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I Refuse To Be His Mate

By knockknock All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance


This is my first story here! It's quite poorly edited! SO please be gentle

Chapter 1

I Refuse To Be His Mate

“You can’t do this to me.” I cried pathetically

“Now, now, honey you are being a little too over dramatic here. You have got to understand this is for the best. This is not only going to benefit us, but it will benefit the whole pack.” Said my mom as calmly as she could. I could see her eyes begging me to understand and to just quit arguing.

But there was no way in hell I was going to agree to this injustice.

My parents have decided to move out of this town to a better place with another pack. I fail to understand why my dad, as an alpha would do something so preposterous. I mean we grew up here! We are one of the best pack in the state, why is there a need for us to move? To make things worse why do we have to move in with a whole different pack?

We were doing just fine all by ourselves.

Either they are hiding something from me, or they have just completely lost their minds.

“I do not care mother, you are being completely unreasonable. I don’t understand the need for us to move away. Therefore, I refuse.” I said with my head held high.

“That’s enough young lady, you will listen to us and pack your bags. When none of the kids in the pack are complaining I don’t understand why you have to be the stubborn one. Now stop arguing and get ready! We are leaving tomorrow.”

And just like that my wolf cringed in fear. My dad used his alpha voice on me. He has never ever used his alpha authority on his kids. But today he did.

I turned around extremely furious. I hate losing arguments. I hate losing in general, but this is just insulting. My parents are not even giving me a proper explanation to all this.

I wonder what has gotten into them. It’s all because of that stupid other pack. If it wasn’t for their stupid offer we wouldn’t have to move.

The only information I was provide with, was that my dad has decided to join pack with one of his childhood friends.

Way to go dad! Too bad you forgot that you had a daughter who also has a life.

But without saying another word I left for my room. No matter how angry I was, disrespecting the Alpha was one of the worst things a wolf could do. To me that man who just yelled at me was an alpha, not my loving and caring father.

I shut the door behind me and jumped into the comfort of my bed. Instantly the waterfall started. A nonstop flow making my pillow soaking wet. I hated this habit about myself. Whenever things got to overwhelming for me to handle, I would let tears take over. I hated it because tears were signs of the weak and it did not do justice to my personality.

I slammed my hands against the soft cushion hoping to let some of my anger escape. I screamed against the pillow like a brat and pushed myself up.

I don’t want to be yelled at again. So I better start packing.

I tossed clothes after clothes in my bag, not bothering to fold them. AS soon as I turn 18 I’m out of that place I repeated to myself like a mantra.

That stupid pack were called the Thunderstorm.

My new life mission is to make their life a living hell. I am the alpha’s daughter after all. I always get what I want. I will make sure we move back within months. For now, it’s best to just play along and not make my dad any angrier.

*Next Day*

“Honey, breakfast is ready.” Yelled my mom, rudely interrupting my dream of chopping the new pack’s Alpha’s head.

“I am not hungry.” I yelled back. The best way to make your mother mad is to refuse to eat.

“Common Kristy, stop being drama queen and just eat. We are leaving in 10 minutes.” She yelled again. I could feel her rolling her eyes at me.

She is used to me being such a drama queen. She knows I wouldn’t be able to control my hunger for long and finally give in.

“Whatever.” I muttered, getting out of my comfy bed, spending my last night on it.

“I heard that.” Replied my mother, just as quickly as I said it.

I lazily got off my bed and looked around my cozy little room. Okay, maybe little wasn’t the best word to describe it. It was kind of grand and that is exactly why I loved it. My parents always gave me the best of the best. Who knows what kind of room I was going to get in my new house. I bet they’ll throw me into some ugly ass room in the basement.

I cannot call another place my home. This is my home.

I took one last look at my room and went to my empty closet and picked up the only piece of clothing left for me to wear. I grabbed my denim shorts, white tank with a sweater and headed towards the bathroom.

I made sure to take extra long, as this was going to be my last shower in my magnificent bathroom. For the last time I took in every detail around me. My purple walls, my comfortable Jacuzzi, the paintings around me and the mirrors surrounding my tub.

When I couldn’t take my mother’s constant yelling anymore, I finally got out of the bathroom and headed downstairs.

“Good morning.” Said both my parents in unison.

“I don’t see anything good about this morning.” I snapped nastily.

“Seriously, Kristy you need to grow up.” Said my older brother Derik, munching his bacon.

“Oh shut up Derik, I bet you’re happy since you and your cocky ass friends will have a new variety of girls to play with.” I said angrily.

Yes, as sad as it may sound, my brother and his friends were the school’s biggest players. They changed girls like they changed shirts every day. I was just waiting for the day when they all finally find their mates. That would be the end of their freedom. They would be stuck with the same girl for the rest of their lives.

“Oh common sis don’t be this way.” Said Derik smirking at me. Indicating my guess was correct.

In an hour or so the rest of the pack was in our house. All ready to leave. My best friends Andrea and Juan were there as well. They were as depressed and annoyed as I was, but none of the kids said anything. It was as if the adults had it all figured out while we kids just sat there and listened to them and were expected to follow their instructions.

I hate how they underestimate us kids!

I swear one day I’m gonna run and make my own pack for below 18!

There were about a thirty of us. I passed the sold sign outside my house and once again a feeling of grief washed over me.

I crossed my arms around my chest and sat into our family car. We headed the way, while the rest of the families followed us.

My mother tried her best to make small talk and make me feel better. For a second I actually felt guilty for acting so uncooperative, but then I disagreed considering my parents didn’t even bother telling me why we were moving.

My annoying brother was busy styling his already perfect blonde hair and staring at himself in the mirror while my dad had his eyes glued on the road.

After eight hours of excruciating silence we finally arrived at our destination. At first I thought it was a mirage, maybe this isn’t real. But then I saw the same shocked expression on my brother’s face. The Thunderstorm pack house was gorgeous. At least from the outside. It was double the size of our old house. The alpha of this pack must be loaded.

My dad saw my dumbstruck expression form the rear view mirror and asked.

“Like what you see?”

“Of course not, our house was so much better. It was more .......homely.” I finally said.

I thought we were pretty well off, but these guys are like freakin billionaires.

Once the car stopped I quickly got out of the car. I tried to hide the excitement I felt. I was too egoistic to admit that this place was lovely. Therefore, I tried my best to keep a neutral expression and pretended I was bored. Soon the other kids from our pack joined me. All my brother’s friends looked pretty pumped to meet the girls from the new pack. I swear their excitement was making me puke.

All of a sudden I felt someone ruffling my perfectly straight hair making it go in all different directions.

“What the hell.” I yelled and glared at the person who dared to touch my hair. I gained a couple of stares and eye rolls as the words left my mouth. Most adults didn’t really like my rebellious nature, but they didn’t dare to say anything since I was the alpha’s daughter.

That person that touched my hair was none other than my brother’s best friend Chase.

What a surprise.

“What? I was touching your silky hair.” He said stroking my hair again.

“Off my sister man.” Yelled my brother successfully pushing Chase away from me. Saving Chase from one of my famous punches.

All of Derik’s friends flirted with me, mainly to annoy me. Chase was teh worst of them all. I would kick his ass right now, but I had bigger problems to deal with.

All of a sudden we heard an extremely angry voice from inside the house. That voice immediately caught all our attention. We all froze to our spots unintentionally eavesdropping.

“I don’t understand! Why the hell do we have to welcome another pack. This is ridiculous, I cannot agree to something like this. We aren’t some charity home for god’s sake! ” Yelled that voice

This voice better not be talking about my pack. If he is referring to us as some charity case, I would rip his face off!

“Who are they anyways? The Rangers? What kind of dumb name is that?”

OH that’s just it! How effin dare he! I’m gonna rip his head and kick it like a football! My grandfather named this pack and we are the most reputed in our state. Oh the things I’m going to do to him if I see this boy.

Soon a commanding voice broke into my thoughts.

“Enough Jason, I will not hear another word from you. When they arrive I want you to be at your best behaviour. Also, I need you to.....” The alpha couldn’t finish his sentence because my wonderful dad already rang the door bell.

After a few moments a beautiful lady opened the door with a man just as pleasant looking as her. I immediately knew that they were the alpha and his wife at the door. If I didn’t hate them for inviting us to their house, I would actually considered talking to them.

“Martha!” yelled the lady and hugged my mom. My dad and the other Alpha hugged each other with broad smiles on their faces. Soon enough they invited us in and welcomed us into their house/mansion.

As soon as we stepped in we were bombarded with about 50 more people. They were probably part of the Thunderstorm pack. While both the pack members mingled, we as the alpha’s family stood a little away from the crowd.

I must say the house was as magnificent from the inside as it was from the outside. Too bad one of the house member in this house is a cocky ass piece of shit.

“Sam, meet my son and future alpha Derik, and this is my daughter and the future heir Kristy.”

Derik gave them one of his charming smiles while I had a fake one plastered on my face.

“Pleasure.” I said with as much venom as I could gather.

“Ahem” my dad cleared his throat, which only I knew was a warning to behave myself.

“I see she isn’t too happy being here.” Said the lady, smiling at me.

“What can I say? She is stubborn just like her dad.” Said my mom.

“I am not stubborn mother, I am just trying to prove a point.” I huffed

“She is really going to get along with our son. That reminds me, where is he dear?”Asked Martha looking around for her son.

“I am right here mom, I was just cleaning up the rooms for our guests.” Said an extremely attractive voice. I immediately looked up to find the owner of this gorgeous voice.

As soon as I looked up, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. This guy cannot be real. No one, I mean no one is created so beautifully. I saw no imperfections. Maybe except the cocky attitude he had on his face, but physically he was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

The guy didn’t even look towards us; he didn’t even acknowledge our presence.

I don’t care if he doesn’t acknowledge me, but if anyone is disrespectful towards my family I make sure it’s the last time they’re being treated this way.

“Jason, meet Mr Hudge Alpha of the rangers pack, this is his wife and their children. The rest of them are part of their pack.” Finished the Alpha.

No freaking way! This gorgeous guy was the arrogant jerk who insulted my pack two seconds ago. Why Am I not surprised? A pretty boy like that, is completely capable of doing something so disrespectful.

The guy didn’t even look at us, but kept staring at my dad. Not a blank stare but a filthy stare. How badly I wanted to punch that look of his face. I have a feeling that this guy is going to be on my top hit list. When I saw hit list, I legit mean the hit list.

Alright now I have a new life mission. “Make Jason’s life a living hell.”

“Welcome.” Was all he said to no one in particular.

Oh that cocky little sun of a...

“Well you didn’t sound too welcoming two seconds ago, when you thought we were nothing, but a charity case for your pack.” As soon as the words escaped my lips multiple reactions around the room took place.

Trust me to create drama everywhere I go.


To begin with, my dad growled at me. Followed by various gasps and “Oh my god did she just say that”. The alpha surprisingly smirked along with his wife, while my brother elbowed my ribs making me wince in pain.

But the most surprising reaction was Jason’s. As soon as I said those words his eyes angrily snapped at me as if to yell at the person who dared to talk to him like that. But when his eyes met mine, they turned wide for a whole entire minute. Almost as if he saw a ghost. Wow I must be scarier than I give myself credit for.

“I..I..Uh..I..didn’t know you heard.” Was all he said.

Jason’s parents looked at him like he had lost his mind. Maybe he said something that really surprised them.

“Sure you didn’t.” I snapped angrily.

“That is enough Kristy, Jason is as old as you. Just like you hated to move I am sure he hates having a whole new pack around him. But all I can say is that you kids need to trust us. When the time comes, you will realize why we took this major decision.”Said my dad, acting like a guidance counsellor.

I don’t think that keeping us in the dark, will help us in any way. As part of the pack we deserve to know the truth. We deserve to know everything that goes around us. Obviously I didn’t say that because that would just piss him off.

“Sure dad.” I said instead, rolling my eyes. I looked up and saw Jason still staring at me. I angrily glared at him and mouthed “What” which caught him by surprise and made him look away quickly.

Wow I must be really scary, if I can actually scare the future alpha.

“I like your daughter Carl.” Said the alpha to my dad. “ And I have a feeling someone else does too!” He whispered

What was that supposed to mean?

Oh he’s probably talking about his wife. Yeah that lady keeps smiling at me for some reason. It’s weird.

The alpha and his wife led us to the dining room. He asked his pack members to show everyone their rooms. All the kids were asked to take the luggage to the room while the adults “talked”. I swear I am going to find out what this big secret is.

“You are seriously the craziest person I have ever met.” Yelled Andrea.

“Common Andrea it’s entertaining.” Argued Juan

“Hey guys.” We heard a couple of girls calling us. Since the voices were unfamiliar we were guessing it was from the new pack.

“Yeah?” I asked

“Andrea and Juan’s room are right opposite each other.” Said one of them pointing to the doors beside her.

“Oh! Okay.” Said Andrea too excited to see her new room.

“Uhhh..what about my room?” I asked. I wanted a room next to my friends. The least they can do is give me a room near the people I know, so I can get a slight feel of home.

“Oh! The alpha’s and their families reside in the upper most floor of the house. Jason can take you there.”

There goes that thought.

Before I could protest the girl already turned around and yelled his name.

“Can you show Kristy her room?” She asked

“It‘s fine I am sure I can find my way.” I said turning around, hoping to prevent this one on one time with that jerk.

“No please, I insist. If you get lost it would be my responsibility. I think it will be best if Jason took you there.” Said the girl pleadingly.

What the fudge? Do I look like a toddler who can’t find her way around the house?

By this time Jason was standing beside her, still staring at me. Almost like he was analyzing me.

“Whatever.” I said and turned around.

All of a sudden a hand grabbed my arm and jolt of electricity passed through my body.

“What thee..” I turned around and found Jason as surprised as I was.

“Did you just shock me?” I asked furiously.

“Not on purpose.” He snapped back.

“Sure.” I said and turned away.” And don’t ever touch me again.” I said and walked away.

“Excuse me?” I heard him call after me.

“You heard me.”

“Who do you think you are?” He asked his face turning red with anger. Okay, so obviously he wasn’t used to people talking back to him. Well, I am sure he is going to have to get used to it, now that I’ve moved in.

“Look you cocky dumb ass, if you think you are doing us a favour by giving us a place to stay, then let me enlighten you by saying you are completely wrong.. I bet your pack needed us, that’s why we were asked to come join you. So next time you insult my pack make sure you think twice or you’ll have your ass kicked.” I said as threateningly as I could.

I saw a flicker of amusement in his eyes. He stared at me for a couple of seconds and I took the opportunity to observe his sharp features. His deep blue eyes, his straight jaw line. The slight traces of dimples on his cheeks.

“So who exactly will kick my ass? You?” He asked smirking at me.

“Talk shit about my pack and you’ll find out.” I said bumping into his shoulder and walking away. Unfortunately once again when I touched him, a jolt of electricity passed through me.

“What are you the electricity man?” I asked rubbing my shoulder

“It’s not my fault. I don’t know what the hell is wrong. Anyways the reason I stopped you was because you were going the wrong way. Our room is this way. Follow me.”

“I will not walk behind you, I will walk beside you.” I said

“Whatever weirdo, just don’t forget I am a future alpha and you better show me some respect.” He said with all seriousness.

“Ha, ya right, you must be the future alpha of your own pack but you are not my alpha, therefore I can pee on you if I want.” I said angrily. Does this guy really think that I would respect him? He has done absolutely nothing to gain my respect, in fact he is currently on my list of the most annoying people.

He immediately stopped walking and looked at me straight in the eyes.

“Do not ever say anything disrespectful like that again. This is my house and you will respect me. Understood?”

“What part? I would pee on you? Or you will never be my alpha?” I said testing his patience.

“All of it! You disrespect an alpha and you’ll pay!” He snapped.

At these words my blood started to boil with anger. What a hypocrite! The guy who was disrespecting my dad a few seconds ago is asking for my respect.

Ya right!

I seriously wanted to punch the stupidity out of him. But I knew better. I can cause him more emotional damage than physical damage. He is too sensitive with words and I am very good with it. Words are what I’ll use against this stupid cocky ass piece of crap.

“Respect you? You want me to respect you?” I asked laughing. I saw his eyes starting to turn black. But that didn’t stop me.

“You will never ever get my respect Jason. To me you are less than dirt. As far this house, it’s not your house anymore, it’s our house. Is that understood?” I asked as calmly as I could.

At this point he was shaking with anger. I saw his eyes turn a pitch black. He was going to go wolf one me. Yeah, I would like to see him try.

“Kristy there you are sis, I have been looking for my room everywhere do you know where it is?” Asked my brother, appearing out of nowhere.

Thanks bro, totally ruined an awesome moment.

I would totally get Jason to attack me and that would leave no choice but for us to leave.

“Does it look like I freaking know? I moved here with you dumbass!” I snapped.

“Wow, calm down there angry pants.” Said my brother, shooting his hand up in defense.

I looked at Jason and his eyes were a normal colour now. But he still shot daggers at me. He gave me the look that clearly said

“I will deal with you later.”

“I’ll show you.” Was all he said to my brother but his eyes still glued to me.

Unfortunately my room was right in front of that loser. My brother was two rooms down while my parents were all the way on the other side.

I hate to admit it but my old room was nothing in comparison to this. I had a king size bed, a walk in closet, a personal computer, a television and extremely rich looking furniture. This was way more than I expected. I have to make sure to thank the alpha for such a wonderful room.

I am sure dad will be proud that I spit out my pride and finally talked to the alpha.

The alpha will get all my respect; it is only his son that will wish he was never born.

Jason, you are going to wish that those nasty words never left your mouth.

Chapter 2

I decided to start unpacking, getting excited over the idea of decorating my gorgeous new room. All my clothes were neatly hung on a hanger and all my jeans were nicely folded beneath them. I took all my lotions and perfumes and lined them on the table height wise.

I suddenly stopped unpacking and realized I was getting too excited over something that wasn’t even mine! I’m nothing but a guest here. A charity case according to that little prick Jason!

I sighed and lay on my bed turning on the T.V. I was too tired to be mad. I just need one day to relax, free from all the trouble. I skimmed through the channels hoping to find something that would catch my interest. I finally settled with a horror movie, with a really hot guy in it. It sucks though because I know in all scary movies, the innocent hot guy ends up dying in the end.

After only a couple of minutes of watching the movie, I heard a knock on my door.

“Seriously? I can’t get one second of peace in this house.” I muttered to myself.

I was sure the wolf outside heard my annoyance as well.

I took my own sweet time opening the door. The person outside was pretty impatient because he/she knocked at least ten times while I got to the door.

I finally reached for the handle and opened it. The moment I saw the person standing in front of me, I wanted to shut the door right on his face.

“What.” I asked “Do you want Jason?” With narrowed eyes.

“What took you so bloody long?” He asked with an irritated expression on his face.

“Well, if I knew it was you I would have taken ten times longer.” I said, looking at my nails taking a sudden interest in them.

“What?” He asked exasperated.

It is way too easy to annoy this kid. I rolled my eyes just to annoy him more and got ready to shut the door on his face. That would really piss him off. He’s like a little spoilt brat. Pissing him off is sure gonna be fun.

I could tell he was analysing my face, trying to figure out what was going on in my mind. I looked for the right opportunity and quickly caught the door handle, ready to shut it on his face and get back to the movie I was watching.

And I did exactly that.

The door was about to connect with the wall, when a firm hand gripped the door, pushing it wide open and making me stumble back in the process.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” He asked, welcoming himself into my room.

I was so dazed with what just happened that it took me awhile to engulf my surroundings. I looked up to see an extremely furious Jason. I have never ever seen any male wolf get this angry and look so hot at the same time.

“Get out and leave me alone! I replied suddenly annoyed by his immatureness. I don’t care how hot this dude is, he’s till an ass.

“You were going to shut the door on my face.” He said taking long deep breaths. As if hoping I would say I wasn’t actually shutting the door on him.

I could tell he was having a real hard time controlling his anger right now.

“Yes I was.” I said a little smirk playing on my lips. If he thinks he’s going to get an apology out of my mouth, then he’s just plain stupid.

“How dare you? You haven’t been in this house for a day and you have already started breaking the rules.” He said shutting the door behind him and locking it at the same time.

“Why did you lock the door?” I asked glancing at the door, past his shoulder. For some reason being an a room alone with him, made my stomach twist.

“Answer me!” He yelled

“You might wanna keep that Alpha voice down, my brother is just two rooms down. If he found out you are in my room without my permission, he will definitely beat the shit out of you.” I spat at him.

“Oh really?” he said smiling to himself. There was something really evil about that smile. Something that warned eme to back down. “Well, sorry to break it to you, but your brother didn’t like his room, so he moved to a whole different hallway.” He finished smirking in victory.

That really caught me by surprise.

But there was no way I was going to show him, he won. I wanted to smack that smile right off his face!

“I don’t need my brother, I can protect myself. As for respect you wouldn’t have gotten any from me even if you were the fucking president. Get it through your think head.” I said stepping towards him, hoping he would take it as a signal that he really didn’t intimidate me.

For a few seconds he just stared at me in disbelief. His eyes looked like there was a storm going on in there. For a second I thought his eyes flickered towards my lips, but then again I was too busy glaring at him.

“What is your problem?” Was all he asked.

“You. You’re my problem.” I said not liking his amused look.

“Did anyone ever tell you that you’re really annoying.” He said taking a step closer, making the space between us vanish. I have never had a guy this close to me; especially a good looking one like him.

But I did not dare step back. Instead I continued to give him a cold hard stare. No matter how arrogant he was, there was no doubt he was gorgeous. His eyes were something one could get lost in. It’s weird because I have never felt this weird....attraction? towards anyone.

“Has anyone ever told you, that you are an arrogant jerk?” I asked him in return making sure he didn’t think I was checking him out.

“Look, Kristy? Is it? I am your future Alpha, in fact, tomorrow when I turn eighteen; I will be your Alpha. Therefore, you better start practice respecting me. Or else, I will kick you out of this house.” He spat at me.

I gave him the dirtiest look I could muster. Oh I swear to god I’m going t rip his head off!

“You’ll kick me out? You? Why the hell do you make it sound like we are some stupid charity case for you? This is the last time I am telling you this, YOU ARE NOT DOING US A FAVOR BY LETTING US STAY! So take your empty threats and shove it up your ass!” I said now screaming on top of my lungs. I felt my face turn hot, due to the anger flowing in my blood. I cannot stand being disrespected.

I saw his eyes starting to change colour. Wow, I really do make him mad. But I was sure my eyes were a darker shade right now. If he challenges me, there is no way in hell I will back down. We both have the Alpha blood in us. Let us see who wins.

“Do not raise your voice you stupid bitch!” he commanded, his shoulder tense.

“SCREW YOU!” I yelled ever louder, pushing him away, making him collide with the door with a loud bang.

The next thing I know, I have both my hands pinned to the closet, all the way on the other side of the room. A large muscular body was attached to mine. I felt like an electric pole, standing against another electric pole. There was literally some sort of current passing between us.

I looked up to find Jason looking down at me, his eyes filled with rage. For some reason my hair that was in a neat pony tail, was now falling past my shoulder. Both my hands were above my head, making my skimpy tank top rise above my waistline. I felt his body heat touching my naked stomach and I hated the feeling it was causing within me.

