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Wicked witch of Bluewood

"I-" I said, honestly confused because no one and I mean no one had ever screamed at me to grab a bloody rag before. Maybe it was the shock or maybe it was the fact that Jack was acting like I had just murdered someone and we need to quickly clean up the blood before the police arrived that I just did what he had asked me to.

I quickly ran into the kitchen and opened the cabinet under the sink and quickly grabbed the rags I found in there. I rushed back to where Jack was trying to stop the bubble tea from flowing into the rug.

"Okay just use the rags to prevent the liquid from flowing towards the rug or else you'll have to get that cleaned as well" Jack said and because I had clearly lost my mind in that moment, I got down on my knees and did as he instructed.

It took us around 10 minutes to clean up the mess I had made. I was feeling sort of proud for a moment that I had successfully cleaned up the mess but Jack on the other hand was grumbling under his breath about how weird I was for not knowing how to clean up. During the entire 10 minutes all Jack did was scream at me to do this or not do that. Bloody jerk!

"Just dump the rags in the sink and rinse them out with hot water" Jack said and I nodded. I went to the sink and dumped the Bobba filled rags inside and extended my hands to turn on the tap of hot water but then my mind clicked. The fuck am I doing right now? I looked down at the dirty and disgusting rags I was just holding and then at my hands and then at my outfit which had wet patches here and there from me not being careful while cleaning up the mess.

That bloody idiot just made ME clean up???! And I freaking did it??!!!

"Where's the bathroom? I need to do something about this mop" I heard Jack say and I turned my eyes towards him. He was looking at me with one of his eyebrow raised.

"I don't think you'll need to know that...since you're going to die pretty soon." I said as I stomped towards him seething with anger. How dare he! I'm Algea fucking Bluewood!

"What?" I watched as he took a step back but it was too late. I jumped on him and watched as his eyes went huge, the size of golf balls and a grunt left him as my body collided with his, we both went down and the dirty mop fell out of Jack's hand making a loud noise as it fell on the floor.

I quickly sat on top of him and tried to punch him but damn even if I was richer than him, I definitely was not stronger than him. But I still tried my hardest to hit him.

"Hey what the hell Algea!!?" Jack screamed as he tried to stop me from hitting him. He grabbed hold of one of my wrists but I quickly grabbed hold of his hair with my other hand.

"How dare you make me clean up??! Have you forgotten who I am you fucking idiot!!" I screamed at him as I continued to paw at him.

This was not like me. I never stooped down to the level of attacking a low life. I'd usually hit them once or twice but never had I ever gotten into a fight where the other person would try to manhandle me. Maybe it was because I was angry but deep down I knew I was embarrassed. He made me get down on my knees and mop up. How dare he? I'm not someone people can order around....

"Algea!! Stop!!" Jack screamed but I didn't. I kept on trying to hit him or scratch him or even bite him. How dare he? No one can talk to me like that!

"Algea stop!" H e screamed again and cunningly took hold of both my wrists. In the blink of an eye Jack Reave had managed to change our positions, now with him towering over me as I struggled to free my arms from him, squirming under him.

"What is wrong with you?? Have you finally gone crazy?" He asked me as he successfully managed to pin my arms above my head. I stopped writhing as I looked up at his face, most definitely with rage filled eyes.

We both were breathing quickly and Jack's face was mere inches away from mine. He looked disheveled, his hair out of place and scratch marks on his face as he squinted his eyes accusingly at me.

"How dare you make me do that?" I asked him as I made one last feeble attempt to free myself from his death grip but it was to no avail.

"What are you talking about? I didn't make you do anything. You made a mess and I HELPED YOU CLEAN IT!" He said as he put emphasis on the last part. I scoffed

"You didn't even thank me, on the contrary you fucking attacked me!" Jack said as he looked at me as if he couldn't believe what had just happened.

"How dare you? You helped me? Are you forgetting who you are Jack Reave? Are you forgetting who I AM?" I said condescendingly and watched as a look of fury crossed his face.

"Oh so you mean you're too much of a spoiled princess to clean up after yourself? And no I have not forgotten who you are, the wicked witch of Bluewood!" Jack said venomously. It took me aback...All the time I have interacted with him made me believe Jack was not capable of talking to someone so rudely.

"I-" I started saying but then the doors of the elevator dinged making both me and Jack look towards the elevator and watch as my friends stepped out of it. They all stopped in their tracks as they saw Jack and me.

I quickly pushed Jack away, who had loosened his grip on me as his attention was diverted by my friends. He fell back on his back and I quickly got up on my feet.

"Uhhh" Aron made a sound but one quick glare from me and he shut his trap. I looked behind me at Jack and then at my friends. fuck it!

I speed walked towards the elevator, pushing my friends out of the way and got inside. This was acursed day and I just want to go home. I'll deal with Jack Reave tomorrow...

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