Lead Me Back To Love

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Being blackmailed into a relationship can lead most to try and find a way out...and that is exactly what eighteen year old Tiffany (Tiff) Rhodes had done when she'd been blackmailed into a relationship by her manipulative boyfriend Cade. That chance at freedom that she so longed for came in the form of Hunter McCloy. Tall, mysterious, brooding and all around attractive. With him she sees an opportunity to free herself from Cade and the shackles that bout d her to him, playing with the heart of another can be dangerous especially when your heart has played into the game as well. She finds herself between a rock and a hard place. What happens when Hunter finds out the true reason for Tiffany suddenly allowing their paths to cross. Does he stay or will he leave and will she just let him leave, or will they find a way back to love...

Romance / Erotica
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Author's note

Oh hi everyone just wanted to welcome you to my book umm this is the first book that I have ever gotten to do for a crowd and please note that I am only 14 but that is 41 backwards 🤭anyway I hope that you guys enjoy this book just as much as I love as I love writing it 💗 happy reading 🤗🤭
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