“Get off of me!” I yelled at him.

I hated this situation. I hate feeling so vulnerable, so weak. Yes, I admit he was physically stronger but I hate seeing him in control. I cannot let him think that he has any power over me. I struggled to get out of his deadly grip, helpless like a prey caught by her predator.

“If you ever do anything like that again, let me warn you, you will pay for it.” He said, trying to emphasize every single word that left his mouth. I noticed his eyes weren’t looking into mine anymore. They were staring right at my lips. This made my stomach twist in a weird way, and I got even more desperate to escape.

“I am not scared of you Jason.” I said looking up at him.

Hoping he would focus on my eyes.

“Well you should be.” He said distracted by something else.

Suddenly he started bringing his face closer to mine.

What is this guy doing?!

I wonder if he felt the same weird feeling in his body. His scent was intoxicating. I hate how my wolf felt this way. But more importantly I hated how he was the one that made me feel this way.

“Shut up Jason.” Was all that left my mouth. I couldn’t bear to look into those mesmerizing eyes.

“Alpha Jason. For you, I am Alpha Jason.” He said still completely distracted, moving closer to my lips.

But it was all too overwhelming for me. This unknown feeling, was just not right.

“Ya right, those two words will never leave my mouth.” I said looking at him angrily.

When I looked at him, I saw his eyes connected to my neck. But as soon as he heard those words coming out of my lips he looked at me with the same old furious eyes.

“Don’t make me force you.” He said, holding my arms tighter at the same time.

I would never admit it to him, but his hold was too tight. I was sure it would leave a bruise on me for the next couple of days. If this was a human, she would be facing an injured wrist at the moment.

“I would like to see you try.” I simply said. Pushing his buttons.

“You are the most stubborn girl I have ever met!” he said exasperated.

“Good to know, now get off me.” I said, trying to escape his body, not liking the fact that every single inch of my upper body was now covered with his.

“Why? Do I make you uncomfortable?” He asked with a cocky smirk on his face.

Okay then, talk about major mood swings.

“No, it’s more like disgusted.” I replied calmly, almost certain that would piss him off.

“Oh yeah?” He asked squeezing our bodies closer together, completely surprising me. SO now, every inch of my body was covered with his.

Suddenly his hardness connected with my inner thigh.

My poor heart skipped a beat.

This is not good. This is really not good. Why the fuck Am I enjoying this? My heart was beating way too fast. My ears were turning red along with my face.

I can’t believe this loser is making me feel this way. Why couldn’t he be ugly?

Then to make things worse, I felt his hot breath on my lips. I was too shocked to say anything. His heavy breathing was such a turn on. I felt pathetic and weak thinking about him like that, but for some reason I just couldn’t control it.

“I know you’re attracted to me, don’t try to hide it. I can hear your heart beat. If you do as I say and follow my rules, I promise things will be easy for both of us.”

Excuse me! I’m attracted to him! He’s the one with a freaking mountain in his pants!

His hot breath reflected on my lips. I had this strong urge to just pull him closer and connect our lips together; the feeling just felt so right.

However, I would never be able to forgive myself if I did something like that. My pride would never forgive me.

Unfortunately after his statement my lips refused to move. Even though my brain yelled at me to yell at him, my body was hypnotized. I felt almost trapped.

When he realized I didn’t say anything, a small victory smile covered his lips. Still, I was too shocked to move or saying anything. The way his manly body covered my petite one, was just such a turn on. It was like we were meant to be together.

Oh my god! What the hell did I just think?

The next thing I saw was his tongue escaping his mouth and giving my lips a little teasing lick.

My eyes widened in surprise, but I still stood there like a statue. When I looked up at him I saw his eyes filled with lust. His wolf was going to get out any second. I know he was trying to tease me with that one little lick. But as his eyes clearly showed that one little lick wasn’t enough for him. He was dying for more.

He leant forward to connect our lips and I waited for his lips on mine. I know I was supposed to pull away or push him off of me. But I needed this kiss, the lust in his eyes clearly showed he wanted it too.

As soon as our lips touched I heard a loud voice.

“Kristy, Jason, dinner is ready. Hurry up we have things to talk about.”

That snapped me out of the fantasy world. What on Earth was I doing? I quickly pushed Jason away and looked at him angrily. This was all because of him. I lost control just because of him. That’s so low of me, if people found out about our little intimate session; I would be labelled as the hypocrite.

The guy I just fought with a few hours ago is now in my room seducing me and I almost gave in!

This guy is seriously making me weak.

I looked up at him and he was looking at me with lust still evident in his eyes.

“This never happened.” I said walking towards the door, trying to escape his heated gaze.

“Sure it didn’t.” He said, fixing his shirt.

“Shut up Jason.” I said walking out the door towards the dining room.

“Alpha Jason.” He replied, but there was no seriousness in his voice. I guess I put him in a good mood.

“Whatever.” I muttered and heard his sexy deep chuckle follow behind me.

“Hello kids.” Sang a chirpy voice. A way too chirpy voice for my foul mood.

“Hey.” Said Jason and I in unison.

“So, the pack is busy preparing dinner. You can join your friends and get to know each other’s pack a little later. Before that we have something to talk to you guys about.” Said my father, with a hint of alpha tone in his voice

“Sure.” Said Jason, a little confused.

I just stared at my father. Something did not seem right.

I pulled out a chair and got ready to take a seat opposite my father curious to know what he had to say to us. The second before my butt landed on the chair, I saw Jason slightly pushing me away and claiming the chair all to himself.

“Well, thank you Kristy I really appreciate that.” Said Jason smirking up at me. A little giggle escaped my mother’s mouth. As if she found our little exchange cute.

I scowled at him for acting like such an immature jerk.

Trying to be the mature one, I took a seat beside him instead.

“So.” My father said a little nervous.

Something must be very wrong. Nervous and my father never go together.

“So?” I asked, keep going dad. He seemed a little hesitant at first. But finally I heard words escaping his mouth.

“Alright, as you know Jason will turn Alpha tomorrow.” Said my dad. Jason sat up straighter and pride radiated from his body.

“And you are telling me this because?” I asked, looking at my nails pretending to be bored. Honestly, I didn’t want to hear about the assface turning alpha tomorrow. He had reminded me enough times already.

“Will you let him talk?” Snapped Jason

“Why, so you can hear people talk about you being alpha?”

“Just shut up and let him talk.” Said Jason glaring at me.

“Why don’t you shut up Jason?” He snapped

“Call me Alpha Jason you stupid girl.” He said angrily.

“You wish, you stupid boy!” I replied teasing his funny choice of words.

“Enough you two! What we have to tell you is something very important.” Said Jason’s dad cutting off our argument.

My dad gave me a disapproving look and continued to speak.

“So, like any other Alpha Jason needs a mate. In this case we already know who his mate is.” Said my dad taking in a huge gulp. I saw my mom playing with her hands nervously, while Jason’s mum had her arm around my mom.

“Dad I don’t understand why you are telling me this. Why does it matter to me if he is turning Alpha, or if he has to find a mate?” I asked extremely confused and irritated.

There was a minute of silence in the room. Even Jason didn’t say anything because he was as confused as I was.

“Honey, YOU are his mate.” Whispered the Alpha, since my dad was unable to do so himself.

Once again there was pin drop silence. The only voice I heard was the voice of the huge ancient clock ticking along people laughing and chattering nearby. When reality finally hit me, I realized what the Alpha had just said.

“I am his what?”

“She’s my what?” We both asked at the same time.

We looked at each other a little weirded out at how we spoke at the same time.

“You both are mates. We knew since the day you were born. The reason we joined the pack was because you two would make the best leaders. All you have to do is work together. More importantly your offspring is going to be the strongest of the strongest because he has two alpha parents. That is a very rare occurrence” Said my dad excitedly.

This is ridiculous, we don’t even know we were mates and our parents are already planning their grandchildren!

I stood up angrily causing the chair to fall on the floor.

“I REFUSE TO BE HIS MATE!” I yelled at my parents.

My dad looked at me with a shocked expression on his face. Alright, he definitely wasn’t expecting this reaction. Both the moms took in a sharp breath. The alpha looked like he was expecting me to react this way.

I could not help but act the way I was acting. They were telling me a jerk like him was my mate. All my life I was waiting for that one right guy. But when I finally found him, he’s the exact opposite of what I expected.

Oh why does the power of supernatural have to be so cruel!

The next minute I saw a replay of the previous minute.

Jason angrily stood up tumbling the chair in the process.

“You think I want to be your mate? I’ll die but never accept an arrogant, irritating and stupid girl like you as my mate.” He said angrily.

The moment the words left his mouth I knew I should have said something in return, preferably something equally disrespectful and demeaning. But no words escaped my mouth. I should be angry and annoyed, but instead my heart started to feel contricted. It felt like someone punched me in my stomach, knocking my breath out.

Why would his words hurt me? He means nothing. I tried to hide how hurt I felt and ignored his angry gaze on me.

“In that case, it’s all clear. We both don’t want to be mates. So there won’t be any further arguments.” I said sounding like a mature adult for once, successfully holding back my tears.

But the real adults in the room were staring at my face in disbelief. I could tell my father was having a hard time trying to say something, but no words left his mouth. To my surprise I heard my mother say.

“Honey you don’t understand, this had been planned and..........”

“Exactly mother, you already planned my whole life, which is not fair. I deserve to make my own decisions. You know god must really hate me, if he mated me with an insensitive jerk like him.” I said with venom in my voice.

His eyes held an unknown emotion but I was too hurt to care.

“Father, I promise to find myself a better mate. Someone far better than her.” He said looking at me like I was less than dirt.

The alpha giving him a very tired and hopeless look.

“You don’t understand son, you can’t just pick a mate. You only have one soul mate and she is the one.” He said looking towards me. “You will never reach your full potential without her help. More importantly, tomorrow when you turn 18 your feelings for her will grow stronger, your wolf will want her, and more than it has ever wanted anything.”

“I can control my wolf dad. Considering she is the one, I don’t think it will be that hard. I mean look at her.” He said giving that nasty look again.

He totally just called me ugly. Now that’s just plain rude. No one likes to be called ugly in front of their parents and two random strangers.

We will see how ugly you find me tomorrow Jason, I thought to myself.

“You are no Mr. Gorgeous yourself.” I said lying to him. There was no way I was going to admit to him that he looked like an Aberocombie and Fitch model.

“Are you kidding me? I mean look at me, I am like a model.” He said conceitedly.

“Do you hear that?” I snapped at my parents “This is exactly why I can’t stand him.”

“You kids will learn yourself, all we did was warn you in advance before you fall for each other.”

“I will never fall for her.”

“I will never fall for him.” We said at the same time.

“We’ll see.” Said our parents sadly and left for the dining room. “We thought we could save our time, guess not.”

We followed them out the dining room and headed towards the kitchen. Throughout this time I stayed away from Jason.

We spent the next hours getting to know each other better. The kids were in a different room, while the adults were in a different room apparently discussing something important, since kids were strictly asked to stay out.

Currently I was standing with Chase, Derik, Andrea and Juan. We had a couple of girls standing beside us busily talking to Chase and Derik.

Everyone seemed to be pretty friendly in this pack. They were all quiet welcoming, well except one.

For some random reason I had a strong urge to just look at him. So my eyes scanned the crowd looking for that asshole.

There he was surrounding by a swarm of girls from my pack. Well, he definitely liked the attention. But I on the other hand wanted to rip their heads off!

I feel so damn pathetic. That guy insults me and I am jealous over him?

Wow Kristy, get a life.

I saw his eyes catch mine and what he did next is something I would never forget my entire life.

He took the girl beside her and placed a little kiss on her lips. The girl giggled uncontrollably, while Jason gave me a little smirk.

Was he trying to make me jealous? More importantly I couldn’t help the scowl that appeared on my face.

Two can play that game Jason.

I walked up to Chase and decided to start talking to him since he was the easiest to get.

“Hey Chase.”

“Hey Kristy.” He said with a flirty smile.

“I need you to do me a favour.” I asked embarrassed.

“Anything for you babe.” Any other time I would ask him to not call me babe, but not this time.

“I need you to kiss me.” I whispered, so Jason couldn’t hear us.

“What?” He asked shocked.

“Just do it, short and quick.” I whispered angrily.

The next second I felt Chase’s lips on mine. It was abrupt and screamed brotherly love. It was quite gross to be honest.

Okay, so he definitely didn’t follow the short and quick part.

But soon he was yanked away from my body. I looked up and saw Derik looking at us angrily.

“What the hell are you doing?” He asked heatedly.

“Nothing.” I replied and looked Jason’s way.

Surprisingly he wasn’t there anymore; all I saw were a bunch of confused girls.

I decide not to think about it too much and continued on with my pointless conversation. The next few excruciatingly long hours passed and we all finally headed out to our rooms. I hadn’t seen Jason all night after my kiss and was sort of curious as to what happened to him.

The hallway was pretty dark the only source of light was a couple of lampshades.

I walked to my room and saw that Jason’s room’s light was on. I actually considered going in and talking to him. But then laughed at my foolishness, why would I do something so stupid?

I opened my door changed into my pj’s and drifted off to sleep

Chapter 5

“Kristy, honey, why don’t you wait for Jason in the garage? My son and I have some things to discuss.” not making any eye contact with me, and glaring at Jason the whole time.

I wish I could take a picture of his face right now. It was ABSOLUTELY priceless. It was transitioning from confusion to anger and finally to fear. It was EPIC.

As Jason’s mom murdered him with her stare, I quickly found my way to the garage. I did not realize a sweet looking woman like her could pull of that deadly glare.

Kristy 1 Mr. Arrogant Alpha 0.

As soon as I stepped out I used my wolf hearing to get access to this live entertainment. Most of it was Jason’s mom yelling at him. What really surprised me was how he never talked back or as much as tried to defend himself. Occasionally a growl escaped his lips which only led for his mother to get angrier.

Oh this is priceless. That’s what you get for messing with me.

This entertainment session did not last as long as I had expected it to. Probably because Luna wanted his to be at school on time.

I heard angry footsteps coming towards the garage. I immediately ran beside his car and leaned on it with a bored expression on my face, staring at my light pink nails.

“You little Bitch!” I heard the door slam open.

Here we go again.

I rolled my eyes and pretended to yawn.

“Careful birthday boy I bet your mom can still hear you.” I replied with a smirk.

“How could you? How could you lie to my mother? Every year my mom is the first person to wish me on my birthday with the biggest smile, but thanks to your stupid lie I was greeted by her yelling! You are going to PAY FOR THIS!” he said yelling the last part and furiously walking towards me.

For a second I had a wave of guilt that passed through me. Scratch that. It lasted for about a fraction of a second. He deserved it.

“Awww..does the big bad alpha miss his mother’s hug on his birthday? How sad. Who would have thought you were a momma’s boy?” I replied tasting his patience.

I could feel the anger radiating off his body. His hands were balled into fists and his angry glare burnt my skin. I could tell his wolf was about to lose control. I did not dare to move. There was no way I was going to show him I was weak.

All of a sudden he extended his arms towards and I felt him hold my forearms, pulling me away from his car and slamming me onto his chest. I hissed in pain which surprisingly led to him holding me a little gentler but not getting rid of his grip.

“Don’t touch me!” I said angrily putting both my arms between our body.

He was almost a foot taller than me. Being so close to him I observed his 5 o’clock shadow and the my eyes met his. I felt a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. Jason’s glare disappeared as well. His beautiful eyes were just staring into mine. Weirdly we both just stayed in silence for a few seconds. I almost felt relaxed and in peace when I made eye contact with him.

“You don’t get a say in how things work. Now get your butt in the car.” He said interrupting the moment and pushing me to the front seat.

I guess I’m the only one who felt it. I almost felt irritated at the thought of that and gave him a nasty look.

“I don’t want to sit in the front seat. I want to sit at the back.” He still had a tight grip on my arm. He was being so rough with me. I wanted to punch him in the face. He better not make this a habit.

“I am not your driver, you are sitting beside me. There are things we need to discus.” He said sounding like he was about to read out his family will to me.

For the first and not the last time I decided not to argue with him and sat next to him. He too, was surprised at my sudden willingness.

He closed the door for me and then walked around the front to get to his own seat. I watched him intently as he did so. He was so handsome and I hate him for it.

He took his seat and and the soft purr of the engine met my ears.

I waited for him to start talking. I even looked towards him a couple of times, hoping it would remind him about the conversation. But all is saw was a neutral face. He sure was good at hiding his emotions. For the next few minutes all I heard was the quiet sound of the engine and tires rubbing off on the smooth road.

“What did you want to talk about?” I asked losing patience and getting bored with acknowledging simple sounds around me.

“Oh right. There are some rules I need you to follow.”

“Is that so? What exactly are these rules?” I asked sarcastically tilting my head to the side.

But he did not seem to catch on with my sarcasm as he continued to talk.

“Well rule number one. Don’t look at anyone you don’t know. Rule number two, don’t talk to anyone you don’t know. Rule number three, don’t associate with anyone you don’t know and finally the most important rule, stay away from humans especially guys they are all jerks. Oh, make sure you don’t talk to me it’ll hurt my reputation. But more importantly don’t even think about telling people we are mates you’ll just embarrass yourself.”

At first I felt confusion, like is he for real? Then the seriousness on his face answered my question and I realized he really was serious. Then came the anger. This delusional money headed tadpole thinks I will actually consider his stupid rules. How dare he command me what to do, who to talk to, who to associate with?

Then, I felt the pain.He found me embarrassing. He didn’t want anyone to know I was his mate? Am I really that ugly?

HELL FREAKING NAH! Am I a little stupid? Yes. Do I have anger issues? Yes. Do I have a weird toe? Yes. Am I ugly? NO. I know I ain’t ugly. So I really need to know why this assface doesn’t want to be seen near me. How can someone be so god damn arrogant!

I always wanted a mate that I would love and he would love me back. I would never admit such a thing to anyone. Not even my closest friends. But hey, I am a girl, a girl always has dreams. I wanted someone who would spoil me. Treat me like the most precious and wonderful thing that has ever happened to him. Be my best friend. I wonder what I had done to deserve such a horrible mate. My mate is the exact opposite of what I had ever wanted. But I wasn’t going to show him I was hurt. I would not give him the satisfaction of seeing me in pain. In fact I would make him realize on what he is missing out on.


“As you wish Alpha Jason.” I said sweetly

I saw a shocked expression cover his face. He certainly wasn’t expecting that. He looked at me for a few seconds and waited for me to say something insulting instead. When he noticed I didn’t say anything a satisfied grin covered his face.

“So my little outburst did scare you eh?” He said smiling. Damn his smile was freaking gorgeous. Screw that! He’s a jerk. A hot jerk....

I calmed myself down; soon that smile would disappear, I just need to be patient.

I decided not to say anything and kept my eyes on the road.

After five minutes of silence my eyes noticed a huge red building surrounded with cars and students.

So this is my new high school.


Time to put my plan into action.

I wasn’t surprised to see that everyone was practically staring at us as we drove by. Obviously Jason was one of the popular guys. No wonder these girls were shooting curious glances towards me. I was surprised at the amount of attention we were getting. Every single head in the parking lot was turned towards his car.

Jason stopped the car and without even a cursory glance, he stepped out and was immediately surrounded by cheerleaders and football players.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I knew I looked hot and would easily manage to turn a couple of heads around, but that wasn’t enough for me today. I wanted more. So, to start with I removed my cute modest little sweater revealing my tube dress. Next, I opened my bag and put a little extra makeup on but not too much. Yes I carry make up to school. Ever since that day in grade 9 when my brother and his friends smashed a water balloon on my face, resulting in all my mascara to drip down and mix with my foundation.

Within a few minutes I was done

Clearing my head I prepared for my grand entry.

I opened the door and stepped out. All the laughing and talking came to an abrupt stop. All eyes were turned towards me. The guys gave me hungry stares while the girls gave me jealous looks. I’m enjoying this. I really need to do this more often.

You know how I said Jason’s face in the morning was epic. Well the expression on his face right now was 50 times better.

Kristy-2 Mr. Arrogant alpha 0

“Snap out of it.” I heard Jason yell at his friends.

Some of them looked away embarrassed, while some continued to stare.

I gave them a sweet little smile and walked away gracefully.

I heard footsteps approaching me but I continued walking away. I knew exactly who this person was. His scent was too familiar.

“What the hell are you doing?” I heard Jason hiss from behind me. He was trying hard to catch up with me but I refused to stop.

“Answer me!” He yelled losing his patience. This resulted in people giving his curious glances. Jason realized his mistake and roughly pulled me into a corner to finish our conversation.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” He asked his hands tightly gripping both my shoulders pushing me into a wall.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Even though I knew exactly what he was talking about. However I was unsure why it bothered him so much. He is the one that has shown no sign of attraction towards me.

“What are you wearing?” He asked looking at my dress. I saw his eyes wander around my body for an extra second. I could feel his intense stare and it was clear that he was trying hard to control his wolf.

“I don’t understand what the problem is.”

“Look at yourself! You look like a slut! CHANGE. NOW.” He commanded

I laughed at his stupidity; he really thinks I will do what he says.

“Did you not learn your lesson already? I am not going to listen to your commands. I will not follow your rules. I don’t have to follow your rules. For the last time YOU ARE NOT MY ALPHA.” I said my face turning red with anger. I was so done with his immaturity.

There was pin drop silence between us. I heard his uneven breath. I looked up and found his eyes were the darkest shade of black. Now was the time for me to walk away. Last thing I needed was him to make some irrational decision due to his anger and me being the victim.

Since he was right in front of me I decided to move from my right. Suddenly his muscular arms blocked my path, trapping me from one side. I gave him a dangerous look and decided to move from the other side. However once again he blocked my path with his muscular arms. He trapped me with both his arms making the space between us disappear.

His closeness was making me dizzy. I knew I had an effect on him because deep within that anger I felt is lust. I don’t know why but that thought satisfied me.

He moved closer to me, so close that our noses were now touching. I was too shocked to move. Paralyzed to my spot.

“Do what you want bitch, I’ll make you regret every bloody thing you are so fucking proud of.” He whispered on my lip. I knew he was teasing me and I hated him for it. We both knew we had some kind of effect on each other. I hope one day I can use his weakness against him, like he is right now with me.

With that final sentence he walked away towards his little posy.

Kristy- 2 Mr. Arrogant alpha 100!

I let out a frustrated sigh and continued walking towards the school. Next time, he tries coming closer I will make sure to push him away as far as possible.

I cannot let him win every time. I need to control my wolf in front of him. I need to listen to my human more.

Chapter 6


There was pin drop silence between us. I heard his uneven breath. I looked up and found his eyes were the darkest shade of black. Now was the time for me to walk away. Since he was right in front of me I decided to move from my right. Suddenly his muscular arms blocked my path, trapping me from one side. I gave him a dangerous look and decided to move from the left side. However once again he blocked my path with his muscular arms. He trapped me with both his arms making the space between us disappear.

His closeness was making me dizzy. I knew I had an effect on him because deep within that anger I felt is lust. I don’t know why but that thought satisfied me.

He moved closer to me, so close that our noses were now touching. I was too shocked to move. Paralyzed to my spot.

