The Prince's Mate

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Chapter Five: Brothers

I spent most of my time outside, just exploring the forest. I had tried sleeping outside but Sebastian always had me brought back to the castle. I hadn’t spoken to him in a solid week—not one word had been uttered between us. It was driving him crazy.

“Good morning Serena,” Sebastian greeted stiffly. He got up off of the couch he had recently adopted and moved to the bathroom. I just rolled onto my other side so I didn’t have to see him. He repulsed me.

“Would you like to do something fun today?” He asked softly. I didn’t respond. He sighed, “How about talking with me? That would be fun,” he grumbled impatiently. I just closed my eyes and gritted my teeth together, burrowing further under my pillows.

“Fine, suit yourself, live your life in solitude. I don’t care if you talk to me or not but you need to be presentable for today,” he growled. I heard a door slam and then the water turned on and I took that as my escape time.

Before I left I changed quickly, keeping my eyes glued to the bathroom door. The last thing I wanted was for Sebastian to open it up when I was in the middle of pulling my clothes on.

I wore nothing spectacular; a pair of ripped skinny jeans, a heavy snowboarding sweater that came to my mid thigh and was old and worn. I paired this with a pair of heavy hiking boots and a dark brown scarf. I didn’t worry about my hair; I just braided it down my back and left it as is. I wasn’t interested in looking ‘presentable’ for Sebastian, I just wanted some fresh air.

I walked down the halls of the castle; I had managed to memorize the way to the back garden. I noticed two guards standing in front of the doors and frowned, since when had the back door been guarded?

“Um, excuse me...” I said unsurely. The guards didn’t budge so I cleared my throat loudly, “I’d like to get through if you don’t mind.”

“The Prince told us not to let you leave today Miss,” one of the guards mumbled.

I felt my jaw drop, “Excuse me? Are you serious? He’s preventing me from getting fresh air now too?”

The other guard stirred uncomfortably, “We’re just following orders.” I stared at the two guards for a moment and later decided that they weren’t going to budge. So I turned on my heel and started walking back towards Sebastian’s room, intent on having a word with him.

“Oh there you are,” Sebastian said as he walked down the hallway. He was dressed nicely in beige pants and a light blue button up collared shirt. Casual but still dressy.

“What the hell?” I exclaimed. A muscle in Sebastian’s jaw twitched.

“I should have known the first words you would say to me would be something like that,” he chuckled lightly and it only fueled my anger.

“I already feel like a caged animal and now your restricting me even more?” I protested.

Sebastian sighed and rubbed his eyes, “Look, Serena, you are my mate yes?” When I didn’t respond he sent me an aggravated look and continued, “I need you by my side for certain things and today happens to be one of those times I need you with me, understood?”

I narrowed my eyes, “Fine, what is so important about today?”

“I told you to make yourself presentable Serena, you’re dressed like you’re ready for a hike.”

I crossed my arms over my chest, “Well I was.”

Sebastian nodded his head curtly, “Right, well, can you go change?”

I raised an eyebrow, challenging him. “What am I changing for?”

Sebastian was about to answer when the doors at the end of the hallway burst open and a tall man walked in. His hair shined a brilliant gold colour and his green eyes were identical to Sebastian’s—just a little darker. He was tall and built with a chiselled jaw and a classic straight nose.

Sebastian raised his chin up and stuck out his hand roughly, “Cal,” he addressed. Cal strode forward and ignored Sebastian’s outstretched hand, instead he pulled him into a tight hug.

“Oh Sebby, I’ve missed you,” he said. I watched as Sebastian awkwardly patted Cal’s back, looking horribly uncomfortable.

Cal then turned his green eyes on me, “Oh, who is this?”

Sebastian’s face lit up with pride, “Cal, this is Serena, she is my mate.” Cal’s hungry expression fell at once and his eyes became full of a mixture of lust and regret.

“Damn, that sucks for me.” A growl came from Sebastian and Cal laughed before clapping him on the shoulder, “Don’t worry brother, I know where to draw the line. Hello there Miss. Serena, it is an honour to meet you.”

Cal reached out and clasped my hand in his, turning it over and giving it a quick kiss, much to his brother’s dismay. Sebastian let out another small growl and ripped my hand away from his brother’s and folded it tightly in his own.

“Shall we go catch up Cal?” Sebastian offered stiffly. Cal laughed and slung his arm around his brother before leading us down the hall. Five minutes later we were all comfortable in the living room. Sebastian sat beside me tensely, trying to get closer to me but I was refusing as usual. Cal on the other hand was lounging comfortably on the large arm chair.

“So? Where’s Mom and Dad?” Cal asked. He tossed a glass worry egg up and down in the air with no worries at all.

Sebastian sat stiffly, “They’re speaking with an Alpha from Texas, they should be down shortly.”

Cal snorted, “Jesus, Seb, calm down. Do you think you could tone it down on the seriousness? I’m your brother, there’s no reason to be so formal.” Sebastian didn’t smile. “Anyway, I don’t think Mom and Dad are in any rush to see me,” he added with a snort.

My curiosity got the best of me, “Why not?” I felt Sebastian tense beside me.

Cal’s eyes crinkled at the sides and he sat up, placing the worry egg back in its holder. “Well, you beautiful creature, my parents don’t like me much.”

I frowned, ignoring his odd compliment. “Why not? I mean they’re your parents?”

Sebastian spat out, “Leave it Serena.”

Cal remained laid back, “It’s alright Cal, lighten up. Anyway, I disgraced them and the throne. I’m sort of shunned around here, that’s why I decided to travel the world for a few years.”

“What did you do?” I asked excitedly.

Sebastian growled, “I said leave it!”

