Notes and The Contract (bxb)

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Boba Milk Tea Boy
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Ace King- Popular, great at everything, doesn’t care much about school, skips class a lot and somehow still makes it on top, naturally smart and doesn’t care, the guy every girl crushes on, perfect looks.

Jayden Raine- Quiet, is always reading, works hard and studies a lot but always comes in second place somehow, antisocial, secretly loves romance book cliches, can be a bit hot-headed once you get to know him, the brightest electric blue eyes there is, short. And, most importantly, hates Ace King.


After finishing reading a teen romance book about the characters being pen-pals and then finally meeting and having a happily ever after, Jayden decided to try and find a quiet, cliche romance himself.


Ace had just sat down into his third-period class, following his usual routine like any other normal day for him. But when he found that small note taped to the bottom of his desk, he had no clue how much that response would completely change his life.


When Ace starts being followed by a very persistent Kimberly who claims she’s been in love with him since the beginning of middle school, he finally admits to being gay- a secret he's only told one other person. But instead, she claims she knows everything about him and that he’s lying. In an attempt to shake her off, what would happen if popular boy Ace grabbed a random boy nearby, who just so happened to be the quiet boy, Jayden Raine, to pretend to be his boyfriend- the one person in the school who hates him? And what would happen if he played along?

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