“Do what you what bitch, I’ll make you regret every bloody thing you are proud of.” He whispered on my lip. I knew he was teasing me and I hated him for it. We both knew we had some kind of effect on each other. I hope one day I can use his weakness against him, like he is right now with me.

With that final sentence he walked away towards his little posy.

I let out a frustrated sigh and continued walking towards the school. Next time, he tries coming closer I will make sure to push him away as far as possible.

I cannot let him win every time. I need to control my wolf in front of him. I need to listen to my human more.

Chapter 6

I walked into the school and was greeted by my two besties, Andrea and Juan looked gorgeous just like any other wolf. I could see the humans and wolves without mates looking at us as we passed by.

Every high school is the same. Same kind of people, same cliques, same boring teachers. This high school was exactly like my old one. The only difference was that this school had a jerk that was all set to ruin my life.

We headed to the office to collect our new schedule. The old human lady in the front gave us a warm smile and asked for our names.

Soon she appeared with three schedules with our names on top. Fortunately I had at least one of them in all my classes except my last class.

I am sure I can survive one class without my friends. Well, I hope so.

We headed to our very first class which was history. I was always an average student. Not the studious type, but not a slack off either. I had it balanced.

We took a seat in the middle and waited for other students to start filling the class. As soon as the kids entered I heard whispers starting around us. Stupid humans thought they were whispering even though I could hear everything they said.

“Omg this is the girl that messed with Jason.”

“Oh ya totally, she looks like such a bitch. I bet she did that for his attention. Like how disgusting. I mean she thinks she’s hot and everything but Jason will just use and her and throw her away and then come back to us.”

When I heard those words my wolf was going crazy on me. I didn’t care if they thought I was a bitch. The fact that they thought that I did it for Jason’s attention made me mad. An involuntary growl escaped my throat. Andrea gave me a warning look.

I seriously need to control myself. I cannot let these stupid human girls affect me. I need to forget he was my mate, I need to ignore the attraction I need to listen to my pride.

“You are in my seat.” I heard voice say behind me.

A very familiar voice indeed. Just my luck.

“Well, I guess it is not your seat any more Jason.” I said turning around and looking at him with narrowed eyes.

Chapter 7

“This has been my seat for the past two years. Who do you think you are to come steal my spot?”

“Seriously Jason, why do you keep repeating the same old thing again? Who do you think you are? I hate you? Respect me I am your alpha. I mean can’t you be a little more creative than that?” I asked.

The moment I said those words I saw a wave of shock pass through my fellow classmates. Surprisingly even the teacher stood there dumbstruck. Okay, so maybe they aren’t so used to people talking to him like that. Just because he is the stupid alpha. He has control over all the teachers and students.

Well he can go die in a hole.

“Get off my seat!”I heard him say.

The anger in his voice made everyone flinch, even the teacher. I on the other hand got angrier. He has no right to order me. I am not going to be one of those fools that follow his orders and act like a whimp.

“Everything okay in here?” I heard someone ask from outside the door.

I turned around and saw Chase standing at the doorway with another girl from our pack.
“Tell your friend to get off my seat.” Said Jason to Chase but his eyes still glued to me.

“Chase let him know I am NOT moving.” I said replying instantly.

Poor Chase had a helpless expression on his face.

I saw Jason angrily grip my arms making me wince in pain. Immediately Chase came beside me and pushed Jason away. The look in Chase’s eyes was a look I have never seen before. It wasn’t the flirty look he always gave me. This time he had a protective brother look on his face.

When I looked up I saw Jason’s eyes turning black. One of his friends immediately came beside him and tried to calm him down. Obviously it hurt his pride if another wolf physically attacked him. He gets mad when I do it. But now he looked super pissed after Chase did it.

But turning wolf in front of a class filled with humans is such an irresponsible think to do. He is putting all our identities at risk by doing something so stupid. This guy really needs to learn to control his temper.

I saw felt an arm around my shoulder. Immediately I felt the brotherly touch coming from him and turned around to see Chase with a worried look.

“Kristy let’s get out of here. Let’s just give it a break okay?”

“Get your hands away from her!”Yelled Jason and pushed Chase away making him fall to the ground.

The students gasped in surprise and all of Jason’s friends kept him back in case he charged.

I gave him the “what the hell look?” and ran towards Chase who was now on the floor. I angrily looked towards the teacher who looked entertained by all this.

“Are you going to do anything about this?” I said gesturing towards Jason and Chase.

“I..I..uh..uh..I..don’t think.”

Un freaking believable. Even the teacher was scared of this jerk.

I helped Chase up and decided to leave class with Chase. Chase had an arm around my shoulder and I help his right muscular waist.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going? Asked Jason still trying hard to calm down.

“Get lost.” I said giving Jason a dirty look.

I heard him growl but I was sure his friends helped him stay calm. Deep within I just wish that he starts a fight with me. At least I can scratch his pretty little face off!

“You have a very scary looking expression on your face right now.” Said Chase

“I just hate that jerk!” I said my face scrunching up at the thought of his face.

“Oh common Kristy, he’s your mate he got a little jealous over you. It’s normal.”

“Are you kidding me? He wasn’t jealous or anything, he just wanted to hurt you and piss me off.” I said taking a seat on one of the benches in the hallway.

Chase did not remove his hand from my shoulder and to be honest I liked it there. I lay my head on his shoulder and enjoyed his warmth. We stayed like that for a while. Thinking about how drastically my life had changed.

“I wish we were home.” I whispered.

“I can bet that you’ll change your opinion in a couple of months.”

“What makes you think so?” I asked genuinely curious.

“Just a feeling.” He said with an evil smirk.

Suddenly we heard an extremely loud and annoying voice from above us. It was the darn bell. My anger had resulted in my wolf sense to heighten and the bell seemed extra loud.

Both Chase and I reluctantly stood up as I escaped his arm around my shoulder. He kissed my forehead and headed to his next class.

I turned around and headed towards my next class. But before that I had to go to my locker and pick up my stuff.

It is funny how it’s my first day yet I know exactly where my locker is. I might need some help finding my next class but until then, I should be fine.

As I approached the hallway to my locker my ears heard a cacophony of voices. There was an annoying giggle bursting through my ears. I made my way to the locker and saw a girl leaning on MY LOCKER pressed against a guy.

A very familiar looking guy I must say.

His hands were resting on her waist, while her hands were lying on his shoulder.

This better not be the person I think he is. He better not be. I don’t think I’ll be able to take it.

As if on cue the person turned around and I saw my so called mate with a random girl. I never knew jealousy was such a strong feeling. Perhaps because I have never felt it myself. But this feeling is too harsh and too painful to bear. I was sure my face was pale because I felt my heart rate increase ten times more.

I focused on the guy’s face again hoping it was someone else. Unfortunately the face was the same the only difference was that now there was a smirk plastered on it.

Kristy, what the hell are you doing? You are letting him win. This is exactly what he wants. He wants to hurt you. He wants to see you in pain. Do not give him that pleasure.

I felt a weird strength grow inside of me. Maybe this was my alpha blood. My alpha blood was giving me the strength to face this pain. I can do it. I can face him.

I confidently walked towards my locker. The girl’s back was stuck to my locker so I had to ask her to move.

“Excuse me, you’re on my locker.” I said sweetly.

“Oh!” She said pretending to be sorry but in reality she was just teasing me.

I took a step towards her ignoring Jason’s eyes that were fixed on me.

“Get the hell out of my locker before I make you.” I said in a very very dangerous voice.

I saw her gulp and move back. I gave Jason a cursory glance and he almost looked like he was.............impressed?

As soon as the girl moved I got my books and closed the locker. Now it is time for the real problem. How was I going to get to my next class? I was already late and there was no one in the hallway.

“Any problem Kristy?” Asked Jason

“Mind your our business jerk!” and right then I saw a guy pass by.

“Hey you! Wait up.’ I yelled at the guy startling him in the process.

“Hey beautiful, how can I help you?” He said

“Uhhh..I am looking for this class can you take me there?” I asked awkwardly.

“It would be my pleasure.” He said smiling.

I heard a growl erupt from behind me. The growl was almost a warning growl that only a wolf could hear. I turned around and saw Jason giving me a deadly look. While the stupid bimbo beside him look as confused as ever.

Oh I get it now!

He hates that fact that I am hanging out with a human because according to him all human guys are jerks.

I purposely rolled my eyes at him, turned around and gave the guy my schedule.

We walked towards the class and the guys started to talk about random things.

“So I am guessing you’re new?”

“Yup.” I said popping the p.

“In that case would you like to go to this party with me?” He said blushing at the same time, which I found extremely cute. But I didn’t want to be easy to get so I said I would think about it. The guy dropped me off to my second class of the day and headed to his class.

The rest of the day dragged on as usual. It was the same old introduction, basic rules of the school and blah blah.

On the way back I decided not to get a ride with Jason and drove with Chase instead without letting Jason know.

As I entered the house I greeted my fellow housemates and headed for my room. I always did my homework first and then relaxed for the rest of the day.

Since it was the first day I did not get too much homework. But I knew it was going to get worse.

After finishing work I decided to head towards the kitchen and grab something to eat. As I stepped outside my door I noticed Jason still wasn’t home. Then the thought of him cuddled with some bimbo on his birthday flashed my mind.

Yeah, that’s probably exactly where he is. Hate that manwhore.

I lazily walked to the kitchen trying not to think about that loser. Surprisingly no one was in the kitchen. It looked quiet empty compared to yesterday when there were so many people crowded in here.

I opened the huge black fridge and bent down to discover all the wonderful things hiding in the bottom. Sandwich, nah, pizza, nah, macaroni, nah.


The fridge door collided with my left arm making me fall on my butt and shattering some glass bottles due to the impact. Some asshole shut the door right on my face.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I yelled getting back on my feet.

But what I saw made me regret the words that left my mouth. I immediately wanted to take them back looking at the effect it had on the person in front of me.

This is not good.

Chapter 8

“WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GO?” asked an extremely furious Jason.

Out of all the times I have seen him mad, this time has definitely got to be the worst. It’s just so weird. The last time I felt so nervous was when my dad found out that I sneaked out to a party when I was grounded.

But Jason was seriously scaring me right now. Maybe it’s a mate thing because his anger is shifting to my body. With anger there is a mixture of worry which is only making things worse.

“Jason I...I.”

“Shut up, just shut it. You have only been here for two days and are already starting to drive me nuts! Do you know how worried I was? I was looking for you all over the place wondering if something bad happened. Why the hell don’t you understand that this place is not safe?” He said taking his first step towards me.

“I didn’t know, I am sorry.” I said with all honesty. It seemed he actually cared and deep within that touched my heart.

“Whatever, just stay away from me.” He said and left.

So first he tells me how worried I got him, indirectly telling me he actually cares for me. But leaves by ordering me to stay away from him.

Oh! He’s not confusing at all.

I must say he did stay true to his words, since for the next few weeks we did not share a single word with each other. Except, the important conversation in front of our parents. Yes, I know I was stupid to leave school without telling him and I do feel bad, but I don’t feel bad enough for me to go apologize to that jerk.

Whatever it’s not like I was supposed to know he actually cared. He always showed that he couldn’t care less if I died in a hole.

Plus, there was nothing really for us to talk about. I see him in some of my classes but he ignores me. At lunch, he sits with his friends and I sit with mine. All in all we pretend that the other person does not exist.

Today was like any other morning. Jason was waiting for me at the breakfast table and I headed straight to the cupboard and grabbed a granola bar as usual.

Both our parents were upset when they realized we were ignoring each other. Especially Jason’s dad, he looked broken. They tried to convince us a lot. They used anger, pleading and even begging but we both refused to talk to each other. After two weeks or so they finally gave up and accepted the fact that we were not going to accept each other.

At least not willingly.

However our parents did not change their mind about me getting a ride with Jason every morning. So as usual, I stood next to his sports car waiting for him to unlock it. Being the jerk he is, he only unlocks the car for me after he enters his seat.

Since today was one of the days I wore a skirt he was extra mean to me. I don’t know why he does that but he’s just weird that way. I have given up on trying figuring him out.

We sat in the usual uncomfortable silence for the first ten minutes but then something extremely surprising happened.

“I need to talk to you.” Said a voice to me.

I looked around to find out who the hell was talking to me, even though Jason and I were the only ones in the car.

“And he talks.” I said mockingly.

“Just shut up and listen to me will you?” he said rolling his eyes.

I had a strong urge to retort back, but I decided not to. I kind of missed him talking to me, even if it was just an order.

“Go ahead. Talk all you want.”

“There is a dance coming up at our school. It’s probably next week or so. The dance at our schools is not like the dances in other schools.”

“Holy shit are you asking me to the dance?” I yelled my eyes widening in surprised, while my wolf did a happy dance.

“NO!” He replied immediately, making my heart shatter into a million pieces. Stupid Kristy why do you keep embarrassing yourself? Why would he ask you the dance? He hates you and you hate him. That’ the end of it.

“Then what is it?” I said without any emotion in my voice. I looked away to the approaching school building so he wouldn’t be able to see my hurt expression.

“I need you not to go the dance. I already told all the guys at school not to ask you out. But just to stay on the safer side I suggest you don’t go at all.” He said parking his car.

“You warned all the guys not to ask me to the dance?” I asked my fists clenching beside me.

“Uhh..Yeah.” He said as if it was no big deal.

“And why would you do that?” I asked in a very dangerous tone.

“Because I don’t want you to go.”

“You are out of your effin mind! You stupid jerk. You ignore me for the past weeks and now you order me to stay home for a dance. ARE YOU CRAZY?” I said yelling on top of my lungs.

I cannot take this anymore. I cannot take his annoying attitude anymore. I need to get away from him.

I decided to leave the car immediately.

“Open the door.” I commanded.

“You are not going until we are done talking.” He said unbuckling his seat belt.

I went to unbuckle my seat beat but he automatically covered it with his hand. I gave him a deadly look warning him to take his hand off and let me unbuckle my seat belt.

“Look, just listen to me this once okay? Just don’t go the dance.” He said

“Why not?” I asked irritated.

“Just don’t okay.” He replied

“You are unfreakingbelieavable. Let me go. I can make my own decisions.”

“Kristy this was me verbally telling you not to go the dance. If I have to I will physically stop you.”

“What the hell? What is so bad about this dance? Anyways are you going?”

“Of course I am. I am the Alpha after all.”

I felt my ears turning red with anger. My breath was getting unsteady. Right now he should be scared. Really scared.

“Fine, I won’t go.” I simply said a new plan forming in my mind.


“Yes, I figured that you are probably doing what is best for me. SO I won’t go.”

“You are not lying to me right?”

“Nope dead serious.”

“Alright, Kristy, I am glad you understood. We better get going now.” He said without even looking at me.

Without another word I stepped out of the car and headed to the girls washroom. I entered the washroom and took my phone out.

I went to my contact list and went under J.

When I found the person I decided my real feelings started to flood out.

Listen me you piece of shit. You are delusional if you think I won’t go to the dance just because you don’t want me to. Who the hell do you think I am. You’re little slave? So you go party your ass out and I sit in my room getting bored. You have no effin right to tell me what the hell I should do and what the hell I shouldn’t do. Oh yeah, and the fact that you told the guys not to ask me out. Well, no worries because I promise to find the perfect date.

Have a wonderful day, I know I will.


your lovely gorgeous mate.

I smiled evilly to myself and waited for a reply. Within five seconds I received a reply.

You little bitch I should have known you won’t stay true to your word. If words can’t get my orders through your thick head I have other strategies to use. If you are smart you won’t go to that dance and even think about finding a date.

That jerk! Is he actually threatening me? I am going to kick his ass.

If that’s a threat please don’t make me laugh. I mean seriously all you have done for the past month is give me false threats. Please don’t fool yourself and think that I am actually scared of you. And yes, I will go to the dance with an amazing date who s looking for a good time. You know what I mean.

I happily pressed sent with a victorious smile plastered to my face.

You’re right I have been stupid enough just to warn you this whole time. After all the times you have crossed the limits I did nothing but warn you. But now it’s time. After all actions do speak louder than words..........aren’t I right...mate ;)

I don’t know why but I think something is going to get wrong. Chapter 9

I let the warm water in the shower run down my back. Every droplet left a red mark on my skin. I had a good thirty minutes before meeting Jason at the breakfast table.

Jason and I were back to normal. After our little fight over the dance we went back to ignoring each other. It has been five days and Jason has said nothing to me. Although, he does give me the occasional dirty looks but I immediately flip him off! I do hate him because not a single guy at school will look at me. All the boys have been warned to stay away from me. A poor guy finally got enough courage to ask me to the dance. Even though I said no, the next day I saw him with a broken arm. When I went up to ask him who broke his arm, he ran away like he saw a ghost. That made it pretty obvious to me that Jason was the one who beat the poor guy up. I even confronted him about it, but he simple said.

“Well, I did warn him.” And walked away with his posy leaving me dumbstruck.

But I was two steps ahead of him. I knew he wouldn’t let me get a date from his pack or any other human in the school. That’s why, the very next day I put plan B into Action. I asked Chase to the dance. Obviously he happily agreed. He thinks it’s just another way to make Jason jealous. But obviously he is wrong, why on earth would I want to make him jealous? The only reason I want to go the dance is to prove to him that I am not going to listen to his orders. Therefore, today I will be going to the dance with Chase and prove to him that his alpha blood has no affect on me.

At this point I am staring at my reflection in the full length mirror hanging on the wall. Today we have the dance and I am making sure to look my best to make all those boys regret at our school for not gathering enough courage to ask me out.

Yeah I just love torturing them.

I straightened my white shirt that gave them only a glimpse of what lay underneath. I lowered my shorts getting a little conscious. Finally, I picked up my bag that lay on my study table and headed towards the kitchen.

“Good morning honey. You look gorgeous today.” Said Jason’s mum. She was as bubbly as any other day.

“Thank you.” I replied.

That led to Jason looking at me and let me tell you he couldn’t look away.

I pretended not to see him and as usual grabbed my granola bar and headed towards the garage.

As I walked towards the garage I heard him follow. However this time I knew he was watching me intently. I wish I could just tell what was going on in his mind.

Jason purposely brushed his shoulder against me and walked towards his seat.

I sat on my spot with my head leaning against the window.

“Who are you so dressed up for? As far as I know you have no date therefore you aren’t going to the dance.”

I gave him an innocent smile and said.

“You really think I wouldn’t have managed to get a date?”

He immediately pressed on the brake so hard that my head hit against the glass window.

“What the hell!” I yelled


He asked stopping the car in the middle of the road. Thankfully we were still in a residential area so there was no car behind us.

“None of your bloody business. As far as I know I don’t owe you an explanation on whom I date and who I don’t.”

Jason took ten deep breaths and finally said.

“Kristy just tell me the name.”

“Hmmm..let me think..NO.”

That’s when he let go of the break and pressed on the gas pedal. Then, he swerved the car almost hitting a light pole and took a U turn.

“Where the hell are you going? School is the other way.”

“You don’t need to know.”

“Oh I think I do, considering I am sitting in this car with you.”

“Shut up, just shut up and sit down.”

“Slow the hell down. The speed limit is 15 not 150.”

“Can you not shut up for two freaking minutes.”

“I don’t want to die yet you psycho. Slow the hell down.”

But obviously that only led him to drive faster.

“Where the hell are you taking me?”


“I haven’t even been in this area before.”


“Holy shit, why are you taking me to a forest?”


“Answer me damn it!”


Oh that’s it.

I took my right hand and slapped it right behind his head.

“What thee..did you just hit me.”

Finally he decided to speak. Well, it is my turn to ignore him.

“Did. You. Just. Hit. Me?”He said slower as if I was some handicapped who didn’t hear him the first time.

“Touch me one more time and I will break your hand.”

He did not just threaten me.

I waited for another few minutes. Once the perfect time arrived I swiftly swung my right hand across his head.

“What the hell!”


“I am so done with you.”

He stopped the car in the middle of nowhere and jumped out of his seat. At this point I started to get a little nervous.

He opened my door and pulled me out of the car.

“Don’t touch me.” I hissed at him.

He closed the door behind me and pushed me towards the door. His closeness was sort of making me dizzy. But I made sure to pull it together.

“What fun do you have in bothering me so much?”

“What fun do you have in bossing me around so much?” I asked, proud of my reply.

“I am your alpha I am supposed to order you.”

“For the last time you are not my alpha, my father is my alpha. I will listen to no one but him.”

“Oh yeah? I don’t remember you listening to your father when he asked me to be your mate.”

“That was different. Besides you also rejected me. SO it was mutual rejection.”

“Whatever Kristy, one day you’ll accept me. I know you will.” He said looking into my eyes.

But I wasn’t sure what exactly he was talking about. Did he mean me accepting him as alpha or me accepting him as my mate?

Chapter 10

His intense stare was making me uncomfortable. Before I melted away into him, I decided to escape his beautiful mesmerizing eyes.

“I need to get back to school. I have a dance to get to.” I said arm’s length away from him.

“Who was your date?” He asked with a serious expression not moving from him spot.

“For the last time, I am not telling you. I don’t understand why you care. I suggest you shut the hell up and stop acting like a jealous boyfriend.” I yelled.

Not even a second before I was done with my yelling. He moved towards me in wolf speed and pinned me to the back door, slamming my back with great force. I controlled the wince that wanted to escape my mouth. I cannot believe he is actually hurting me.

“I don’t have to explain to you why I need to know who your date is. I ask you a question you answer it. That’s how it is.”

“Oh god not that again. I am so sick of repeating myself. How do you want me to make you understand that I am not going to follow your orders?”

“Why are you being so freaking difficult?”He said digging his nails into my skin. Good thing I had a leather jacket on top, or his nails would have left a nasty mark on my skin.

“Leave me alone and take me to school before I call my parents.” I said pushing him away with my wolf strength.

“You are not going anywhere without answering my question. Give me the name of the boy who dared to ask you to the dance.”

“Fine, I will answer your question. But before that I need you to answer one of my questions.” This finally resulted in him loosening his grip on my shoulder. What really seemed pathetic was that his touch, even though it was an aggressive one had an effect on me.

It truly disgusted me.

“Fine what is your question?”

“Why? Why do you care so much? Why do you care if I find a date? Why do you care if I will be spending a night with another boy? Why do you care if I wear a skirt to school? Why does it bother you so much when boys give me attention? Why have you warned all the guys at our school to stay away from me? Why?”

As I finished with my series of questions, Jason stood there staring at me for a while. I saw his eyes soften a little and flicker at my lips for a second. He finally let go of my shoulder, but still stood right in front of me.

“Look, I don’t know okay? I just really don’t know. I don’t know why it hurts to see you with another guy. I don’t know why it hurts so much when I see those boys out there check you out with their greedy eyes. Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to listen to all those guys talking about you and the things they were going to do with you if you agreed to go to the dance with them? Do you even know what that stupid jock who asked you out was planning to do with you after the dance was over?”

Every word that escaped his lips resulted in my heartbeat going ten times faster. For a second I had to ask myself if it really was Jason who was saying those words. He almost made it sound like he cared for me. Just the thought made my heart melt. I wasn’t too sure what he meant by what all those guys wanted to do with me. I mean seriously, I am a wolf I can easily handle a couple of humans.

I guess he easily recognized my confused expression.

“You have no clue do you?” He asked taking a step back and folding his arms across his chest, making his biceps look even bigger.

