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Spicy Shorty

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Jack Reave Nobody in Bluewood town had the balls to even look Algea Bluewood in the eyes. She was the definition of chaos, guns and cigarettes were her toys. She did whatever she wanted cause her family owned our town. They were more than rich, The Bluewoods were indestructible, untouchable. Noone knew why they were reluctent to leave the small town of Bluewood but Algea was anything but happy in this small town and she made her hatred known. She always had a scowl decorating her lips, her gaze as sharp as knives, enough to cut anyone it fell upon. I, Jack Reave had the misfortune of crossing paths with the wicked witch of Bluewood. I tried to avoid her, I tried to run away but we both somehow found our way back to eachother. Algea Bluewood I hated this wretched town and the judging glares of it's residents. Their gaze pricked my skin like pins. I wanted to kill them all but I resorted to glaring. I kept quiet as I stood in the corner while my parents threw lavish parties, I smoked cigarettes to get high and drown out the vicious and cruel world. Then I met him, Jack Reave. A boy who smiled 24/7, making me want to hammer him into the ground. His cheery hello's and empathetic self was like that annoying speck of dust in my eye. But he found my weakness and then began the cruel work of fates which wouldn't let us run away from each other however much we tried.

Romance / Drama
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Algea: the goddess of pain

My name is Algea Bluewood and I know what you're thinking "who in their right mind would name their daughter after the Greek goddess of pain?" But that's the thing, my parents aren't in their right minds.

My mother, Teresa Bluewood, thought it was very intellectual of her to name her daughter after a Greek goddess. Like we didn't know she literally googled the first thing that came to her mind...

But whatever I'm not here to talk about my shitty parents, I'm here to take you all on a journey I call my stupid life. Now of course if I'm telling hundreds of people about my life, then there must be something interesting about it right?

Well I'm what people call a sociopath, which means more or less I don't give a single flying fuck about anyone else but me. Now of course there's more to it than that but I'm not gonna get into how I'm practically a wack-a-doodle, atleast not right now.

If you haven't guessed it yet, my parents are the kind of people who shouldn't be allowed to have kids. They're completely crazy and self-immersed. All they love are their lavish parties and their money, nothing else.

And did I tell you guys that I'm filthy rich? Yea, my family for many generations before me, have been head deep in money.
Has to do something with one of my great great great great great great grandfather getting hold of a piece of land which was sitting above a gold reserve.

Like an intelligent little bitch, he secretly mined it and his predecessors slowly and steadily emptied out the entire reserve over the years and bada bing bada boom we were rich as shit.

Of course that was centuries ago and now my parents own a chain of hotels and dabble in investing in potential start-ups and my mum is a hot shot in the fashion industry but she originally planned on becoming a doctor, like that was ever possible. The princess realised becoming a doctor requires effort and even if her daddies money got her into medical school, she would still have to learn at least something to pass as a doctor.

My dad on the other hand, does nothing. He dropped out of college and then got handed his family business which is run by other people for him. He and my mother just sits around at home, drinking $2600 worth of champagne at noon.

It's a wonder they haven't died from renal failure yet. Fingers crossed though!

Now of course my mum is from a rich family, but my maternal grandparents have all my respect since my grandad started his business from scratch while my grandmother is a renowned physicists, who in later years took to teaching and giving lectures in colleges and eventually established her very own private university. It not only caters to the rich but also poor students, handing out scholarships left and right all sponsored by my grandma. I admire her so much..

So as I was saying, my mum is from a rich family, she met my dad in a "recovery center" or what others call as rehab for junkies and it was love at first sight *pukes*

They got married as soon as they were out of rehab and my father's father was like "we need an heir for such a huge empire", given that my maternal grandparents only have one daughter as well and so I was brought into this world by not my mother but a kind lady who lent my mum her womb for 9 months for a hefty sum of $30,000 excluding pregnancy expenses.

Now I'm not saying that women who get surrogates are bad moms, I'm just saying my mother is a bad mom cause and I quote "ew I don't wanna touch that baby who came out someone else's vagina".

Yea, that was on one of my birth tapes from the hospital. My grandma thought it would be a nice idea to record my birth but didn't realise it would contribute to me becoming a sociopath and maybe a psychopath in later years.

Of course now that I'm talking about my life, I should probably mention the place where I live.

I live in Bluewood, it's a small ass town and I hate it. Everybody here knows everybody which means everybody knows everybody's business.

If you haven't yet guessed, the reason why we live in this secluded hell hole, with snakes for people, is because the land my ancestors bought was this fucking town.

Yes we own this dump yard and since it has such great significance for our family, we don't leave. My grandfather lived here, my father lives here and they expect me to live here.

But I don't care about significance or any other bullshit. I'm leaving this shit hole as soon as my grandparents sign over all their assets to me on my 18th birthday which isn't that far away.

This town is really developed, like better than even some big cities in North America and that's all thanks to my family who have been mayor and owners of this town since forever. We have the best schools, a college, grand hotels, huge buildings for homes, cafes, Starbucks, McDonald's and everything you can find in a big city.

But again, it's a small town and everybody knows everybody and I hate it here.

My dream is to go to New York or California even fucking New Jersey would work...I just want to get out of this wretched place.

Away from my stupid parents, from the stupid townie kids, from the stupid judgmental but mostly mental adults.

I want out and I would give anything to be able to leave. Can't wait for my 18th birthday!

I'm 17 right now and in my junior year. Only one more year of school left and then I'll be free. It's my dream to become a Marine biologist. Yes the anti-social bitch loves Marine life. I just find it exciting and the fact that I don't need to worry about what the Marine life thinks about me is definitely a plus.

Maybe it's because I used to have a pet goldfish when I was a kid or maybe the fact that my grandpa started taking me for scuba diving since I turned 16 but I just find it fascinating. Animals are way better than humans.

My high school is called Bluewood high, I know nothing creative, but again my dad is the mayor of this town and he doesn't really have anything up in his head so..

All the kids in this town are fucking idiots. The girls are dying after the boys and the boys are dying after the girls or drugs or football. You cannot find more walking stereotypes anywhere other than Bluewoods.

I rule this little garbage of a town. I've made sure to make it known to all the other residents that they cannot even look in my direction without my permission.

I hangout with my friends, Laney, Toby, Lola and Aron. We're what you'll call the delinquents of our town, we do whatever we want without any consequences.

Laney Wither and Toby Wither are siblings. To be precise, they're fraternal twins. Both bicker to no end and never see eye to eye on anything except when it comes to making trouble. Their parents, Thomas and Brianna Wither, work for my parents. They're like family which is why I got to know Laney and Toby at a very young age and came to be friends with them.

Lola Lerry, I know weird name, is what people call a common man. Her parents are middle class, working people who own a bakery, Lerry's, in our town. The bakery is actually quite famous and does well and we all hangout there all the time.

Aron Griel was a new transfer student in our school. His mother moved to this town cause she found a job as a nurse in Bluewood Care, our very own town hospital. Aron ended up on the football team with Lola and she invited him to have lunch with us. I was curious as to why in the seven hells his family would move to this junkyard but turns out his mum is a single mom and jobs as good as this one was hard to come by.

We ended up becoming friends since he had no qualms about hanging out with delinquents. His one condition, shit should never comeback to his home, which never happens because of me.

Well that's my not so spectacular life. But it all went down the gutters when I met him, Jack Reave and boy oh boy do I want to build a time machine and stop myself from having him dragged inside an empty classroom to teach him a lesson on the first day of senior year.
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