The Prince's Mate

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Chapter Six: A Sad Story

“I was in England, right, and I was driving down the streets. And all of sudden, I hear fifty horns blaring. And I looked around wildly, trying to figure out what was going on. But when I looked up I realised I was driving on the wrong side of the road and people were swerving to avoid me!” I laughed as Cal told me another story from his travels.

Cal didn’t eat breakfast, instead he lounged sideways in his chair and tossed a large orange from hand to hand while he told me stories. I happily listened as I mowed down on my breakfast.

“Oh! And then there was this time in Greece, I was asking this man for directions. He didn’t speak English and led me down this long road. When I got to the end he handed me a shovel and motioned for me to pick up goat poop! Can you believe that? I had no idea where I was, somewhere in the middle of Greece and I was shovelling goat crap!”

I snorted, “How did you get out of it?”

He shrugged, “The guy was old so I shovelled for him. He gave me a rundown bike with a flat tire and I road it into the nearest town.”

I grinned, “Wow, that sounds incredible. Everything does, you exploring the world getting sucked into these situations!”

Cal nodded, “It gets lonely sometimes, maybe you could join me on my next trip.”

I felt my heart soar, “Really? I’d love to!”

“You won’t be going anywhere with him Serena,” Sebastian boomed as he entered the dining hall. Cal rolled his eyes and threw his orange into an empty cereal bowl.

“Morning brother, sleep well?” Cal teased lightly.

Seb glared at him before turning to glare at me, “Where were you last night? You didn’t come to our room.”

I bit my lip tentatively, “I slept in another room, Cal showed me a guest room.”

Sebastian turned to Cal, his glaring growing stronger, “Why would you do that?”

Cal snorted, “Oh come on Seb, did you really think she was going to want to be anywhere near you after you hit her? I’m surprised she can even stomach the sight of you—I can’t.” I had never heard Cal sound so vicious.

Sebastian paled, “I didn’t mean—don’t disrespect me.”

Cal rolled his green eyes childishly, “You are such an annoying little idiot Sebastian at least that much hasn’t changed.” I couldn’t control myself and ended up bursting out in laughter. Sebastian looked hurt for the briefest moment before he carefully arranged his features to look passive.

“Just leave Cal, no one wants you here,” Sebastian hissed.

“I do,” the words slipped from my mouth without my consent.

Cal turned and smiled at me, “Why thank you Serena, you beautiful thing, so kind. Definitely deserve someone better than my brother.”

Sebastian picked up a fork and sent it flying towards Cal’s head. If Cal had moved half a second later he would have lost an eye. I turned and stared at Sebastian my jaw hanging wide open.

“You could have hurt him!” I yelled, “Why did you do that?”

Sebastian looked pissed, “I’m sick of you standing up for him, you’re my mate.”

“No, I’m not.”

Sebastian pinched the bridge of his nose, “Serena, do we have to talk about this again?”

I stood up and pushed my food away from me, “I’m going for a walk.”

Cal stood as well, “Mind if I join?” In the blink of an eye Sebastian had him pressed up against the wall.

“Stay away from her. She. Is. Mine.” Sebastian snarled in his face and pressed him tighter against the wall. I watched shell shocked as it all unfolded, not sure how to aid Cal.

Finally, Cal put his hands up in surrender. “Okay, okay, I’ll stay away from Serena.” I looked at Cal with a frown on my face but smiled when he winked at me.

Seb sighed, “Thank you, I’m glad you are learning to—”

“RUN!” Cal yelled. I watched as he tackled Sebastian to the ground and without wasting another second I turned and bolted for the exit. A few moments later Cal’s hand wrapped around mine and he was guiding me throughout the castle.

We were outside within a minute and running desperately towards the trees. After about five minutes we slowed to a jog and eventually walked. We let the sounds of nature wash over us and calm our wolves as we moved forward, I suddenly realised we were heading towards the stream.

“So tell me,” I started as I dipped my feet in the water. “What was he like before?”