“I...uhh..don’t exactly know. I mean I am a wolf I can easily handle a couple of humans. I don’t really see what the problem is.” I said a little hesitant.

Jason once again closed the distance between us and looked at me with narrowed eyes.

“You really are stupider than I thought. Do you think they would let you be in a conscious state after the dance? They would obviously drug you and then take advantage of you. It has happened to so many girls at our school it could easily happen to you.”

I took one deep breath. Trying to clear my mind off his scent which was driving me crazy and those words he was throwing at me.

“Look, Jason, I don’t know how to say this the nice way, but I really think you should just let me be. I mean I am not as weak as you think. I am not stupid enough to get drugged by humans. You need to trust me when I say I can take care of myself. Even though I still fail to understand why you care so much? Tell me Jason, please tell me, why? Why do you care so much? As far as I remember you hate me....”

Before I could finish, his hand was covering my mouth stopping me from completing the sentence any further.

“I can never ever hate you Kristy. Even if I tried and you have no idea how hard I have tried.”

His words were making my heart go crazy. I knew he could hear my heart beat clearly. But why was he saying those words? Was he hinting at something? I don’t want to embarrass myself again by asking him.

“What?” I whispered dumbly instead.

“Since I was a little kid I pictured my mate to be a woman just like my mom. A woman who known her limits. A woman who can watch her mouth. A woman who will respect her alpha and follow his orders. I knew you were my mate the moment I set my eyes on you. But you were the exact opposite of what I expected. The exact opposite of what I wanted.”

“Well, I am sorry to disappoint you.” I said rolling my eyes.

“Kristy I know you’ll come around. Soon you won’t be able to fight your attraction towards me and finally give in.” He said cockily as if this was his major plan all along.

Welcome back cocky ass Jason.

“So you think I will be the one coming to you and falling onto your feet?”

“Of course.” He said as cockily as ever.

“Well, sorry to break it to you but that is never going to happen. In fact it’s a challenge. You will be the first one to give into me. You won’t be able to resist your attraction towards me. Mark my words Jason. Mark my words.” I said equally cocky as him.

I pushed his hand away and walked towards the passenger seat.

“You are being stupid by challenging the alpha. You know I have better self control than you.”

“And I will be the one destroying that self control.” I said giving him an innocent smile.

He gave a really cocky yet sexy smirk and got into his car.

The smirk was glued to his face for the next 10 minutes. Since he was not speeding anymore I realized we were actually quite far from school. It was already lunch time and I was questioning my decision to go back to school.

“In case you were wondering we are going back home.” Said Jason giving me a sideways glance.

“I don’t care.” I replied coldy.

“Okay, here’s a deal. If you don’t go the dance and cancel your date I promise to stay home and cancel my date as well.”

The moment he said the words “my date”, an extremely weird feeling engulfed my heart. Obviously it was jealousy. Did he feel the same way when he found about me having a date? Without giving it a second thought I said


Anything to keep him away from his date.

“Alright then. I have to meet with my dad in an hour. After that both our parents are leaving for some meeting. I am not too sure. This means we have the whole house to ourselves.”

Wait, did he actually just say that?

I looked at him and he had his flirty look on. What the hell is he trying to do?

Shit! I get it. Our stupid challenge.

“I know what you are trying to do.” I said accusingly.

“Really, what’s that?”

“You are trying to win the challenge by making me fall for you and finally give in.”

“Well, is it working?” He said huskily.

“Ughh..Just shut up and drive.”

Chapter 11

Usually if my parents found out I skipped school with a guy they would seriously murder me. But when I told them that I skipped school with Jason, they were practically jumping with joy.

Jason did stay true to his promise. He went for a meeting with his father and came back sharp at 5:00, and then both our parents including all the other adults left for a very important meeting.

After listening to the set of instruction given by all the adults both Jason and I headed towards our room. It was weird because even though we were walking in the same direction, we didn’t share a single word with each other.

We finally arrived in front of our rooms and without sharing a single glance we went our separate ways. I pushed the door to my room and went straight to find the light switch.

As soon as the light turned on, my eyes fell out of my socket.

“WHAT THE HELL!” I yelled

As soon as I said those words an extremely scared Jason ran out of his door.

“What’s wrong?” He asked worried.

“Did you do this to my room?”I asked accusingly.

My room was a shattered mess. It looked like there was a tornado in here. For some reason all my stuff was missing. All the furniture was all over the place.

“Are you crazy why would I do this?”

“I don’t know you tell me.”

“I did not do this you idiot.”

I let out a frustrated scream and called my father.

“Hey Kristy.”

“Dad what happened to my room?”

“Oh we forgot to mention didn’t we? Honey there was a leak in your bathroom. SO we had to move all your stuff. But don’t worry everything is fine. You should get your room back in a week or so.”

“What? Where the hell Am I supposed to sleep until then?” I asked

“Jason’s room of course.” He said calmly.

The phone almost slipped my hand and landed on the floor. Even Jason seemed to be a little taken aback, but he didn’t protest.

“Are you shitting with me dad?”

“Watch you language young lady.”

“I am not sleeping in his room father. I will sleep in Derik’s or some other guest room if I have to.”

“There are no more guest rooms in the house. Plus, this is our final decisions and you will follow it.”

“Daddy you cannot be serious.” I said whining a little.

“Honey, I have got to go. I am sure Jason is there listening so he knows you will be staying in his room. His father will call him in another minute to confirm this news, until then I want to stay in his room. Understood?”

“Dad are you seriously sending your teenage daughter to sleep in another teenage guy’s room? What kind of father are you?”

“Kristy I suggest you follow my orders and let me peacefully attend the meeting. Goodbye.”

I swear I heard him laugh in the end.

I looked up at Jason who was leaning on the door frame with a smug expression on his face.

“So, you and me in one room? Will you be able to resist? Or will you beg for me to bite you and claim you?” He said grinning to himself.

“I would die but never get bitten by you.” I said arrogantly and walked towards his room like it was my own.

By biting me he would officially claim me. He really thinks I would willingly let him do that.

His room was exactly like mine. It’s embarrassing but his was a lot cleaner. Who knew he was a neat knick.

I walked straight to the bathroom longing for a shower. Not surprisingly all my stuff was stacked in his walk in closet that led to the bathroom.

I was about to collect my stuff and head to the bathroom, when an idea popped in my head.

I smiled wickedly and headed to the bathroom.

While I was undressing I heard Jason enter the room. I wonder what he was doing all this while.

“Hey you can’t just claim my bathroom like that. I hope you don’t take extra long showers like all other girls.”

“I actually don’t take extra long showers. But since it pisses you off so much, I will make sure to take extra extra long.”

I heard his annoyed growl but it faded away as I turned the tap on. I let the warm water kiss my skin. I looked around the bathroom. This is the same place Jason stands and takes a shower. With his perfect body. Rubbing this Axe body wash over his six pack abs and using this Herbal Essence Shampoo, massaging his perfect silky blonde hair.

What the hell Kristy! You stupid stalker. You have to spend one whole week with this loser. YOU cannot lose control. Keep it together girl. Keep it together.

Soon I heard banging on the door interrupting my internal battle.

“What the hell are you doing in there?” Yelled an extremely annoyed Jason

I decided to ignore him and continue with my shower.

“Dont make me break the door Kristy.” He said warningly.

He wouldn’t do that. He does not have the guts to do something like that.

“3, 2...”

“I am coming.” I yelled, quickly getting out of the shower.

Alright time to put my plan into action.

I wore my robe and finally exited the bathroom. I saw Jason sitting on his chair facing the closet, arms crossed across his chest ready to yell at me. But as soon as he saw me walk out his mouth just hung open. I pretended to be absolutely oblivious and searched for my night suit. Something, that would seriously torture him.

Soon I found the perfect outfit. I was surprised that Jason was still there just staring at me.

I am so going to win this challenge.

But now is the time for the real show.

I stood sideways holding out my night suit. Next, I untied my robe and let it drop on the floor. This left me standing there with my matching bra and underwear. I legit heard Jason moan. I swear I did, and soon after that I heard a little growl.

I picked up the spandex and covered my butt with it. Next, I pulled out my tank top and put it over my head. I tucked my wet hair out of the tank top, flipping it at the back and got ready to leave the closet.

As soon as I turned around, a whoosh of air surrounded me.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” Whispered Jason into my ear, attacking me from the back.

“Shouldn’t have done what?” I asked turning around and looking at him innocently.

“You know exactly what I am talking about Kristy.” He said his slipping his hand on my waist pulling me closer. I could see his eyes were completely black. Which meant I had finally succeeded in making him lose control.

“I have no clue.” I said pushing him away a little. The closeness always made me dizzy and made me feel like an electric pole.

But he held me back, tighter this time, as if I was going to run away.

“Your scent drives me crazy.” He said burying his head on my neck. I involuntarily slid my head to the left giving him better access.

“Is that so?” I asked breathing heavily at this point.

Now, he started to slowly connect his lips to my skin. This was seriously driving me crazy. It was like a volcano erupts in my heart. The feeling was magical, something I have never experienced before.

“I want you Kristy.” He moaned on my neck.

“I want you too. But you have to accept me for who I am, I will not change for you Jason. Claim me of you want, but remember I will still be the same old Kristy.”

Just as I finished my sentence Jason quickly pulled away.

Way to ruin the moment Kristy.

“That would mean you winning the challenge, which will never happen. Kristy get something very clear. You will be mine I know you will and most importantly you will be the one giving into me. Remember that.” He left with a final kiss on my cheek leaving that spot burning on my skin.

I was too dumbstruck to reply to his comment.

He picked a fresh towel and headed to the bathroom shutting the door right on my face.

Chapter 12

I recollected myself and headed away from the bathroom. The last thing I need is to hear the water running and have a mental image of Jason in the shower. That is the last think I need right now.

I stretched a little and checked my phone, which I hadn’t done throughout the day. There were various texts from people. The usual from Andrea and Juan asking me where I was. I took a couple of minutes explaning to them what had gone wrong. Next, was from Derik yelling at me for skipping school. I texted him back asking him to ask Andrea and Juan what really happended. I am sure after he found out iwas with Jason, he wouldn’t care less. Next was from Chase being pissed off because I ditched the dance.

Shit! I totally forgot to cancel on him. I am so screwed

Instead of texting back I decided to give him a call.

After two rings Chase finally answered the phone.

I could hear the loud music in the background.

“Hello” he yelled from the other side.

“Hey.” I replied, but not loud enough for him to hear.

“Helloo?” He yelled again.

“Its me!” I yelled back.

“Oh hey....wait hold on.” I heard a few scratchy noises and the music in the background fading away. Soon there was no background music, but just Chase’s clear voice.

“Hey!” He finally said catching his breath.

“I am so sorry I ditched you. It’s just that I was with Jason and then we had this stupid deal and now I have to stay home please forgive me..I am so so so so so so so sor...”Before I finished the last word something snatched the phone away from me.

When I looked up to see who dared to do something so incredibly rude I wasn’t surprised to see who stood beside me.

I saw Jason standing, with my phone in his hand.

“Who is this?” he asked in a serious tone.

“GIVE IT BACK!” I screamed trying to get my phone.

But he easily held me back with one hand, while talking on the phone with the other.

“This is Jason, now tell me who you are.” He said again.

“Chase, as in the guy who lives with us? The same guy who kissed Kristy on the first day?”

There was a pause for another five seconds and then he finally spoke.

“Very well then. In that case, as your alpha I expect you to stay miles away from Kristy from now on. You can be her friend but you may not physically touch her. Don’t even think about kissing her. No more dates with her. Oh and finally, enjoy the dance.” With that he hung up and threw my phone on the bed.

I looked at him and then the phone, at him and then once again the phone. I noticed he was finding this quiet funny because he was trying hard not to laugh.

“You did not just do that.” I said menacingly.

“I do not have time for your drama, now tell me what kind of pizza you want.”

“You cannot just ignore me like that you jerk!”I said slapping his chest making him stumble back.

“Dont do that.” He sang, almost playfully, yet warningly.

“Or what you can’t do shit!” I said, and pushed him again.

“Kristyyy you better stooop.” He sang again. His calm nature was just pissing me off even more.

So I decided to go for a punch.

I lifted my hand hoping for it to connect with his face. However he caught my wrist halfway.

“Now, now, let’s not get too aggressive. Leave that aggression on bed.” He said winking at me and walking away with a kiss on my wrist he had caught hold on.

I screamed in anger and charged towards the bed while he walked out the room probably to order pizza.

“SO you gonna tell me what pizza you want or no?” He asked leaving the room.

“Hawaiian.” I replied angrily. I could just ignore him but I was starving so I decided to reply.

“Sounds good.”

With that he left the room.

I hate him. He has no right to talk to my friends like that. This is just too embarrassing. He acts like he owns me. I bet Chase is laughing his ass off right now.

I angrily sat on the bed and turned the T.V on. I took the remote and searched for a good movie.

Ohh Twilight!

Finally something good happens today. Trust Taylor Lautner’s body to cheer you up on a crappy day.

I grinned happily to myself and got comfortable under the blankets. I turned the volume up and started to watch the movie. Even while I was watching the movie I couldn’t help but notice his scent on the sheets. The smell of his shampoo on his pillow. The mixture of laundry detergent and his cologne on the blankets. I inhaled the intoxicating scent even though my human screamed at me and warned me to stay mad at him.

About half an hour later I hear the door to the room open. I knew it was him with the pizza so I didn’t even bother looking at him I had something better to look at on the screen. Taylor Lautner.

He handed me my pizza and I immediately dug in.

“We are so not watching that.” He said looking for the remote immediately. Ha! Good luck finding the remote, it’s safe and sound under my butt.

“Shut the hell up! You are ruining the movie.” I said trying to get around his body that was covering Taylor Lautner on T.V.

“Oh common! You can’t be serious.” He said whining like a baby.

“I am dead serious.” I said still trying to watch the movie.

“This is MY room you know.” He said folding his arm across his chest.

“Did you not hear my dad; he said this is our room for the next week.” I said already on my second slice.

Yeah I eat like a pig.

“Ummm....noo. He actually said you will be SHARING this room with me for the next week” He said smugly.

Shit he was right.

“Too bad I got here first, so I get to watch what I want.”

“Yeah like I am going to let that happen.” He said starting to look for the remote again.

After five minutes of failure he finally asked frustrated.

“What the hell did you do to the remote?”

“I did nothing.”

“Stand up.” He said walking towards me.

“What? Why?” I asked getting a little nervous. The mischief in his eyes was making me nervous. He had something in mind. Something which I won’t like.

“Common stand up.” He said standing right next to where I sat on the edge of the bed.

“I am not standing up.” I said, giving him an angry look.

“You left me no choice.” He said pretending to be sad, even though I could see the smile behind his eyes.

I gave him a confused and a warning look. He better not push me off or worse throw me away. I can totally picture him doing that.

But instead I saw him pulling away the blankets exposing my skin to the cold. I gave him a dirty look and quickly tried to pull the blankets again on top of me. But as soon as I bent forward he pulled the blanket away and I felt long arms going around my waist and pulling me up.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked slapping his arm which was squishing my stomach gluing my body to his.

The moment I asked him that question he slipped his arm under my butt and picked me up bridal style.

I was too dumbstruck to say anything. My mouth just wouldn’t open.

I wanted to protest and scream at him. Firstly, for taking my phone away and ordering Chase and finally for picking me up like that.

However, I immediately got my voice back when I felt his hands leave my bare skin and rest on my butt.

“Get your hands away from my butt.”I said with narrowed eyes.

“Oh look what I found, the remote.” He said smiling widely.

“Good for you, now put me down.” I repeated myself.

“’s fine my hands are actually having a good time.” He said squeezing my butt, which resulted in me yelping in surprise.

I cannot believe he just did that. The guy who hated me a few hours ago is not flirting with him.

This guy has to be bipolar.

“Jason, if you don’t put me down this very second I will cut your balls off and feed them to my dog.”

“No you won’t, firstly because you don’t have a dog and secondly if you did that we won’t be able to have pups.” He said tracing lines on the edge of my spandex with his fingers.

This guy has got to be kidding me.

“PUT ME DOWN!” I screamed punching him harder across his chest.

“Okay okay.” He said laughing hard. He took longer than necessary to put me down and kept his hands on my ass the whole time giving it one final squeeze while putting me down.

I was pissed off at my wolf because she was actually enjoying this. My human was in control of my body, therefore it was easier for me to control my feelings towards my mate.

I gave him a final shove and went back inside the blanket.

“Oh don’t be mad. How about this, you can watch this today but tomorrow I get to pick what we watch.”

Wow, Jason is actually making a deal with me, instead of yelling at me about how he is the alpha and I should follow his orders.

Well, that’s a change. A huge change.

“Fine, as long as it’s not porn. Now get your ass away from the TV.” I said

I know I shouldn’t push my luck. But it’s too hard talking to him properly. I knew he was going to lecture me again but surprisingly I heard something else.

For the first time in history I heard him chuckle at my words. His chuckle was the sexiest one I have heard. It truly was sexy.

As I followed his chuckle I realized he was standing in a corner doing something. My eyes darted towards him and when my eyes finally met him they fell out on the floor. Jason stood there in nothing but boxers.

No freaking way!

Control your wolf Kristy, control your wolf Kristy begged my human. Even though my human was also mesmerized with his hotness. A jerk like him does not deserve a body like that.

“Like what you see? I bet it’s better than Taylor Lautner.”

“Oh puh leez, no one can be compared to Taylor Lautner. Wait why the hell are you in boxers? Put some clothes on!”

“Well, I usually sleep naked, but I don’t want you to rape me when I am asleep so I put my boxers on.”

“Ya okay, like that’s going to happen.”

Even though deep within there are quiet high chances of something like that to happen.

Especially with a killer body like that.

“You can stop staring now.” He said getting inside the blanket with me.

I felt my face heat up a little, considering the fact I indeed was staring. So I quickly changed the topic.

“I am not sharing my blanket with you.”

“Your blanket? This is my blanket.” He said pulling the blanket towards him.

“But I got the blanket first so I get to keep it for the night.” I said pulling it back.

“Seriously Kristy? You really want to go through the whole procedure again. I mean I know you enjoyed it but I am too tired to do it again. This blanket is enough for three. I am sure we both can share.”

I know it wasn’t that big of a deal. But the thought of sharing the same blanket as him gave me butterflies in my stomach.

I pretended to frown and looked towards the T.V.

After another forty five minutes of watching the movie I turned the TV off and got ready to sleep.

I felt Jason coming closer to my side because I could feel his body heat on me.

“If you touch me at night I swear I will break your hands.” I said, trying to sound threatening.

I obviously failed because he chuckled back and said.

“I am pretty sure you’ll be the one touching me.”

Ya okay, like that’s going to happen.

“Shut up Jason.” I said a little tired.

I felt him move beside me and soon I felt hot breath on my ear. My heart beat got ten times faster and my mouth went completely dry. What the hell is he doing?

I felt his hot breath move closer to my neck and it seemed he was almost inhaling my scent. Jason why are you doing this? Please don’t play with me like that. Your scent is driving me crazy. He needs o get away from me.

At last, some words escaped his lips.

“Good night mate.” He said in an inhumanly sexy way. His voice seemed like he was controlling his wolf.

I smiled a little and replied.

“Good night almighty alpha.”

I heard him sigh and finally put some distance between us.

Chapter 13

This is a real comfortable pillow. I love how it’s hard but soft at the same time. The amazing scent, the smoothness, the fingers.

Wait fingers?

I jolted awake when I noticed I was lying on someone’s hand. I was cuddled against someone and they had their other arm entangled around my waist pushing me against their body.

My mind was a little confused and blurred since I just woke up. I wonder why my alarm clock never went off today. Maybe I forgot to turn it on last night. I looked around the room and five seconds later it finally hit me.

Yeah I know I am slow.

I was sleeping in Jason’s room and the person I was so happily cuddling with was none other than Jason himself.

I little surprised gasp escaped my lips. Why the hell is he on my side of the bed? No matter how much I tred to gather my anger towards him, I couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling of his naked chest on my back. His muscular arms on my stomach and his legs entangled with mine

I turned around and a breath taking sight trapped me.

Jason lay there right next to my face. So close that I could feel his breath on my lip. I saw his long eye lashes, his perfect nose and then traced my eyes down to his perfect manly jaw. This guy was truly gorgeous, only if he wasn’t so full of himself.

I realized what I was doing and quickly turned around. The first thing I wanted to do this morning was to go talk to all my pack members regarding what happened yesterday. First and foremost I have to go to Chase and confront him about the phone call yesterday.

I carefully tried to escape Jason’s arms without waking him up. However, his hands were literally glued to my body. The further I moved away the closer he pulled me towards him.

For a second I actually wondered if he was awake. But then I heard him snore.

I wriggled and tried to escape his deadly grip. This guy has hands made of iron.

“You might want to stop doing that.”

“You’re awake? What the hell?”

“Stop wriggling around, it’s turning me on.”

“What? Ewwee gross. Let me go you pervert.”


“Let me go Jason.” I said pushing myself away from him.

“No!” He said and pulled me back my by waist.

“I have to pee.” I lied.

“For real?”

“Yes for real.” I said rolling my eyes.

“Do you promise to come back?” He asked hopefully.

He was seriously creeping me out. I ignored how peculiar it was that the person I hated the most and hated me back was now begging me to cuddle with him.

This guy confuses me.

I got out of bed and went straight to the washroom. I did my morning chores and got ready to meet my friends.

“What? I thought you were coming back?” He said sitting up on the bed. I couldn’t help but notice his messy hair. They were all over the place yet he looked like a Greek god. But before he caught me checking him out, I quickly looked away and said.

“I lied.”

“I should’ve known.” He said almost looking disappointed and getting out of bed. Before I distracted myself with his half naked body I decided to leave the room.

“Where are you going?” He asked as I left his room.

“I have friends you know, I am going to go visit them.” I said shutting the door on his face.

Not even a second after I stepped outside the room, Jason caught up to me and pulled my arm, forcing me to a stop.

“Are you going to visit Chase as well?”

“Probably, he is one of my friends.” I replied a little confused.

“I don’t think you can do that.” He said. I feared that the old Jason was back. I was really hoping he wasn’t. I liked the other Jason better. The same Jason who watched Twilight with me.

“You don’t get to decide who I hang out with.” I said forcing my arm out of his hand. I emphasised every word that escaped my mouth, so he knew I meant everything I said.

“Don’t start with me again Kristy.” Why does he make it sound like we are in a relationship and I am cheating on him? I am doing nothing wrong. He is not my boyfriend therefore he cannot choose who I hang out with.

“Go away Jason.” I said turning around ready to leave. I don’t have time to deal with his useless shit.

“Kristy if I find out you met with him in his room I will make sure to beat the hell out of him. He may put up a fight, but I promise to you that I will win. I am the one with the alpha blood.”

Did he just say what I think he said?

I stopped walking and stood in the same position for a few seconds.

“You wouldn’t dare!” I warned him with the deadliest look I could muster.

“Oh wouldn’t I? You know me Kristy, I get what I want. What I want is that guy to stay away from you.”

I felt my fists clench beside me. My blood was boiling with anger.

