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Only Girl

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"So? What's it gonna be? Me, the love of your life or your job? Cause I know one thing babygirl, I'll never let you go." Lily is a 18 year old huntress. As all huntress, she hunts the supernatural that hurt humans in her area. She comes from a long line of hunters and partners up with her best friend and hunter Benjamin. For her, everything is clear. The supernatural are just monsters to slay. What happens when she meets Alpha Shawn during a streak of murders? Will he change her mind?

Romance / Fantasy
M. Syrah
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Last year of High School. I think every 18 year old gets excited at those words. Last year of High School means something entirely different to me and my friends though. That is when we officially take our functions. We are hunters and we hunt the preternatural when they commit crimes.

Tonight, last day of summer, my partner and best friend Benjamin and I were having drinks at the guild. We rarely drank but it was a night to celebrate.

"We will finally be paid and start taking contracts! Can you imagine?" I said giddy.

"We were paid before Lil." He chuckled.

"Yeah but they treated us like babies. Now, they will finally show us some respect!"

"All right." He stood up. "I think you've had enough. I'm taking you home."

"You're no fun." I pouted but I stood up to follow him out.

The guild was in the middle of the city disguised as a corporate building called Hunter Inc. Yeah. Not so obscure but mundanes never thought we were more than a firm that sold hunting articles. If only they knew.

We started walking into the hot summer night and there was no one on the streets. It was quiet and I appreciated that after our drinking session. The hot air emphasised the flush of my skin but I did not mind. The walk would take care of sobering me up.

We had to walk twenty minutes to get to my family home. I would leave once I finished High School and I was kind of looking forward to it, being a full huntress and living my own life. I was excited about not going to school anymore as well. I would be working full time for the company.

I noticed three tall men talking on the bridge we had to cross to go to my house. They looked handsome and large, just the way I liked my men. I smiled like the Cheshire cat and walked to them.

"What are you doing?" Ben called from behind.

The three men did not seem to notice me as I turned the biggest to me. I barely had time to register his surprised beautiful grey eyes before I planted my lips firmly on his. He was stiff at first but he soon relaxed into it and kissed me back. The alcohol had made me giddy but that kiss made me hot. That was not like me to kiss strangers but I did not regret it right now. That man knew how to kiss.

"Lily." Benjamin called.

I parted from the man giggling and he let me. I turned to look into the narrowed hazel eyes of my best friend and I could see that he was pissed at me. He had his arms crossed over his toned chest and his straight nose was frowned.

"Oopsie. Mom is mad." I giggled. "Thank you for the kiss."

"My pleasure, babygirl." The man said with a deep voice that just made me shiver.

I parted from him to go back to my partner with a big smile on my face. I locked my arm under Ben's arm and started walking again.

"You're impossible." He said through gritted teeth. "It's the same thing everytime you drink."

"Relax. I could have taken him if he got overboard." I said. "He was actually a perfect gentleman and he knew how to kiss. Oh boy. I hope that I don't forget about it in the morning. That would be dumb."

"We both know that you will. Come on. We're almost there."

The three men watched the two teenagers walk away. The tallest watched them with an eager smile and his eyes bled out slightly to orange. The man on his right leaned into him and looked puzzled.

"That's uncommon." He said.

"You could say that Nick." The tallest man said amused. "I need to know who this girl is."

"She's just a teenage girl, Alpha." The third man said. "Why do you want to know who she is?"

"You'll see that she's quite important." He said with a mysterious smile. "Get me everything you can on this girl and drop it on my desk. We're going home."

They walked back into the shadows and were soon gone by the time Lily and Benjamin were in front of Lily's house.

I turned to say good night to my friend and he finally smiled at me. I hugged him tight as a reward.

"See you tomorrow at school." I said before kissing his cheek.

"Yeah. Sleep tight."

He did not live far as did all the members of the guild so I knew that he would be all right on his way home. I entered the family house and saw that my parents were not there. They must be out on patrol tonight. I went straight for my bedroom and prepared for the night. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

The alarm rang at 7.30 so I would have time to dress to go to school. I woke up with a terrible headache but I expected it. I zombie walked to my bathroom and took out a pill for my head. How much did I drink last night? I felt like my head was being trampled by elephants.

"Why did Ben let me do this..."

I did not even remember how I got home but it usually involved my partner. I drank my pill, brushed my teeth and went back to my room to dress. I put on a white crop top with high waist washed up jeans and white sneakers. I braided my dirty blond hair into a French braid and put on some light make-up before I was ready to go.

I went downstairs to the kitchen and found my parents there. They were drinking coffee and looked worn out. I bet they just came back from patroling. This life could be difficult but I was trained my whole life for it. I could take it.

"Hey there." I said to them. "Rough night?"

"Hey sweetie." My mom said casting her chocolate brown eyes same as mine on me. "Yeah, we found a body. We don't know what killed this man yet but... The Council is thinking of giving you and Benjamin the case. It would be your first serious case. If you discover who killed the mundane, they will promote you directly and not wait for the end of school."

That seemed too good to be true. What was happening really?

"Do they need more hunters right now?" I asked suspicious.

"In a shell." My father answered. "We've lost many to the demons last year so they need the new generation to step in sooner."

"I knew it. It was only a matter of time before the Council would ask that of us..." I said. "Wish me luck."

"Of course. Have a good day at school too." My mom said.

I waved at them as I went outside. Benjamin was waiting for me already so I smiled at him.

"Hi there."

"Hi Lil. How is your head?" He asked with a smirk.

"Haha. Very funny. Did I do something crazy last night?" I asked concerned.

"You don't remember?" He chuckled. "You kissed a guy on the bridge but that's it."

"And you let me?! Damn... You have to stop me when I do things like that." I said slapping his shoulder. "Was he hot at least?"

"I suppose that he was." He shrugged. "He was older too."

"Oh then it's all right." I smiled.

"Girls." He sighed.

"Let's go drama queen." I chuckled. "We don't want to be late on our first day."

"I suppose not." He smiled.

That was some interesting news, I kissed a hotty last night. Too bad I did not remember. I needed to focus on school for now and see what we could do about the murder. That would be fun. Nothing says have a good last year of High School like murder.
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