Cal leaned against a tree, his arms tucked behind his head and his face tipped up to catch the sun. “Who Sebby? Well, he was always intense I’ll tell you that much. I was always the funny one, nothing has changed there.” He winked at me and I chuckled. But there was a curious streak in me that was growing by the second.

“When you say he was intense—”

Cal shook his head, “He wasn’t like this, he used to be intense about feelings. He loved everything too much, he cared too much. He was intense about how he felt. Very emotional. Now he’s like stone, doesn’t share any thoughts. He was always so gentle and quiet, very to himself and kind. Nothing like how he is now.” There was a hint of sadness to Cal’s voice that made me sad as well.

“What changed?” I wondered aloud.

Cal’s expression darkened, “Cal and I—we had a little sister.”

I felt my eyes widen, “What? What happened to her?”

Cal looked broken, “I was just turning eighteen—Seb was fourteen. Morgan was only ten when she died.”

I felt my blood run cold, “You don’t have to tell me anything.”

Cal shook his head, “I know, but this will help you understand him more. I want you to be happy with him, I want him to be happy again.”

I nodded, “Okay, I’ll listen.”

Cal took a deep breath before continuing, “Seb loved Morgan more than anyone, he protected her and loved her more than she needed at times. They bonded in a way that I would never be able to with Seb, even the age between them didn’t matter. It was my fault that she died. I had made friends with a boy named Ian. I had invited him in to the Palace. He killed her, he was supposed to take out the King—my father—but he never got there.”

“Why did he do it?” I asked. I was having a hard time not vomiting. How could someone do something so vile?

“Ian was from a small rebel pack, I thought he and I were friends but I was just an excuse to get into the castle. Some of the wolves we rule hate us, he was one of them. He was supposed to take out the King—anyone in the royal family really. He only got to Morgan before he was taken down; he took a nice chunk out of Seb though. He killed her with a knife made out of celestial silver—I... oh Goddess, it should have been me who died.” Cal voice cracked and I watched with horror as tears fell down his cheeks.

“I was he big brother, I was supposed to look out for her, but I befriended her killer. She was ten, of Goddess sake, she was ten years old. Seb of course blamed me for it, still does, heck I blame myself. I should have seen the signs. Goddess, I wish I could go back in time. She would be fourteen now...”

I wiped at my cheeks, not wanting him to see me cry. “I’m sorry Cal, that sounds awful.”

“My Dad was never the same, he closed off the castle to all people who were not immediate staff or part of the Royal Family. That’s why you can’t bring your sister here. Seb changed the most, became cold, with drawn. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t been molded by my father, I should have stayed with him—even though he hates me.”

“Is that why you left? Because of Morgan?”

Seb shrugged, “Partly, but also because I denied the throne. At eighteen you get offered it. If you say yes you begin training and receive the crown when you are twenty five. A few weeks after Morgan died my father asked me if I would like the throne, I said no. I couldn’t lead after what happened. I was disgraced and shunned, basically kicked out the front door. I’ve spent the last four years travelling, trying to find peace.”

I bit my lip tenderly, “I know Sebastian has had it hard, but I can’t look past what he’s done to me. My father was murdered and torn apart for no reason, my mother died shortly after. Sebastian and the King’s men ripped me away from my sister, the only family I have. To be brought here. It wouldn’t have been so bad if Sebastian didn’t treat me so horribly.”

Cal nodded, “When I was travelling, I realised that the reason I couldn’t find peace with myself was because I was looking in the wrong places. I couldn’t find peace in India because my troubles were here. I have to make things right at home before I can move on. Can you give him another shot? I promise he will never lay his hands on you again—you won’t be abused.”

I watched the river fall down the small cliff and nodded silently, knowing Sebastian’s history made it easier to understand him.

“I don’t know if I can,” I told him honestly.

Cal nodded, “I know it must be hard, but the Moon Goddess paired you up with Seb for a reason.”