“He. Is. My. Friend. Nothing more than that.” I said looking down the floor, trying real hard to control my temper.

“I understand, however I would really appreciate if you met him in an area where there are a few more people around, rather than his bedroom. It just sounds very wrong.”

“Screw you Jason.” I spat and went away.

I hate that piece of shit.

But what if he hurts Chase? It would be my entire fault. Chase does not deserve that. I cursed my luck and decided not to talk to Chase just yet. So, I ended up going to Andre’s and Juan’s room instead.

I pour my heart out to them and being the good friends they were they laughed at most of the parts.

They think Jason and I, are the perfect match.

Yeah right!

They told me how awesome the dance was and what a great time they had. That made me think about the wonderful time I had with Jason last night. I would never ever pick anything over a wonderful night with Jason. I don’t get to see this side of him very often. In fact, it was the first time I ever saw he actually made a conversation with me.

I pushed all the thoughts about Jason away and offered my friends lunch at the mall.

Obviously they happily agreed and we headed out the mall.

“Hold on Kristy, are we going to bus it to the mall?” asked Andrea

“Obviously, did you forget I don’t have a car anymore?

“But I hate taking the bus!”She whined

“DO you think you could borrow Jason’s car. I am sure he won’t say no if you asked him politely.”

“Are you kidding me? I just fought with him two seconds ago.”

“That was hours ago.” Said Juan supporting Andrea.

“I hate you guys.” I said angrily and walked towards Jason’s room.

I walked in without knocking and saw him engrossed in his laptop. For some reason as soon as I walked in, he shut the laptop and put it away.

“Have you not heard of knocking? He asked, not really angrily.

“I need a favour.” I said getting straight to the point.

“Go on.” He said looking a little interested.

“I need to burrow your car so my friends and I can go the mall.”

Alright, I asked him. He’ll obviously say no and then Andrea and Juan can do nothing about it.

“What friends?” He asked curiously.

I rolled my eyes and replied.

“Andrea and Juan.”

“Sure.” He said standing up.

“What?” I asked extremely shocked.

“I said sure let’s go.”

“Wait what? First of all you are not invited. Second of all, it looked like you were doing something important before I came in. So I think you should continue on with whatever you were doing.”

“Nope I have made my mind; today I will be hanging out with you guys.” He said getting inside his closet.

“NO! Don’t you have your own friends to hang out with?” I asked tremendously pissed.

“I do, but they aren’t as fun as your friends.” He said walking out of the closet, looking like a Calvin Klein model.

“I hate you.” I yelled and walked out of the room.

Chapter 14

“Thanks a lot for driving us Alpha.” Said Andrea

“No thanks a lot for coming along. It means so much to us.” Continued Juan.

This has been going on for the past 10 minutes.

My awesome friends were complimenting Jason every second, while he returned their compliments with a simple smile. Although, after, he would look at me and give me a cocky grin.

“Thanks a lot once again.” Said Andrea for the billionth time.

Okay, I cannot take this anymore.

“Shut the hell up Andrea. Stop acting like he’s Tom Cruise. Both of you just stop!” I said extremely exasperated.

Jason rolled his eyes and my friends muttered something under their breath.

Something about me waking up in the wrong side of the bed.

After 10 more minutes we arrived at the mall. Thankfully, my friends somehow managed to keep their mouth shut. However, Jason didn’t manage to shut up. He continued to talk to them and they responded by laughing as if he was talking about the funniest thing in the world. Even if he was talking about how the weather is.

The best way to get away from this madness is shopping. Shopping is the best stress reliever in the world. Even if the most annoying guy is accompanying me, I can manage to ignore him. I can just shop till I drop.

Before the car even came to a complete stop I jumped out and ran towards the entrance, not bothering to wait for my so called friends.

Two minutes later Jason was beside me, giving me an angry growl.

“Don’t do that again, that was dangerous.” He said warningly gripping my forearm.

“Whatever, daddy, why don’t you go hang out with your new friends.” I snapped getting rid of his grip on my arm.

“I thought we were doing this together. You know the whole shopping thing.” He said a little calmer now walking beside me casually.

“Oh yes, we were. You know me and my friends. But then you came along and both of them are obsessed with you. It pisses me off!” I said entering one of my favourite stores.

One of the ladies gave me weird look as she saw my angered expression. I had a strong urge to show her the finger, but that might have resulted in me being kicked out.

Instead I just gave her a dirty look and walked away.

“Oh common, don’t be such a buzz kill. I mean I am not that bad. I am sure if your friends can enjoy my company, you can too!” He said looking through a pile of clothes.

“Shut up Jason, just buy what you want and get lost. Where the hell are my friends anyways?” I asked suddenly realizing they weren’t with me.

“OH they had other plans.” He replied, pulling out a really good looking sweater. I could totally picture him wearing that.

“What other plans? What did you do to them?” I said taking a step towards him.

“I did nothing. They just said they had other plans.”He said putting his hands up in mock surrender.

“Urghhh...I hate my life.” I yelled.

A couple of people gave me weird looks and some just rolled their eyes.

I was not going to let this jerk ruin my plans. Shopping is my favourite thing to do and I will not let him sabotage it.

Instead of arguing with him, I turned around and continued to look through clothes.

Once I was done, I saw Jason waiting for me near the cash register.

“Why are you still here?” I asked confused.

“You didn’t think I was going to leave my mate shopping all alone.”


I heard him chuckle at me fumbling with my words. I swear he is set to make my life a living hell. Why can’t he just leave?

Stupid guy

I paid for my clothes and continued my journey.

Not surprisingly Jason followed me everywhere. He even stood outside the washroom when I had to go pee. Every store I went he followed. I know he was doing this purely to make me mad. Just to ruin my favourite day.

But I had special plans for him.

Something that would make him regret his decision to accompany me.

“Where to next?” he asked enthusiastically, even though I knew it was all fake. I could tell he was already getting really annoyed. I had been shopping for the past six hours, without a single break. Obviously he wanted me to give up and ask him to take me home. But there was no way in hell I was going to do that.

He has no idea what my stamina is when it comes to shopping.

“Next store I will need your help.” I said with a mischievous grin.

“Uhh.okay..what store?”

“Victoria secret.” I replied casually and walked away.

I heard him gulp behind me which automatically made me smirk. Take that Alpha! Let’s see how much self control you have when I take you inside that store.

A couple of minutes later we were inside the store.

Jason kept a fairly good distance between us, while I was picking stuff out. I hate to admit it, but he looked adorable standing in a corner holding my bags, oblivious to the flirtatious girls passing around him.

“Follow me.” I ordered

“What.” He asked a little confused.

“I said I needed your help. Now make yourself useful and come with me.”

I was expecting him to retort back by asking me to stop ordering him. However, I was surprised when he actually followed me nervously.

I headed towards the change room but he stopped right at the entrance.

“What, why, why are we here?” He asked obviously a little nervous.

This is priceless. The big bad alpha is actually nervous. The fact that I had that capability made me smile. I have the capability to make him nervous.

Common Kristy you have to win this challenge.

“Yes, why are you so stupid?” I asked rolling my eyes and walking into the change room.

Time for outfit number one.

This outfit wasn’t too revealing. They were short shorts with a top that was transparent towards the end.

I changed into my “outfit” and gave myself a satisfied smirk when I looked into the mirror.

I opened the door and saw Jason seated right in front of me fiddling nervously with his hands.

As soon as he heard the door open I saw his eyes snap up at me.

I saw his eyes hungrily travelling around my body. For a second I actually started to fell self conscious. I didn’t expect him to be so bold.

“What do you think?” I asked, partly to get his attention back to my eyes.

“I think this would do wonders in bed.” He said seductively.

What the hell??

This is not supposed to be his reaction!

I think he saw my shocked expression because his trademark smirk was back on his face.

“Do I get to see you in more?” He asked hopefully.

My immediate answer was, no you stupid pervert. But instead I did the smarter thing and said.

“Of course.”

Now, the shocked expression was on his face.

Alright time for outfit number two.

This one was practically an underwear, covered with see through shorts. The top was a low cut one, ending right above my belly button.

I opened the door and this time Jason’s eyes were already awaiting me.

Once again, I saw him checking me out shamelessly.

He let out a low whistle and said.

“I think you can do better than that.” He replied simply and leaned on his back.

My mouth hung open at his reaction. But before he could see that I shut the door behind me.

Okay, so maybe making him loose control was not as easy as I thought. But I obviously won’t give up.

I pulled out the last outfit. I never thought I would actually have to wear this.

This one was like slutty to a whole new level.

It was practically a bra and underwear.

I changed into the last piece of clothing and opened the door a little nervous.

I saw him, texting on his phone with a bored expression. I could tell it was all an act, because his eyes were dying to connect with my body.

“So?” I said to get his attention.

He looked up with a bored expression but that soon turned into something else.

His eyes started to change colour and a little growl escaped his lips.

Got him!

Time to move on with the plan. I took advantage of his silence and said.

“I guess this is not good enough either.”

I got ready to shut the door and change back my normal outfit. But someone stopped the door and entered the change room.


“What the hell Jason?” I asked confused.

Jason turned around and locked the door behind him. Then he turned around with a smirk giving my body another analytical look.

Okay so this was not part of the plan.

I quickly decided to grab for my shirt and put it on.

I was halfway there but Jason pinned me to the wall behind me.

“What are you doing Jason?” I asked nervously.

“You asked for it.” He whispered in my ear.

“Let me go.” I said weakly.

But instead he brought his hands down trailing along my bare waist and landing on my ass.

“Why are you torturing me like this?” He said kissing me jaw.


Kristy you are acting pathetic, yelled my human. Push him away. Now!

“Let me go Jason.” I said pushing him away a little stronger this time.

But he only pulled me closer. Cupping my ass and kissing me gently.

This guy is driving me crazy.

“I want you. I really do. Can’t you just accept me for who I am?” he asked trailing his hand across my back and planting kisses on my shoulder.

“Can’t you accept me for who I am?” I asked looking up at him.

“Be reasonable Kristy, I am the alpha. Everyone respects the alpha. Haven’t you seen our parents? How the mums respect their mates. That’s how things are and that’s how things will always be.”

“You cannot be serious. This is the 21st century. How can you act so freaking orthodox? I snapped angrily.

That made him angry as well.

He let go of my waist and took hold of my arms.

“Why are you like this Kristy? I just wanted a simple mate, who I would love and she would love me back. Why are you being so difficult?” He asked violently shaking me.


A pin drop silence followed my little yelling session. I could see the change of expression on his face. First, he was confused almost questioning himself if I actually said that. Next, when it finally registered an angry expression engulfed his features.

I saw Jason raise his fist ready for a punch. Is he going to punch me? He couldn’t possibly do that!

His fist came closer and closer and finally I heard a loud baam. That was probably one of my bones.

But I felt no pain. My eyes were tightly shut so I wasn’t too sure what had happened.

After a few seconds of silence I looked up and noticed Jason’s bleeding fist. I turned around and saw a huge dent behind the wall.

I saw him taking deep breaths in order to control his anger.

“Change. Now. We are leaving.” He said with clenched teeth.

“I don’t need a ride. I can manage to get back home.” I said testing his patience.

In another second I was pushed to the wall my back colliding with great force. Okay, I guess I asked for this one. Jason kept me pinned to the wall with his body. I couldn’t help but notice the sparks he was giving to my exposed skin.

“Kristy, do not push your luck.” He said with narrowed eyes.

“Get off of me.” I said trying to push him away, but it was useless. His body was glued to mine. It really wasn’t helping that I was dressed in undergarments. His breath on my lips would give me a heart attack.

His intense glare was making me sick, almost dizzy.

After a few seconds he pushed away and left the change room.

I shut the door after him and turned around and looked at the hole in the wall.

He is really mad at me.

All of a sudden a scary thought occurred in my mind. IS he going to start ignoring me again? Last time I pissed him off he didn’t talk to me for almost month. This time, I bet he is not going to talk to me for a year.

I gave an annoyed sigh and changed back to my normal clothes.

AS I stepped out I saw him waiting for me near the entrance.

I surprised myself when I decided to buy everything I took to the change room. Jason was giving me a dirty look the whole time.

I walked out with my bags and walked past Jason heading for the exit.

“You seriously bought all of that?” He asked nastily.

“Why not?”

“These clothes led for us to fight. You will still buy them?” He asked angrily.

I continued walking debating whether I should answer his questions.

“Answer me!” He hissed in annoyance.

“ Yes, I bought it. Why shouldn’t I? It’s not like I’ll be wearing this for you.” I snapped angrily.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean? You’ll wear this for someone else?” He asked his voice getting louder.

Okay maybe this is not the right time to fight with him.

“Let’s just go.” I said and walked away.

I let out a sigh of relief when I realized that he didn’t argue or create a scene. That would be pure embarrassing.

The ride back to the house was extremely awkward. I swear I just wanted to die in a hole that time.

I saw Jason’s hands were tightly encircled around the steering wheel. His anger was slightly scaring me now. The way he punched the wall in the change room, what if he punches my face next time?

These scary thoughts haunted me for the rest of the ride.

I wanted to jump and dance when I saw the house arrive. I was going to jump out before the car even stopped, but that would just piss him off even more.

I patiently waited for the car to stop. Once it was at a complete halt I opened the door and stepped out.

However, what caught me by surprise was the fact that Jason stood outside my door.

When did he even get out? I asked myself.

Without any warning he picked me up bridal style and led us inside the house.

“What are you doing?” I whispered yelled, hoping no one would hear us.

But he decided to ignore me. He continued walking with an angry expression on his face.

I decided to keep quiet and only yell once we are in a room.

I started to wriggle around immediately when I saw the door to his room. He opened the door and threw me on the bed.

Then he turned around and locked the door.

Wait, locked the door?

For a couple of seconds he just stood there watching the door. He was seriously starting to scare me now.

Finally he turned around, his pitch dark eyes boring into mine.

Uh oh.....

Chapter 15

“Jason, you need to calm down.” I said moving further away on the bed.

Jason was really scaring me now. His dark eyes were angrily glaring at me; his deep breaths showed that he was having hard time controlling his anger.

One wrong step on my part and he would hurt me.

“Jason...just calm do....”

I didn’t get a chance to complete my sentence because a heavy body lay on top of me, pinning me to the bed.

“Do not ask me to calm down. I have been calm all this while. But I cannot take it anymore.” Said Jason with clenched teeth.

I could see his white pearl like teeth slowly turning into deadly canines.

“Leave me.” I said helplessly. He was holding me down with his body, pinning my hands up right above my head.

“Do you realize how much it hurts when you say certain things?”

“Jason, just please let me go.” I said not being able to look into his eyes.

“Are you scared now? You showed absolutely no fear towards me. Am I going to have to turn wolf every single time I expect you to follow my orders?”

For some reason his words sent a wave of realization through me. He believes pinning me to a bed and turning wolf on me will actually result in me being scared of him.

That is never going to happen. Not in a million years.

“Get off of me Jason.” I ordered, sounding as angry as him.

“What?” he asked confused.

“Get Off!” I yelled. I tried to move up with all the force I could muster.

This made him stumble back, but he still didn’t let go of my hands.

Why the hell is this guy so strong?

“You stubborn little bitch.” He said moving his face closer to mine.

“You cocky little asshole.” I replied.

I saw his face turning red with anger. His eyes were so black, that I could see my reflection in them.

That’s it Kristy he’s going to punch your face now.

Get ready!

And then it happened.

We made contact.

Something I had not expected in a million years.

But it wasn’t the punch that I was expecting, instead Alpha Jason kissed me.

It wasn’t the sweet gentle kiss a girl wishes for. His kiss was rough and almost punishing.

Not saying I didn’t like it.

He forced his lips onto mine, probably splitting my lips in the process. For the first few seconds I could not believe what was happening. His soft lips connected with mine with so much force that it left me dazed.

When I finally realized what he was doing I quickly started to move away. I don’t want him thinking I actually like what he’s doing.

I tried to move my face in every direction, but he brought one of his hands down to my face keeping it in the right position.

He kept both my hands pinned with just one hand.

No matter how rough the kiss was I could not ignore the sparks going around me, even though I refused to open my mouth, my wolf begged me to give in.

But my human was in control and she wouldn’t let me do that.

After some time he finally pulled away breathing heavily. The first thing I noticed was his eyes. They weren’t black anymore. They were no turning into their natural blue shade. I guess that’s a good sign. But there was no way I was going to let this kiss slide. No one can kiss me without my permission. Even if I enjoyed it immensely.

“How dare you?” I snapped.

“Disobey me again and the consequences will be worse. Mark my words.” He said his face close to mine. He looked at my lips one last time and for a second I thought he was going to kiss me again. But instead he brought his face closer so close that our noses were now touching. I was too paralyzed to protest. I felt his hard muscled chest on my body breathing heavily the rhythm of his breathing was connecting with my body. I had a strong urge to just close the distance by connecting my lips with his. But that thought was interrupted when he moved his face towards my right and connected his lips to my cheek. His lips touched my skin but didn’t move away immediately. He kept his lips on my cheek giving it a little lick in the end and finally pulling away from me.

I saw him walk towards his closet, taking off his shirt and finally going to the bathroom.

I still lay down on the bed, questioning myself if all that just happened.

Chapter 16

As I waited for Jason to finally come out of the washroom, I entertained myself by watching some TV. After watching fifteen minutes of vampire Diaries I finally saw Allen walking out in his boxers.

Things were too awkward between us, so without giving him a single glance I walked straight to the washroom with my night suit.

I took about ten minutes to freshen up, but unlike last time I took my clothes with me. The last thing need right now is more drama. All I need right now is a friend I can talk to. The only person that can help me in this situation is Chase. I wanted to see him so bad. I spoken to him since the day I ditched him at the dance. I didn’t realize but this whole situation was really stressing me out. I have never felt so tensed in my life. I have never feared anyone. But Jason is changing that, and I’m really not liking it.

Jason was lazily lying on the bed flipping through channels. Without uttering a single word I walked straight towards the door. If I wanted to see Chase or anyone else for that matter, no one can stop me. I do what I want. It’s my life. No one controls. Not even my alpha mate.

“Where are you going?” Asked Jason who was now standing next to me.

“I am going to see Chase.” I said while opening the door.

“Chase?” asked Jason extremely calmly, but then he shut the door so hard that a couple of painting shook on the wall.

“Yes Chase.” I replied rolling my eyes.

“What do you need from him?” He asked still as calm as ever. His hands held the door closed firmly and he trapped me with his other hand.

He reminded of all the times when my parents knew I was in trouble and they interrogated me about the whole situation.

This what Jason was doing right now.

However, this time I made no mistake. I simply wanted to see my friend.

“I need a bloody friend to talk to. Is it that so f***ing hard for you to understand? I mean you treat me like a freakin five year old who can’t take care of herself. Why don’t you understand how annoying the way you treat me is. You act like you own me. You refuse to accept me. However, you demand I listen to all your orders and not even glance at a single guy. Do you even realize how ridiculous that is? You know how you said all you wanted was a mate that would just love you and you would love her back? Well, guess what Jason, even I wished for a mate who would respect me, respect my decision. A mate that would love me and I would love him back. But look what I got instead AN OVER POSSESIVE ALPHA MALE.” By this time my ears were burning hot and my breathing was ten times faster. The anger was going to let all the tears escape from my eyes, but I just couldn’t let that happen. It is hard to believe that a simple question made me burst out like that. I guess, all these feelings were just trapped inside looking for a moment to burst out.

The whole time I was looking at him straight in the eyes. He stood there expressionless. For the first time I couldn’t tell what was going on in his mind. I spent the next few seconds trying to figure out. His blankness was making me nervous. However, soon he decided to break the silence.

“Fine, go on then.” He said pushing himself away from the door and walking away.

Did he just give me permission to go see Chase?

Wow, I really got myself into some real shit this time.

But I didn’t bother staying in that room for another second; instead I headed towards Chase’s room.

I could hear loud music bursting from his room. I knocked on the door a couple of times but got no response. I knocked the door harder this time and he finally opened it.

“Well, hello sexii lady.” He said in a british accent.

“I don’t know why you even try?” I said inviting myself in.

Chase chuckled behind me and shut the door.

“Are you here to apologize for last night?”

“Yes and I need some advice.” I said a little guiltily.

“Alright apology accepted now tell me what’s wrong?”

“i didn’t even apologize yet.” I said confused.

“I can see the guilt on your face honey.” He said smiling. “Now get your ass here and tell me what’s wrong?”

I took one deep breath and dragged my feet to his bed. Once I finally got comfortable I started my story. In the middle I took a little break when my stomach grumbled uncontrollably. Chase grabbed me some snacks and I continued with my story. I told him each and every thing. Starting from the deal all the way to what happened a while ago.

“That’s some crazy shit.”

“I know.” I said hugging his comfy pillow.

“Kristy, you need to give him a chance.”

“Chase, I am willing to give him a chance, only if he accepts me for who I am.”

“Honey, every relationship one has to make compromises. Not only one person but both of them. But you should be the bigger person and offer the friendly hand. From what I heard you guys have a lot of fun when you aren’t fighting, so I suggest first you work on being friends and then move into a relationship.”

“Wow Chase that was deep.”

“I know, just calm down a little okay? Promise to me that you will control your anger?”


“Good girl.” He said giving me a hug.

I hugged him back and got ready to leave.

“See you later pumpkin.”

“Bye dufus.”

The walk to Jason’s room was excruciatingly scary. I kept thinkingabout hwta he was going to do. Would he oignore me? Would he push me against a wall again? Would he kiss me again to make me realize I need to follow his orders?

When I finally reached the door it took me two whole minutes to gather enough courage to open it.

I have not been so freaking scared my whole life. This is pathetic.

I slowly opened the door and found the room to be pitch dark. Is he sleeping? He probably is considering it is a school day tomorrow. I slowly removed my socks and slid into the bed beside him, making sure to keep a fair amount of distance between us. In a way I was happy that he was asleep, now I wouldn’t have to face him.

“Oh so you decided to come back? I thought you were going to spend the night with your boyfriend.”

Did he just say that?

I think I’m dreaming?

“Well, you thought wrong.” I said partly to check if he really said those words.

“Being the slut you are I wouldn’t be surprised.”

There was so much venom in his voice that I actually heard my heart break. I cannot believe his words were hurting me so much. I could feel the tears forming in my eyes. My throat gave me immense pain because I was trying to control my pain. Without saying another word I turned around going as far away as possible and let the tears flow freely. That night I silently cried myself to sleep.

Chapter 17

Right after I stepped foot inside the house Chase and Derik treated me like a princess for the rest of the day. If I knew shedding some tears would result in me being treating like a royalty, I would definitely do this at least once a month.

My brother orders me my favourite pizza while Chase watched my favourite shows with me. At night they both watched gossip girls with me, just to cheer me up. They even missed the football game! But the most surprising thing was when they offered to watch Twilight, since they know it is my favourite movie.

However, I decided not to take advantage of their sweetness and kindly refused. I could see how happy they were at my decision.

It was now around 8:30 and I still hadn’t seen Jason. I kept wondering what he was doing in his room. Was he even worried about me? Did he even care where I was? I don’t understand why he got so mad just because I wanted to see Chase. Why is he so insecure?

“Are you thinking about him?” asked a voice seated beside me.

