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The Naked Lady

Jack Reave's POV

I watched as Algea rushed out towards the elevator, leaving me and her friends just standing there awkwardly.
"Dude what the hell happened?" One of Algea's guy friends asked me a while after Algea had rushed out.
"I- I didn't do anything. She attacked me..." I said still in shock from being jumped suddenly. What is wrong with her? Why would she get this mad just because I asked her to clean up her mess?
"That sounds like Ali but you must've done something because Ali never physically fights with someone." Another girl said...maybe her name was Lola, I don't really remember.
"I brought her a Bubble tea just like she had asked but she accidentally dropped it so I helped her clean it up but then she got angry saying how dare I make her clean up??" I said still confused as to why it was such a big deal but then one of her friends...was it Aron? Interrupted me with a shocked expression on his face.
"Wait wait wait" he said with his eyes wide and mouth open "you made Algea Bluewood clean up after herself?!?" The guy asked and I nodded which made all the others look at me like I had grown two heads.
"Wait wait let me get this straight" The girl who I think is Lola said "you're telling us that Algea, OUR Algea grabbed a mop and cleaned up her spilled drink?" The girl asked putting emphasis on each word as if it was impossible for her to believe what I was saying.
"Yea what's the big deal? She spilled a drink and cleaned it up and she used the rags not the mop" I said but the last part of my sentence made them squeal and scoff in disbelief.
"Oh my gods this has to be like a historic day. Algea Bluewood got down on her knees with a rag and cleaned up!!" Another guy who's name I didn't remember said.
"And we missed it!! I would've PAID to see that" Another girl who's name I don't remember said.
'What is wrong with them? I thought she was their friend? Why are they acting like this?' I thought to myself as I watched them pull out their phones and snap pictures of the dirty rags Algea had used and dumped in the sink.
I stood their awkwardly not knowing what to do but then I saw Algea's bag thrown on that big, ugly yellow couch and realized she forgot that here.
Without thinking much about it I picked up the bag and decided I should return it to her. I turned back to see her friends still on their phones and decided it would be more polite to leave without disturbing them.
I quietly exited Algea's personal floor and then the school. I knew where her house was but It would be a long trek on foot...but anyways I should return her bag to her.
It took me a good 25 minutes or so on foot to reach the huge Bluewood mansion. I have only heard about this establishment but never actually seen it in person.
There was a huge black gate like in the movies out front. I successfully located what seemed like a buzzer and pressed it.
"Who is it?" A man's voice came through the intercom.
"Uhh this is Jack Reaves. I'm here to return Algea's bag to her. She forgot it at school" I said. There was no response back and I thought maybe they wouldn't let just anyone in but then the huge doors buzzed open.
I went inside, bag in hand. Damn her house was big. They had one on those huge driveways with the fountain in the middle and I've heard there is tons of land behind their house that they use as gardens and golf courses and what not.
I walked up to what had to be the front door. There were two huge lions set in white marble on either side of it so it was sorta ahrd to miss. I climbed up the few steps leading up to the front door and was about to knock when it was opened by an old woman.
"Ms. Anna?" I said as I recognized the old woman who used to live a few houses down from mine round clear water.
"Oh little Jack, it's you!" The lively old woman said with a smile and embraced me in a hug.
"I didn't know you worked for the Bluewoods. We thought you moved out of town..." I said confused as to why we never knew she worked here since everybody down at clear water was well acquainted with each other.
"Ahh it just happened so quickly and I didn't get a chance to really tell anyone all those years back." she said and I nodded. "Well come in come in! This is the first time a friend of Algea's has come home to see her" Ms. Anna said as she ushered me in.
"You go ahead with Ms. Gretta here. She will show you to the sitting area while I'll go and call Algea down." Ms. Anna said as she pointed towards another Miss.
"It was nice seeing you Ma'am" I said to Ms. Anna who laughed.
"Oh little Jack you've always been the most polite child around clear water" She laughed and urged me to follow Ms. Gretta which I did.
She led me towards what should be the sitting area, as Ms. Anna said.
"You can wait inside till Ms. Bluewood comes down. I'll be right outside if you need anything" The miss said and I nodded and thanked her.
I opened the very lavish door leading to the sitting area but was shocked by what I found inside.
A naked woman, the age of my mother was lying on the sofa with her legs spread apart and a man in between her....
"Oh my god!" A scream left me as I quickly backed out of the room, closing the door behind me.
"Is something the matter Mr. Reave?" The miss who was standing right outside the door asked me, startled by my scream.
"Uhhh there's someone inside" I said unsure how to put into words what I just saw.
"Someone's inside? Who?" The Miss said as she reached for the door handles to see what I told her for herself but I stopped her.
"NO!" I screamed which made her look at me with wide eyes " I don't think you'd want to see what's in there" I said still not being able to tell her why I was stopping her from going inside.
"What is going on here?" A voice which most definitely belonged to Algea came from behind us and I turned around to watch her walk up to the both of us.
"Ms. Bluewood" The maid said as she slightly bowed to Algea. The hell....
"What are you doing here Reave?" Algea asked as she completely ignored Ms. Gretta.
"I-I came here to return your bag" I said stumbling on my words as I still was quite taken aback by the scene I just witnessed in her house.
"What bag?" She asked as she looked at both my hands and then I realized. I must've dropped it inside the sitting area when...
"Uhh I think I left it inside" I said as I pointed at the double doors behind me.
"Okay" She said and pushed me aside so she could go inside the sitting area.
"Algea no!" I screamed but was too late. Algea pushed open the door and went inside. I quickly followed behind her.
She stood there, a few steps ahead from the entrance facing the still very naked woman who was now being full on fucked by the gentleman who I had previously discovered between her legs.
"Mother" I heard Algea mumble under her breath and her words made me snap my head to her, my eyes wide with shock. This was her mum?
I watched as Algea stared at, what I have now discovered is her mother, and I felt my heart clench. quickly grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her outside.
I made sure to turn around and close the door behind me so Algea wouldn't see her parents going at it anymore.
I turned around to face her once I had made sure the doors to the sitting area were closed. She was just standing there, with no expression on her face.
'Jesus...she must be shocked. It's never pretty when you discover you parents having sex. Some kids are just unlucky that it happens when they're old enough to not be able to forget it...' I thought to myself.
"Well this got a little awkward" I said as I tried to get her attention on me rather than on what was beyond those doors behind me.
"Who was that man?" Algea asked Ms. Gretta who looked a little pale in the face herself. I guess she caught a glimpse of what was happening in there too...
'Wait did Algea just ask who that man was?' I said to myself as I suddenly remembered the words that just came out of her mouth.
"Uhh I- I.. don't know Ms. Bluewood" The maid answered awkwardly.
"That's not your dad?" I couldn't help but ask.
Algea turned towards me but didn't say anything. I watched as she looked back at the door behind me and then at me. Suddenly it seemed like something clicked in her head.
"You're still here..." She said but it was so slow that it seemed like she was talking more to herself than me.
"Uhh-" I started saying but was interrupted by her.
"Thank you for bringing my bag all the way over here." She said to me and then turned towards the maid.
"Have Howard drop Jack home" She said and then turned around to where she had come from leaving me and Ms. Gretta, both in great shock.
What the hell just happened??
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