The devils little kitten

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Akyla has always been an Angel. But I guess some people take advantage of that. However she can be a rebel when needed. What happens when she meets Ryder. The typical bad boy that’s none for caring only about himself and the people he calls Family. People calls him the devil himself, will the devil take Advantage of Akyla because of the way she is or will he fall for her?.

Romance / Action
Missy Morris
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Chapter 1

Hey guys this is my first book on inkitt. I know it will have an unusual start but you will understand later on in the story.


Akyla’s POV
Today’s a normal Monday morning. I get up from my bed and drag myself to my attached bathroom. I brush my teeth and take a shower. After I was done I dry the water from my body and hair. I look into my floor-length mirror and ran my fingers through my long thick brown hair. It reaches a little bit past my shoulder. I put on my peach-colored sweater and black skinny jeans with my black leather bag and leather shoes.

I’m not the type of girl who loves to show off a lot of skin, who am I kidding, maybe a little. I love dressing up to look nice, not to impress anyone; that doesn’t mean I don’t have a boyfriend.

I’m dating Noah Morgan he’s a jock. Captain of the football team at my school, and let me tell you, he is so freaking handsome.

“AKYLA!” I heard someone shouted my name. Knowing who it is I put on a cheeky smile “yes brother dearest” I answered then hear a car honks outside.

“your so-called boyfriend is here” my brother doesn’t like Noah. For some good reason, I don’t know. I even had to beg him to let me go on a date with Noah before we started dating, but he still didn’t let me off. I had to do his chores for a whole month, including his laundry, and on top of that. While I’m home doing his laundry, he was out all night being a man whore.

“Ok I’m coming down now,” I said grabbing The school bag that I did put on my bed. Running downstairs I heard my mom and brother laughing at my dad that’s looking for his keys that’s right freaking in front of him. “For god's sake where are my keys,” he asks running a hand through his dirty blonde hair. My mom started laughing harder I swore she would’ve fallen out of her seat. “Honey, did you try calling it?” Why on earth would my mother ask him that?

“Mom!” I shout. “Leave my poor dad alone and dad your keys are right there!” He looks at me with sad and tired eyes. “Where” I facepalmed myself and point to the kitchen counter “thanks! What would I do without you pumpkin?”

“Nothing, Nothing at all”

I took a piece of bacon from my twin's plate and winks at him “HEY” he shouted and I started to laugh. “What? You don’t want me to starve on my way to school do you?” I kiss his cheek and I got a glare from him in return. “Bye family! Love you!” I yell running out the door to my patiently waiting boyfriend. I heard a “we love you too” and I smile hopping into my boyfriend’s silver Jeep. I kiss his cheek and he turns in the kiss, kissing my lips instead.

“Morning baby!” He smiles at me. “Morning” I reply giving him the same smile he gave me. “So there’s this party at jake’s place tonight, you going?” He asks staring at me. I sigh “Noah, it’s a school night plus you know I don’t like parties and I know you're going!” He gave what I guess was supposed to be puppy dog eyes. “So that means you’ll go?” He asks running a hand through his freshly cut blonde hair slightly gazing at me before focusing his gaze back on the road.

“ no have fun. I have an exam tomorrow and I’m not risking getting a low grade because I didn’t sleep well the night before I’m sorry” we pull up in the school's parking lot and I look outside the window to see kids catching up with their friends.

I love him. But there’s no way I’m going to that party, not when I have an exam in my first period. No way in hell. We walk into the school’s hall with our hand's clasps together as we walk side by side going to my locker. When we finally reach I felt him wrapping his arms around my waist pulling me to him kissing my cheek.

“I have a meeting with my coach before class, I’ll see you later.” I turn in his arms after grabbing my book and look up in his eyes. “ok” he peck my lips then walk off disappearing into the now crowded halls on his way to the school’s gym I guess. “Hey girl!” My Best friend taps my shoulder causing me to jump a foot high in the air dropping my books.

“Hey, Bebe!” I said greeting my smiling Best friend. The girl, me and my brother grew up with. My brother has a crush on her but I can’t admit it because of his well-known reputation as the biggest man whore in my school.

The school's bad boy. Well only at school because Kyle is a real softy at home and I think it’s staying like that. He’s overprotective, but it’s bearable when you know how to control him, like that time I liked this dude. I had to tease Kyle to kiss the boy who I completely wasted my time on because he was an awful kisser.

“Hey bitches!” I was broken out of my thoughts by Christian. She’s popular here along with her friend, Rihanna. They started talking to me last year when Noah asked me out.

Noah and I have been dating for eight months now and I’m wondering why these girls chose to befriend me and Amy. I mean I don’t mean this in a bad way but they are our complete opposites.

While they are party animals Amy and I would just hang at my place all day watching Netflix. We aren’t nerds we are just average.

“So are you guys going to Jake’s party?” Rihanna asked. “No!” me and Amy answer in unison. “Why aren’t you girls going it’s going to be so fun, plus it’s the biggest one this year!!” Christian said already jumping up and down “you girls can go!” I said getting a little serious.

The rest of the school day went smoothly. I didn’t see Noah again after that meeting with his coach and Amy and I managed to ignore the wild cats for the rest of the day. It’s time to go home and eventually I have to ride with my brother, not that I mind. I purposely sit on his baby waiting for him to come out of the school.

“Sissy!” He said walking up to me looking as angry as ever. I smile at him innocently and he huffs. “Why the fùck are you sitting on my baby?” I laugh. “Oh sorry brother, I didn’t notice. I hope I didn’t hurt Veronica-

“Just get your ass up from off of her and your walking home!” I started to laugh again. “ wait what?” I ask realizing the last part of his sentence.
Shortly after that his phone rings. He answered it immediately and I blocked him out taking my earpiece out from my bag and connect it to my phone playing Taylor Swift's bad blood playlist.

“Sissy?” Damn, I love this song. “AKYLA FOR FUCKS SAKE!” I squeal from the shock of my brother screaming at me. “W-What?” I stuttered. “ I’ve been calling you for the past three minutes!” I gasp. “I’m so sorry I was caught up in my music!” He shakes his head “I can see that, Mom wants us at home for some family meeting!” I nod a little bit curious. “Aren’t they supposed to be at work?” I ask “ yes but they're home, let’s go!” He walks to the driver's side of his car and me to the passenger's side. About ten minutes later we are opening the front door of our house stepping in.

“Mom!” We called out at the same time. “IN THE LIVING ROOM” my mom replied. I walk behind my brother to our living room to find both our parents sitting on one of the couches. “what’s going on?” My brother was the first one to ask. “We're moving!” Kyle and I look at each other then at our parents confuse. “What?” I ask. “ she said ‘where moving’!” My dad replies. “Well, good luck guys!” My brother said ready to leave the room. “No sweety. Where all moving!” My mom said.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

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