“Not really.” I lied

“I know you were Kristy, you had that sad expression on your face.”

“It’s not that Chase, I just don’t understand why he hates you so much?”

“Kristy, what has happened to you? What did that guy do to the old Kristy I knew? The girl who wouldn’t give a shit about what a guy thinks. The girl who could manage to wrap any guy around her fingers. Kristy, believe in yourself. You can make Jason want you. Just a few tricks and he’ll be head over heels for you. Trust me, you will win that stupid challenge of yours.” He said chuckling at the last part. His words were working their way through my brains. Will I be able to face Jason? Do I have the capability to make him fall for me?

I felt something vibrate underneath me. I reached for my back pocket and opened my newly received text. It was probably for Andrea or Juan.

Thanks a lot babe for not coming back to my room. My guess is that you’re spending the night with that loser Chase. Well, go right at it because I myself have invited a friend over. So don’t bother coming back, my friend and I have some unfinished business. Plus, I don’t think I can fit three people on my bed.

Adios Mate

I read the text another five times hoping that there would be a different meaning behind it.

But I was wrong. Jason had a girl over in his room.

That jerk!

“You know what Chase, you’re right. I can get any guy I want. And I will make sure Jason regrets every single tear he brought in my eyes.”

“That’s my girl.” He said punching me arm.

“I have a present for you by the way.” He said grabbing a bag from the closet.

“A present?” I asked confused.

“Yeah. I got it last year for your birthday, but your brother said he would never let you wear something like this. But I think it’s time you put this dress on.”

He chucked a bright red bag at me. I cautiously opened the bag that revealed a blue silk material underneath. I carefully took out the blue material and unfolded it.

It was gorgeous.

He gave a strapless knee length dress. I knew this would hug every single curve in my body.

This is exactly what I need.

“No way man! I am not letting my sister wear that dress.” Said Derik grabbing the dress away from me.

“Derriikkk..Please, you know how badly I want to teach Jason a lesson. This is the only way. Pleaasssee Derik.” I asked with a sad expression on my face.

“Urghh..fine just this once.” He said giving up.

Wow that was easy

“Thank you thank you thank you.” I said hugging them both.

Half an hour later Chase left the room. I had asked Andrea to go grab my undergarments from Jason’s room. When she came back she confirmed there was a girl in his room. Thankfully they were fully dressed. Apparently it was the same girl who was making out with him outside my locker.

I decided not to think about it too much and drifted off to sleep.

*Next morning*

A smile lit up on my face at the thought of dressing up today. My brother was already in the shower so I decided to stay in my comfy blankets.

As soon as Derik came out I rushed to the bathroom with all my necessities. I quickly finished my morning deeds and changed into my dress.

And yes I was definitely satisfied.

As I presumed that dress hugged every curve in my body, no wonder Derik didn’t want me to wear it.

By the time I was done my brother had already left.

I left my hair with lights curls at the bottom and applied minimal make up.

Alright it was finally show time.

I walked down the stairs reminding myself to stay confident. I can do this.

I looked at him from a distance and he looked as gorgeous as ever. He wore a tight grey shirt with black pants and converse. This guy doesn’t even try and manages to look like a Greek god.

I walked straight to my granola bars without giving him a single glance. I realized he stopped eating because I couldn’t hear his spoon connecting with his bowl of cereal.

Without even a cursory glance I went straight out the garage door.

Jason didn’t show up for a while. For as second I thought he wasn’t going to come. I was about to go inside and check when I heard angry footsteps charging towards the garage door.

With wolf speed I went back to the car, pretending to wait for him. His face had the same old angry expression glued onto it. He unlocked the doors and waited for me to enter. As I sat down I saw his eyes linger around my legs for a second. When he saw me looking at him, he quickly replaced it with an angry expression.

The car was filled with the very familiar silence. I could feel Jason’s anger around me. But I couldn’t care less.

“Dressed like a slut I see.” He laughed. Even though there was nothing funny in what he said. He hid his deep anger hidden behind his laugh.

“Why not? After all a slut should dress like a slut.” I said with a smirk.

I saw a surprised expression cover his face but he quickly recovered it with a blank expression.

As soon as he parked the car for the first time in my life I stepped out before him. Every single day he left the car as if he was dying to get away from me. But today for the first time I left the car first.

Even though I couldn’t see his expression since my back was turned away, I could tell he was perplexed. It was only after I was near the entrance that I heard him step out of his car.

As expected I received all the unwanted attention. Wolf whistles, howling, nasty comments etc.

I went straight to the washroom where I was protected from all those perverted teens outside. I spent a good ten minutes in there waiting for the bell to ring. Once the bell finally rang I went to class. I was prepared to see Jason with the same girl. I bet he was going to do something worse. I bet he’s going to start making out with her in class, right in front of me!

I scolded my brain for coming up with these thoughts and rushed to class.

As soon as I entered all eyes were glued to me. Girls gave me angry glares while all guys gave me hungry looks.

But something caught my attention as well.

It was Jason.

No, he wasn’t making out with the girl. Nor was he sitting even close to her. Instead I saw him seated right beside me.

What the hell?

When Jason saw my confused expression he quickly turned away and glared at the whole class. I think they all got the message because soon they all looked away from me.

I awkwardly went to my seat and placed my bag between us.

I know he is up to something.

It was hard to concentrate in class considering Jason was sitting beside me. It was hard to ignore his addictive scent. Halfway through class a note landed on my table. My eyes automatically drifted to Jason. But he was too busy texting so I knew it wasn’t him. I looked in the other direction and found one of the football jocks smiling at me.

I opened the note and started to read it.

“Hey gorgeous, wanna hang out la..”

I wasn’t able to finish the note because it was rudely snatched out of my hand. A furious expression covered Jason’s face as he read the note.

“Give it back.” I hissed.

Jason gave me a deadly glare and tore the paper in a million pieces not breaking eye contact with me.

Then he turned around and glared at the guy who sent me the note. I am not sure but I think I heard him mouth the words “You are so dead.” But then I could be hallucinating. However, when I turned around, I saw the guys face had turned pale. As soon as his eyes connected with mine he looked away, like I was some contagious disease.

“So it’s okay for you to make out with a girl, but I can’t even read a note from a guy?” I hissed at him.

Jason decided to ignore me and continued texting. I had a very strong urge to just take the phone and break it into a million pieces, like he tore my paper.

I seriously can’t stand his guts.

Thankfully the bell rang and without wasting a single second I walked out of class.

“Hello gorgeous.”

I knew that familiar voice.

“Chase!” I said happily and greeted him with a hug.

“So did the dress do any wonders yet?”

“You won’t believe what that jerk did in class.”

“Speak of the devil.” I heard him whisper.

Alright, it’s payback time bitch.

I slid my hands around Chase’s neck and pulled him lower towards my face. At first there was a shocked expression on his face. However, soon he realized what I as up to. Very smoothly he slid his hands around my waist and brought me closer. The smirk on Chase’s face confirmed that Jason was watching.

We stayed there for a couple of seconds when all of a sudden a brick wall bumped into me, automatically my head bumped into Chase, making us wince in pain.

When I looked up I saw Jason walking away with his books in one hand, while his other hands were around a slut’s waist.

I can seriously murder him right now.

“Are you okay?” Asked Chase

“I hate that jerk; he can mess around with girls. But I can’t do shit. I hate his bloody guts!”

“Calm down Kristy, remember your motive is to make him jealous and I can tell it’s working.”

I nodded my head in acceptance and made him walk me to my next class.

My next class, boys avoided me like I was some kind of plague. I caught them looking at me but as soon as our eyes connected they would look away in fear.

Why do I have a feeling that Jason has something to do with this?

When the bell finally rang I went to the cafeteria frustrated with the turn of events.

I saw my friends seated at a table and Jason with his little posy just a few feet away from us. When Jason saw me he immediately brought one of his lady friends closer to him.

I rolled my eyes at his immatureness. Is that all he’s got?

I walked towards my table and instead of sitting on a chair like any normal person, I decided to take a seat on Chase’s lap.

Chase gave me a knowing smirk, while my brother gave us an angry glare.

I stole some fries from Chase and stole my brother’s unopened chocolate milk.

“Give that back.” Said Derik already giving up. He knew there was no way he was going to get his chocolate milk back.

“Nope.” I replied simply and sipped on the chocolate milk.

An annoying giggle made me look up. I wasn’t surprised when I saw the slut sitting on Jason’s lap whispering something in his ear. My heart burnt with jealously. I wanted to push that girl off and slap Jason in the face. I don’t know how long we are going to play these stupid games for?

I heard him whisper something back and softly kiss her cheek. It was almost like he was being super gentle with her, like she was the most fragile thing in the world. Next, I saw him wrap his around her back and slowly massaging it. I could see him looking from the corner of his eyes. I knew that he knew I was watching. But there was no way in hell I was going to give him the satisfaction of winning.

I looked towards Chase and whispered the words “I am sorry”

What I was about to do next would definitely piss the shit out of him. And that is exactly what I want.

I brought my face close to Chase and connected my lips with his. At first I think he was too shocked to respond. But soon he got in the game. He wrapped his arms around me and pushed our bodies closer. We kissed passionately our lips moving in sync. I heard a few gasps from our audience and lots of wolf whistles. I was sure by this point my brother had probably left the table. Chase playfully nibbled on my bottom lip and I willingly gave him entrance. We were a few seconds from pulling away when a loud bang interrupted our kiss.

When we looked around we saw all the kids had a scared expression glued on to their face. They were all facing the vending machine, which now had a huge hole in the middle. I looked around and saw the slut who was with Jason was now on the floor rubbing her back.

Holy shit!

There was pin drop silence in the cafeteria. Some nubes stole chips from the broken vending machine, while others ate in silence.

I immediately moved away from Chase now taking a seat on the chair. I wasn’t expecting his reaction to be this extreme.

But at least now he has a taste of his own medicine.

Rest of lunch passed away in an awkward silence.

Once the bell rang I left for my next class with Andrea. For some reason it seemed like she was mad at me. When I asked her what was wrong she dismissed my question. I really don’t need any more drama in my life.

“Where the hell are my books?” I asked to no one in particular when I realized my books were not in my desk.

“Your locker?” replied Andrea bitterly.

What the hell is up her ass?

“No! I leave all my books in my desk. Whatever I’ll go check.”

I took permission from the teacher and left for my locker. I hope no one stole my books. That would be a real pain. I mean I had all my notes in them.

I walked down the empty deserted hallway trying to think real hard about where my books went.

I was about to take a turn when a hand connected with my mouth and the other swiftly picked me up. I feeling of pure horror went through me. From the guy’s strength I could tell it was a wolf. I was too scared so none of my senses seemed to work.

I struggled under his grip. He was taking me to one of the most deserted hallways in the school. My body was shaking with fear. My brain had stopped working. What was this guy planning to do with me?

As we entered the hallway he walked towards one of the janitor’s closet and pushed me inside. Next he followed me in and quickly shut the door.

As soon as he let me go I tried to escape. Since it was pitch dark it as impossible to see his face. I knew there was no point screaming because there were no classes in this hallway during the second half of the day.

As I tried to escape his body pushed me back and made my back collide with the wall. He pushed his body into mine holding it in place. In a few seconds I heard a click and soon the room was filled with dim light.

Without wasting a single second I looked up at the person who had brought me into this room.

What my eyes saw took my breath away. This cannot be happening.

I cursed my luck and thought about different ways to kill myself. Chapter 18

“What the hell Jason? What do you think you are doing?” I said pushing him away. For once he actually fumbled back. His beautiful features lit up in the dim light. But he looked so sad, as if he was in real pain.

When he didn’t stop me I found my way around his muscles body and reached for the door. Before my hands even connected with the door handle, Jason caught hold of wrist making me come to a stop.

“Let go of me Jason.” I said trying to free my wrist.

Instead of letting go of my wrist Jason yanked me back with so much force that I was sure if I bumped into the wall I would break my bones. I expected my body to collide with the wall, but instead I bumped into a muscular chest. My eyes were tightly shut, in hopes that I wouldn’t have to see myself getting physically hurt. But when my body connected with his, I finally felt the sparks around us. I don’t know why I didn’t feel the sparks when he was carrying me. Maybe because the fear I felt completely blocked all my senses.

When I opened my eyes I realized my head was placed right on his chest. I looked up and noticed his deep blue eyes staring into mine. I pushed myself away, but Jason caught hold of my arms.

“What are you doing Jason?” I asked genuinely curious.

“You have put me through so much pain Kristy.” They way he said my name made my heart skip a beat. I don’t know why but the pain in his voice was about to make me cry.

“Jason you’ve hurt me too! Do you think I like seeing you with another girl?” I whispered back. I hope he could feel the pain in my voice.

“But..But I only did that to get you back. I wouldn’t have done any of that if you wouldn’t have spent the night with Chase.” He seemed so confident in what he said that it made me realize that to him what he did was completely justified.

“Jason, you don’t understand. Firstly you need to trust me. Secondly Chase is nothing but a good friend.”

“Oh yeah? That’s why you had your tongue down his throat.” He replied in so much anger that it actually made me flinch.

“Wh..what about the time when you were making out with that slut? So is that justified?”

“I was only doing that to make you jealous!” He replied exasperated.

“Well, I was doing this to make you jealous as well.” I replied smartly.

Jason’s grip on my arm tightened, he turned me around and pushed me to the wall.

“It’s impossible to have a normal conversation with you.” He said frustration evident in his voice.

“Whatever Jason just let me go. We can never agree upon anything.” I said getting uncomfortable with his closeness.

“I’m not letting you go that easily Kristy. Not today.” He said huskily.

Every inch of my body was covered with his. I could feel his hot breath on my ear.

“What are you doing Jason?” I asked starting to get nervous.

“Something I should have done a long time ago.” He said kissing my neck softly.

I held my breath for some reason. I was enjoying this too much. I wanted him to stop but didn’t have the heart to tell him. He held my body in place my squishing his body into mine. He explored my body with his free hands as he kissed my jaw line.

“You are mine and only mine Kristy.” He said panting hard.

I mind was too blurred to reply. I wasn’t sure what he was talking about.

And that’s when I felt it. His sharp canines touching my neck.

Is he seriously doing that? Is he seriously going to claim me?

I immediately pushed him away, unfortunately he did not budge.

“Are you going to bite me?” I asked

“I have to mark my territory.” He whispered, breathing hard on my neck. His nails were longer and the fur had started to grow on his arms. He is really thinking about biting me.

“ can’t. I won’t allow it. We aren’t ready for mating Jason. We aren’t even on talking terms.”

“I don’t give a shit.” He half growled. This is not good his wolf is taking control.

“Get away from me!” I yelled for the first time.

But that only resulted in him getting madder. He pushed me harder against the wall and landed his hands right on my waist, holding my body on place.

Next, he extended his shiny canines and dug them into my skin.

At first, excruciating pain engulfed my body. But that only lasted for seconds. It was soon replaced by pure pleasure. As he bit into my flesh my body automatically gave away. It was almost like a drug addict who didn’t get his favourite drug was finally getting it. That feeling was too strong for words.

Once he was done I felt a trail of blood leaking from my wound. He bit me. He bit me without my permission.

When he moved away I saw his eyes were bluer than I had ever seen. He was truly gorgeous. Extremely good looking. His blonde hair, his deep blue eyes, his perfect cheek bones. I don’t think I even deserve him.

Holy shit!

What the hell am I thinking? I should hate this guy. He mated with me without my permission.

“Any wolf who tries to touch you now is punishable under the law.” He said with all seriousness.

That piece of shit.

Automatically my right hand rose with all my strength and connected with his left cheek. That certainly felt satisfying, but not satisfying enough. I went for another punch, this time for his right cheek. I was inches away from his face, when he caught my wrist and twisted it around my back.

I winced in pain as he twisted my wrist. I saw his anger filled eyes boring into mine. I bet my eyes were equally angry.

I expected him to lecture me, but instead he did something else. A bad habit he needs to get rid of.

He brought him face closer to mine and my eyes widened in shock. As I expected, he connected his soft lips with mine. This kiss was gentle yet passionate at the same time. The feeling was magical, but I wasn’t going to give in. He nibbled on my lower lip numerous times but I refused to give him entrance. After a while he slid his arm around my back going lower and lower. I wondered what he was up to. Finally his hands rested on my butt, giving them a squeeze. A surprised gasp escaped my mouth and he took advantage by sliding his tongue into me.

AS his tongue shamelessly explored my mouth, his hands were now resting on my inner thigh. I was frustrated because I wanted to push him away, but my body wouldn’t let me.

My human was yelling pathetic words at me. His hands were now going higher and higher. But before they reached their destination I pushed him away. The only reason he stumbled was because he was too busy feeling me up.

“Don’t ever do that again in school you jerk!” I snapped at him.

“No problemo, I’ll do that in our room instead.” He said winking at me. I couldn’t help but notice how sexy he looked when he winked.

“Who says I am coming to your room? I am just going to sleep in my brother’s room.”

“I could call your parents to convince you instead. If that’s what you want. I am sure they’ll be happy to know I finally claimed you.” He replied a little smirk playing on his lips.

“You wouldn’t.” I said taking a step towards him. My anger evident in my voice. I could feel my ears burning and probably bright red right now. First he claims me, now he’s blackmailing me.

“You know what I just realized.” He said bringing his face closer to mine. “Your anger really turns me on.”

“ are seriously bipolar. Go see a doctor or something. I am leaving.”

“Sure thing mate, see you in my room tonight. If I don’t see you, I’ll make sure to use some help to convince you.”

“I hate you.” I replied and left the stupid closet.

AS I left I swear I heard him whisper the words “but I love you.”

Except, I am sure I was just hearing things.

Chapter 19

The rest of the day my brain refused to focus on anything, but that stupid mark on my neck. Chase and Derik were furious when they found out. However there was nothing they could do about it. According to our laws, there was nothing wrong with claiming your mate without their permission. It was believed that the bite would only result in their bond growing stronger. Therefore, there was nothing wrong with it.

I felt these laws were complete bull shit. I don’t understand how you can just bite someone without their permission. Chase and my brother thought the same. But unfortunately there was absolutely nothing they could do about it.

My brain constantly over worked itself thinking about ways to get out of this mess. My thoughts were completely invaded my Jason. His anger, his over protectiveness, his insecurities, the way he narrows his eyes at me when I make him mad, the way his blue eyes turn completely black when he’s jealous, the way his rosy lips turn into a smirk when I do something stupid, the way his muscular arms fit perfectly around my body, the way his hot breath touches my ski...

Holy shit Kristy, snap out of it!

This stupid bond has started to work already.

Right after school I went to Andrea’s room. We finished our homework and ate dinner together. I decided to watch something on TV but soon changed my mind; I don’t want Jason calling my parents. So, instead I went to his room.

As I entered the room his very familiar scent hit my nose. It was stronger than I have ever felt. I am sure my scent hit him too because he turned around and smirked at me from his study table.

“So you decided to show up?”

“You didn’t really give me an option.” I snapped, closing the door behind me.

“Oh just admit it! You couldn’t stop thinking about my gorgeous face.” He said, pulling himself up from the chair and walking towards me.

If he thinks we are on talking terms after what he did, he is sadly mistaken.

I gave him a blank expression and walked away to the closet before he came any closer.

My human showered me with pride, but my wolf yelled at me for being so rude.

“Nope I just didn’t want you to call my parents.”

I went to the closet to change into my pj’s.

“You know they are going to find out someday and they’ll be more than happy.” I heard his voice say.

“Yeah, I know.” I muttered angrily.

I hated the fact how everyone in this world would be happy with this relationship but me. My stupid parents got me stuck in his room. And now they are out doing stupid pack stuff leaving me alone with this loser.

“Kristy?” A voice whispered right into my ear, causing me to drop the piece of clothing in my hands.

“Holy shit Jason, you really scared the hell out of me.”

“Do you hate me?” He asked. His sad blue eyes were looking into my hazel ones looking for an answer.

His sudden questions surprised me. That was extremely random; he definitely caught me by surprise.

“I..uh..what do you mean?” I said starting to get nervous. Those hypnotic eyes make me forget everything in my mind. His scent drives me crazy I just fail to think straight.

He took a step towards me, his body connecting with mine.

“DO you hate me for claiming you without your permission?”He asked one more time, breathing into my hair. Even though I couldn’t see his face anymore, since it was buried in my hair, I could feel the regret in his voice. How does he expect me to answer that question with all honesty, if he glued his body like that to me? This is not fair.

“I couldn’t Jason. I could never hate you. Even if I tried.” I replied my eyes tightly shut, as I swallowed the lump of pride in my throat.

“I was wondering.” He said taking a huge gulp. I could sense his nervousness. I looked up to see what was causing him to get this nervous.

“I was..I was wondering if you wanted know..go out..or know..for a movie..maybe..or something else if you want..only if you want.”

The sight that my eyes saw was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. I could see Jason’s cheeks turning slightly pink and I thought it was the most adorable thing in the world. The way his eyes scanned around the closet nervously, the way he unconsciously started to play with my hair, I thought it was utterly cute.

I smiled at his nervousness and said.

“Movie sounds perfect.”

What the hell are you doing Kristy? You are supposed to say mad at him. He bit you for heaven’s sake! How can you go out for a movie?

“Really?” He asked extremely surprised. Wow was he expecting me to say no?

Should I have said no? Well, I technically should be mad at him for claiming me, but the way he asked me was too cute. There was no way I could have said no.

“Yeah really.” I replied, a little sceptical of my decision now.

My wolf was screaming with joy, while my human was screaming profanities at me.

“Oh, so do you want to go after school tomorrow?” He asked excited.

The fact that spending time with me was something that got him excited really made me happy. His excited face was enough for me to ignore my human.

“You want to go for a movie on a weekday?”

“uhh..yeah? Is there a problem?”

“Nope, no problem.” I smiled.

I saw his eyes flicker to my lips for a second, but he soon brought them back to my eyes. Suddenly I realized how close we were standing. People usually don’t have conversations standing this close. However, neither of us wanted to move away.

“Sounds good.” He said showing me his pearl white teeth. He reluctantly took a step back, his eyes still staring into mine. He finally looked away and went back to doing his homework.

For some reason I had a strong urge to do the happy dance. I cannot believe the guy I was crying over yesterday now asked me out to a date. But the most shocking thing is the fact that I said yes.

For some reason I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt very happy form the inside, like I finally completed something incomplete within me. It was very satisfying feeling.

I freshened up and got cozy in our bed. The thought of us sleeping together got me really excited for some reason. I inhaled his scent and went deeper into the blankets.

I was almost dozing off to sleep when I felt the other side of the bed going deeper. A wave of nervousness washed through me. The feeling wasn’t exactly nervousness; it was like excitement mixed with some nervousness. I failed to understand what there was to be nervous about. But whenever Jason comes closer I cannot help but feel this way.

He turned off the bedside lamp and the room was engulfed in darkness.

“Kristy?” I heard his sexy voice.

“Yeah?” I only managed in a whisper.

“I think I’m starting to fall for you.” I heard him say very cautiously.

The moment those words escaped his lips; my heartbeat was ten times faster. I didn’t know what to say. Is he going to start laughing now? Maybe he’s just trying to fool me. I waited for him to start laughing, but I never heard anything. The silence in the room was making me jumpy.

