I Refuse To Be His Mate

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What happens when two complete opposites are forced to fall in love? Do they go through with it? Or does fate have other plans? This is my first story here! It's quite poorly edited! SO please be gentle

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“You can’t do this to me.” I cried pathetically

“Now, now, honey you are being a little too over dramatic here. You have got to understand this is for the best. This is not only going to benefit us, but it will benefit the whole pack.” Said my mom as calmly as she could. I could see her eyes begging me to understand and to just quit arguing.

But there was no way in hell I was going to agree to this injustice.

My parents have decided to move out of this town to a better place with another pack. I fail to understand why my dad, as an alpha would do something so preposterous. I mean we grew up here! We are one of the best pack in the state, why is there a need for us to move? To make things worse why do we have to move in with a whole different pack?

We were doing just fine all by ourselves.

Either they are hiding something from me, or they have just completely lost their minds.

“I do not care mother, you are being completely unreasonable. I don’t understand the need for us to move away. Therefore, I refuse.” I said with my head held high.

“That’s enough young lady, you will listen to us and pack your bags. When none of the kids in the pack are complaining I don’t understand why you have to be the stubborn one. Now stop arguing and get ready! We are leaving tomorrow.”

And just like that my wolf cringed in fear. My dad used his alpha voice on me. He has never ever used his alpha authority on his kids. But today he did.

I turned around extremely furious. I hate losing arguments. I hate losing in general, but this is just insulting. My parents are not even giving me a proper explanation to all this.

I wonder what has gotten into them. It’s all because of that stupid other pack. If it wasn’t for their stupid offer we wouldn’t have to move.

The only information I was provide with, was that my dad has decided to join pack with one of his childhood friends.

Way to go dad! Too bad you forgot that you had a daughter who also has a life.

But without saying another word I left for my room. No matter how angry I was, disrespecting the Alpha was one of the worst things a wolf could do. To me that man who just yelled at me was an alpha, not my loving and caring father.

I shut the door behind me and jumped into the comfort of my bed. Instantly the waterfall started. A nonstop flow making my pillow soaking wet. I hated this habit about myself. Whenever things got to overwhelming for me to handle, I would let tears take over. I hated it because tears were signs of the weak and it did not do justice to my personality.

I slammed my hands against the soft cushion hoping to let some of my anger escape. I screamed against the pillow like a brat and pushed myself up.

I don’t want to be yelled at again. So I better start packing.

I tossed clothes after clothes in my bag, not bothering to fold them. AS soon as I turn 18 I’m out of that place I repeated to myself like a mantra.

That stupid pack were called the Thunderstorm.

My new life mission is to make their life a living hell. I am the alpha’s daughter after all. I always get what I want. I will make sure we move back within months. For now, it’s best to just play along and not make my dad any angrier.

*Next Day*

“Honey, breakfast is ready.” Yelled my mom, rudely interrupting my dream of chopping the new pack’s Alpha’s head.

“I am not hungry.” I yelled back. The best way to make your mother mad is to refuse to eat.

“Common Kristy, stop being drama queen and just eat. We are leaving in 10 minutes.” She yelled again. I could feel her rolling her eyes at me.

She is used to me being such a drama queen. She knows I wouldn’t be able to control my hunger for long and finally give in.

“Whatever.” I muttered, getting out of my comfy bed, spending my last night on it.

“I heard that.” Replied my mother, just as quickly as I said it.

I lazily got off my bed and looked around my cozy little room. Okay, maybe little wasn’t the best word to describe it. It was kind of grand and that is exactly why I loved it. My parents always gave me the best of the best. Who knows what kind of room I was going to get in my new house. I bet they’ll throw me into some ugly ass room in the basement.

I cannot call another place my home. This is my home.

I took one last look at my room and went to my empty closet and picked up the only piece of clothing left for me to wear. I grabbed my denim shorts, white tank with a sweater and headed towards the bathroom.

I made sure to take extra long, as this was going to be my last shower in my magnificent bathroom. For the last time I took in every detail around me. My purple walls, my comfortable Jacuzzi, the paintings around me and the mirrors surrounding my tub.

When I couldn’t take my mother’s constant yelling anymore, I finally got out of the bathroom and headed downstairs.

“Good morning.” Said both my parents in unison.

“I don’t see anything good about this morning.” I snapped nastily.

“Seriously, Kristy you need to grow up.” Said my older brother Derik, munching his bacon.

“Oh shut up Derik, I bet you’re happy since you and your cocky ass friends will have a new variety of girls to play with.” I said angrily.

