Spicy Shorty

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I sighed at I fell back on the couch, exhausted from having to learn about history. I kicked off my fluffy slippers and propped my feet up on the table in front of me.

"Someone put these books away before I die from having to look at them" I cried out. A few maids quickly appeared out of the shadows and started gathering all of my books.

I laid my head on the arm rest and closed my eyes, trying to forget the torture I just went through for the past 4 hours.

"What time is it?" I asked no one in particular.

"5:30 pm Miss Bluewood" Some maid replied. I hummed and waved my hand, telling them to go away and leave me alone.

I was so tired that I didn't care if I fell asleep on the couch in my study cause that is exactly what I planned to do right now but I was interrupted when someone opened the door to my study and pranced in as if they owned this place.

"Who has a death wish at 6 in the evening?" I groaned at the stupidity of whoever this person was.

"It is me, Algea. Your mother sent me here to tell you your parents are hosting a few people for dinner tonight. She wants you to get ready" Anna's voice entered my ears, making me snap my eyes open and raise my head a little to look at her.

She was, as usual smiling at me with not only her lips but also her eyes. I let out a tired huff and fell back down on the couch.

"Tell Teresa I'm dead and therefore will not be able to attend the dinner" I said.

"Your mother has already prepared a dress for you. Algea come on, let's go and get you dressed" Anna pressed, ignoring my previous comment.

"Dead people can't get ready Anna" I said but got up anyways. I knew Anna wouldn't leave unless I listened to her and there were barely any days I didn't listen to Anna so...

"The dress is already in your room. Take a shower and I'll help you get ready" Anna said as we walked towards my room. My wing was not as large as my parent's. It had my suite which consists of my bedroom, with an attached bath and toilet and a walk in closet, a living room, which had a TV with of course surround sound, a small kitchen space which had a mini fridge and a bar and a pantry with snacks, the living room also lead to a balcony which was decorated with some beautiful plants and a set of antique table and chairs...I have my breakfast there sometimes since the balcony looked over our gardens and the scenery was just divine in early morning.

Then there's 2 guest bedrooms, a game room, my study, a library, a screening room and an art room in my wing. I'm the only resident here, you can find Anna or some of my maids here but other than that I live alone.

My parents wings are somewhat similar, not that I'd know since I don't go there as often, but their rooms are just bigger, on a grander scale.

I pushed open the double doors to my room and saw two maids already waiting inside, one of them holding a dress that Teresa must've chosen.

"Miss Bluewood" both of them greeted. Anna quickly went inside my closet and handed me a set of matching underwear and basically pushed me inside the bathroom.

I stripped and took a quick shower, too tired to wait around for the jacuzzi to fill up. I put on my underwear and went outside. The maids helped me put on the dress, which in hindsight looked like it was made for a hooker.

"Oh my..." I heard Anna mumble under her breath when she saw how exposing the dress was.

"It's fine Anna, they must be having some board members over. They need to parade me around to give those old men a boner and open up their pockets for my parents" I said as I rolled my eyes and snatched a pair of black, strappy sandals from my closet.

I quickly put those on and the maids did my makeup. I don't like doing a full face of makeup but here I was sitting with layers and layers of foundation and concealer and contour and highlight.

I sighed when I looked in the mirror at my reflection. I looked like a 26 year old woman. I rolled my eyes at how my parents don't even try to hide the fact that they're trying to whore their daughter around for money.

"Algea..." Anna whispered as she saw how I looked. I gave her a huge smile and a wink.

"It's fine Anna, I'm used to it. I'm Algea Bluewood, I can be naked and people still aren't allowed to look at me. They can do nothing even if I look like this" I lied to her but she and I both knew it was useless.

"Anything it takes to survive" Anna said as she patted my head once and left probably to look over the preparations for dinner, she was after all the head maid.

I picked up my phone and turned it on.

"No messages..." I mumbled as I looked at the lack of notifications. I rolled my eyes at how pathetic I was being and threw my phone back on my bed.

