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Chapter 11


" .I will go back to my house after talking to her when she wakes up. I promise I won't disturb you again & I will wait in the lobby call me when she wakes up. One more thing don't send this jerk."

She said by pointing a finger at Luca. By saying that she went outside the room and I was awestruck by her words. Actually I was wondesing If Amelia will accept me, I have to get close to her. And I was wondering what Luca did . I was about to ask him what he did when the hand I was holding moved a bit .



Amelia's POV :

After I had my breakfast I went to my roomto read a book . It's been 2 days since I came here it's so boring here .

He is very bipolar. Sometimes he is very caring he makes pancakes for me , he treats my bruise and sometimes he just shouts at me . Today after breakfast I just asked him if I can go back since I have to continue school. Then switch flipped and he became so angry.

When I was thinking about Leo I felt something burning in my stomach. The pain is so high. I can't help but scream and then I fell unconscious.

After few hours

I woke up to the beep of machines. I feel someones hand in mine. I held it for some time. I opened my eyes to see Leo beside me. He is holding my hand and he is looking right at me.

When I woke up he bought me glass of water. He does not give it to my hand he let me drink it from his hand.

I asked "what happened to me? " He looked at me with guilt pouring out of his eyes . Is that his fault that I am here No it couldn't be.. cause I know he couldn't hurt me. I can see it in his eyes! But at the same time this is all because of him..

He didn't reply me He went out of the hospital room. I was looking at door expectantly when I saw a person I thought I could never see again. Its my best friend Anthena . I was not in a position to stand up but I tried to .She came to me and gave me a big hug I was crying so hard. I hugged and I didn't leave her. I don't want this moment to end with her. I was just a huge crying mess I asked her what happened to me. But she did not give me an answer. I asked her about how she was the past few days, she told me that my mom misses me .By the mention of my mom I cried . I miss her so much I can't describe how much I miss her. I have been so busy these past days that I didn't think of my mom. Now I have to demand Leo to take me to my mom. Even though its for a moment I have to go to her . If ask Leo I know he won't accept. He doesn't even talk to me in a normal way like a normal person. He always shouts on me for very small things I got an amazing idea.

I asked " Hey Anthena your my best friend right"

"Ok now what do you need?" she said .

"Umm I need a favour"I asked .

"ok this seems sketchy. What do you need?" she replied.

"Umm I need to see my mom"

"oh, Ask Leo"she said in a duh tone.

"Actually If I ask Leo he will surely reject my wish"

"okay so what do we do?"

"Shall we sneak out?" I asked with my puppy dog eyes.

"Leo is going to kill me!!''

"Okay but from when you know him?" Anthena said

"Actually I know him from a few minutes when he was talking to you, while you were sleeping about suddenly a knock sounded when Anthena was about to say something. There is Luca standing in all his glory.

"May I come in?" he asked.

"NO" said Anthena.

"Uh-oh Anthena don't be rude. You can come in Luca" I said.

"I will see you later" said Anthena and walked out of the room. Some thing is happening between them and I will know it later.

" Hi Luca. How are you?".

"Last time I checked you were hospitalised" he said.I smiled at him. Unlike Leo , Luca can light up any kind of situation with his humour.

"I am fine now, what happened to me?" I asked him .

" Umm Its not my part to tell ask Leo" he said .

" You know that he won't reply me right ". I asked Luca.

" Hmm I don't think he wouldn't reply you after the scene that had happened before?" Luca said.

"What happened before?".

"Actually while you are in unconscious stage Leo......" Then here we go again a knock sounded and there stood Leo.

I asked Luca "Can you please finish it?"

"No Amelia I don't think some one will let me finish it " he said looking towards Leo. Luca walked out of the room by waving me. Now I am left with a devil in the hospital alone.

Leo's POV:

I went outside the hospital room as soon as Amelia asked me why she was in the hospital . I couldn't reply her as I was the reason why she was here. If I didn't bring her to the manision then she would not been a target to Brandon.I won't forgive Brandon for this. She was crying inside by, seeing her friend Anthena after such a long time .She misses her so much. That is because of me. They are speaking something. Luca, went inside the hospital room immediately, Anthena came out of the room. I wonder why she slapped him before .She came out of the room and sat beside me .

I asked her " What did, she say?".

She gave me a smile and said "she wanted to see her mom ".

" Hmm" I said but,.I am not sure wheather to send her or not. If I sent her then her mother would also be targeted .Mainly during this time I sat there silently. I went inside the hospital room and I saw Luca talking to Amelia.I knocked on the door when Amelia whispered something to Luca and Luca was going outside the hospital room .Thats when he gave me a wink, Idiot. I went near Amelia and asked her

" How do you feel now?"

" Oh I see I your care about me Mr.Leonadro , you remember me now?".

"Amelia dont irritate me , are you feeling fine? "

"I am in the hospital and you get angry.I am in a pathetic stage and you shout, at me . Actually I am, the one who has to get angry because I am an this situation because of you you always put me in a position where I have to suffer because of you, where I have to leave my family because of you . "

I am so angry now . I shouted at Amelia " STOP IT AMELIA ". She is silent . I am silent. We are not talking anything .I spoke first breaking the silence " We have to get you discharged " .

Amelia said " I am not coming to your home again!" .

"Amelia you are testing my patience here. You know I am a person who gets angry easily. Yet you choose to distrub me. All I am doing here is trying to help you." By saying that I walked out of the room . I waited for an hour or two outside the room . Then Amelia came out .

" Come with me." I said and started walking. We went inside the car . I got her a gift to lighten up her mood. I gave it to her.

"This for you. You can use it as you wish". She didn't even say thankyou.But its fine she is angry with me and I understand that because I am the one who got her in that hospital for the first place.

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