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The party went off without a hitch. There were copious amounts of alcohol and people. People who hadn’t the slightest clue of what they had gone out and accomplished at their previous meet. People who could never fathom, much less experience, what they do.

After a few shots, and a couple bowls of weed, Declan was entering a mild state of intoxication. As he approached the keg, he heard Tommy talking about him to a gaggle of girls. “

“No bullshit. This kid was HUGE. Right, fag?” he called to him.

“Um... Yeah,” Declan responded.

“Fag, do something cool! Something flippy!!!” he slurred.

“Like what?” he asked confused. Something flippy? Was he some sort of circus act now?

“Oh, mah god... Can you do a back flip?!” one of the many girls surrounding Tommy drawled, obviously intoxicated.

“DO A BACK FLIP INTO A KEGSTAND!!!” Tommy suggested, obviously drunk.

Declan thought it over and didn’t see the harm in it. He’d done drills on a floor bar for parallel bar similar to what he was asking him to do, so it didn’t seem like an impossible task. He analyzed the keg and obliged.

He turned to face them, said a quick little prayer, smirked and set. As he threw his body with reckless abandon, partially, due to the alcohol in his body, at the peak of his vertical, he carved his right shoulder into the air and tucked his body. His hands grasped the keg’s rim firmly, his core clenching within an inch of its life, his face, however, slammed into the tap. His eye stung horribly, but he’d stuck it.

Everyone around him cheered. As he held the handstand, someone stuck the hose in his mouth and ordered him to drink. It all lasted about thirty seconds, but as he came down, he realized it was Skylar who’d made him drink.

“Uh... Fag... Your eye... It’s turning purple.” Tommy slurred.

“I figured,” Declan shrugged, “I slammed it on the tap when I did the full.”

Skylar grabbed him and lead him away from the party, into Tommy’s house. They reached the bathroom and he sat Declan down on the toilet while he searched for a first aid kit in a mild drunken stupor.

He found it, pulled the cold compress out and handed it to Declan. He obliged and placed it over the swollen area beneath his eye.

“Thanks,” he smirked, “You didn’t have to do that. It was going to be okay. I can’t even feel it.”

“I... Um... You can’t... I can’t have you competing with a black eye.” he smiled sheepishly.

“How much have you drunk?” Declan asked him sternly.

“How much have YOU drank!” he poked Declan in the chest.

“Ha, not as much as you, Sky.” he chuckled.

He lingered a few inches from his face and as Declan looked up, he saw deep into his eyes. They remained in this position for a few seconds; neither one knowing what to do.

Skylar began to close the space between them, when Declan’s phone rang. The familiar rang had sent chills throughout Declan’s body. It was ‘Our Song’ by Taylor Swift, Gable’s favorite singer.

“Sorry... It’s...“”

“Your boyfriend... I know. I’ll catch you out there.” Skylar stammered, seemingly jilted.

“Hey...” Declan answered as Skylar stumbled out of the bathroom and slammed the door behind him.

“Where are you?” Gable asked sternly.

“At Tommy’s house, in the bathroom; I busted my eye.”

“Cool. I’ll be there in a few.” he hung up, abruptly.

Declan stood up from the toilet, and analyzed his eye. It was swollen and had begun to turn a deep purple. He dismissed it and returned to the party.

Gable arrived about ten minutes later, but denied Declan entry to his car.

“No, bring your van.” He spat.

Declan was taken aback by his abrasive tone, but walked to his car, and pulled out his keys. They were to go to a party near Bethlam. Declan obliged, got into his car, and followed him.

It wasn’t long before they arrived at the party, and as Declan neared Gable’s truck, he got out. They both walked towards the barn in which the party was being held. He attempted to hug the jock, but he was, again, denied.

The music came to a halt, the moment they walked into the party. Every single eye was upon them. The silence cut straight through Declan; there wasn’t one person in that place that wanted to see him.

“What I don’t get,” Karen began, “Is… Why you even left that party; it’s obvious Skylar loved you. This whole time you even said you wanted to try things out with him.”

They were in the small cafeteria. They’d been there for the past few hours exchanging stories again, while many others had their family visits. Karen had become a crutch for Declan. Everything he felt, he confided within her, and vice versa.

“I, honestly, cannot begin to tell you why I even ignored his advances.” Declan shrugged.

“Okay, no, I’m not Doctor Anderson,” She pointed at him, “You can’t shrug me out; you know this.”

Declan emitted a chuckle, “Alright, alright… Shit… You know me too well…”

“You bet your ass I do,” She smiled back.

“I guess,” He shook his head as he looked out at the beautiful scenery outside, “I guess, I just didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I mean, more than anything, he was my brother; my confidant.”

“I feel that.” She nodded, “Sucks that you can’t go back and change things.”

“Right?” Declan smirked, however, he too felt the desire to turn back the wheels of time and have Skylar back. Had he just let himself be loved, he wouldn’t have had to go through all the hurt and drama that Gable had subjected him to during their torrid love affair.

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