onto her feet. She blinked a few times but I didn’t give her time to recover as I kept running.

Eventually, she found her footing and sprinted along with me. The Golden man was right on her heels. We exploded into the trees and Rayne and the Golden man both shifted. I tried my hardest to keep up with their wolves, but found it an impossible feat.

The Golden man stopped and kneeled down. I climbed onto his back and we were off, running from the most powerful wolf in history.

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