The Prince's Mate

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“Queen Serena!” I smiled and waved as my name was shouted amongst the crowd before me. Seb stood to my right, smiling and waving just as I was.

“King Sebastian! We love you!” a group of girls shouted. Seb laughed easily and winked their way. We were at a rally in Oregon, speaking to all the packs that lived there. It was our last stop on our royal tour.

We had been speaking about the importance of unity as a whole. The werewolf community was too estranged for our liking. We wanted the packs in each state to get to know each other better so that their bond was strengthened.

By going on this tour Seb and I made ourselves the faces of the werewolf community. We were on posters and were talked about across the country. Pups in North America know knew the names of the members in their royal family.

Seb slipped his arm around my waist, causing the crowd to go wild. Many of the younger girls gushed about us as if we were a Hollywood couple. I blushed and waved a few more times before Seb and I were ushered back into our car. We had decided to get rid of the old fashioned carriages and had invested in a few cars to take us from place to place.

“Thank the Goddess that’s over,” Seb said with a wry smile. It wasn’t that he didn’t like speaking to his people, it was just that the travelling and having to be away from the palace in Alaska was hard. I felt the exact same way.

“It was a successful tour, Seb,” I told him.

He smiled, “It was good, wasn’t it? I feel more confident that we are going to be stronger now that we’re more united.”

I shrugged, “There’s still going to be problems, but you’re right. Now that packs aren’t so distant from one another, we can handle any threat that comes our way.”

Seb grinned, “I’m so proud of you, you handled the people so well.”

“You’re not so bad yourself.” The car started moving and we both looked out the window to the adoring crowd we were leaving behind.

“I’m glad Haven was able to go back and fix up the packs she ruined,” Seb said absently. Haven and her mate, Logan lived in Oregon along with the White Wolves. We had spoken to them earlier and were pleased with their progress.

I nodded, “I guess telekinesis comes in handy when you’re rebuilding homes.”

“No more travelling, no more prophecies or oncoming sister attacks. What are we going to do know? Normal life is going to be so mundane.”

“You’re the King of all wolves, I’m sure it won’t be that boring,” I joked.

Seb rolled his eyes at me, “You know what I mean.”

I bit my lip nervously, “We could go home and mate.” When I saw the look on Seb’s face I felt my face heat up and added hastily, “Or you could continue teaching me piano and we could go swimming and I could try not to drown this time.”

Seb chuckled, the sound was strained. “I think I prefer the first idea.”

I blushed even more and looked down, I was sure my face was scarlet. “Well—uh—I was just thinking that you know, I love you and you love me and well—let’s be honest, you’re super hot and—” I never got to finish my sentence. Instead Seb kissed me while he was laughing which made me laugh in turn. So the kiss was an awkward blend of kissing and laughing which earned us a weird look from our driver.

Seb drew back, all laughter gone from his face, “I do love you, Serena. Even if we weren’t mates, I’d still love you.”

I raised an eyebrow, “What if I was Cal’s mate?”

Seb’s eyes narrowed slightly, “I’d have to steal you away.”

I kissed his cheek and sat back, dragging his hand along with mine until both our hands rested on my knee. “Well, it’s a good thing Cal and Rayne are travelling, we’ll have the entire palace to ourselves.”

Seb leaned back too and smiled, “We can do anything we want.”

“We can sing at the top of our lungs,” I suggested, “I’d love to throw a concert.”

Seb laughed, “I’ll play the instruments, you can sing.”

I nodded, “Can we make a slip n’ slide in the hallway?”

Seb’s eyes grew large, “We’d have to get rid of my mother first. She’d kill me if we ruined the marble flooring.”

“Well, we can postpone that. We could play paintball,” I said, “We’d just have to put tarps over everything expensive.”

“Or we could play outside,” Seb said.

I crinkled my nose, “But it wouldn’t be as rebellious.”

Seb leaned in and kissed the end of my nose, “You’re the Queen of all Wolves; you can play paintball wherever you want.”

“It’s settled then, I’m going to kick your butt in paintball at noon on Friday.”

Seb jaw tensed, “No one said anything about you winning. But I guess I could let you win a round or two.”

I smacked his chest, “Excuse me? Did you forget about my whole jumping through the Black Luna and shifting into a golden wolf and all that? I mean it was only three months ago. I’m sure if I can do all that then I can win a simple game of paintball.”

Seb shrugged, “I figured that has nothing to do with shooting stuff.”

“We’ll see,” I murmured. It took a full day of driving until we were back at the palace. Seb shook me awake and together we continued inside. Seb took off his crown and threw it on the couch carelessly. I removed my diamond diadem and carefully set it on the coffee table. Instantly, two maids came and collected the crowns and ushered them off to the throne room.

Somehow, both Seb and I gravitated to the music room where we both wandered to the piano. I sat beside Seb on the bench, resting my chin on his shoulder. He flipped the case over the keys up and wriggled his fingers expertly. He played beautiful music for me well into the night and never stopped. By the time the sky grew dark, Seb had played more songs than I could count.

We both looked out the large window and held our breath as a curtain of brilliant lights started to swirl around the sky. “Northern lights,” I murmured against his neck.

“It’s actually called the Aurora Borealis,” Seb told me quietly. His eyes were fixed to the window.

I rolled my eyes, “Must you always correct me?”

“Until I die.” I smirked and kissed his cheek. At the last moment he twisted his head to the side and caught my lips, smiling against them. We continued to kiss through the night, and later kissing evolved to something more meaningful.

After months of hard times, fights, emotional stress, bickering and worry, everything had turned out alright. And for the first time in my life, I was able to trust someone totally and completely. I was finally ready to let go of the anger I felt at the Goddess and let my life take whatever direction it needed to take. I had come to terms with myself and learned to let my relationships play out for themselves. And I was hopeful for the future, and for all the good I knew Seb and I could accomplish together.

I had given my heart to the Prince, and he had given his heart to me.


* * *

Hello everyone! So, that’s it. That is the end after months of writing and months of all of you reading! I hope I was able to provide you with an ending you approve of.

However, this is not the end for Serena and Seb. Now that they are well known in the werewolf community, they will have appearances in other books! I repeat, they will be in other books.
I am already planning out their roles in my newest story; My Mate, My Enemy - where we will see Serena and Seb when they are older and more established as royalty.

I want to thank everyone who either read, voted, commented, fanned or shared. And to those of you who did all of the above, you deserve a standing ovation! And thanks to my ghost readers who do none of the above, you all matter as well. Oh! and my mobile readers, you’re all awesome too!

Without your support, I would have ditched this project a long time ago. Seriously, I would have - I have a real problem with motivation. So! I am applauding all of you behind my computer screen, you’ll just have to take my word for it!

Thank you all for reading! (:



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