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Book 1 of the Bad Boys of East Point series Ryder Atkins is the baddest boy of East Point. He has a reputation but don’t all bad boys? He never sleeps with the same girl twice. He doesn’t do girlfriends or committed relationships. He’s a horrible flirt but he’s gorgeous and knows it. Thyra throws him off his game. For the first time in his life, he wants to keep a woman around. That woman is Thyra. He won’t let her get away until he’s made her his to keep. Thyra Gundersen is a badass rock drummer. She has a past she can’t quite shake. She won’t let herself fall for another player. The last one ended badly and she had no intention of repeating history. But Ryder was so tempting. No matter how hard she tries, he still gets under her skin. Will she be brave enough to take a chance with him?

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Chapter 1


I shoved my dark silky hair that seemed to constantly fall over my forehead back. I know I made bedhead look good. Vivid green eyes that seemed to look straight to your heart. A crooked smile that made a girl’s knees weak. I’ve been called beyond gorgeous, heart stopping, panty melting, sin on a stick. And I am all those things and more. There wasn’t a girl at East Point High who didn’t fantasize about me. I was a walking sex god and no girl was immune to my charm. Being captain of the wrestling and cross country teams kept me lean and in incredible shape. It also kept me with a long line of female admirers and no shortage of bedmates.

Strutting across the parking lot of the school, I met with my long time friends. We are the school’s resident studs - Aaron Boone, Roman DeAngelo, Brock Landry and myself, Ryder Atkins. We were often labeled bad boys because let’s face it. We’re hot. Every girl wanted to be with us and every guy wanted to be us. Aaron was the typical hot boy next door who just happened to be captain of the football team and student council president. Roman was smart and sexy, dominating the debate team with the body of a Greek god. Brock was the gorgeous genius and clown of the group. Hey, don’t hate on me. I’m just stating facts from the mouths of the ladies.

We were laughing at some stupidity Brock had gotten himself into when Aaron looked across the parking lot, lowering his sunglasses.

“Woah.” All eyes followed the direction he was looking in. I was the last to turn. When I did, my jaw dropped.

“Woah” came the collective answer. Holy shit. I have never seen a more beautiful girl in my life. She was tall with long dark blond hair that reached her waist, whispering around her hips as she walked. The short denim skirt she wore showed off her long sleek legs, making my mouth water at the sight of the muscles shifting gracefully along her thighs. She had curves in all the right places, places I’d love to explore. I was not the only one checking her out. Every guy on the quad was as well.

“My God, it should be a sin to be that sexy. Look at those legs,” said Brock. “I’ve got to meet her.”

“Dude, while I wholeheartedly agree,” Roman interjected, “do you not see those two guys with her? They are huge and do not look friendly. You might want to wait on that whole ‘I’ve got to meet her’ thing.” Looking again at the gorgeous girl headed their way, he sighed. “But, damn what a way to die.”

“Come on guys, we’ve got to head in. We get to escort the new students around.” Aaron sighed, whistling low as he watched her ass. “Good God,” he whispered. The four of us followed the girl into the school, branching off to our lockers. Brock headed to homeroom while Aaron, Roman and I headed to the office. We were still talking about the insanely hot girl and the big guys that were with her when we entered. All three of us came to a sudden stop when we saw said girl and guys standing with Mrs. Anderson, the school’s secretary.

“Oh good, boys you’re here! Let me introduce the Gundersen triplets. You’ll be their student guides today.” Mrs. Anderson gave a bright smile and stepped back behind her desk.

“Holy shit, triplets! I’ve actually never met triplets before. I’m Aaron Boone, student council president and captain of the football team.” Shaking hands, he looked between the twins. “Which one of you is Aksel?” So the big guys were hot girl’s brothers. Aksel spoke up identifying himself and Aaron walked with him out of the office. Roman was to escort Magnus and that left me with hot girl. I’m a lucky bastard, I thought. Magnus seemed like a cool guy but I knew Roman was wishing he had gotten the opportunity to escort the sister. A slow smile spread on my face. So, her name was Thyra. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

“Well hello gorgeous. Ryder Atkins at your service.” I watched her eyes widen fractionally as I took her hand and placed a kiss on her knuckles. Oh, she was so going to be mine. I turned on the charm and watched her try to get herself together enough to answer me. “Guess it’s my lucky day. I get to escort a beautiful Viking princess around.”

“Thyra Gundersen.” Her voice was like honey. “Nice to meet you, Ryder.”

“The pleasure is definitely mine, gorgeous.” Winking at her, I led her out the door. Thyra seemed to be nervous. I didn’t miss the slight shiver when I reached over her to get her schedule, making sure to get close to her ear. “You’ve got Mr. Tyler for homeroom. I’m down the hall with Mrs. Malone. Wait for me here and I’ll walk you to English Lit.” She was definitely nervous because she kept her gaze on the floor. I placed a finger under her chin to tilt her head up. Her dark blue eyes caused my breath to hitch. Damn I could get lost in those oceans. “Do I make you nervous, baby?”

“Just crowding my personal space,” she confessed. I could stare at her all day. She was just too damn beautiful to be real and she had the body of a goddess.

“I can’t help myself,” I said. “You are stunning. Especially with those legs. Damn girl they go for days.” I watched her bristle at my compliment. Taking a step back from me, she squared her shoulders and grabbed her schedule from my hand.

“Just so you know, Ryder, I’m not some starry eyed slut looking to sleep with you,” she said. “Been there, done that and the ride sucked. I have no desire to go where every girl has been before. So, if you can dispense with this tired player act, I’m sure we can get along fine.” In a smooth tone, she put me off and walked into the classroom. Ooh, girl got fire. I was getting turned on already.

I chuckled as I stood outside Mr. Tyler’s room. Shoving my hands in my jeans pockets, I sauntered away whistling softly. Ryder, my man, looks like you’ve got yourself a challenge with this one. I smiled as dirty thoughts filled my already sexually depraved mind. I haven’t been on a hunt in ages and Thyra was a woman worth chasing. Just the thought of her writhing beneath me, my name on her plush lips screaming as I make her come over and over again…oh yeah. Definitely worth chasing.

Heading toward my homeroom, the wheels in my head were working overtime thinking about how I was going to break down her walls. I wanted her and her rebuff of my attentions only cemented that fact. There was no doubt she had fire and I knew she would not be an easy target. I was also thinking of those long gorgeous legs. Smiling to myself, I was imagining having them wrapped around my waist as I stroked in and out of her slowly. Fuck but I would have her screaming my name over and over, begging me not to stop.

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