Spicy Shorty

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"Ms. Bluewood it is time you got ready for school" I heard Anna say and groaned. After having dinner last night with my parents...well actually having dinner by myself AFTER my parents left, I went straight to bed. I was so tired, it's like all the planning and the conspiring was physically draining me.

"I'm up Anna" I said as I noticed Anna still hadn't left my side since she didn't trust me and knew I'd just go back to sleep if she went away.

As soon as I sat up, still half asleep, Anna left my side so she could get my school bag ready and tidy up my room.

"Do you need help picking out your clothes Algea?" Anna asked.

"No I'm fine" I said and got out of bed. It's not of any use, groaning and moaning, I'd have to get up one way or the other.

I took a quick shower since I just wanted to be done with things today. I was already feeling so exhausted...

I decided on a plain black bodycon dress which reached my mid thigh and had a round neck and full sleeves. I put on a pair of small diamond earing and a couple of rings on.

After I was done getting ready, I picked up my bag and went downstairs to the kitchen.

"Good morning people" I greeted the kitchen staff who greeted me back.

Like clockwork I put my bag down on the floor and a maid picked it up.

"Ms. Bluewood would you like to hear the menu for breakfast" The head chef asked as he walled up to me. I nodded and he went on to list all the things that they have prepared for breakfast today.

"I'll just take some chocolate chip pancakes" I said as his list kept going on and on and on and on. Such a waste of food...I don't see why my parents just can't tell the cooks what they'd like to eat instead of having them make everything? Fucking idiots...

"Where are my parents?" I asked no one in particular.

"'Ms. Bluewood both of your parents are on a business trips. They left early this morning" A maid came up to my left and said.

"Did they say when they'll be back?" I asked and the maid shook her head no.

"Try using your words next time" I said in an annoyed voice.

"Yes Ms. Bluewood, I'm sorry" The maid said as her voice trembled. I waved my hand and dismissed her. So that means I'm all alone at home....I took a deep breath in.

"I'll take my breakfast in the dinning room. Have someone bring me today's newspaper and a black expresso" I said and exited the kitchen.

I entered the dinning room to find 3 maids already scurrying around to set up a place for me.

"Where's Anna?" I asked one of the maids and she quickly hurried over to me.

"Ms. Anna is in your room, fixing the place up for you" The maid replied.

"Have her come down here and finish this up till she gets here and leave. No one is to disturb us and get Howard here too" I said and waved my hand to dismiss her. She uttered a weak 'yes' before going away to fetch Anna and Howard.

I settle down on my designated spot on the dinning table and the 2 remaining maids in the room kept on scurrying around to prepare everything for me.

Soon a maid brought me my newspaper and coffee and I busied myself with them while I waited for Howard and Anna.

"Ms. Bluewood" I heard Howard's voice and turned around in my seat to face him.

"Come in Howard, take a seat we still have to wait for Anna" I told him as I pointed to the seat on my left. It wasn't long before Anna joined us as well.

"You two" I said as I looked at the two maids who were now standing quietly in a corner, having already finished their work and waiting in case I had any further requests.

"Fetch them both a milk coffee, one with two cubes of sugar and the other with none" I said and the maids muttered a weak 'Yes Ms. bluewood' and exited the dinning room, leaving the door open behind them.

Without another words, Howard got up and closed the doors of the dinning room.

"Keep an eye on them both" I said and Howards nodded as he settled back into the seat on my left, Anna on my right.

"Is everything in place then?" I asked Howard and he nodded.

"Yes Ms. bluewood, I paid extra attention this time." Howard said and I nodded.

"Nothing like last time right?" I asked Howard.

"I'm sorry Ms. Bluewood. A mistake like last time would never be repeated" Howard said and I nodded again.

"I'm not trying to make you feel bad Howard...I just don't want to bury someone again" I said under my breath as I remembered the incident last time.

The fight for the Bluewood empire had turned bloody a while ago but it came as a vicious surprise to me that my parents could actually stoop that low.

They always took these 'business trips' before because they were shameful enough to leave the house when they wanted to fuck some other person but that all changed after my 8th birthday. My grandpa announced me as the future heir to the Bluewood empire and made my dad chairman in my place until I turned 18...sort of like a regent but different in the sense that over the years I had to pretend I was not interested or even smart enough to understand business affairs and hence distance myself from the family business.

That was only because 2 months after my birthday party, my dad made the first attempt to have me killed. I was kidnapped but fortunately my grandparents were successful in getting me back. Since then whenever my parents went on a business trip...well they were just emptying the house so someone could take care of me.

Hence since then I would prepare in advance everytime. It's a wonder though that no one tried to kill me in my sleep last night only.

"Wait for me outside the school till I leave." I said and Howard nodded. At that time there was knock on the door.

"Come in" I said and kept the newspaper down as the maids came in with my food and Howard and Anna's coffee.

"You can leave" I said to the maids after they were done putting down the food in front of me. The maids left, yet again leaving the door of the dinning room slightly open. Nasty bitches...

Howard got up again and closed the doors. I watched as Anna swiftly tore a small piece of the pancakes and took it under the table as Howard came back to sit down beside me.

We were all trained for scenarios like this...

"Ms. Bluewood you should hurry up or you will get late for school" Anna said and I knew that was my cue. shit!

"I'll have something in school then. Come on Howard...let's go" I said and got up from my seat. Howards and I left the dinning room and subsequently exited my house.

Howard had already parked my car outside the maid door and I got in without any other word.

"Ask Anna to have them check what kind of poison it was" I said as Howard took off. He nodded his head.

Yes ladies and gentlemen...my food was poisoned. Nothing new though.

Talk about shitty parents...

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