Spicy Shorty

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"Guys!" I screamed as soon as I stepped off of the elevator on our floor. Lola was playing some game with Aron who got startled by my sudden outburst.

"Jezz Ali! You almost gave me a fucking heart attack" Aron said as he placed a hand on his chest, trying to calm his nerves.

"I have an awesome plan" I said as I walked towards them and sat down on the big couch.

I had this plan yesterday when I was trying to figure out how to mess with Jack Reave. I mean it was right in front of me and yet I kept on troubling my brain to look for a way to have fun with the little messiah.

"Bring me Jack Reave now!" I screamed out with joy. Aron was up and at it within minutes.

"Are we still messing with him?" Lola groaned as she never truly enjoyed bullying people like I did but then again Lola had nothing against this town and it's people and was normal unlike my psychopathic ass.

"It's going to be so much fun and you'd hardly be doing anything so quit complaining" I said.

"But wasn't kidnapping his brother enough? Why are you so obsessed with him anyways? You never spend more than a day or two fixating on a person like you are right now..." Lola said.

"Well Jack Reave isn't exactly like other people. He makes me so curious, there's something about him..." I said as I recalled the first day I met the goody two shoes. He was scared yet brave...I mean how is that even possible?!?

"Well don't get in too much trouble Ali. I know you're untouchable and all but still" Lola said as she turned back to her game.

I rolled my eyes at her motherly concern. Lola has always been like this, sometimes caring sometimes daring. But I couldn't care less about her advice, Jack Reave was literally the only thing exciting me right now and I wasn't about to let go of a fun toy like this.

"Lola would you be so kind to as to set up a camera right behind me?" I said to which Lola nodded and got up to do as I said.

They weren't really my friends if I was being honest. I mean yea I've known them for a long time but they were more like the people who'd rather stand with the enemy than be the enemy's target.

Which in hindsight is very smart but as long as I had people around to do as I said, I didn't care how they felt about me.

I started getting antsy when more than 10 minutes passed but Aron still didn't return with out little Gandhi. It was getting annoying..

"It's ready, just tell me when to hit record.." Lola said and went back to her video game. I was about to get up and march down when the elevator doors pinged open and in walked Aron and Jack.

I smiled when I saw him and Jack like the good little boy he was returned it which made me slightly mad...

"Aron please dump our guest right in front of the TV. Lola hit record" I said sweetly and settled right back on the sofa.

Aron pushed Jack in the space between the couch and the television and excused himself to his room. Lola stuck around to see what I was going to do..

"Well Jack I have a deal for you" I said as I leaned forward and placed my hands on my knees, showing how excited I was for today.

"Ummm" Jack said and then looked around our hang out place nervously.

"Oh yea.. you're actually the first outsider to be here! You should feel privileged!" I said clapping my hands with excitement.

"But that's not the point. I want to tell you that I have decided to make you my Lackey!" I said and smirked.

"Excuse me?" Jack asked taken aback by my words.

"You are either going to be my Lackey, which is just a fancy word for slave or I'm gonna ruin your family's life in the blink of an eye. Your choice.." I said. I enjoyed the pleasure I felt as Jack's face starting showing fear.

"You're going too far" He said which took me aback for a minute. I snickered at him and stood up.

"You just have to choose, I don't need to hear any other bullshit come out of your mouth" I said as I stepped right in front of him.

"Listen I don't want anything to do with you or your friends. Just leave me alone and this will be the end of everything" He said through gritted teeth. OOOO is the good boy getting angry?

I laughed at his courage and also at his innocence that he believed I'll actually do what he wanted me to do.

"Tik tok Jack Reave. You either choose or I'll choose for you but you might not like my decision as much" I said as I gave him an evil smirk. I liked seeing other people in pain so much, almost made my misery seem like nothing.

Jack stood there silently for a few minutes, his head lowered and his eyes dancing around widely as if he was thinking about this in his head. What does he even have to think about? Either he gets fucked by me or his family does.. there's literally no choice there!

I shifted my weight from one leg to the other and folded my arms across my chest to show my frustration with him. He was taking too long...

"You won't do anything to my brother if I say yes?" Jack asked. I quickly straightened up and nodded furiously.

"Not only your brother, your parents, your grandparents back in Carolina, your uncle and his family or anyone related to you" I said and watched his face show horror as I let out information about his extended family.

"I have class now, can I leave?" He asked with his emotionless voice. I tilted my head to the side and smiled at him.

"Hmmm nope!" I said and giggled when his eyes scrunched with confusion.

"Get me some bubble tea first and maybe then I can let you attend class" I said and turned around to settle down on the couch. I picked up the remote control for the T.V and was about to turn it on but then...

"I can't" His words made me pause. What did he just say?

"Excuse me?" I said, my voice laced with disbelief.

"I need to go to school or else my parents will find out that I skipped and then they'll find out about you bullying me and it'll be a whole thing. So I can't" He said making me drop the remote control from my hand and standing up.

"Well little slave you don't really have a choice. And your parents can't even touch my feet so I don't really care" I said, my eyes probably shooting lasers at him. I heard Lola fumbling behind us with the camera.

"Lola scram!" I said and immediately heard a huff and her retreating footsteps.

"Listen to me you turd!" I said as I pointed a finger at Jack. "You better follow every command we give you like a good little maid or you're dead meat? Capiche bitch?!" I said as rage dripped down from my voice.

"As I said I can't. I'll get you one during lunch? Fair trade?" Jack said and walked away towards the elevator.

"You better come back here or I'll fucking kill your entire fucking family!" I screamed with rage.

"Go ahead, I'll see you in fucking jail then" Jack said and stepped inside the elevator without turning back.

He did NOT just say that!!!!!

I stomped my foot and screamed with anger. Lola and Aron came out to see what the commotion was all about.

"You okay Ali?!?" Aron asked but I just looked at him and glared making him take a step away from me.

"I'm going to bury that fucker alive!" I said and stomped up to my room.

No one talks to me that way! Nobody! How dare he treat me like that! I am Algea fucking Bluewood and he is a nobody in front of me. I'll show him who's the boss and boy will he regret disobeying me!
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