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Monsters in my home

I opened the car door and climbed out as Howard parked the car. I picked up my bag from the seat and turned around to face my driver, my brain churning out ideas after ideas as to what I wanted to do with Jack Reave.

"Howard find out everything about Jack Reave, he goes to my school" I said as I twirled a piece of my hair between my fingers, my mind still trying to think of a way to torture Jack.

"Yes Ms. Bluewood. Is there anything specific you'd like to know?" Howard's asked, his eyes lowered and head bowed. This is why I love Howard...he knew his place and did his job well.

"His parents...I want to know everything about his parents in particular but also anything else you can find. His grandparents, his uncle's, aunt's where they work and live...anything" I said and smirked when my brain finally decided to cooperate with me and agree on a plan.

"Yes Ms. Bluewood" Howard, my driver said. Howard used to be a private detective, he's a certified bodyguard and marital artist and who knows what else. Anna once told me he had ties with the Spanish mafia...I don't know if it's true or why he wanted to work as my driver but it's been 6 years and I like him.

"Howard give yourself a bonus with your next pay" I said and smiled at him which he returned gratefully. I liked Howard because he was a robot when I wanted him to, a slave when I wanted him to and a human when I wanted him to. I liked people like him who would do anything to survive.

I quickly climbed the steps leading up to the giant double doors of my grand fucking house. I dropped my bag on the floor and was handed a glass of cold water as soon as I stepped in, just as I liked it.

"Where's Anna?" I asked the three maids who were waiting to greet me, like always.

"Mrs. Anna has gone to buy the things you asked her to, Ms. Bluewood" One of the maids replied.

"Hmmm...tell her to come to me as soon as she's back" I said as I started walking towards the kitchen.

"Get me an Expresso" I said and people started scrambling around within a second.

"Where's my mother?" I asked when I suddenly remembered my handy work this morning and smirked.

"She is resting in her room Ms. Bluewood" One of my personal maid, who followed me around everywhere, said.

"I'll take my coffee there" I said and started walking towards my mother's room. Up the stairs, towards the south wing, second last door at the end of south corridor I went.

I opened the door without knocking, it wasn't like my parents fuck these days anyways... they're too busy fucking other people.

"Teresa!" I said when I saw my mother lying on her bed, her bandaged feet made me smile a sickly sweet smile.

"Oh mother what happened?" I asked with fake surprise.

"Some idiot maid knocked down a glass from the table and I stepped on them" She said, her eyes still closed and covered with the cucumbers that were on her face along with some exotic face mask she must've gotten recently.

"That is so sad" I said and puckered my lower lip out.

"What do you want? Can't you see I'm busy?" She said, her voice dripping with annoyance. It made me scowl...bitch

"I want money" I said the first thing that came to my mind and probably the only thing my mother could offer me.

"You know where the cards are, just take them and leave me alone" She said. I quickly went up to her dresser and pulled out three random credit cards and exited her room without another word.

I marched straight up to my wing and inside my room. I threw the card in the trash and pulled out a lighter from my nightstand. I lit it and dropped it inside the trashcan. It was a stainless steel, automatic trashcan...the fire would burn out within minutes so don't worry. Not that the idea of burning down this wretched house and my parents along with it was bad...

I fell on my bed, tired. I quickly pulled out my phone and opened the video Lola had sent me of Jack. I played it and saw Jack, cornered against most probably his locker by Lola and Toby. His expression went from nervousness to fearful as Lola told her his brother was with me.

He repeatedly asked them to tell him where his brother was, he begged and begged and when Lola didn't say anything, he sprinted off. Lola and Toby followed him to the reception where he picked up the phone and hurriedly called someone.

He had called his brother's school to ask whether he was waiting at the reception or not and when he found out Parkor wasn't there, I saw his face go completely white.

He was breathing hard and fast and I swear I saw his eyes water. He turned towards Lola to say something but I shut my phone off, not wanting to watch this shit show any further.

