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Fake: Something not real; or a lie Coda believes everything Issac says is a lie, after being cheated on Coda knows she will never be able to trust Issac again. But what if one event changes everything? The way she feels, the way she sees life and her relationship with Issac. All Coda ever does is doubt and what if that is the problem?  She is stuck in the past and will she ever be able to forgive the people who hurt her? Beautiful: Something stunning; appealing to the eye Issac  is in love with Coda, or so he says. He never knows what to do  or what to say. Issac thinks his cheating was justified, but could he be wrong? Issac wants her back, and he swears he will try everything in his power, but what if it never works? What if Coda never wants him back? Meanwhile thinking of Coda, Issac has some of his own issues. What can Issac do? They called themselves the golden couple- but gold never breaks. We're they wrong?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: New Beginning

We were golden. He told me we were forever. His one and only, but he lies through his teeth. All the happiness and memories, are all gone. He's many miles away now, far away. It's crazy what one boy can do to you.
Mom yells at me to get out of bed. Sometimes I wonder, how do parents get up so early? The bed is a safe haven where the best peace happens---sleep.

"Get down here!" She yells louder this time. I respond with a rude 'OK'. Getting out the bed and going downstairs, mom immediately gives me the look, a look of 'ever talk to me like that again and your in deep trouble'. I've seen that look too many times.

"Coda, when's Isaac getting back?" Mom asks while putting my plate of eggs down.

"Mom, you know we stopped talking."

"Oh come on sweetie you guys are just kids, you will be back together soon enough." she demands and continues "plus he is kinda cute for a teenager"

"What's that supposed to mean!? and Mom, he made the mistake, I can't go back to someone I can never trust again." Proving my point, I put a smile on my face and start eating the eggs.

"I'm sorry sweetie, I just really thought the relationship had potential." She looks at her watch and gasps. "I have to go to work!"

Laughing at her while she panics, I grab her keys and hand them to her. The hug is tight but loving, she says a quick 'I love you' and leaves the house.

I trott upstairs and into the bathroom. Looking in the mirror I brush my teeth and hair, walking back to my bedroom, I check my phone.

Where are you!?


wake up missy, im warning you....

come on answerrrr.

I quickly answer the messages and get ready for school. Looking at Issac's old sweatshirt laying on the floor, I pick it up and put the sweatshirt on. I pick out a pair of blue jeans, and put on some converse. Picking up my keys, phone, and bag off the floor I quickly jog downstairs and to my car.


I sigh staring at the place we all call hell. While walking into the school I felt all eyes on me, and not in a good way. Everybody heard about our break-up, I mean we dated for 3 years, everyone cheered for us. And being two 17 year old seniors, it was bound to happen. With college and figuring out our futures, we wouldn't be together anyway. Plus, he was with so many girls, I didn't have a chance. No matter how much he told me I was his, I was always doubtful.

Tate waves me over looking overwhelmed. I walk up to her and hook our arms together.

"I hate this" I whined. "can we just skip please?"

Tate looked at me with the 'are you for real?' eyes. "You are not skipping! It's the first day of our senior year and I am not having you skip a single day." she looks determined and I roll my eyes in defeat. Tate is always right, no matter what the situation is, she always wins. That's just how it is, but we always laugh about it and she means everything to me so I let her win.

"Fine whatever you say." My eyes follow the people going down the hall, then my eyes follow Issac. He is supposed to be gone, said he was moving to another state. I look at Tate, "Did you know about this?"

"I'm sorry, but if I said he was coming then you wouldn't have came..." she argued "plus you need to get over him Coda." her argument I could agree with, but I don't want to see the face that made me heartbroken. He is just to easy to go back too.

"Let's just get to class and ignore him." We continued to walk and finally got to the classroom. I sit down in the desk next to Tate and take out my notes. Issac walks into the classroom and I watch his eyes scan the room for the best seat. My eyes averted from him to my notes. Tate snickers quietly so I kick her leg."Ouch" she says hitting me back. I roll my eyes and continue drawing in the notebook. My head perks up when I hear someone sit in the desk beside me, turning my head sideways, I see Issac.

"Really?" I say rudely.

" trying to focus." he smirks sarcastically.

"The teacher isn't even in here. And class hasn't started yet." I simply look away from him and stare at Tate.

"I know you miss me." I ignore his words.

"Come on, talk to me." I ignore some more.

"I see your wearing my sweater." I ignore but feel slightly amused.

"Dont ignore me!" I could see his anger through the corner of my eye. And I continue to ignore his words. When he finally gives up, I smile at myself. The rest of the students walk in and we all wait for the teacher.

"Ugh! this is the first day of school and even the teacher is late. Where is she?" Tate asks with an annoyed expression.

"I have no idea." As I say this a young looking man approachs the teachers desk with a briefcase and laptop.

"Who are you?" I hear a student yell with a rude tone.

"I'm your new english teacher." he continues "Mrs.Willow was fired." Nobody else speaks and he starts the class. "So for today we will be..." I stare off and stop listening, he was already boring. Isaac passes me a note and I look at it.

I miss you.. I roll my eyes and decide to write back.

Well you have other girls to miss don't you?
I pass the note back and he frowns. My eyes watch as he writes with his pencil, which has bite marks on it. Seeing the note land on the desk, I open the note right away and read it.

I don't want them. I want you. I decide not to write back and crumple it up, because I don't believe anything he says or writes down. Tate steals the note from my hands and scans her eyes across the paper. She quietly scoffs and throws the paper away. She sits back down, looks at me, grabs her phone, and starts typing.