Cal’s eyes flickered from me to Sebastian, “That story is for another time I think. Sebastian is not in the mood for it.”

The grand doors to the living room opened and the King and Queen walked in. Immediately Sebastian got up to bow his head, neither Cal nor I moved. “Calvin, welcome home,” The King greeted stiffly.

“Thanks Dad, it’s nice to see you too,” Cal said sarcastically.

The Queen regarded her son coldly, “How was your trip?”

Cal laughed, “Apparently it wasn’t long enough.”

The King’s nostrils flared, “Why did you even bother coming back then Calvin? If you hate it here so much why did you return?”

Cal’s face gradually reddened, “I came back because you are my family.”

The King looked stricken, “Family? You call what you did to us family? You are not family Calvin, family is about responsibility!”

Cal’s eyes darkened, “No! Family is love, family is forgiveness, and family is trust. All those things are absent in you, Dad!”

The King shook his head slowly, “Why don’t you just leave?”

The Queen looked sick, “He just got back! For God’s sake he is still our son!”

“He’s your son,” The King said.

Sebastian frowned, “But Dad.”

“That’s enough from you Sebastian, do not speak when you are not permitted to. Your opinion in this is neither needed nor valued.” The King turned and stalked out of the room, his golden crown gleaming cruelly. The Queen hesitated for a moment before leaving to follow her husband.

Sebastian turned to Cal looking furious, “Why? Why Cal? Every time you come here you ruin everything!”

Cal looked sad, “Oh Sebby, don’t you see? You don’t need to bend over backwards for those idiots! You don’t need to try and impress them because it will never be enough.”

Sebastian growled, “Don’t call me that, I am going to be your King one day.”

Cal laughed, “I’m still your older brother, and I hope for your sake that you are never King.”

Sebastian looked as if he had been burned, “How could you say something like that? I’ve been working to be King for years every since you—for a long time.”

Cal’s gaze hardened, “I’ve heard things Seb, I’ve heard some bad things. There’s a war coming Sebastian and I don’t want you to be in the middle of it. I want you to leave here with me, bring your mate. You don’t need to follow him.”

Sebastian looked furious, “Shut up! You don’t know anything! You messed everything up four years ago! You did this to me!”

Cal looked destroyed, “I know, I’m sorry. But I’m here now, I’m back.”

Sebastian’s gaze was filled with nothing but a white hot hate, “Do us all a favour and go back to wherever you came from. Come on Serena,” he growled.

I pulled my hand out of his instantly, “I’m not going anywhere with you.”

“I see he’s already turned your mate against you, how have you messed up this time?” Cal asked.

Sebastian snarled at him, “Shut up Cal. Serena. We’re leaving.” This time I obeyed him just because of how angry he was, I wasn’t interested in getting hit again.

“I’m not going anywhere Seb!” Cal called as we walked away. Once we were out of ear shot I stopped walking.

“What the hell was that about?” I demanded.

Sebastian shrugged, “It’s not your concern.”

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, trying to reign in my anger. “Look, you only want me so that I can fight off this girl right? Well, if you think I am going to do it than you are crazy. I’m not going to comply. I’m not going to fight. Why would I? You treat me horribly, I’m unhappy and I hate my life.”

Sebastian groaned, “Do we have to dive into this right at this moment? Cal is enough to handle and now this?”

“Your mate isn’t supposed to be a burden! A mate is a blessing, but in my case it’s a curse. I’m tired of being treated like crap, I’m not a toy, I’m not a punching bag and I’m not your mindless slave. I have questions and opinions and I have a right to express them.”

Sebastian shook his head, “I’m so sick of this, I’m your mate! I deserve respect!”

I felt tears fill up my eyes and felt angry that he was getting this reaction out of me. “And what? I don’t?” I felt a few tears splash down my cheeks and turned my face away from him.

Sebastian’s face softened and then hardened. His gaze slipped from my face and looked over my head. I turned and saw Cal standing there looking furious. “Can I help you Cal?” Sebastian asked, sounding venomous.

“You’re kidding me right?” Cal asked, sounding angrier than when he had spoken to his parents.

“What do you mean?” Sebastian asked, he crossed his arms over his chest and tilted his chin up.

Cal shook his head, “Please tell me I just heard a really sick rumour.”

I felt my heart rate pick up, “What did you hear?”

Cal turned and looked at me briefly before looking at Sebastian. “Are you sending your mate to go fight the most powerful and dangerous wolf in history?”

Sebastian snarled and pushed me behind him, “Leave Cal, this doesn’t concern you.”

“He’s changed you Sebastian; you used to be so care free, so happy, so full of light.”

Sebastian growled and stepped forward, his whole frame shook, “Drop it.”

But Cal continued, “The old Seb would have never of put his mate in danger. You used to dream about the day you found your mate, you said you would shower her with love. And I’m sorry but she doesn’t look showered in love. She looks like she’s close to killing herself Seb.”

Sebastian growled as his frame shook harder, “Stop it, Serena is fine.”

“No I’m not,” the words flew from my mouth without my permission.

Sebastian turned to face me, his eyes were completely black. “Shut up!” And then I was sprawled on the marble floor, my cheek aching as black spots danced across my vision.

“Let me go!” I heard. I looked up dizzily and saw Cal on top of Sebastian, pinning him to the ground.

“No, look at what you did.” He forced Sebastian to look at me and I watched as Seb’s eyes gradually turned back to green and his expression became mortified.

“Let me go,” he whispered. Cal reluctantly let go and Sebastian was off like a shot, he ran from the hall and disappeared. Cal walked over to me slowly and crouched down in front of me, helping me into a sitting position.

“I’m sorry Serena, this isn’t my brother. I’m going to help you get him back.”

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