There was a knock on my door and I screamed at them to come in. It was some maid with my expresso. She handed me the cup and I hissed when it burned my fingers.

The cup went down on my carpet and so did the maid, falling on her knees instantly. She started singing the "sorry" song as everybody else and I rolled my eyes.

"Just go" I said sighing. I wasn't in the mood. I quickly got up and went to the lounging area of my suite. I turned on the TV and put on a random movie on Netflix.

"Algea?" I heard Anna call me and turned around to find her standing besides my bed, keeping down a bunch of bags.

"Hi Anna" I said and turned back around to my movie. I didn't even know what was going on in it, I blanked out so many times that's I'm lost now.

"You wanted to see me?" She asked as she came to stand by my side.

"Hmmm I just don't remember giving you a list of things to buy..." I mumbled without looking at her.

"Well that is very like you child but you did give me one and I've bought everything you wanted personally, as always" She said and I nodded. I blanked out for a good couple of minutes again.

"Do you know why I ask you to personally buy my things?" I asked her. I don't know where it came from but my mind felt like it was going rogue and doing things on it's own.

"I do" she said. I turned to look at her and saw her giving me that pitiful smile I hated. " It isn't your fault, you do what you have to do to survive" Anna repeated the words she's said to me a billion times before.

"Whatever it takes to survive" I said under my breadth. I switched off the TV and helped Anna put my stuff away. She was old, she was already helping me with so much...I didn't want her dying on me.

"How was school? Did you skip all classes again?" Anna asked me and I shook my head no.

"I attended three" I said without looking at her.

"Well that's improvement! Did anything else happen in school?" She pressed further. I knew she knew everything I do everyday so when I looked at her with a 'don't bullshit me' face, she simply smiled and laughed.

"What happened to the maid I fired this morning? Did you take care of everything?" I asked her, my voice as usual emotionless.

"I followed your instructions. She was paid 6 month's salary and provided accommodations where she wanted" Anna replied smiling.

"I'm not a good person Anna...I just don't want more enemies" I said as I knew the meaning behind her smile.

"Oh you my child are anything but good" she said sarcastically.

"And people who are anything but good are the only ones that survive" I said, making her smile falter.

"I know I raised you to be tough but I never remember raising you to be a pessimist Algea" Anna said as she took a few steps to stand infront of me.

"Optimism is for the poor not for people in my world" I said. Anna being her usual empathetic self, took my hands in hers and smiled at me.

"You've grown up just fine till now, you'll be fine in the future as well Algea" she said.

"I grew up because I didn't let anyone think of me as weak, you know what would've happened if I wasn't who I am today" I said coldly. It was a reflex, whenever someone showed me kindness or any emotion to be honest, I tend to shut down.

It was better this way anyway, makes it easier to not let people influence me and use me by fooling my stupid child brain into thinking they cared about me.

No one cares about anyone but themselves...

"Jack cared about his brother.." a voice in my head said.

"Jack was trained to care for his brother. You think if I offer him a billion dollars, he'll still care about his brother?" I said.

"I am fine Anna. You do not need to comfort me, I've lived this life for 18 years.. I'm used to it. And it's Ali" I said and walked out of my walk-in closet.

I went to my bed and picked up my phone to scroll through IG. I was so fucking bored...

"You have your tutors coming in 2 hours Algea, get ready. There won't be any pardons this time from my side" Anna said in a sing song and exited my room.

I sighed at the thought of having to study. I hated studying...why did I even need to study? I can just marry a dumb rich idiot like my mother did and voila!

"Are you seriously taking inspiration from that lady?" My subconscious scoffed at me.

"She's in her bed, enjoying her time, fucking whoever she wants, eating whatever she wants and living the best life. What else would we need?" I asked myself. I was most definitely going crazy, talking to my myself like this.

"The fact that she's a heartless monster?" My subconscious said making me roll my eyes.

"We're heartless monsters as well, don't forget" I said out loud and got out of bed. Might as well just prepare myself for my tutoring lessons.

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