So whatcha going to do?

I have absolutely no idea.

If I was you I would stay away from him. He is toxic and girl you don't need that <33

I put my phone away and nodd at her. Issac begins to try and get my attention, but when it comes to him, I am deaf in all ways. For the rest of class I'm smiling with self amusement.


After surviving classes its finally lunch time. Putting everything in my locker, Tate and I walk to the cafeteria. We have been friends for a long time, since 5th grade. Tate is the type who is sweet, kind, but rude when she needs to be. She always sticks up for me and I stick up for her. We have only ever argued once and that wasn't even a big deal. If I didn't have Tate in my life then I would be nothing. She helps me do good instead of bad. She never let's me beat myself up for anything even though sometimes-its my fault.

"I wish we could actually leave the school for lunch." She whines loudly.

"And how would you leave? You can't drive and i'm not wasting my gas on you." She looks at me with her death eyes. "Dont even look at me like that! I need to save money. You know that." We both laugh and get in line to grab the blue trays.

"We better get our table, if anybody steals it, oh I swear." She says as the line slowly moves.

"You won't do anything." I snicker. She simply nods her head. I look by our table and see Isaac and Lucas, his best friend who is also our best friend, sitting at the table. "Don't look now, but Lucas and Isaac are at our table." She looks and waves, they both wave back and continue talking.

"Why do they have to be friends?" She stomps her foot like a toddler and continues. "Doesn't he know what he did to you!?"

"You know Lucas is the one who set him up with most of those girls." I roll my eyes and get my food. I wait for her to get her food and then we walk to the table. We sit down across from Isaac and Lucas.

"Whatcha cuties doing? Get over here." Lucas says. That's Lucas. He flirts with us but knows we will forever just be friends. He gets friend zoned everyday. I kind of feel bad for the guy, but he has plenty of girls to be with, he just prefers not to.

"Okay first of all, Lucas hell to the no, and why is Issac here?" Tate asks with a raised eyebrow. Isaac looks at her with disbelief and Lucas just laughs. "Still didn't answer my question."

"He may not be friends with you guys anymore, but he's still mine so deal with it." he demands. I squint my eyes at him and Lucas changes his mind. "Alright Isaac you should leave."

"Dude, why!?" he complains.

"Just go away. We don't want you here, all you do is cause problems for all of us. I don't see the point in you hanging out with us anymore. Go home, or hang out with the popular f boys." Tate says rolling her eyes. Lucas is laughing and keeps saying 'ohhhh get roasted' . Issac's face drops. He looks different, like something actually felt real to him. That's the first. Isaac gits up and leaves the cafeteria.

"Tate! Don't you think that was a little harsh?" I say staring at her.

"He needed to hear it. Hopefully it hurt him." Lucas stares at us and quietly eats his food. "and I wasn't wrong about any of it." I don't answer and begin to eat the sloppy tacos.

The rest of the day is quiet and I can't seem to find Isaac anywhere. School is finally over so I decide to wait outside and see if he comes out. After 20 minutes of waiting I walk to my car. Tate runs up waving her arms.

"Hey wanna come hang tonight, with Lucas and I?" she questions with a smiling face. I shook my head no and her smile fades. "Come on, why not?"

"I just wanna be alone tonight. Just let me be alone." I try not to say it rudely.

"Oh ok." She strutts away and gets in the car with Lucas. I sigh and get in my car. I drive home as fast as I can and go inside. I look in the fridge and grab some water. Checking the time, my body walks itself upstairs. Sitting on my bed, I scroll through Instagram, waiting for something interesting to pop up.

My fingers press the search bar and look up Issac's user. Scrolling through his posts I see old pictures of me and him. He still kept them? I figured Issac would have deleted it all. After all, I deleted mine and blocked him. Maybe Tate was too harsh or maybe I've been too rude, but in my mind I believe he deserves this pain.

I wake up to my phone ringing and see Issac's name pop up.

"Hello?" I answer and rub my eyes.

"Codaaaaa. I miss you, come see me!" Issac sounds drunk and slurs his words.

"Are you drunk!?" he doesn't answer. All I hear is breathing. "Isaac where are you?"

"Home. My dad's gone and I'm lonelyyyyyy." He mumbles and sounds desperate for attention.

"Isaac get some rest, and drink some water." I demand.

"Noooooo, come see me. Please?" I sigh and hang up. It was already night time, almost 10:00 pm. But I leave anyway. Grabing a sweater and sweatpants, my keys along with my phone, I leave the house. Finally arriving to his place I bring myself inside. I search through the house to find him and I hear silent whimpers from upstairs. I slowly walk up the stairs to his room while telling myself to go back.

"Isaac?" He was on the ground with a bottle of Vodka. I look at his face to see some bruises and a split lip. Walking up to him and bending down I sit next to him. "What are you doing?"

"I don't know..." he says quietly. "I don't know what to do." I've never seen Issac so vulnerable, usually he acts like a tough guy, like he owns the world. I watch tears go down his face and his right hand squeezing the bottle. I don't even think he realizes there are tears coming from his eyes. I take the bottle from his hands and roll it by his desk.

"Why is your face bruised? And why the hell are you getting drunk?" He doesn't answer me. He just keeps breathing and crying. "What's going on?"

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. For everything." He pauses and continues. "I-i never meant for this to happen. My dad was freaking out and I called you because your the only person I have right now." I look down.

"Wait, so your dad hit you?" I look at him with concern in my eyes. He nods his head. "Isaac..." I lean into him and we hold eachother. I couldn't let him be alone. He needs me and deep down-

I need him.
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