I exited my room and marched towards the kitchen downstairs.

All the maids were rushing around, trying to get things ready for the dinner. I quickly sneaked a chocolate cupcake from the massive, food filled kitchen counter and took a bite, moaning at the heavenly taste.

"You'll get fat if you eat that. Someone take that away" I heard my mother snicker behind me. Oh dang...

A maid carefully took away the cupcake from my hand, as I tried to brush away the crumbs from my face. I turned around and gave Teresa a fake smile.

"Mother, it's good to see you walking" I said as I looked at her feet, which were no longer bandaged.

"Thankfully it wasn't that serious and there's no scarring" She said as she stared at her feet. That's her version of frowning, my mother doesn't actually frown cause according to her that leads to wrinkles.

"How many times have I told you not to eat this crap, we make it for the guest but it doesn't mean you can have it too. You'll have a fucking belly and will be utterly useless then, more useless than you are now" She said as she pointed around at all the food that was being prepared in the kitchen.

"They're here!" I heard my father scream from somewhere.

"Come on out and push your hair back! You can hardly see your cleavage" My mother shouted.

I didn't do as I was told and followed my mother to the front door to greet the guests. As expected it was a bunch of gross, half bald, pot bellied, mayonnaise filled, middle aged men.

They all shook my father's hand, hugged my mother or most likely grind against her but didn't dare to move in my direction when I fixed my glare on them.

"Your daughter has grown up a lot. I remember when she was a wee little thing, running around during dinners like this in her little frocks" One of the greasy men said as he walked towards me and enveloped me in a hug, disregarding my glare.

I felt his arms go around me and then one of them slid down to my bottom. I kept my calm and didn't do anything. He proceeded to squeeze my bottom which made me tense up and clench my jaw.

"Dinner is served Mr. Bluewood" Anna said from behind us. Her words made the old man release me. I turned around to see my dad smiling at me and then smile at the man who just sexually harassed me.

"Well then we should head to the dinning table. You all can catch up with Algea after dinner" My mother said and starting leading the guests to the dinning hall.

Anna came to stand besides me when I didn't move with the others.

"Algea?" Anna said slowly and quietly. I shook my head a couple of times, trying to shake away the feeling of dread.

"It's fine Anna, I'm fine. I'm used to it.. it's just a body, not a temple. They can violate the flesh not the soul" I said, repeating Anna's words she told me 6 years ago when this first happened.

"Just one more year my child and you will be free" Anna said and I nodded. I quickly pattered to the dinning hall, before someone noticed my absence.

The huge dinning table was only arranged with 7 chairs. My dad and mum sitting at the head of the table while I was placed between two of the men.

I sighed at how obvious my parents were being.

"Come on child sit down!" My dad said sweetly but his eyes glaring at me. I quickly went up to my seat and sat down. As soon as my bum hit the seat, both the men on my side placed one hand on each of my thigh making a shiver of disgust run up my spine.

"Our chef has specially prepared today's menu, keeping all of your preferences in mind. I hope you will all enjoy the food" My mother said in her fake sultry, sluty voice as she batted her eyelids at the men.

It made me roll my eyes. I know you all must be confused as to why my parents are behaving like this. Well the things is my parents don't own our family business, they just run it. Both my grandparents don't trust either of them and decided they'll hand over the business to me when I turn 18.

My parents are trying to win over the board so that during the final voting, even if I had the shares, I won't have the support. But they are extremely stupid, they're winning the members favor by using me...thinking I'm some naïve little girl who will let old men touch her for no reason.

I smiled at the oldies who couldn't take their eyes or hands off of me. I already have the shares and support, it's just that my parents don't know that. I have to keep on pretending like I'm a clueless little bitch till my eighteen birthday and also look out for myself so that my parents won't be suspicious.

They think they're winning...but they're not.

May the fates give me strength to get through tonight and every night till my birthday.
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