“Are you sure that bite didn’t affect your brain in any way?” I said before I could stop those words from my mouth.

I heard his deep chuckle which led for me to smile.

“I think that bite did affect my brain.” He said still chuckling and turning towards me.

Next, I felt his hands sneak his way around my waist and pull me towards him. He pulled me close so now my hands were the only thing between our bodies.

“Wh.what ar..”

“Shh..just let me hold you. Honestly, I don’t know if I will ever be able to touch you again like this.”

What is wrong with him today? He seems more affected from the bite than me. However, I didn’t complain. Instead I moved my hands away from his chest and wrapped it around his waist. I felt his jaw move. He pulled me one more time to cover the space my hands had left.

“Night mate.” He whispered into my hair, sending tingles down my body. The way he said the word mate made my stomach feel funny. Wow, it’s only been some hours and this bond has already started to do wonders. But do I have the same affect on him?

“Night alpha.” I whispered seductively on his neck.

I heard a little groan escape his lips, which brought a huge smile upon my face.

It is quiet funny how quick things change in my life. The guy I hated and swore to seek revenge upon yesterday is the same one I am cuddling with today.

I wonder if my life will ever stop being so complicated.

Jason POV

I felt hot breath tickling me on my neck. My body felt so different. It was the first morning in my life where I felt so energized. I looked down and saw the most beautiful sight in front of me. My mate was cuddled against my chest, her heartbeat connecting with mine. She was gorgeous. She has no idea how hard it has been for me to control myself around her.

She looked so innocent when she slept. Just like an angel. The total opposite of what she is when she is awake. I chuckled at that thought. I know I pretend to hate her when she disobeys me. To an extent I do get irritated. But that’s something about her that makes her different from all the girls I have ever met. The fact that she does not fall for my good looks or my money, is what makes her different.

I still remember the first day I met her. The moment I saw her my heart knew she was my mate. I wasn’t ready to admit it. She was the complete opposite of what I expected. Yes, she was beautiful, but her attitude was what caught my attention. That wittiness, that sarcasm, her “don’t mess with me or I’ll break your face attitude” was quiet attractive. I hope one day she’ll understand why I am so possessive over her. I just love her too much I guess. I always have and I always will.

I looked down at her soft skin attached to my chest. Her chest was heaving in a rhythmic motion against me. My hands had no control over me and I had a strong urge to touch her soft skin and feel the sparks the touch would lead to.

Kristy POV

I felt something soft stroking my cheek, with great gentleness and care. I was too lazy to open my eyes, so I thought about who this person could be. As soon my mind was awake enough to feel the sparks, I realized who this person was. A smile was making its way onto my lips. However, I stopped the smile. I think my lovely mate deserves to be tortured a little. Let’s consider this a little punishment for biting me without my permission.

As his hands were tracing lines on my jaw I let out a sleepy little moan. Suddenly I felt his hands freeze on my face. Next, I pulled my hands against his chest and dragged them all the way down his waist. This way, I got the perfect opportunity to feel his six pack abs. His body tensed as my hands “unintentionally” explored his body.

I stretched my body and turned my back against him. AS soon as my face wasn’t visible to him anymore, a huge smile was plastered on my lips. Next, I brought my body closer to his very excited friend. I heard a little groan escape his mouth. I moved against his friend as if trying to make myself comfortable. This time a louder groan escaped his mouth and the next thing I know he was out of bed running to the washroom.

As soon as I heard the door close I silently giggled to myself making sure he wasn’t listening. I lay on the bed for another couple of minutes and my hand unintentionally traced the little bite marks on my neck. For some reason my anger was fading away. My human kept telling me to stay angry at him, but for some reason I just couldn’t get angry. The mark on my neck felt just perfect where it was.

I got onto my feet and picked out my outfit for the day. I kept in mind that Jason and I were going for a movie after. I settled on a simple white top and black skinny’s.

Seconds later Jason walked out in nothing but a towel hanging dangerously low on his waist.

Holy shit I think I just got a girl boner.

I saw him innocently drying his hair with another towel, with tiny droplets dripping on his chest. I was so jealous of those droplets. His body was the definition of perfection. I could just jump him right now.

“Oh how come you’re up early?” he asked completely oblivious to my drooling.


What the hell Kristy! Where did that come from?

“Uh..What?” He asked looking confused.

I cursed my stupidity and replied.

“I was wondering if we could have breakfast together.”

I looked down at the posh carpet underneath my foot. I was too embarrassed to look at him. Now he probably thinks I am desperate to spend time with him. Omg, what if he rejects me? That would be THE most embarrassing moment of my life.

“Sounds awesome.” He replied enthusiastically.

Wait? Did I hear him right?

I looked up to make sure he wasn’t being sarcastic and to my surprise he was dead serious. I gave his body one final glance and decided to get dressed.

I finished my morning chores in record time and was rewarded by Jason’s dazzling smile. He had patiently waited for me in the room.

All this was extremely nice, but I couldn’t ignore the fear within me. I wasn’t sure how long this side of Jason was going to last. I don’t know when we he’ll start acting like a jealous boyfriend and we’ll end up in another fight. I don’t know how long this love between us will long for. Another week? Another day? Or maybe just another minute.

I tried to push all the negative thoughts away and focused on his smile. The smile that looked so genuine. It was unbelievable it was the same guy who can be so ridiculous sometimes.

We walked downstairs together and ate scrambled eggs with bacon. Apparently Jason ordered someone to cook breakfast for us.

Well, obviously it would have been more romantic if he cooked for me, but what are the chances of that happening?

“That was wonderful.” I said rubbing my tummy.

“Yup..we should so this more often.”

“I completely agree.”I replied smiling.

For the first time in my life I had breakfast with Jason. In addition to that for the first time in my life the car ride to school was not filled with awkward silence. We talked about the most random things, like the weather, my favourite car, his favourite movie. But more importantly for the first time he asked me about my old house, my old friends and if I ever missed them.

This “getting to know each other session” was nice and all, however the thought of how long this was going to last was still haunting me.

Once we were at school, once again, for the first time Jason didn’t leave the car before me. Instead he waited for me and reminded me one more time to meet him after school in the parking lot.

I think deep within he feared that I was going to ditch last minute.

School was boring as usual. Maybe the reason it seemed extra long today was because I couldn’t wait for the end of the day. I told no one, not even Chase about my date with Jason. It just worries me what he will think, I was in his room crying a couple of days ago cursing Jason and now I am going on a date with him.

I somehow managed to convince my brother and Chase that I didn’t need a ride after school. Derik was sceptical at first but then he finally gave in. However Chase on the other hand surprised me. When I told him I didn’t need a ride home he almost looked.....relieved. I didn’t think about it too much and headed out to the parking lot after school.

I saw Jason leaning on his car waiting for me. I gave him a bright smile and headed towards him.

“I had a feeling you weren’t going to show up.” He said smiling

“Now why would I do that?” I asked smirking

“I don’t know...maybe because you just love torturing me like that.” He said taking a step closer.

“You are right, I do love torturing you.” I said tracing lines on his chest with my finger. “But I love Tom Cruise, so I wasn’t going to miss the movie.” I said smirking.

“And here I thought you actually wanted to spend time with me.” He said pouting.

I laughed at his childlessness and took a seat in his car.

It surprised me how crowded the theatres were on a weekday. How do people get enough time do go watch a movie on a working day? Are they really that jobless?

I waited patiently as Jason got me my popcorn and a drink. I saw the girl at the counter smiling a little too much at him. I could hear her shamelessly flirting with Jason, while he uncomfortably tried to order.

That’s when I decided to take matters in my own hands.

I walked there pushing through a whole bunch of people and landing right in front of that girl and beside Jason. Jason seemed confused at my sudden appearance while the girl just glared at me for butting in.

“There is a line miss.” She said angrily.

“Oh I do see the line behind me. Except the only thing delaying the orders is you shamelessly flirting with my boyfriend instead of just taking his order. SO why don’t you hurry the hell up and give my boyfriend what he needs.”

The girl had a shocked expression on her face. But she did end up getting our order in less than 30 seconds. I snatched the popcorn away and headed towards theatre number 5.

“Boyfriend huh?” I heard a voice behind me.

“What.” I asked confused.

“You called me your boyfriend.” He said smirking, like he just won a million dollars.

“I did not!” I lied not so smoothly.

He chuckled at my response and whispered in my ear.

“Its fine I love it when you get jealous. My plan was to ask you to be my girlfriend today, but since you already consider me your boyfriend there is no need.” He said smiling.

I had shock written all over my face. Did I hear him right? He was going to ask me to be his girlfriend? Okay there is definitely something wrong with him. That bite has done something to his brain. I am absolutely certain.

“Wh..wh..what..” I asked confused to make sure I heard him right.

“Just don’t worry about it. Just enjoy the movie.” He said kissing my cheek.

My face immediately heated up. I think he’s doing all this just to embarrass me. He will make me fall in love with him, and then soon enough he will break my heart. I bet that is his plan. But I just can’t help my stupid face from blushing. Thank god it was dark in here, or he could probably see me turning red.

“I love it when you blush.” He suddenly said his hot breath on my ear. I suddenly stopped breathing.

I felt him lick my earlobe and lightly nibbling on it. My face got even hotter, especially because we were in a public place. But my body did not have enough strength to push him away.

Thankfully the movie started and he reluctantly pulled away.

Unknown POV

I saw him waiting outside in his flashy little car waiting for someone. That spoilt little brat! I could see the girls around him eyeing him hungrily but he didn’t give them a single glance. I really hope the reason for his attitude is what I am hoping for.

And that’s when I saw her. A beautiful girl walking towards him. No denial she was hot, but what caught my attention was his face. He was completely love struck. Which means she is his mate! This is exactly what we wanted. I could see the love in his eyes for her and that got me real excited. Our plan is perfect. This is definitely going to work. All I have to do is get his pretty little mate alone. I need to somehow manage and get his mate all to myself.

Maybe have a little fun with her. Jason’s face will be priceless if he found out.

Kristy POV

The movie was totally awesome. Surprisingly Jason managed to keep his hand all to himself throughout movie. We headed out to the entrance when someone mercilessly bumped into me. Immediately Jason’s hands were around me keeping me from falling flat on my face.

“What the hell dude.......Chase?”

What the hell is Chase doing here? But I could tell he was as surprised as me. Then his eyes landed on me with the same shocked expression I had.

But then my eyes landed on her. NO way in freaking hell.

“What are you doing with him Kristy?” he said pointing at Jason.

“What are you doing with her Chase?” I asked pointing at the girl beside him.

I could not believe what my eyes were showing me. Beside Chase was none other than Andrea.

Andrea who now had a shocked expression on her face and sort of looked scared.

“You have no right to question Kristy. She is my mate and now my girlfriend so she can hang out with me whenever she wants.” Said Jason, since I was to handicapped to open my mouth.

Chase’s mouth formed a large “o” while I still stared at Andrea.

I waited for another minute staring at Andrea and then back at Chase, then at Andrea and back at Chase.

“Uh..yeah..we...we..found out..that..uh.” Tried Andrea unsuccessfully.

“We are mates.” Finished Chase



I screamed so loud that a whole bunch of people jumped in astonishment. Jason on the other was completely freaked out.

It wasn’t an angry shriek. It was a girly shriek when girls get too excited.

It all makes sense now. That’s why Andrea got so mad when I kissed Chase in the cafeteria!

I jumped towards her and gave her a bone crushing hug.

“Omg omg omg..I am soo happy for you two! You guys are absolutely perfect.”

“And you’re weird.” Muttered Chase from beside me.

That got my attention towards him.

“You.” I said with narrowed eyes. “How come you never told me?” I asked accusingly.

“Well you never told me about your little date either.” He counter replied.

Hmm..good point on his part.

I gave him an annoyed look and got my attention back to Andrea.

“Omg we totally have to talk about this now. Okay, let’s go to the washroom. Jason and Chase will wait for us. And Jason since you know Chase has a mate you don’t have to hate him so much. Maybe you guys can be friends now.” I said excitedly and dragged Andrea to the washroom.

“I will never understand the idea of girls going to washroom together.” I heard Jason mutter.

“Me too.” Replied Chase

We went to the washroom and I bombarded Andrea with a whole bunch of questions. When, how, who, where.

Andrea patiently replied to all of them. She told me she had liked him all along, however Chase had never noticed her. But after his 18th birthday which was not too long ago he started to feel the pull. Chase was the one who asked her out and this was their third date. I curiously absorbed all this information and heard all the tiny details.

And then of all of a sudden I heard a huge bang. It was as if someone closed the door with much more force than needed.

Before my brain could comprehend anything I saw two men with black masks rushing towards us.

This is not happening.

My poor heart almost gave away and my panicky state led to my uneven breathing. Next thing I know one of the men knocked Andrea out with his hands while the other man successfully pulled me towards him.


I can smell them.

This is not good.

Chapter 21

As he pulled me towards him he connected my body with his with a lot more force than needed, almost signalling that he has the capability of hurting me. Though I couldn’t see his face I saw his crystal blue eyes looking at me evilly. He was a muscular man around 6 ft tall. His hands were tightly wrapped around my body, his touch making me sick.

“I am the alpha’s mate. Don’t do something you will regret.” I hissed at him.

I saw his lips curve into a smirk.

“You are a feisty one aren’t you? Don’t worry sweet pea, we are about to have lots of fun.”He said his face dangerously close to mine.

I need to get out of this mess. Since both my hands were tightly wrapped around my back they were of no use. So instead I brought my leg and kicked him right in his family jewels. Immediately he was on the floor. I took advantage of this opportunity and ran towards the door. However, I didn’t get too far because the other masked man caught hold of my waist, making me loose balance and fall on the floor.

Damn him!

I kicked my legs in all different directions hoping one would finally end up on his family jewels. However soon enough he caught hold of both my legs by lying on top of me. His body weight made it impossible for me to move.

“SOMEBODY HELP ME! PLEASE HEL...”Before I could finish the last word I felt a wet cloth on my face and soon enough everything went blank.

My head felt like there were thousand pins piercing into it. I felt myself lying on soft silky material. I did not have enough energy to open my eyes because of the pain in my body. I decided to give my head a little squeeze with my hands, but they were unable to move.

I tried one more time and realized my hands were in great pain. Finally I opened my eyes out of confusion.

My hands were handcuffed to the top of the bed!

And that’s when it all came back.

I was kidnapped.

I looked around and realized I was sleeping on a king size bed with posh furniture around me. The room was dimly lit with ancient paintings on the wall.

I heard footsteps approaching the room and soon enough I heard the doors open.

“The princess has finally woken up.” Said a very familiar voice.

As I took a look at his face I noticed crystal blue eyes and a smirk glued onto them. This is the guy I kicked in the nuts.

“What the hell is going on? I am the daughter of an Alpha and a mate of an Alpha. You are making a big mistake.” I said as threateningly as I could.

“Yeah yeah, I know, your Alpha Carl’s daughter and Alpha Jason’s mate. Don’t worry sweet pea we know exactly who you are.” He said taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

I looked at him surprised. How does he know who I am? Rogues were always known to create trouble for others. But I had no idea they could go this far.

“Who are you?”

“Of course, it’s only fair. I am sure you can tell we are rogues. However, we are planning to take over Jason’s pack considering they are the strongest in Northern America.” He said as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

“You wish.” I snarled at him. “Jason would never give up his pack, he loves being the alpha.”

“Does he now? Well you see here’s the catch.” He said twirling my curls with his finger. “We are going to make a deal with him, he gives up his alpha status and he gets you back in return. Sounds good?”

“Wh..what? You can’t make him choose between his pack and his mate. That’s preposterous.”

“Are you scared he’s going to choose his pack instead of his mate?” He said putting his hands on either side of me and leaning closer to my face.

“Well, trust me I don’t mind. Personally, I rather have you instead of his pack.”

I immediately turned my face away, preventing his lips to connect with mine.

“Don’t you dare touch me. You filthy little dog.” I spat looking away from him.

Next thing I know his hands are tightly gripping my chin. He pulls my face and makes me look into his deep blue eyes. They were not even close to as blue as Jason’s, but they were still very blue. A very peculiar blue.

He leaned closer connecting his chest with mine and whispered on my face.

“Listen to me princess, don’t test my patience. You respect me no matter what. I will do whatever I want with you and you won’t be able to do shit about it. Got it?” he said sounding extremely dangerous.

The next thing I did was probably the most courageous thing I have ever done in my life.

I gave him a dirty look and spat right on his face.

At first he looked taken aback. Shocked almost. But soon his eyes narrowed and his lips turned into a scowl.

He very swiftly got a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his face with it.

“Do that again and you are DEAD.” He said not moving a single inch away from my face.

“Get away from me. I am sure you remember that kick, don’t make me give you another one.”

Surprisingly his expression looked amused.

“You really are a feisty one aren’t you?”

I decided to ignore him and moved my face away from his. His body touching mine was making me really uncomfortable. He had me trapped between both his hands. If only I could get out of these stupid handcuffs.

I saw him removing one of his hands and taking something out from his pocket. Soon I saw a shiny phone in his hands.

Is he going to make me talk to Jason?

I really hope so.

But instead he took hold of my chin and forced me to face him. Before I got a chance to spit on him again he connected his lips with mine.

My eyes widened in surprised as he forcefully brought his lips on mine. I squirmed under his body weight. The fact that my hands were handcuffed was really not helping. He continued to force his lips on mine nibbling on my lower lip. My face was unable to move since his firm hands were holding it in place. I tried to move my legs hoping to kick him, but currently his body weight made any attempts of me moving unsuccessful.

My white shirt that rode up a couple of inches was now exposing my bare stomach due to all the squirming.

Very swiftly that stupid rogue got his hands inside my shirt and started to massage my bare stomach.

The moment his hands connected with my skin I started to get a little scared. What if? What if he..he..takes advantage of me. That would mean I lost my virginity to a filthy rogue. Jason would be heart broken.

That’s when I saw a flash on my face.

A camera flash.

What the hell is he doing?

He immediately stopped kissing me and pulled up his phone. He showed the screen and there was a picture of him on top of me kissing me passionately. His hands were shamelessly under my top, while I was busy trying to squirm away.

“Now this picture is going to your most beloved mate.”He said giving me a final peck on my lips and heading towards the door.

If Jason sees this picture he will kill this guy. Jason can’t handle me with Chase. How is he going to handle me with a rogue like him? Especially when I am not willingly kissing him.

I bet that’s his plan.

Jason will lose his temper and have no control over his pack.

But there was a thought that was seriously haunting me.

Who would Jason chose? I mean he loves his pack, but more importantly he loves being the alpha. Will he give up his pack for me? Will he chose me over his pack?

Chapter 22

It had probably been a couple of hours since I was stuck in this stupid room. I was worried about Andrea. I wonder what they did to her. Did the rogue send Jason the picture already? More importantly did the rogue tell Jason about his deal?

I let a frustrated sigh as numerous questions popped up in my head.

“Dinner timeeeee.” A voice sung from the doorway.

It was the rogue dressed in nothing but boxers. His gorgeous body had no effect of me. Jason’s body was way better.

I ignored him and turned my face away.

“What? You aren’t hungry?” He said crossing his arms around his chest and standing in the doorway, smiling at me.

He made it seem like we were best friends or something.

“No.” I replied bluntly

But my stomach thought otherwise because it let out an angry growl. I heard the rogue chuckling by the door.

My face automatically heated up. Well, clearly I was starving.

“Common sweet pea let’s get you some food.” He said walking towards me and getting my hands out of those stupid handcuffs.

I did not protest this time. I was sure I could fight better if my hands were free.

At first my hands felt super soar. I rotated them several times hoping the pain would lessen. The rogue patiently waited for me as I stretched my arms in front of him.

Little did he know that I was only doing this to fight him.

Once I felt I was ready, I gave him a deadly glare and ran towards him with full force. He obviously wasn’t expecting that because I saw a very shocked expression on his face.

It was quiet funny to be honest. His blue eyes went all wide with shock.

I pushed him with all the force I could muster. He went flying to the opposite wall leaving a huge dent and destroying the gorgeous wallpaper.

I heard a loud growl escape his mouth. I took advantage of him lying on the floor and booked it to the door. As soon as I was about to open it the rogue stood in front of me pushing me away from the door. He didn’t use much force, but it was enough to make me stumble back.

I brought my hands and punched him right in the face. I heard a loud crack and realized I probably broke one of his bones.

A dangerously angry growl escaped his lips; his eyes were dark brown instead of his natural blue. Next thing I know, his hands were mid air almost about to connect with my face. I was too shocked to move. Soon enough I heard another crack, but this time it was my face.

I almost lost balance because of the impact. My human whimpered in pain, while my wolf was furious!

And at this point of time my wolf was in control.

Without wasting a single second I charged towards him once again, hoping to kick him right in the stomach.

This time he seemed more prepared for my attack because he did not have the shocked expression on his face anymore. He didn’t charge towards me, instead he waited for me to come closer. As soon as my right leg was up in the air reaching for his stomach the rogue caught it. Next, he twisted it 180 degrees, breaking my bone and making me fall flat on my face.

A painful scream escaped my lips.

I lay on the floor cradling my injured leg while he stood high, in front of me.

“Turn wolf, it’ll heal faster. I need you down in the next 10 minutes. If I don’t see you I will HAVE to force you down.” He bent down closer to my face, but I refused to look away. “And trust me you will not like it.”

He left the room with me and my broken leg. I followed his advice and turned wolf. As I expected the wound seemed to heal faster, but I still felt the pain. I sat on my bed and looked at the ceiling.

How was I going to escape this hell hole?

I did the only thing I could think of.

I cried.

I cried and cried, until I ran out of tears.

Suddenly the door burst open and it was none other than the stupid rogue.

“Are you actually crying? The girl who was attacking me like a mad wolf is now crying on her bed. Quite pathetic I believe.” He sneered.

“Get. Lost.” I hissed.

With wolf speed he stood in front of me with a devious smile on his face.

Next thing I know he yanked me up holding my arm probably spraining it in the process.

Once again he brought his face closer to mine and said.

“For the last time princess, DO NOT TEST MY PATIENCE. You will not like it.”

There was something in his eyes that made my human cringe back in fear. Due to all the crying my human was in control.

I did not utter another word and stood up motioning him to lead the way.

He gave me his very familiar smirk and led the way.

It was my first time stepping out of the room. I realized the outside was as posh as the inside of my room. My limping gave me a better chance to absorb all the tiny details around me. The ancient painting, the huge vases in the corners, he dimly lit lights. These guys were pretty rich for rogues.

Soon I saw the rogue ascending down the stairs. The stairs were as grand as I expected. The stench of many more rogues hit my nose and I bet they could smell me too!

AS I ascended down the stairs I felt like the Princess from Princess Diaries. However my situation was quiet different. There were about 30 people present in this room. But the thing that surprised me the most was that they were all guys!

There was not a single girl in this room with me.

Once I reached the bottom I was welcomed with various hungry stares. Let’s just say they were not as good looking as the rogue I first met.

For some reason I realized that all the rogues in this room were only in boxers. I failed to understand that logic. If they can spend so much money on furniture, why not spend some dollars on clothes?

“Help yourself darling.” Said the rogue.