I narrowed my eyes, “Maybe it was so that he could shove me into the slaughter house.”

Cal shook his head, “I know my brother, he would never do this—he would never put his mate in danger. But he’s not himself, but I think we can still get to him. If you help me with Seb, I promise you that you will not be put up against the Black Luna.”

I took a deep, shaky breath, “What do I need to do?”

“Be patient,” Cal said, “If anyone can get through to him, it’s you. Get to know him, I’ll try from my side as well, but it’s going to be you who frees him.”

I nodded, “Okay, I will try.” I found myself hoping that he was going to turn into some wonderful Prince Charming, but the more rational part of me knew he wouldn’t.

“We should head back there, he’s probably going crazy,” Cal said with an easy laugh.

“Cal, is there any way I can use a phone?”

Cal’s eyes darkened, “He hasn’t let you phone home?”

I shook my head, “I want to call my sister, she doesn’t know if I’m okay, and I don’t want her to worry.”

Cal nodded and stood up, offering me his hand. He pulled me up and I slipped on my shoes before we headed back to the castle. We tiptoed through the halls trying not to be seen or heard. Finally, we reached Cal’s room and he ushered me inside.

“Here, you won’t have long, but it’s the best I can do for you.” Cal handed me a phone and I took it with shaking fingers. I dialed the number of the only phone our pack possessed and waited.

“Hello?” creaked an old voice.

I nearly wept, “It’s me, Serena. Margaret, is Rayne there?” Margaret is our pack healer, she was an elderly woman.

“Goddess! Serena, are you alright my dear?”

I swallowed thickly, “I’m fine. Rayne, is she there?”

“I’ll get her, one moment.” I heard a shuffling and then there was silence.


I choked back a sob, “Rayne, oh Rayne it’s me Serena.” I looked around and noticed that Cal had left the room, he wanted to give me privacy.

“Oh Goddess! Serena! Are you okay? Are you hurt? Where are you?”

I closed my eyes, marvelling the familiarity of her voice. “I’m okay, I’m not hurt. I miss you.” My voice broke and I felt tears fall from my eyes.

“I miss you too, where are you? I’m coming for you,” There was a hard edge to Rayne’s voice that made me shiver.

“Where is she!?” A voice boomed, I whimpered, Sebastian had found me.

“Who is that?” Rayne asked.

“Look, I don’t have much time. I love you Rayne.”

“Cal! Move now, I want her back!” I heard Sebastian yell.

“Where are you?” Rayne asked for the third time.

I bit my lip, debating on whether or not to tell her. “I’m at the Royal Palace of the Wolves,” I admitted.

There was silence for a few moments. “Where is it? Do you know?”


“Alaska,” I whispered, “That’s all I know, Goddess I love you Rayne, be safe. I’m alright, don’t worry about me.”

“Who’s yelling?” Rayne asked.

“My mate,” I whispered, “he is the Prince.”

“Shit,” Rayne swore. “Okay, I’m still coming. Wait for me Serena, be strong. I love you.”

The door burst open and I hung up the phone, tucking it away from sight. Sebastian stormed into the room, followed by Cal. I lowered my head, still shaken from my conversation with my sister. I could almost envision her standing before me.

“Where were you?” Sebastian whispered. He was standing right in front of me, looking at me tenderly.

I swallowed, “I was in the forest.”

Sebastian smiled, happy I answered. He touched my cheek lightly and I suddenly got a mental picture of him playing with his little sister before she was murdered. I felt sick.

“Who were you with?” Sebastian cooed.

“Cal,” I answered immediately.

Seb nodded, not looking too angry. “Alright, well we’re going now. Come with me.” I sighed as he took my hand, sending electricity throughout my body. I looked up at Cal as we passed and was able to read his lips.


* * *

Hey guys! So this chapter we learned more about Cal and Seb and their relationship. I know that his past doesn’t exactly justify what hes done, but I hope you can understand Seb more after learning about his past.

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