Yes, as sad as it may sound, my brother and his friends were the school’s biggest players. They changed girls like they changed shirts every day. I was just waiting for the day when they all finally find their mates. That would be the end of their freedom. They would be stuck with the same girl for the rest of their lives.

“Oh common sis don’t be this way.” Said Derik smirking at me. Indicating my guess was correct.

In an hour or so the rest of the pack was in our house. All ready to leave. My best friends Andrea and Juan were there as well. They were as depressed and annoyed as I was, but none of the kids said anything. It was as if the adults had it all figured out while we kids just sat there and listened to them and were expected to follow their instructions.

I hate how they underestimate us kids!

I swear one day I’m gonna run and make my own pack for below 18!

There were about a thirty of us. I passed the sold sign outside my house and once again a feeling of grief washed over me.

I crossed my arms around my chest and sat into our family car. We headed the way, while the rest of the families followed us.

My mother tried her best to make small talk and make me feel better. For a second I actually felt guilty for acting so uncooperative, but then I disagreed considering my parents didn’t even bother telling me why we were moving.

My annoying brother was busy styling his already perfect blonde hair and staring at himself in the mirror while my dad had his eyes glued on the road.

After eight hours of excruciating silence we finally arrived at our destination. At first I thought it was a mirage, maybe this isn’t real. But then I saw the same shocked expression on my brother’s face. The Thunderstorm pack house was gorgeous. At least from the outside. It was double the size of our old house. The alpha of this pack must be loaded.

My dad saw my dumbstruck expression form the rear view mirror and asked.

“Like what you see?”

“Of course not, our house was so much better. It was more .......homely.” I finally said.

I thought we were pretty well off, but these guys are like freakin billionaires.

Once the car stopped I quickly got out of the car. I tried to hide the excitement I felt. I was too egoistic to admit that this place was lovely. Therefore, I tried my best to keep a neutral expression and pretended I was bored. Soon the other kids from our pack joined me. All my brother’s friends looked pretty pumped to meet the girls from the new pack. I swear their excitement was making me puke.

All of a sudden I felt someone ruffling my perfectly straight hair making it go in all different directions.

“What the hell.” I yelled and glared at the person who dared to touch my hair. I gained a couple of stares and eye rolls as the words left my mouth. Most adults didn’t really like my rebellious nature, but they didn’t dare to say anything since I was the alpha’s daughter.

That person that touched my hair was none other than my brother’s best friend Chase.

What a surprise.

“What? I was touching your silky hair.” He said stroking my hair again.

“Off my sister man.” Yelled my brother successfully pushing Chase away from me. Saving Chase from one of my famous punches.

All of Derik’s friends flirted with me, mainly to annoy me. Chase was teh worst of them all. I would kick his ass right now, but I had bigger problems to deal with.

All of a sudden we heard an extremely angry voice from inside the house. That voice immediately caught all our attention. We all froze to our spots unintentionally eavesdropping.

“I don’t understand! Why the hell do we have to welcome another pack. This is ridiculous, I cannot agree to something like this. We aren’t some charity home for god’s sake! ” Yelled that voice

This voice better not be talking about my pack. If he is referring to us as some charity case, I would rip his face off!

“Who are they anyways? The Rangers? What kind of dumb name is that?”

OH that’s just it! How effin dare he! I’m gonna rip his head and kick it like a football! My grandfather named this pack and we are the most reputed in our state. Oh the things I’m going to do to him if I see this boy.

Soon a commanding voice broke into my thoughts.

“Enough Jason, I will not hear another word from you. When they arrive I want you to be at your best behaviour. Also, I need you to.....” The alpha couldn’t finish his sentence because my wonderful dad already rang the door bell.

After a few moments a beautiful lady opened the door with a man just as pleasant looking as her. I immediately knew that they were the alpha and his wife at the door. If I didn’t hate them for inviting us to their house, I would actually considered talking to them.

“Martha!” yelled the lady and hugged my mom. My dad and the other Alpha hugged each other with broad smiles on their faces. Soon enough they invited us in and welcomed us into their house/mansion.

As soon as we stepped in we were bombarded with about 50 more people. They were probably part of the Thunderstorm pack. While both the pack members mingled, we as the alpha’s family stood a little away from the crowd.

I must say the house was as magnificent from the inside as it was from the outside. Too bad one of the house member in this house is a cocky ass piece of shit.

“Sam, meet my son and future alpha Derik, and this is my daughter and the future heir Kristy.”

Derik gave them one of his charming smiles while I had a fake one plastered on my face.