“Rogue, I have a question.”I said hesitantly. Instantly everyone looked at me curiously.

“Call me Damon sweet pea. NOT rogue.” He said with slight annoyance in his voice, but he hid it pretty well with a smile.

“When can I leave?” I asked

“Let’s just say we have some quality time to spend.” He said folding his arms across his chest, exposing his muscles.

I rolled my eyes and walked towards the variety of food that lay ahead of me.

Once I saw the delicious food I completely forgot about the half naked guys in the room, I even forgot the fact that I was kidnapped. Instead I just attacked the food in a very un-lady like manner.

I couldn’t care less. They were nothing but filthy rogues anyways.

Once I was halfway done my food I saw rogue or Damon as he likes to be called, staring at me in amusement. I gave him a dirty look and ate away.

After eating the desert I decided to head back to my room. Every one still had their eyes on me. I did not dare talk to any of these rogues. I just sat in a corner and ate my food.

As I was walking up the stairs I noticed Damon was following me. I decided to ignore him and just walked to the room I came from. Since I wasn’t going to escape anytime soon might as well get the rest I need.

I opened the door to my room and was ready to shut it, when someone pushed me inside and entered the room.


“What do you want?”

“You didn’t actually think I was going to let you sleep alone? What if you try to escape again?”

“Well, what do you suggest?” I said folding my arms across my chest.

I saw his eyes flicker to my cleavage and I immediately straightened my hands.

“I suggest,” he said taking a step towards me and closing the door behind him “we sleep together.”

I had enough of him. I raised my hand aiming it for his face. I have become very physical lately.

However I am not very good at punching people. Damon caught my wrist centimetres from his face.

He kept a tight grip on it not letting it go.

“Leave me.” I said trying to free my wrist from his hands.

But instead of leaving me, he twisted my hand behind my back and pulled me closer.

“You know what I think. I should have some fun with you before your wonderful mate takes you away from me.”

My face went pale as he said those words. He cannot possibly mean what I think he means.

He couldn’t possibly do that.

Could he?

Someone save me!

The picture beside shows Damon’s expression when Kristy attacked him first.

Chapter 23

“Wh..what?” I said backing away from him.

“You heard me.” He said closing the distance between us.

I backed away as soon as he stood in front of me. But the back of my knees hit the edge of my bed making me fall onto it.

I looked up at him nervously, waiting for his reaction.

“Exactly where I want you.” He whispered only loud enough for me to hear.

Without wasting a single second I commanded myself to get off the bed. Unfortunately I was not very successful because Damon’s half naked body was now on top of mine.

“What the hell are you doing?” I said struggling nuder his weight.

“umm..nothing much. Just having some fun, before your mate takes you away from me.” He said suddenly ripping something.

For a whole minute I tried to figure out what that ripping noise. Suddenly I felt cold air hitting my stomach. When I looked down I saw my white shirt in two pieces, revealing my red bra.

“Mmmm......” I heard Damon hungrily eyeing my body.

“Get away from me!” I yelled, trying to move away.

“Oh commmoonnn. Let me have some fun.” He said trailing his fingers on my sides.

“Don’t touch me!” I yelled the anger flowing in my blood.

Next thing I know Damon has his lips on top of mine. This was not like the kiss I shared with Jason. Every time he surprised me with a kiss, I would automatically respond back, even if I didn’t want to. But with Damon all I felt was disgust.

I refused to open my mouth for him, not falling for any of his tricks.

I felt his hands drawing circles on my stomach, finding their way towards my chest. His hands lingered there for a lot longer than necessary. He squeezed my left breast, probably expecting me to open my mouth in surprise; however I was not giving up. I struggled under his weight, kicking and moving my feet in all different directions.

But there was no use. He was stronger.

Next, I felt his hands moving down to my jeans. With one swift movement, he undid the button.

“No..please.” I cried pathetically.

There was no use showing my aggression. I couldn’t win this battle. All I can do is hope that he won’t hurt me. I hate being weak, weaker than my opponent.

However my request was completely ignored, as my jeans were now lying on the floor.

“You can’t this to me.’s not fair. I..I don’t deserve this.”

“Oh common sweety.” He said bring his face to my neck, lying on my body completely.

“Why don’t you just enjoy this moment?” He whispered.

I tear escaped my eyes landing on his white sheet. But he didn’t notice, he was too busy entertaining himself.

His hands were now playing with the hem of my underwear. Almost teasing me. Not in a good way. This monster was playing with my fear.

I tried my level best not to show him my tears, not to give that pleasure. But I failed. That sadistic beast was enjoying every tear drop that escaped my eyes.

His hands were no longer playing with the hem of my underwear. At this point his hands were inside my underwear. He was slowly massaging my naked ass, probably in an attempt to make me enjoy what he was doing to me.

But it had the complete opposite effect on me. I felt worse as his hands were massaging my butt.

My heart was calling for my mate. Hoping he would just hurry up and rescue me from this hell hole.

As if on cue, the door burst open rattling all the elegant paintings on the wall.

Damon jerked up and glared at the person who dared to interrupt his heated session. His dark eyes filled with lust, glared at his pack member on the door.

The rogue on the door was too busy looking at my half naked body to actually notice Damon shooting daggers at him.

“What. Do. You. Want?” Hissed Damon.

“Alpha Jason is here to see you.”

Those words were enough to make me jump off the bed and run towards the door.

Jason is finally here for me.

However, as I brushed past Damon, he quickly held my waist pulling me back.

I did not care if I was standing half naked in front of these perverts; I just wanted to see Jason. I wanted to get out of this hell hole.

“Let go of me.” I yelled, hoping Jason would be able to hear me.

Damon put his hand on my back and pushed my body towards him. Next, he lifted his free hand and covered my mouth.

“If you don’t want your pretty little boyfriend dead, you better shut that mouth of yours.”

I gulped down the words that were going to escape my mouth.

“Good girl. Now change into one of my shirts in the drawer and come downstairs. It’s time to make a deal.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I picked up my jeans from the floor and ran to the drawer all the way on the other side of the room.

I changed into my clothes and ran in wolf speed, out my room, down the stairs to the living room. I smelt his scent and it led me to him.

There he was standing near the couch hands folded across his chest, looking way more tensed than I have ever seen him.

It didn’t take him too long to notice I stood there. I expected him to run towards me and engulf me in a hug and passionately kiss me. But instead his eyes were glaring at Damon.

“Jason.” I whispered.

His eyes finally snapped towards me and softened the same time. His eyes were red and were encircled with black shadows.

His eyes suddenly stopped at what I was wearing. His eyes narrowed immediately and he accusingly looked at Damon.

“What did you do to her rogue?”He asked Damon.

“Umm...nothing much.” He replied.

Jason gave me a soft sympathetic look almost apologizing for what happened. I couldn’t stand seeing him like that, so I ran towards him ready to put my lips on his.

But Damon somehow read my mind and no time he was beside me holding my body in place.

As soon as Damon’s skin touched mine, an angry growl escaped Jason’s mouth and he was ready to pounce on Damon. However, two of the rogues caught Jason and threw him back.

He took deep breaths in order to calm himself down.

“Ready to talk when you are.” Said Damon in a really fake chirpy voice.

“What do you want rogue?” Spat Jason.

“Right to the point, I like that. Well, let’s make it simple. You give us your pack and we leave your mate and then everyone lives happily ever after............oooorrr, You don’t give us your pack and we keep your lovely mate.”

Jason gave him an incredulous look.

“What? You can’t be serious? Choosing between my mate and my pack? Are you crazy?”

“Look I don’t have any time to waste. Let me know your decision. Now.”

Jason looked like someone had punched him right in the stomach and he had hard time breathing.

He took one huge gulp and finally said.

“I pick my pack. You can have my mate.”

Chapter 24

There was pin drop silence after Jason said those words. Clearly no one expected this response. They were expecting him to choose his mate over his pack. I thought he would to, but I guess I was wrong.

“Ja..Jason, what are you saying?” I asked my eyes blurry due to the tears in my eyes.

Jason completely ignored me with the same hard look on his face. Even Damon looked extremely surprised with his response. The calm and collected Damon actually had a frown line on his face.

“Wh...what. Are you sure?” Asked Damon.

“Yes.” Replied Jason.

“Since we have had this deal I expect you to leave my territory and never return again.”

“Jason you can’t be serious!” I cried.

Once again he completely ignored me.

“Think once again Alpha Jason, you will never see your mate again. We will use her and throw her in a corner to die. Are you sure you want that?”

“Stop wasting my time and leave my territory immediately!”Growled Jason

I couldn’t believe my ears. I always knew Jason loved his pack, but I never knew that he loved it enough to sell me to a bunch of rogues.

I felt hurt, betrayed but more importantly stupid for falling for a jerk like Jason.

Why would I even expect him to choose me over his precious pack? I am the stupid one here. I deserve this.

Damon’s composed face met with my distorted one. He gave me an analyzing look and the next thing I know, he is standing right next to me.

My body tensed up immediately. What is he up to now?

I saw a very familiar glint in his eyes. That mischievous look in his face informed me immediately what he was going to do.

I wasn’t very surprised when he brought his face closer and attached his lips to mine. Any other time I would push him away with disgust. However, this time Damon and I wanted the same thing.

We both wanted Jason to feel guilty. So I just stood there like a numb doll, letting Damon kiss me and explore my body.

“LEAVE HER!” I heard a very furious Jason shout.

When I looked over I saw Jason’s face was already turning wolf.

“Wait did I just hear you ask me to leave her.” Said Damon pulling me closer.

“Did you forget that she is not your property anymore?” He said with a smug smile.

I saw an extremely frustrated look on Jason. His eyes made it seem like he was in real pain. Physical and mental.

“Just get the fuck in already, I cannot take it anymore.” Cried Jason, to no one in particular.

“What are you talking about?” Asked Damon his body getting stiff.

“Just leave my mate alone!” He yelled at Damon.

“Get this thorough your head alpha, you either choose your mate or your pack. You have already given us your decision. Now she is our property.” He said slapping my butt.

Jason did not say anything; he just took deep breaths to calm himself down. His attitude was seriously confusing me. First he gives me off to a bunch of rogues and now he is standing up for me? What is wrong with this guy?

“You can leave now Alpha Jason, we will evacuate as soon as you have left. Your mate is ours. Goodbye.” Said Damon and turned around and left with his hands around my waist.

“Not so fast.” Said Jason threateningly.

And that’s when it happened.

Chapter 25

The glass windows shattered into a million pieces leaving a priceless shocked expression on Damon’s face. My face looked equally shocked. However Jason stood there with a smug smile on his face, as if he knew from the very beginning this was going to happen.

Suddenly I saw my brother and chase running towards the two rogues that held Jason and stabbing them with an arrow.

What the hell is going on?

I looked at Jason hoping to get an explanation out of him. I noticed his eyes were already awaiting me. AS our eyes met, he gave me an apologetic look.

I understood that he was apologizing for fooling me into thinking that he rejected me. The moment I realized that it was all part of a plan, my heart did a happy dance.

Maybe Jason does love me after all.

Immediately Damon’s thunderous voice filled the room.

“Rogue’s we have been attacked! Take your position!”

I was too shocked to move. I saw the rogues who were now in wolf form, running into the living room. Right away, I saw my mate, Derik and Chase turn wolves.

Even in such a situation I couldn’t ignore my mate’s wolf.

It was the first time I had ever seen Jason in wolf form, and I must say it was the most beautiful sight. His eyes were the darkest brown, along with matching fur, with a thin strip of white in the middle. It was truly a unique design.

I was soon cut out of my reverie, when I realized my pack was surrounded by a whole bunch of rogues.

“You coming here was a very very bad decision Alpha. Now you will lose your pack, and your mate!” Spat Damon angrily.

Jason growled in response, almost challenging him to bring it on.

What the hell are they thinking? They are going to get themselves killed! There are thirty of them and four of us! I know we have alpha blood, but we aren’t strong enough to beat so many of them.

I gave Derik a scared look. Hoping my brother would understand the stupid decision on our part.

“You really think you can challenge us Alpha? I mean look at you.” Laughed Damon bitterly. “ You are four and we are 29.” He said smirking in the end.

He is right! What the hell were they thinking coming to war with three wolves. I knew Jason was over confident, but I never knew he was stupid enough to do something like this.

Now this will only result in all of us being killed.

I won’t be able to take it. I won’t be able to see my mate, my brother and my best friend dying right in front of my eyes. Also, just because I was careless enough to get kidnapped.

This was not the kind of end I was expecting for.

Andrea would never forgive me for getting her mate killed. What about my brother? That poor guy hasn’t even found a mate yet!

What about Jason?

Even imagining him dead, gave me a weird, yet very painful stab in my heart.

I cannot let this happen to them.

I looked towards Jason to see how he was reacting to this situation. Is he scared? Angry?

However when I saw Jason’s wolf my eyes couldn’t believe what I saw. Jason’s wolf had a little smile curved on its lips.

What the hell is he happy about?

Chapter 26

All of a sudden I heard footsteps approaching towards us. Thanks to my wolf skills I could tell it wasn’t a couple of people. These footsteps were off hundreds of wolves!

Are there more rogues in his pack? But..but that’s impossible! I only smelt about 30-40 when I was in the house.

This cannot get any worse! We are already seriously outnumbered, if there are a hundred wolves joining him, we might as well kill ourselves and save everyone the trouble.

I looked around nervously, hoping to figure out what was going on.

A satisfied smile appeared on my lips, when I saw Damon’s confused and, scared face.

This could only mean one thing. Damon is as surprised as me. He has no freaking clue who these wolves are?

Am I finally going to get lucky? Will something good finally happen in my life?

As the footsteps grew closer, I started to smell these wolves.

It was a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar scent. The nervousness in my body made it harder for me to smell them.

Jason on the other hand did not look nervous at all. In fact his wolf proudly held his head up high. I looked around confused trying my level best to figure out what was going on. For some reason I didn’t feel scared anymore. I almost felt protected.

And that’s when I saw it.

Two very familiar faces bursting through the window. If that wasn’t surprising enough, I realized that about a hundred wolves were following them.

My eyes literally bulged out of my eyes as I looked at the number of wolves standing in front of me. They were all in an attacking position facing none other than Damon.

I looked at the two leaders who had led these pack of wolves, and they were none other than my father and Jason’s father.

I wanted to run towards him and engulf him in a hug. But Damon’s grip around my waist tightened ten time more.

“Greetings Damon.” Said Jason’s dad very formally.

“Greeting Alpha, I see you found your way here.” Spat Damon. I could see the sarcasm in his tone.

“Of course we have.”He said pointing towards the pack of wolves crowded in the back.

“You made a BIG mistake alpha!” Growled Damon taking off his calm facade. “I will kill this girl in a mere second.”

I actually whimpered at his words. But they were true. He could indeed kill me with a simple flick of his wrist.

“You will do no such thing Rogue. And if you do, you and your pack will be slowly killed to death.” Replied Jason’s dad very calmly, yet sounding intimidating.

“How so you may ask? Well, it’s very simple. There is no way you can escape Damon. You see, our territory is surrounded by all the pack of wolves you have slaughtered in the past years.” Said my dad so threateningly, that it actually scared me too!

However I was happy when his grip on my waist loosened slightly.

“Do you realize how desperate they are to rip your heart out of your chest? Just one command and they’ll be here” Finished my dad walking closer towards us.

“I am not scared of you! Any of you!” Yelled Damon to no one in particular.

I could hear the fear in his voice. His fear made me feel confident.

“Are you sure about that?” Said Jason, who I didn’t realize was now human and completely naked.

Even in a situation like this I couldn’t help blushing. I tried my level best not to look at junior Jason. No matter how embarrassing that sounds, I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

I forced my eyes high up at the ceiling and tried not make eye contact with him.

“Father I think we should give him a demo.” Said Jason, extremely casually.

“Very well then.” Replied both our fathers.

At this point Damon actually looked scared. His eyes widened in surprise and he looked around nervously.

“WOLVES ATTACK!” Yelled Jason.

Not even a second after his command hundreds of wolves burst through different directions. Some broke through the walls, while some were running down the stairs. Some even broke through different windows and entered the house.

Before I even blinked my eyes, the wolves had different rogues under their paws. Those rogues were so surprised that they didn’t even get a chance to turn wolf.

However, some rogues who actually managed to turn wolves were killed within a second.

I looked around and saw more and more half naked bodies lying on the floor.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

There was a pool of blood around me, getting closer and closer to my feet. When I looked up I realized Damon was not next to me anymore.

Instead, he was scanning the room with the dead bodies. His face held disbelief and pain. Almost like he couldn’t believe this was actually happening to him. This didn’t look like the Damon who was busy seducing me in his room a couple of hours ago. This guy was a weak and vulnerable wolf.

“oopees, I guess that was more than just a demo.” Said Jason sadistically.

This time Damon did not reply. He just stood there between the bloodied bodies. I could see the tears glistening in his eyes. Two seconds later his feet couldn’t hold him any longer and he was on his knees. Cradling one of the bodies beside him.

I guess his pack meant a lot to him.

I saw everyone look at Damon with amusement. I bet they were just waiting for him to surrender himself.

I saw a tear slide down his tight jaw and fall onto the body in his hands.

“Damon, I think it’s time you surrender. You finally got a taste of your own medicine. This is what you did to millions of people Damon. Your pack, killed so many fathers, mothers, children. Do you know how it feels now?” Asked my father with a tinge of sympathy in his voice.

He didn’t reply for a while, he just kept his head down as if in shame. Finally I heard him whisper the words.

“I get it now.”

The next thing my eyes saw is something I would never forget for the rest of my life.

Damon turned half wolf which resulted in him having sharp nails. Next, he took his hand dug it inside his chest and ripped his heart out.

A loud scream escaped my mouth.

I heard a lot of gasps around the room.

Did he actually kill himself?

I looked at his dead lifeless body lying on top of one of his pack members. His hands still tightly clutched his bloodied heart.

I don’t know why but I felt broken. This guy ruined my life, but no one and I mean absolutely no one deserves an end like this.

How can someone have so much courage to brutally kill themselves like that? My eyes, were filling with tears. The bloodied bodies around me, Damon’s lifeless body with his own heart in his hands was too overwhelming.

Immediately, I was wrapped in a hug. The shocks told me it was none other than Jason.

“Kristy, you didn’t have to see that. Look at me.” He said putting his hands on my cheek making me look right into his eyes.

“We didn’t want him to die like this Kristy. But you must understand that he did the same to millions of people. No one deserves to die like this, but please, please don’t cry.”

As soon as he said those words my eyes started to leak uncontrollably.

Way to keep it together Kristy. Even the fact that he had killed so many innocent people, did not justify what happened a few seconds ago.

I guess this is who I really am. I pretend to be a strong girl, but in reality I am a weak little wolf who can’t even bare to see her enemy getting killed.

“Oh common princess, I really can’t see you cry.” Said Jason putting my head on his chest. I think he realized his words were not helping me.

For some reason I could not get rid of the guilt.

“I love you Kristy, I really do.” He whispered finally. My eyes widened in surprise at his words.

Did he just say the three words?

“Wh...what?” I asked, my voice still scratchy from the crying.

“I am madly in love with you Kristy. I have been since the day I saw you. I was stupid to think you would change for me, in reality your personality is what I liked you the most for. I love you for who you are Kristy. Please never change. Not even for me.

My heart fluttered at his words and there was a weird feeling in my stomach. I could hear our father’s laughing in the background.

I looked up to meet his eyes. Thankfully he wore a pair of boxers; otherwise this moment would have been really awkward.

“Not the perfect time and place to confess your love, but I guess I love you too Alpha.” I replied getting my face closer to his lips.

“You guess?” He smirked at me.

“I am madly in love with you too!” I replied. Confessing my love to him broght a whole new energy inside my body. I felt so alive.

He smiled at my response and finally connected his lips with mine.

Epilogue will be up soon. I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Just so you guys know, my next story is going to be up soon. It is a student teacher love story! If you guys liked this book, I promise you will love the upcoming one.




“But mommy these look so delicious. I haven’t had cookies foreverrr.” Cried my little angel.

“I do not care Jace, you put that chocolate cookie down this second or you won’t get any after super.” I said giving him a warning glare.

He pouted his lips so cutely that it almost took me 2 years to learn to say no to that look.

It was amazing how things had shaped in the past years. It had been 7 years after that incident and things only got better from there.

Jason and I finished high school and won prom king and queen. However I have a feeling Jason threatened some of the people to make us win. Anyways, as soon as we graduated Jason asked me to marry him.

Yes, surprise I know.

Don’t get mistaken, there was no way in hell we were a normal romantic couple. We still fought like there was no tomorrow. In fact, the day he asked me out I said, I would think about it, just to piss him off. His expression after my reply was the funniest thing I had ever seen. Soon, he pulled me towards him and said, “If you don’t say yes, I might have to force you to marry me.”

That day was still vivid in my head.

The very next year we had our first son Jace. He was one of the very rare alpha male that was born.

Unfortunately he looked nothing like me. He looked just like Jason, the same blue eyes, the same blonde silky hair.

Junior Jason has started to get a lot of attention from the female population already. He is quite a ladies’ man just like his father.

“Who’s bothering my man?” I heard a familiar voice from the kitchen entrance.

“Its mommy!” Replied Jace, pointing at me.

I narrowed my eyes at him, and turned around.

Seconds later, I felt arms going around my waist.

“Are you bothering my son?” He whispered playfully in my ears.

Seven years since the day I met him, I still feel the sparks when he touches me. His closeness still makes me dizzy. It’s a wonderful feeling because like normal humans, we can never grow sick of our partners.

I smiled at his question, trying my best to hide it.

“Well, your SON is asking for a cookie before supper. You know that’s not allowed right?” I said facing towards him.

“You are such a good mother.” He whispered bring his face closer to mine.

Our lips were about to connect, when I heard a whiny voice beside me.

“Daddy, you were supposed to get me a cookie! Not kiss mommy!”

“But your mommy is sooo much more delicious than the cookie.” Replied Jason, but only clear enough for me to understand.

I instantly blushed at his comment which resulted in a smirk on his lips.

“What?”Asked Jace with a confused expression.

“Uh..Nothing.” I replied quickly.

“So can I have a cookie now?” He asked for the hundredth time.

Now this was one trait he got from me. The stubbornness. If he wanted something, he would bug me for the rest of the day until he finally got it.

“Fine. But only one.” I said giving up.

Jason chuckled beside me at how easily I gave up. Jace was the only one in this world I could give in to.

“Thanks mommy you’re the best!” He yelled happily and gave me a hug.

He grabbed his cookie and ran out of the room.

I smiled at his bubbliness and wished he would never grow up, and stay my little baby for the rest of my life.

“Sooo, where’s my treat?” Asked Jason whispering in my ears.

“You can have a cookie too! You have my permission.” I said playing with him.

“You know it’s not the cookie I want.” He replied burying his face into my neck.

He slowly traced kisses down my neck. I bent my neck to the side to give him better access. I didn’t care if we were standing right in the middle of the kitchen having a private moment. When things heat up between us, neither of us can do anything to stop it.

His kisses trailed upwards and finally rested on my chin.

“I love you Kristy.” He whispered, slightly panting.

“I know.” I replied grabbing his face and connecting his lips with mine.

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