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Karma is distracted by a knock at her door. When she answers it she's greeted by a wealthy man who holds a letter in his hand. A very important letter. Karma takes the letter and reads it in her spare time to only find out that her sister Trice emailed a billionaire asking him to show Karma what love is. She's told him that Karma has only had one partner when she was a teenager and that she celebrated her thirtieth birthday a week ago. Now he's responding to her email but he's sent the letter directly to Karma. What will she do knowing that Trice has set her up? How will she react when the man who sent her the letter shows up on her doorstep?  Can he show her how to love or are there more secrets lurking in the background?  Who is Mr Trent?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1- Awkward Encounter

Ow! I rub my sore knee with both hands. That hurt. I fell down the stairs because I was running for the door.


"Can you give me a second. I'm coming. Jeez!"

Rolling my eyes and sighing I push myself to my feet and walk to the door. Removing the safety lock I open it and raise my line of sight. A man stands there with an envelope in hand. He's in a tailored black suit. His white shirt is crisp, his waistcoat has gold vines on it. His shoes are sparkling as the sunlight shines down on them. He has blonde hair, he's roughly thirty-five and carries luscious green eyes.

"Erm hello?" I ask pulling the door into me popping my head out from the side.

"Good afternoon Miss Verb." The man says. I give him a swift nod.

"Hello?" His accent is American. I give him an awkward smile. What am I supposed to do in this situation exactly. He's dressed smart and I'm rather basic. Blimey, I'm standing here in a pair of denim shorts, a black oversized jumper and a pair of sneakers so I apologise for looking poor in comparison to him. I am poor, I can't exactly deny it now can I?

"I have a letter that is addressed to you." Good story. Now may I go? I have food that's currently burning on the stove. How I would love to say that, instead I smile.

"Oh. May I ask what this letter is for?"

"I believe the letter has Mr Trents response to an email that was sent to him previously. If you may." He holds the letter out to me and I take it.

"Thank you."

"You're more than welcome. Have a good day Miss." The man walks to the end of my garden and closes the gate. I look down at the letter. Interesting.

Closing my front door I run to my kitchen and take the food out. I spend the rest of my day cleaning the house and before I know it five o'clock has arrived. Time to get comfortable. I love to watch the soaps on the TV. Making myself a cup of tea, I take two biscuits as my eyes land on the letter. I should open it. Picking up the letter I look at the back. It has gold wax with a stamp on it. A blue ribbon is wrapped around it. I rip the ribbon off the envelope and open it.

Dear Mr Trent,

My name is Trice and I am contacting you on behalf of my sister Karma. She's thirty and in need of your help. We celebrated it last week. You see, she doesn't know what love is or what sex is. How crazy is that! I couldn't believe it either. She's had one partner. One! That's horrifying to me. She lost it when she was sixteen at a party and hasn't been near a man since. Well, I came across your name and I thought, what a great idea it would be to email you on behalf of my sister. I hope to hear back from you. You're very handsome and from looking at the newspaper articles of you, I can tell that you know what you're doing. The public say that you know what love and sex is so I thought that I would write this email asking for your help. Please help my sister get rid of that prudish side to her please. I'm begging you. She's boring. I've attached a picture. I'm sure you would enjoy a challenge.

P. S she doesn't know.

Best regards


My mouth falls open. Is she joking me! My sister has decided that it would be a fabulous idea to contact a man who I don't even know to have sex with me! That's offensive to me. If I don't already have enough to deal with then add this to the list. I am a thirty year old who has only had sex once because me and the male species do not get along period. Why would she do that to me? I know that my sister loves to party with all of her friends but come on, I'm not going to go off to a party with her and all of her friends. I'm thirty and she's twenty. I think I'm growing old too quickly. Sighing I read the response.

To Karma,

I will see you on Tuesday 7th July 2020.

Oh my fucking god! What has she done? Tuesday the seventh is next week I'm sure. Still, who sends back this rubbish? For one, he doesn't know me and two, I don't want to meet him. Ever! He's very arrogant isn't he. I will see you on Tuesday 7th July 2020. A simple hello how are you would have been nice. I've met men like him before and that never did end well. I would tell them that I'm not interested before running out of the door not looking back. I haven't had any regrets so far. I hate men who give short answers. I remember when I was texting a rather fit twenty nine year old and all was fine until I sent him a long paragraph. Do you want to know what his reply was? A thumbs up! I unfriended him and blocked his account. That angers me the same as ok. Seriously, why bother to reply.

Grabbing my phone, I dial Trices number and wait for her to pick up.

"Answer your damn phone will yah!" I groan picking up my cup of luke warm tea taking a sip of it.

"Hello." Oh, how sweet her little voice sounds. I tighten my grip around the cup handle.

"Why would you do that? I'm not playing games Trice! Emailing a man to make love to me? Your such a bitch."

"You need some fun!" Trice giggles. I roll my eyes and lean back on my coffee stained couch. Yes I cannot get it out and the cushions don't have zips on them. I can't place them inside the washing machine because they don't fit.

"I don't know who Mr Trent is.... What the hell am I supposed to do?" I grab the remote and turn the TV down as I hear another knock on the door. I don't know who it could be this time. I walk down the hallway arguing with Trice.

"I swear to you Trice I'm going to strangle you and go down for murder!" It's times like these I wish that I could have a peep hole or a window. I don't know who stands on the other side until I open the damn door.

Opening the door I drop the phone. A handsome man with brown hair and blue eyes stands in front of me. He's tall and I have no words. Literally no words. My mouth falls open. Now who is that? He's in a full black suit and a white shirt. Does he work for Mr Trent too? I hear Trice talking down the phone on the floor. I giggle nervously and stop instantly as my eyes go wide.

"Erh." My voice screeches. I clear my throat. His white shirt is open at the top showing a bare chest. He has a silver cross sitting around his neck. I notice it as he turns his head on the side and I drop mine to the cemented floor outside my house.

"Good evening Miss Verb. How nice it is to meet the woman behind the letter. You did get my letter?" Letter? That was a sentence that didn't include any information other than a date. He could have at least sent me a picture.

"Erm yes." I glance inside my house and back to him. "I thought it was the seventh you-"

"Oh yes it is. I'm here to collect you. We do need to have a formal conversation if you don't mind allowing me access to your property. I'm sure you would like to change for the occasion."

No! I would not. I brush a strand of my black hair behind my ear.

"Erm. As handsome as you are. No thanks." I slam the door in his face and remember my phone. Shit.

"Miss Verb. I'm sure you need your-"

Opening the door I smile. Grabbing my phone from his hand I shout "thanks" and slam the door again.

What the hell was that Karma! Seriously. You can't just slam the door in that poor man's face and leave him outside my mind tells me. I'm too stubborn. Yes I can.

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