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Lead Me Back To Love

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Chapter 1

I packed my bags as the bell rang for my next class, Melanie rushed out of her seat and came over to stand by me waiting 'patiently' for me to finish.

"Come of Tiff we're going to be late for yoga!"
If I was being completely honest I was stalling yoga wasn't exactly my thing to many positions with weird names.

I snorted, rolling my eyes at how over dramatic she was. I finally finished packing my bag and much to my overly energetic friend's pleasure we walked out the class and on to the other side of the school where the fitness buildings were.

"I really don't get why you insist on putting us in these torturous classes Mels you know I'm allergic to exercise" ,yes I know I'm being dramatic hypocrite but what can I say I'm exercise intolerant.

Melanie chuckles and rolls her eyes at my comment and tugs me along with her.
"Oh please bitch you said that about literature and it turned out to be your favourite subject in the end." She had a point but if I'm being honest my love for literature started with my crush on my eighth grade literature teacher Mr. Fentworth he was one serious piece of eye candy.
Of course I never approached him in any weird way it was strictly student and super fucken sexy teacher.

"Oh shut up." I giggle

By the time we reach the fitness building's girls changing room about half of the girls in there are done changing already.

I place my bag on the bench that day between a pair of lockers, and start undressing. Taking off my blue blouse I fold it neatly and place it in my bag and then I pull off my black jeans and put on a pair of skin tight yoga leggings.
I reach into the bag for my large hoodie absentmindedly glancing in Melanie's direction, to find
she was tying the laces on her red converses.
I felt around in my bag but I couldn't find it.
"Shit." I mumbled underneath my breath.
Melanie looks at me with her eyebrow raised in question.

"I left my hoodie back at the dorms, how am I supposed to go out there dressed like this?"
I gesture towards my skin tight leggings and black and grey camo sports bra.
Mel just chuckles and rolls her eyes at me.
"Tiff it doesnt matter almost every girl will be wearing the same thing besides i heard that the AC is busted in there so it's going to be super hot in there."
And with that she pulled a heavily pouting me out of the changing rooms.
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