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Chapter 10

Recap :

Lucas POV :

Again Leo started talking "she can visit whenever she wants. "

I asked him "Who, Anthena? " like an innocent child would. He replied with a yes.I was doing happy dance inside .I can see Anthena few times. Okay wait.... ...... ........Why am I becoming like this? Am I falling for her? No I am a playboy. I will eventually get bored of her.

Leo's POV :

I was sitting in the car frustrated by the things happening .That's when I got a call from Luca saying that Amelia's in the hospital.I was so shocked. I can't even describe how I feel. I rushed to the hospital to see Luca and Mom sitting in the lobby of the hospital. I went to Luca and asked about Amelia. He helped me to calm down He said its a mild food poisoning. I know that its not mild due to condition Amelia is in.

So I thought of leaving the culprit for a few seconds to care of Amelia. I am so worried about her. She doesn't deserve this life of danger. But I had to take care of her. I stayed for an hour in the hospital. Luca had told me about some girl he caught while she is trying to break into the house .She seems to be Amelias friend. I wanna surprise Amelia when she wakes up by showing Anthena to her. I can't go home to bring her, so I asked Luca to treat Anthena in a good way which includes providing her food and a neat environment and bring her here. He seemed happy by the task Ihave given. The reason of his happiness has to be investigated later . I decided to stay in the hospital however long it takes . I sent mom home with luca to take care of Cilia. I stayed in the hospital. After what it seemed an hour of waiting. The doctor said that I can go in and watch Amelia. I went inside the hospital room which Amelia was in and my heart broke seeing her like this. Many tubes attached to her she used to be so playful , always smiling. But now seeing her on the bed with tubes attached breaks my heart .

I feel helpless now. I can't manage to live a in constant fear of Brandon. I have to do something to build a secured life for Amelia. I sat there watching Amelia for hours. I lost the count of time . Thats when I started speaking to her. I wanna share all the things , all my feelings for her. So I started speaking to her.

" Hii Amelia, I am Leonadro, your the only person who can make me feel alive. You changed me from the moment I laid my eyes on you.You are the most innocent girl I have ever seen. I can't imagine my life without you. I want you by my side in everymoment .You might be worried about all people who are always watching my back and are ready to stab me. But I promise you I will protect you with everything I have, even it means my death. I will go to the ends of the earth to make you happy. I am waiting for the moment I bend my knees and say 3 magical words to you. The moment when you come to me in a white dress, willing to share the rest of your life. At that moment you will be the Queen and I will be your King. That moment when you come to me with our daughter in your hand . I am willing to spend my rest of the life with you. I know these all won't happen because you hate me . And I don't want to put you in danger. So I have to let you go . But this all will happen if you wake up. So please wake up baby."

I was crying the whole time. I wish that was my life with Amelia.

"I know you won't hear all this but I can't stop myself from saying this to you. "

After I told this to Amelia I heard some sound from behind . I turned to see a crying Anthena and shocked Luca. She went outside the room by crying like there's no tommorow. Luca went behind her . The reason for Lucas shock was pretty explainable.I have never shown any emotions except anger. So me showing an emotion except anger is not what you see every day. It's Luca who we are talking about . He has known me since I was in dipers. So he knows everything about me, except this side. So he was shocked.

Then a after a few minutes red faced Luca and Anthena came inside the room. oh wait! why is Luca's faced red? Its Anthena who was crying right. I observed his face closely to watch a slap mark. Oh my god Luca, the famous got slapped . He got the right thing on . Oh my god was trying so hard to stop laughing. Luca saw me and was so embarrased . He stopped in his tracks.

Anthena was coming towards me. She stopped when shewas right infront of me. She was standing and I am sitting. She knelt down and took both my hands in hers and she said

" Amelia deserves you ,before I thought she was in the wrong place but she is in the right place in the hands of right person. I know you take great care of her She has been through a lot the only people who loved her was me and her mom. Now it's you. " Anthena was crying so hard. I wonder what my princess has gone through.I was about to ask Anthena about Amelia's past and Anthena started talking again .

" What happened in her past is the thing she has to tell you. She will understand you. She is not as bad as she seems ",then Anthena wiped her puffy red eyes.

"I will go back to my house after talking to her when she wakes up. I promise I won't disturb you again & I will wait in the lobby call me when she wakes up. One more thing don't send this jerk."

She said by pointing a finger at Luca. By saying that she went outside the room and I was awestruck by her words. Actually I was wondesing If Amelia will accept me, I have to get close to her. And I was wondering what Luca did . I was about to ask him what he did when the hand I was holding moved a bit .




Hii guys , hope you are doing well . So there is another update yayyy . I am trying my level best to update as early as possible . But sometimes my college work comes in between . I am sorry if my updates are late . Thank you for reading ❤️ . If you don't like my book feel free to tell me what's wrong with it so that I can correct my mistakes . Thank you again 😍

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