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This is a mafia story , which is not lovey dovey . If you still wanna read this carry on . Meet Amelia Knight , she is a highschool girl . Probably she is a nerd . It's just her , her mother and her bestfriend Anthena. Her mother is the sheirff of the city . She is a very playful girl who never gets into any kind of trouble. Now meet Leonadro King , A walking Greek god . He is every girls dream but no one dares to look him in the eye. He just opens up to his mother, sister and his best friend Luca . Not to forgot he is head of Italian mafia . Now let's see the journey of their lives. When both ends meet . Will they attract or repel? . Can Leonadro stay cold ? Or will he fall for the charms of this blue eyed beauty ? ........................................................... This book needs editing and it's going to be edited soon . If you find any spelling mistakes please excuse me . I hope you enjoy reading this and by the way it's my first ever book . Love you guys ❤️

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Hii , I am Amelia Knight a friendly,joyful,fullof life girl. I love my mom to the moon andback. My father passed away when I wasvery young. But my mother took care of me her whole life.

We live in Italy . My mom is the sheriff of this city. I am so proud of her. I'm 17 and will be 18 soon. I'm still in the hell called school but I will graduate in a few months. I am a typical nerd and most of my classmates are not close to me. No one really wanna be my friends and I am not sad about it cause I enjoy my own company.My one and only friend is Anthena Showers. We met in a park when we were 3 . From then we are inseparable. No one bullies me in school.

I am currently in our living room waiting for my mom to show up. We are going shopping. Today my mom has got some free time and she decided to spend it with me. There is a new mall in the city so why not.

We live in Rome . Its so peaceful in here. But this Italian mafia is creating a lot of nuisance,so as the sheriff of this city my mom is quite busy. I have never seen people of mafia but I think my mom has seen some. I played some songs in the radio. Me and mom started humming the songs soon we reached the mall. We were awestruck by the beauty.

It is the biggest one in the whole Romewhich has been built recently. By the looksof it it can accommodate the whole peopleof Rome. Me and my mom stepped insidethe mall. "Wow I am so excited mom". "Yes, me too "said my mom looking at the amazing six storeyed building infront of us. At first there was an amazingly huge choclate fountain, and you know what I LOVE CHOCLATE.

After having chocolate we went to check out few stores. This mall is so huge that it would take me a whole of 2 days to visit every store. We checked few stores but I didn't buy anything.My mom excused herself to use the washroom.Then I went into a jewelry store, there I saw a gorgeous daimond necklace. It's Tiffany and Co's daimond necklace. I knew I can't afford this. I just admired the necklace and went out of the store. Then I caught up with my mom and we went to few other stores and I bought some floral dresses, crop tops, leather jacket and all.

It's lunch time so me and my mom are hungry and we decided to eat junkie for today at Mc. Donalds. When we are having lunch my mom got a call saying that she is needed immediately. She shot me a apologetic glance and I said " It's ok mom. You go and take care of that. I will spend some time and I will go home by evening ". She said " Will you be ok by your own? I can drop you at home if you need. " I said " No, it's fine I will be ok. " She said " Take a cab and be safe. " And she was gone.

I actually didn't have any intrest in staying here. But I need to look at that necklace one more time. Then I will be gone. So I finished my lunch and started walking towards that store. I went inside the store and I admired the necklace. Then some people passed by. I looked at them. One of them was wearing white t-shirt and black jeans with a leather jacket. He is good looking maybe in his early 20's . He is quite muscular. Beside him there is another man. Words can't express how good he is looking.He is wearing a 3 piece suite. Who the hell wears a 3 peice suite for shopping. He is not all intrested in coming here. It is clearly written in his face. He is looking like a Greek god. He is very tall maybe 6'1 or above. He is like in his mid 20's. His jaw is so sharp that it can cut a peice of paper. He is very muscular. I think the time he spent in gym has paid off.

Then he looked at me. I am so nervous under his stare. I have really poor flirting skills. I don't even know how to talk to a boy. I didn't have a boyfriend in 17 years of my life. He mainted eye contact like 5 seconds and then walked away. WEIRD

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