Spicy Shorty

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"I'm getting tired Ali" Toby said for the millionth time. We were in an empty classroom, Toby and Aron were once again holding onto a terrified little dickwad/ex-messiah.

"Seriously Toby, how many times have I told you to shut up when we're beating someone up?!? You're the reason people aren't deadly scared of us!" Laney said, as she threw her book bag at her brother.

I rolled my eyes at their childish bickering. I looked at the guy who was currently on his kness, both his hands being held by Toby and Aron. He looked scared and it pleased me.

I don't think you would have to be a genius to guess that I was total psycho. I enjoyed others pain, craved the feeling of being feared. It made me happy when people shivered at the sight of me or change their route to avoid me.

I climbed down from the desk I was sitting on and walked towards the nerd. Only an idiot would try to help a guy we beat up and he was sure as hell an idiot.

"What's your name?" I asked, making his eyes snap to mine. I walked up to him and sat down on the floor infront of him with my legs crossed.

"Jack Reave" he said, his voice not swaying like the other guy. Lola snickered at his confidence, knowing it'll only make his pending doom worse.

"And how many years have you lived in this town, Jack Reave?" I asked him as a smile broke out on my face. He was a wonder, seriously! His face showed me the fear he was feeling but his voice said otherwise.

"Since I was born" he said plainly, his voice still strong and not wavering.

"So you must know what happens to idiots like you who decide to step-in and be the good guys?" I asked him as I extended my hand to get a hold of his jaw. I turned his face side to side to analyse it.

"He's hot" I heard Lola say, as she was watching what I was doing.

"I'd definitely tap that" she continued making Aron snicker.

"He was hurt, I just wanted to help" his voice snapped all of our attention back to him.

"Damn boy, aren't you a brave little shit" Toby said and then hit Jack on the back of his head with his free arm.

"Aren't you scared we'll hurt you?" I asked him as I put my hands behind me on the floor and leaned on them, getting tired of the people who keep on making my day worse.

"You can only hit me right? You can't get away with muder now can you?" He said, a hint of smugness in his tone which made me snap my eyes right to his.

"Uh oh, Ali is gonna kill him" I heard Lola whisper and then the sound of someone opening a bag of chips or something.

I turned around to find Laney eating popcorn out of a plastic bag. When I raised an eyebrow at her she simply shrugged.

"I was hungry and you know I hate potato" she said and continued chewing away on her popcorn.

"Seriously this is why we can never join a gang, y'all are fucking idiots" Lola said but then I heard two mouth chewing on food so I guessed she stole some of Laney's popcorn.

I looked back at Jack Reave, who was looking at Lola and Laney in utter confusion.

"Don't mind them, them being clowns isn't going to save your ass right now" I said making his look back at me.

"Where do you live Jack Reave?" I asked him.

"Near clear water stream, up the road to the west" he said.

"Oh and do you have any siblings? Anyone I can kidnapp and beat up and then return them go you?" I asked him, my question made him gulp and he nodded his head.

"Oo a brothe or a sister? How old? I mean if they're too young, we might just lock them in a room with some bugs and you have to prepare bugs prior to the kidnapping" I said as I chuckled a bit.

He visibly went a little white. His eyes looking over at the other guys to see if I was joking or not. The way his eye widened told me he found the answer to his question.

"A little brother, mum always wanted a daughter but was never blessed with one" he said, Lola let out a short aww as Jack answered my question.

"Yea you should thank your stars you don't have a little sister. Mine practically made me bald from trying out hairstyles on me...." Aron said as he started playing with his hair with his free hand.

"Guys seriously focus!" Lola screamed once again, making all the other three jump.

"Hmmm so what should we do with you Jack Reave?" I asked him, ignoring my stupid friends.

"Let me go and not bully anyone ever again?" Jack said as he tilted his head to the side a little as if to mock me.

"Dude are you really that anxious to die?" Toby asked Jack surprised by Jack's answer. It took a lot to surprise Toby, so you can guess this was kind of a big deal this.

"Okay then. Let him go guys, let's head to history" I said to my friends and got up from the floor. Laney and Lola were by my side in an instant.

