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Remington Moretti craves control, he's known for it. He gets what he wants and he knows who he can trust to get it for him. But put him anywhere near Orion Amare and he becomes a mess. She has always been his kryptonite and she doesn't even know it. She thinks he doesn't want her but she is oh so wrong. He wants her, he's just not allowed to have her. After she is attacked he disappears, in an attempt to keep her safe, leaving her heartbroken and full of questions. She has no clue about their family history and knows even less about who okayed her beat down or why? Remi does, and when he is suddenly forced home he starts to question everything he once believed. New truths will be discovered. Old rules have been bent and now even older bonds will be broken. ♡♡♡ This is the only trigger warning that the book will contain so, please consider. Some scenes touch on violence of both the gangster and sexual kind. Remi has a potty mouth and Kiki isn't much better so there's lots of colourful language. There will be sexy scenes but your eyes won't melt off from them so you be the judge. Hope you enjoy x LS ❤ All Right Reserved 2021 © Leah Sin

Romance / Mystery
Leah Sin
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"Oh shit, are you kidding me? WHY? You've never chosen them before?" I mumbled to myself under my breath, closing my eyes as reality set in. Our music lecturer just announced the joyous news, she's setting us up with a random classmate of her choice! For a project that counts 30% of the semester mark. Shit! She better not give me a slacker. Oh God, please not Maddie. I love her but the girl is seriously tone-deaf.

"Orion how about we put you with-" I watched Miss Bevan's eyes scan the room and cold fear danced up my spine. When the lecture room door creaked open I almost bolted from the adrenaline rush. Instead, a little hiccup escaped, making the late comer's head snap up. His eyes caught mine and he scowled.

Oh my good God no. Not Remington, I'm - so -out -of-your-league, Moretti. "We'll talk about your lack of timekeeping later Mr Moretti. You may have the pleasure of working with Orion." "Why?" He asked, making me blush and sniggers erupt. I sank lower in my seat, agh!

"She'll fill you in because she was on time." Miss Bevan pointed at the empty seat beside me (the one that Gina used to sit in before she dropped music, curse her!) and I watched in stunned silence as Remi moved toward me. I couldn't believe that the one morning I chose not to bother with myself I was shoved in front of him, agh!

"So what's this about?" He bit out, dragging my chair closer to his, rude! He turned to face me and I swallowed another threatening hiccup down. How is it normal to be that size? He literally blocks out the surroundings. All I see is him.

"Amare?" "Sorry yeah um so project, it's for 30% of the whole mark and we have to choose a song or piece and translate it into a modern version of itself. " I rumbled out in a gush of words and he smiled when I stopped. A genuine one, wowser...

"So a remix?" "Um yeah, exactly, a remix." I blushed for the county (and died a little on the inside). I must sound ridiculously stupid. My hair was down today so I dipped my head forward and let it cover my flaming cheeks. He twisted a ring around his finger then slowly hooked my hair back behind my ear. The ring had a gold M on it. "Better, don't hide from me." "Yes sir, sorry sir," I mumbled, thinking it was a smart reply but the fire in his eyes burnt my words to ash. He looked like he wanted to eat me.

"Do you have a song in mind?" He asked, clearing his throat. "Not a single one, sorry." I clenched my hands so hard I swear my fingers were about to snap off. "When is this for?" "End of next week." I cringed again when he groaned. This was going to be terrible, I know he's supposed to be some production genius but how good is he, truly? "What if we splice up pieces we've already made this year?" "Yeah, that'll work. With lyrics or without?" I ventured. "Let's listen to what we've got collectively and then decide?" "Okay." I was relieved, this sounded a lot more promising.

He stood and all eyes swung in our direction. I saw one of Clarissa's barbettes pull out her phone and start texting. Maddie's jaw was on her desk as she watched our interaction. "What are you doing?" I whisper shouted at him. He sat back down and leaned into me, "Going to the studio to find a song to remix, is that not what you just suggested?" He cocked an eyebrow and I wanted to melt into the ground. "Oh yeah oh now okay." I gathered my stuff around me and when I finally stood his eyes ran down my body, "Ready?" "Um-hmm." No other words came to mind or mouth.


When she stood up I was more than pleasantly surprised. Obviously, I've seen her around, even spoken to her once or twice but I never really paid attention to her. She was on my radar now though, damn! I was a good head taller than her, maybe more, but her body was long and lean. Also, and this was rare, she was naturally pretty and wore no make-up. How have I never noticed this girl? I let her lead and realised that most of her small frame was made up of legs. She wore a pair of jeans that did wonders for her delicate curves.

We listened to a few options in the University's studio but nothing worked for both of us. Finally, after two more sessions, we had it, a remix, and it was fucking good too.

Kiki mentioned that they'd be at Corners later that week and I didn't have plans so I went to check it out. I watched Orion hang out, have a few drinks and finally take the stage with 4 of her friends. I did think it was weird that Gina Cruzeiro was with her but people started shushing each other and the menu page song blared from the karaoke machine.

Kiki opened and the others followed, they were decent. Well, maybe not Madeline but the others, especially Ori. They had the entire room singing along by the end.

Orion was the one to watch though, definitely the one I watched.

On the day of our final presentation, she was so nervous but we smashed it. Our remix was a hit and the happiness that it brought her made dragging my ass to Uni all worth it.

"Let's get pizza to celebrate? We both have a 2 hour free now." I said casually, pointing in the direction of the campus restaurant. "Yeah, sure but um won't Clarissa mind?" "Why would she?" "I thought you two were a thing?" "No, I don't have a thing with anyone. Do you?" I added in smoothly. "Me um no?" She seemed almost shocked by my question. "Why not?" "No one wants me." She shrugged at me from under her lashes. The move was natural and that made it about a million times more sexy, like an instant boner.

She was so so wrong about no one wanting her. I'd been home for a few hours and still couldn't stop thinking of her. I even fucking smelt like her, God, she smells good. All we did was share pizzas and chat shit but it was the most infuriatingly perfect 2 hours I have ever spent with a girl. She is unlike anyone and remains a complete mystery because she isn't permanently jabbering on about herself. Also, she doesn't give a fuck about who I am, or if she does she hasn't let on.

I walked her back into the building after lunch then got on my bike and ditched the rest of the day. My brain felt empty of everything but her. Her smile, her long soft hair, those legs and her voice oh my God her voice. She sounds like she smokes 30 a day and sings in a blues lounge all night long.

I was lying in bed much later, going through my socials when my mobile rang. The caller ID had me grinning. "Ori?" "Shit it's late I'm sorry I should have checked the time first." I could hear her moving around."Orion, it's okay I'm awake, everything alright?" "Yeah yeah I'm good I just wanted to say thank you, again." "For what?" "All of it, for not sucking at a remix, for the pizza and for making it easy. So thanks, sorry and goodnight."

"Hey, wait don't go. What are you doing?" "Me oh I'm um compiling a new playlist for my car." "What made the cut?" "Seriously?" "Yeah." "It's embarrassing because it's mostly all sing along mopey music." I laughed out loud at that, "There's a lot to be said for soppy songs." I grinned running my eyes down the playlist I had only just finished making for myself.

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