Spicy Shorty

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A good girl?

Algea's POV

"Ms. Bluewood, your father says you are expected to join him and Mrs. Bluewood tonight for dinner" A maid who appeared out of nowhere said.

I took off my headphones and turned my head around to nod at her. Jesus Christ I didn't even hear her come in....

I was currently in my bedroom, scrolling through IG since I had nothing else to do. After the episode with Jack in the afternoon, I returned to my bedroom and pretended nothing was wrong.

I mean really nothing was wrong since what happened was quite normal in this house. The number of times I've accidentally found my parents fucking other people or having orgies or group sex in the house....well I've lost count.

The first time it happened I believe I was 8. I cried that night because little naïve Algea still believed she had loving and caring parents but they were just not good at showing it. Makes me gag when I think about that time...I was so stupid.

But whatever, after Howard had dropped Jack home I asked him to look into the man who was busy pounding my mother this afternoon. I wouldn't be surprised if it was some famous actor or someone who could offer my mother's label with expensive new projects but what I can't handle is him being a shareholder's son.

I knew everybody on the board, I knew them better than I knew myself since I was 12 but their families are...well complicated. Let's just say old gross dudes who don't shy away from harassing underage high school girls are bound to have some kids out of wedlock.

And even if these kids are nothing but bastards for those rich oldies, they still hold a lot of power over their fathers. I mean no rich and affluent person would want some kid screaming around that they're their illegitimate kid right? So the bastards have pull with their fathers and if my mother has pull with the bastards....well let's just say it will be a problem for me.

I stood up from the couch in my suite and walked up to the little golden button right above my night stand which was next to my bed. It was for whenever I needed to call someone for help. The future owner of the Bluewood empire can't be screaming at the top of her lungs for a maid now can she?

Within minutes Anna was knocking on my door. I told her to come in and put my phone down.

"Is Howard back? Did he find anything interesting?" I asked Anna and she nodded.

"Yes, he said the child is the son of Mr. Wheeler. He's the-" Anna started saying but I interrupted her.

"Owner of Wheeler automobiles. He owns 3.6% of shares in our hotels and in Beverly hills, he's the one providing us with the vehicles for the tours that are organized by the hotels...I know" I said and Anna smiled.

"That can create problems for me. My parents are major shareholders themselves and, now including Mr. Wheeler, they have 4 shareholders on their side" I mumbled loud enough for Anna to listen.

"But you have your grandparents with you" Anna said.

"I know but we need to be prepared. If my mum is spreading her legs for Mr. Wheeler's son we don't know who else have been in between her legs. Have someone monitor her, it won't be hard since she's high out of her head half the time" I said and watched as Anna grimaced but tried to mask it.

"I'm fine Anna, knowing my mother is a whore makes it easier to detach myself from her" I said and watched her grimace again. Anna never liked my colorful language...

"A younger should never speak like this" She said and I laughed.

"You should see how the other kids in this town speak but okay. I apologize" I said as I raised my hands in surrender. I could never say no to Anna...

"You can go back to your work. I'll see you downstairs for dinner" I said as I starting getting up so I could get ready for dinner, physically and mentally.

"I did want to ask you something child" Anna said.

"What's up?" I asked as I walked towards my closet, Anna following behind me.

"Is young Jack a friend of yours?" Anna asked. Her words made my steps falter. I turned around to face her and saw her "lie to me, I dare you" Expression which made me roll my eyes.

"He's not a friend Anna" I said in a "duh" Tone.

"You should know Algea, Jack is a really nice kid and if he did something to anger you...well I implore you to let go of that anger and let the boy be" Anna said. Her words slowly sunk in and I realized she was saying I shouldn't bully Jack Reaves.

'Well I'm not really sure at this point who's the one getting bullied Anna' I thought to myself.

"What makes you think I'm bullying him? Didn't you see how he came here all smiles and butterflies to return my bag??" I asked her as I started looking through my clothes to find something suitable for dinner.

When Anna didn't say anything I turned around to find her looking at me with a raised eyebrow which made me laugh.

"I was just having a little fun" I said.

Anna came towards me and signaled me to step aside. I stepped back and let her look through my clothes to find me something for dinner.

"He's a nice boy that Jack. He won't stop smiling even if you're hurting him and he'll be kind even if you're cruel to him...that's how his parents brought him up but that shouldn't mean your actions don't hurt him. Just let him be..." Anna said.

"I know I know. It was his niceness that got him in trouble in the first place you know? But I swear I haven't hurt him" I said. I mean compared to some of the things I've done to people what I said is true...kinda but I didn't wanna admit what I did to him in front of Anna.

"I know you kidnapped little Parkor" Anna said as she gave me a disappointed look.

"How did you know?!!?" I asked

"Young Jack told me" She said and I scowled. Little snitch.

"Well he lied. I didn't kidnap his brother! I took him out for ice cream. I'd never hurt a kid Anna" I said as I folded my arms across my chest, kinda hurt. For some reason I always cared about what Anna thought of me.

"Why do you care anyways? You never told me to stop before..." I said suddenly interested as to why Jack Reaves made Anna ask me to stop playing with him.

"Oh just that I used to babysit him. I watched him grow just as I watched you grow." She said with a smile on her face.

"You did?" I asked and then I remembered. Anna used to live near clear water....

"You know that kid might seem all happy but he has his demons too. The kid's parents were always away when he was a child, always busy with work. He even spent some holidays at mine because his parents couldn't get a day off during Christmas or thanksgiving." Anna said.

I didn't know that.....but it's not as bad as some other people I know.

"Well that's not that bad. So what he missed a couple of Christmas? You remember Ms. Angie? Her husband broke her ribs on a daily basis" I mumbled understand my breath.

"The maid you fired? I remember....I remember them all" Anna said and smiled.

"Oh don't do that. She wasn't wearing gloves in the kitchen! That's why I fired her! I even threw an apple at her" I said as I scoffed. I wasn't a good person...

"Hmmmm Or what about that kid at school? The one who's father got arrested because he was abusing him" Anna asked. Fuck...

"He bumped into me! I sent Howard there so he could threaten his dad...do something bad. Howard was the one who called the police not me!" I said as I sped walked out of the closet. How the hell does she find these things out....

"You're not a bad person my child....you never were. You've always been kind, you just don't know how to show it because no one ever showed you any kindness but you'll see when you grow up there will be people around you who will love you for you and you'll have nothing to be worried about then" Anna said as she followed me out.

"Anna no one in this world loves anyone for the sake of it. It's an exchange....it's always an exchange" I said and watched as Anna's smile fell.

"Well you'll always have me then right?" Anna said but I shook my head no. Anna is on payroll too isn't she?

"You'll retire soon..." I said and grabbed the white dress Anna was holding in her hands.

I walked into my bathroom, no longer wishing to continue this conversation. So I helped two people? I just pitied them...Ms. Angie was pregnant and her child would've died if her husband kept on beating her. So what if I waited a whole week for a chance to fire her so I could give her an advance and provide her with accommodations in another town along with a job recommendation? Doesn't make me a good person really....and that kid whatever his name was, Howard called me saying he could here someone fighting inside the house so I just called the police! I thought maybe it was them and they'd get caught and be in jail and I could have my revenge from him and I hit him in school so that makes me a bad person.

I have to be a bad person...I can't be good. Being good is a fucking weakness. I mean look at Jack! He gets dragged around like a slave by me...why? Because he's too good. He doesn't say anything or complain, he just adjusts!

And look at Anna! She works day and night for this family and still earns the same as the other maids....being good gives you nothing. It just makes it easier for other people to walk all over you and I'll be damned If I let anyone walk over me.
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