Spicy Shorty

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"My feet are killing me Anna" I said as I took my heels off and fell back on my bed.

Tonight was hectic! Not only were those gross men way more touchy than usual but my parents actually tried to make it seem like I had no interest in taking over the family business whatsoever.

Proved them wrong by talking with those board members all about our on going projects, my parents were beyond shocked. They didn't even know how I found out about The Brooker's deal! But as I said I have the shares and I have the support, with support comes connections.

"You did well tonight, I am proud of you" Anna said in that weird guilt-ridden voice of hers. She always made it seem like it was her fault I went through nights like tonight. She thought it was her job to protect me but I wasn't her kid, my own parents won't protect me so I don't see why she had to beat herself up over this.

"Anna I'm fine. It's fine, it always has been fine. Stop doing that to yourself" I said as I followed her around my room as she cleaned.

"Your parents don't have a heart but I do child. I should not watch you suffer like this..." Anna said as she dropped the dress I had been wearing all evening on the floor.

"You were going to the police the first time this happened. I stopped you, I'm the one who decided to take on this, it's not your fault." I said trying to console her. I always felt bad that Anna thought all of this is her fault, it's my parents' fault not her.

"I just-" Anna started but I interrupted her.

"Let's not do this again Anna. I did it because I wanted what was waiting for me at end of this torture. I'll be fine next year, these board members will be gone and locked up with the evidence I have collected over the years...you have nothing to worry about" I said as walked over to her.

I embraced her in a hug which she needed a lot. Nights like these were tough on her, she breast fed me for god's sake! She loved me too much, I'd argue more than I loved myself.

Anna patted my back, consoling me, trying to get rid of the things that happened today like she always did. The more shitty things get at home, the more love Anna showed me, trying to cover up the bad things in my life.

I think Anna didn't know that she couldn't do anything to cover up the bad shit in my life but I appreciated the effort. She's the only one I would have by my side once I turned 18.

"Rest Miss Bluewood. I will see you tomorrow when I wake you up for school" Anna said, releasing me from the hug. She smiled at me one last time and then exited my room, taking the dress I wore with her most probably so she could burn it.

I walked up to my bed and sat down. I picked up my phone from my nightstand and it had a Message from my grandma. She found out about the dinner tonight... Grandma is fast like that. She wanted to know if I was alright.

It wasn't a secret in our family that my parents didn't take care of me but I can't allow anyone to ruin my plans for me. I will inherit everything from my grandparents and throw my parents out on the streets.

I texted her a short 'I'm okay' and threw my phone back on my nightstand. I quickly got under the sheets.

"Lights off!" I said and the rooms lights went of. I picked up the control for the curtains from the nightstand and pressed a button to draw my curtains back.

The wall to the left of my bed was entirely made out of glass. I had it re-constructed this way when I was 7. I was scared of the dark back then and my parents wouldn't sleep with me. The maids weren't very nice, some even tried to take me in my sleep.

I took a deep breath as I remembered the good ol' days. Anna had gotten married for the second time around that time and couldn't stay home with me since she was pregnant with her second child.

Anna used to be a single mum but then her son died from pneumonia a couple of weeks after he was born. My mother hired Anna since she was still lactating and could feed me. Anna needed the money and so here she was.

When she was pregnant with her second child, I was around 7. I remember I used to cry as I held onto to her neck, begging her to stay the night with me. I could never admit that I was being hurt by the maids because I was a wuss and got scared when the maids threatened to hurt me more if I told anyone.

Anna lost her second child too and took a month's leave but I ended up calling her in hysterics one night. The maids didn't know Anna was coming here and came into my room as usual to take their anger out on me but Anna caught them.

They were fired and Anna became my permanent nanny. Maybe it was because she had lost too many kids that she took pity on me, maybe it was just out of the goodness of her heart but I was glad Anna was with me.

She helped me get the renovations done and made sure no one ever hurt me again. I looked out the window at the glowing silver moon. I've looked at it when I was a helpless little child, I'm looking at it now when I'm a captive in my own house and I can't wait to look at it when I'll finally be free.

I drifted away in no time but was jerked awake when I felt someone touch my thigh. I quickly sat up on my bed and looked around, there was no one in the room.

I sighed and brushed my hands over my face. I laid back down and pulled the comforter tightly over my body as I tried to back to sleep.

I jerked up when I felt something touch my hair. I sat up and looked around once more but no one was there as usual.

"Not again" I whispered to myself.

I pulled the comforter off of my body and got out of bed. I put on my fluffy slippers and picked up my nightrobe from the bed bench at the foot of my bed and put it on, wrapping it around myself tightly.

I walked into my living room and kneeled down besides the 4 siter couch, my hand going straight under it to the spot where I keep my cigarettes taped.

I pulled them out along with the lighter I keep there as well, just in case Anna throws away the ones in my nightstand.

I walk out onto my balcony and lit a cigarette. I let out a sigh of content as I took a puff in and my neurons start to feel a thousand times better.

"I'll die from cancer before I get to take my throne" I joked with myself. Talking to myself was the easiest, I knew my entire story, I had no bias or believed no rumors about me. And the greatest of all, I would never use my secrets to hurt myself.

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