“Pleasure.” I said with as much venom as I could gather.

“Ahem” my dad cleared his throat, which only I knew was a warning to behave myself.

“I see she isn’t too happy being here.” Said the lady, smiling at me.

“What can I say? She is stubborn just like her dad.” Said my mom.

“I am not stubborn mother, I am just trying to prove a point.” I huffed

“She is really going to get along with our son. That reminds me, where is he dear?”Asked Martha looking around for her son.

“I am right here mom, I was just cleaning up the rooms for our guests.” Said an extremely attractive voice. I immediately looked up to find the owner of this gorgeous voice.

As soon as I looked up, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. This guy cannot be real. No one, I mean no one is created so beautifully. I saw no imperfections. Maybe except the cocky attitude he had on his face, but physically he was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

The guy didn’t even look towards us; he didn’t even acknowledge our presence.

I don’t care if he doesn’t acknowledge me, but if anyone is disrespectful towards my family I make sure it’s the last time they’re being treated this way.

“Jason, meet Mr Hudge Alpha of the rangers pack, this is his wife and their children. The rest of them are part of their pack.” Finished the Alpha.

No freaking way! This gorgeous guy was the arrogant jerk who insulted my pack two seconds ago. Why Am I not surprised? A pretty boy like that, is completely capable of doing something so disrespectful.

The guy didn’t even look at us, but kept staring at my dad. Not a blank stare but a filthy stare. How badly I wanted to punch that look of his face. I have a feeling that this guy is going to be on my top hit list. When I saw hit list, I legit mean the hit list.

Alright now I have a new life mission. “Make Jason’s life a living hell.”

“Welcome.” Was all he said to no one in particular.

Oh that cocky little sun of a...

“Well you didn’t sound too welcoming two seconds ago, when you thought we were nothing, but a charity case for your pack.” As soon as the words escaped my lips multiple reactions around the room took place.

Trust me to create drama everywhere I go.


To begin with, my dad growled at me. Followed by various gasps and “Oh my god did she just say that”. The alpha surprisingly smirked along with his wife, while my brother elbowed my ribs making me wince in pain.

But the most surprising reaction was Jason’s. As soon as I said those words his eyes angrily snapped at me as if to yell at the person who dared to talk to him like that. But when his eyes met mine, they turned wide for a whole entire minute. Almost as if he saw a ghost. Wow I must be scarier than I give myself credit for.

“I..I..Uh..I..didn’t know you heard.” Was all he said.

Jason’s parents looked at him like he had lost his mind. Maybe he said something that really surprised them.

“Sure you didn’t.” I snapped angrily.

“That is enough Kristy, Jason is as old as you. Just like you hated to move I am sure he hates having a whole new pack around him. But all I can say is that you kids need to trust us. When the time comes, you will realize why we took this major decision.”Said my dad, acting like a guidance counsellor.

I don’t think that keeping us in the dark, will help us in any way. As part of the pack we deserve to know the truth. We deserve to know everything that goes around us. Obviously I didn’t say that because that would just piss him off.

“Sure dad.” I said instead, rolling my eyes. I looked up and saw Jason still staring at me. I angrily glared at him and mouthed “What” which caught him by surprise and made him look away quickly.

Wow I must be really scary, if I can actually scare the future alpha.

“I like your daughter Carl.” Said the alpha to my dad. “ And I have a feeling someone else does too!” He whispered

What was that supposed to mean?

Oh he’s probably talking about his wife. Yeah that lady keeps smiling at me for some reason. It’s weird.

The alpha and his wife led us to the dining room. He asked his pack members to show everyone their rooms. All the kids were asked to take the luggage to the room while the adults “talked”. I swear I am going to find out what this big secret is.

“You are seriously the craziest person I have ever met.” Yelled Andrea.

“Common Andrea it’s entertaining.” Argued Juan

“Hey guys.” We heard a couple of girls calling us. Since the voices were unfamiliar we were guessing it was from the new pack.

“Yeah?” I asked

“Andrea and Juan’s room are right opposite each other.” Said one of them pointing to the doors beside her.

“Oh! Okay.” Said Andrea too excited to see her new room.

“Uhhh..what about my room?” I asked. I wanted a room next to my friends. The least they can do is give me a room near the people I know, so I can get a slight feel of home.

“Oh! The alpha’s and their families reside in the upper most floor of the house. Jason can take you there.”

There goes that thought.

Before I could protest the girl already turned around and yelled his name.

