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"Julia it's time to get up!! "You know I have an appointment and I have to be there on time ,my mom shouts. Ughhh I was already up mom ,which was a down right lie she just woke me up from my blistful dream where I was on brandon's lap kissing him " BRANDON 's my crush he was the whole package tall ,well built, handsome ,intelligent every thing you could think of he was just down right beautiful. The only problem was he had a girl friend "angel" who was beautiful /hot,smart ,POPULAR and kind and when i say kind I mean not you typical popular girl that is mean she was genuinely nice ,mind blowing I know. I was brought back from my thoughts " JULIA WHY ARE YOU STILL IN BED" my mom glared at me from the doorway then rolled her eyes I'm late so Jordan (my annoying brother )will drop you to school and I want you home straight from school were having dinner with the new neighbors , but mom I have a thing to do later ,is this thing important ? no but ,no buts and she was out the front door and I was hot on her heals . "Mom !"I shout and all eyes where on me and it was only then I realized the commotion out side and that's when I was captured by those light brown eyes. my mom snapped me out of my trans by saying meet your new neighbors

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Hi guys I hope you enjoyed that little summary above comment any thing concerning the story .All your taughts good or bad will be appreciated because I'm new to this !
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