The sun and the moon

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A story of Enemies to Lovers. Two people from neighboring Kingdom's that have a burning hatred for the other. One, Apollo, from the Sun Kingdom. The Other, Artem, from the Moon Kingdom. One fated night.... Read to find out more and dive into their fated union.

Romance / Fantasy
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Once upon a time long ago in a world far from here. Exists three kingdoms, each varying vastly from the other: The Sun Kingdom, The Moon Kingdom, and The Dawn Kingdom.

In the beginning, only the Sun and Moon Kingdom existed. They lived in harmony and peaceful union for millennia.

Until, one day the Sun Kingdom sought to take over the Moon Kingdom. The King, Aber, of the Sun Kingdom had become corrupt with power and greed. He wanted the Moon Kingdom to be his. He wanted it all.

Obviously the Moon court couldn't accept this and fought back.

Thus creating a 14 yr war that millions of lives were lost on either side.

During this time The dawn court was just in its first stages of life. Over the next 14 years the Dawn Court worked to build itself up and rose as the ruling nation.

They had seen enough blood shed and wanted to put an end to it. They had enough power and influence over the other Kingdoms to come upon a neutrality agreement between the two nations

It has now been over 6,000 years since then, and the peace has been kept but the hatred still burns passionately.

Until fate intervenes and a chain of events leads to a change in reality.
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