"You're really letting him go?" Aron asked surprised that I wasn't giving into my anger and beating Jack to a pupl.

"Well yes...for now" I said and slowly walked up to jack. I pointed my index finger at him and smiled "but you little Gandhi, will have to look out for yourself till the time I leave this town or die" I said as smirked at him.

I left the classroom with the guys, leaving Jack Reave behind. We all walked towards history in silence.

"That cruel Ali, leaving the guy hanging and not knowing when you'll strick. He'll be paranoid till then" Toby said and I sensed a hint of pride and amazement in his voice which made me smile.

"Yea dang Ali, aren't you a fucking villian" Laney said giggling.

I slammed open the classoom door when we reached history, making the teacher stop mid-lecture and look at us wide eyed.

The five of us strolled in right to the back. The kids who were sitting there quickly got up and scurried away, emptying the seats for us.

After we settled down, the teacher began with his lecture again.

"Are you really letting that guy go? What if he thinks he can do whatever he wants after you decide to not do anything to him?" Lola said.

"Who said I'm letting him go?" I asked Lola as I turned to my left to face her. Aron was currently sitting in front of us but facing us, Laney and Toby were sitting behind me.

"Why do you think I asked him about his brother?" I said as I raised my eyebrows. Lola's face said nothing, Aron looked shocked and disgusted while Laney hit me on my back and Toby was fast asleep with his head down on his table.

"We don't harm children Ali" Aron said in disgusted voice. I rolled my eyes are flicked him on his forehead.

"Well of course I'm not gonna hurt a child you idiot but Jack doesn't know I won't hurt a child" I said and smirked as they slowly realised what I was getting at.

"But are we seriously going to kidnapp his brother from his house? That's a bit difficult, ain't it? Lola said as she leaned on her desk.

"Well his brother must go to a school right? Aron why don't you ask around? Maybe corner a friend of Jake's and threaten him to keep your interaction a secret?" I told Aron and he grinned at me.

" I love this! He will freak out!" Laney said and she bounced up and down on her chair.

"Yea, Laney and Toby can go record the little bitch panick and I can take the kid for ice cream" I said shrugging.

We all agreed and then got back to either doodling or sleeping as history period streched on.

Once the period was over, Lola left us cause she had practice, Aron left to get a head start on getting info on Jack's brother and Toby left for English.

I had trigonometry with Laney, so we headed towards that class. As usual Laney and I were sitting in the very back. I never actually cared to pay attention in trigonometry, I always cheat off of others and the teachers don't have enough balls to say anything and even if they did, they'll lose those balls.

I was as usual looking out the window on my left but something interesting caught me attention.

Jack Reave, the Messiah walked in the class. He walked to up to a group of his friends who, by the looks of it, were very concerned about him. He shook his head a couple of time, probably saying he was fine to which I scoffed.

I kept on staring at him, wondering what he ate to make him this fearless. He looked up in my direction and out eyes met. He nodded towards me with a smile which threw me off gaurd but I collected myself quickly and smirked at him making his smile vanish.

He quickly looked away and our teacher chose that exact moment to enter the classroom. She did a double take at me and stared for a few secondss in shock, I winked at her making her eyes go as huge as a the size of a baseball and she quickly looked away.

Laney chuckled besides me but then got back to her book as the teacher continued with the leasson. I retured my gaze to Jack Reave, who looked like he was listening very attentively to whatever the teacher was saying.

I observed him for a few more minutes and concluded that he was an exception. There's always one isn't there? A sanitizer that kills only 99% of bacteria, there's that 1% of exception. 4 out of 5 dentists recommend this toothpaste, again the one exception. And here was Jack Reave, who was most probably the only person in town who wasn't afraid of me and it irked me.

I imagined how it would feel like to see him tremble, to see him cry or beg for forgiveness on his knees in front of me and it didn't excite me like torturing usually does.

No actually the fact that he wasn't scared of me excited me more and I did not like that. I didn't like change, I liked things to be consistent, just the way they are. I didn't want my hard shell to crack, I didn't want or need me going soft and becoming like the other kissasses in this town.

So I unknowingly made it my mission, to make Jack Reave cry and beg on his knees in front of me.
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