“Can you show Kristy her room?” She asked

“It‘s fine I am sure I can find my way.” I said turning around, hoping to prevent this one on one time with that jerk.

“No please, I insist. If you get lost it would be my responsibility. I think it will be best if Jason took you there.” Said the girl pleadingly.

What the fudge? Do I look like a toddler who can’t find her way around the house?

By this time Jason was standing beside her, still staring at me. Almost like he was analyzing me.

“Whatever.” I said and turned around.

All of a sudden a hand grabbed my arm and jolt of electricity passed through my body.

“What thee..” I turned around and found Jason as surprised as I was.

“Did you just shock me?” I asked furiously.

“Not on purpose.” He snapped back.

“Sure.” I said and turned away.” And don’t ever touch me again.” I said and walked away.

“Excuse me?” I heard him call after me.

“You heard me.”

“Who do you think you are?” He asked his face turning red with anger. Okay, so obviously he wasn’t used to people talking back to him. Well, I am sure he is going to have to get used to it, now that I’ve moved in.

“Look you cocky dumb ass, if you think you are doing us a favour by giving us a place to stay, then let me enlighten you by saying you are completely wrong.. I bet your pack needed us, that’s why we were asked to come join you. So next time you insult my pack make sure you think twice or you’ll have your ass kicked.” I said as threateningly as I could.

I saw a flicker of amusement in his eyes. He stared at me for a couple of seconds and I took the opportunity to observe his sharp features. His deep blue eyes, his straight jaw line. The slight traces of dimples on his cheeks.

“So who exactly will kick my ass? You?” He asked smirking at me.

“Talk shit about my pack and you’ll find out.” I said bumping into his shoulder and walking away. Unfortunately once again when I touched him, a jolt of electricity passed through me.

“What are you the electricity man?” I asked rubbing my shoulder

“It’s not my fault. I don’t know what the hell is wrong. Anyways the reason I stopped you was because you were going the wrong way. Our room is this way. Follow me.”

“I will not walk behind you, I will walk beside you.” I said

“Whatever weirdo, just don’t forget I am a future alpha and you better show me some respect.” He said with all seriousness.

“Ha, ya right, you must be the future alpha of your own pack but you are not my alpha, therefore I can pee on you if I want.” I said angrily. Does this guy really think that I would respect him? He has done absolutely nothing to gain my respect, in fact he is currently on my list of the most annoying people.

He immediately stopped walking and looked at me straight in the eyes.

“Do not ever say anything disrespectful like that again. This is my house and you will respect me. Understood?”

“What part? I would pee on you? Or you will never be my alpha?” I said testing his patience.

“All of it! You disrespect an alpha and you’ll pay!” He snapped.

At these words my blood started to boil with anger. What a hypocrite! The guy who was disrespecting my dad a few seconds ago is asking for my respect.

Ya right!

I seriously wanted to punch the stupidity out of him. But I knew better. I can cause him more emotional damage than physical damage. He is too sensitive with words and I am very good with it. Words are what I’ll use against this stupid cocky ass piece of crap.

“Respect you? You want me to respect you?” I asked laughing. I saw his eyes starting to turn black. But that didn’t stop me.

“You will never ever get my respect Jason. To me you are less than dirt. As far this house, it’s not your house anymore, it’s our house. Is that understood?” I asked as calmly as I could.

At this point he was shaking with anger. I saw his eyes turn a pitch black. He was going to go wolf one me. Yeah, I would like to see him try.

“Kristy there you are sis, I have been looking for my room everywhere do you know where it is?” Asked my brother, appearing out of nowhere.

Thanks bro, totally ruined an awesome moment.

I would totally get Jason to attack me and that would leave no choice but for us to leave.

“Does it look like I freaking know? I moved here with you dumbass!” I snapped.

“Wow, calm down there angry pants.” Said my brother, shooting his hand up in defense.

I looked at Jason and his eyes were a normal colour now. But he still shot daggers at me. He gave me the look that clearly said

“I will deal with you later.”

“I’ll show you.” Was all he said to my brother but his eyes still glued to me.

Unfortunately my room was right in front of that loser. My brother was two rooms down while my parents were all the way on the other side.

I hate to admit it but my old room was nothing in comparison to this. I had a king size bed, a walk in closet, a personal computer, a television and extremely rich looking furniture. This was way more than I expected. I have to make sure to thank the alpha for such a wonderful room.

I am sure dad will be proud that I spit out my pride and finally talked to the alpha.

The alpha will get all my respect; it is only his son that will wish he was never born.

Jason, you are going to wish that those nasty words never left your mouth.

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