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Chapter 12

Recap :

"Come with me." I said and started walking. We went inside the car . I got her a gift to lighten up her mood. I gave it to her.

"This for you. You can use it as you wish". She didn't even say thankyou.But its fine she is angry with me and I understand that because I am the one who got her in that hospital for the first place.

Amelia's POV:

This is the first time me and Leo have had a real fight. We had a fight and now I am not talking to him. He gave me a gift. Its my phone ,actually I am happy to receive it but I didnot say him even a thank you because I was angry at him and my phone gave me a chance to ignore him all the way to his home .So I watched my phone. I want to call my mom so badly. Actually my plan of escaping has miserably failed because of Anthena's absence. So I have to rethink it. But first I have to call my mom.After Leo parked the car. I ran out of the car into the house I went to a room but it's locked. I can't actually go back into Leo's room after we have had a huge fight . I tried another guest room and its open so I went inside the room and I called mom immediately .

"Hello mom".

"Amelia! "

"How are you mom?"

" I am fine dear. How are you? How did that man treat you? Did he harm you? How did you get your phone? Did he know that you are talking to me?" My mom started filling me with questions.

" Mom I am perfectly I fine Leo doesn't harm me. I am fine , you don't worry about me. "

I spoke to my mom for a few minutes . I told her I would be home as soom as possible . I didn't tell her about the whole hospital thing. I don't want to stress her . Thats when I realised, I am hungry. I went towards kitchen with my phone in my hands, I got some strawberries from fridge.Then I saw Leo going somewhere in the house. He saw me. Then my phone started ringing, I saw it. It's from a unknown number. I lifted the call and Leo was watching at me.

"Hello "

"Hi Amelia"

"Who is this? "

" Oww . Did you forget me darling? "

"Hey who are you?" .

Leo listened the conversation and was coming towards me. I cut the phone and I started walking away from Leo before he could catch me.I went inside the room and locked the door. I called that number again.

"Hello Amelia." the male voice said that again.

" Who are you?" I asked

"Did you forget me babe ? "

"Who the hell are you what are you talking about? "

" You see that little girl in the house you are living in. What's her name again ? Ha Cilia I think ".

"Hey who are you? Where's cilia? What are you even talking about? ".

"I don't know Amelia If want her safe and alive you need to come out of Leo's mansion exactly at 12."

Then I got angry"Why should I come? I am going to tell this to Leo right away".

"Oh, oh Amelia if you tell this to leo thecilia's dead body will be on your doorsteptomorrow morning" .

"Please don't do this she is so small and so innocent she doesn't deserve this , please".

"Amelia if you do what I say then that little cute girl will be left unharmed . "

" Whats your Name? "

" You don't ask me questions. I am the boss here." By that he cut the call. I was wondering wheather to tell this to Leo . Cilia is Leo's sister . I saw her a few times . She is so cute. She doesnot deserve this . If I made a little mistake then her life will be on line .

Then there was a knock on my door .I opened the door to see Leo.

" Who is on the phone?" he asked . I am not sure if I had to tell him the truth or not.

"It's my friend " I said. He doesnt look convinced by my answer .

I just wanna tell Leo everything and burst out in his arms . But if that person did anything to Cilia then I can't live with myself .

Then Leo asked " Are you ok ?" .

That one question made me break down. " NO , NO no ." Then he came rushing to me . I fell on the ground crying hard. He took me in his arms.

" What's wrong Amelia ? Did something happen? Should we go back to the hospital ?" His voice laced with concern .

" No , Leo . Your s-s-sister. T-they took-k her-r ."

" No Amelia my sister she is fine. Who told you ?" I was trembling in his arms with fear of what they would do to that little girl .

Then we heard a faint voice at the doorstep

" B-bowther" ( brother) . We turned towards the door to see a little Cilia . Oh my god she is safe . I have never been so happy in my life. I went towards that girl and engulfed her in a huge hug .

" Oh my god you are safe " I kissed her cheeks that, probably they might hurt .

" B-bowther who eis s-she?" She asked looking towards Leo.

Poor girl she might be so scared of me . I am a stranger and filled her kisses and hugs even before introducing myself.

" Sorry . I am Amelia . I am y-your brothers mmm f-friend ."

Leo looked like he was in shock cause not so long ago we had a huge fight and now I am calling him as my friend. Even I am shocked.

" H-hi I am Cilia" that little girl said .

" Cilia now go to your room . You can spend time with Amelia tomorrow " Leo said.

That girl mumbled an okay and went to her room .

I stood up from the ground so did Leo . He sat on the bed and I am still standing .

" Who told you that Cilia is not home ?" He got into a serious tone .

" I-I don't know the name. Some -- u-nknown number called and said ....." I told the whole phone conversation to Leo. He was calm . That's what scares me the most . He should get angry but he is so calm . I don't know what to do . Suddenly he got up from the bed and started walking towards me. Oh my god what did I do now ?? Is she angry ? No , there's no reason to be. I am so scared that I didn't move from the place . He came closer to me and he did something I never thought he would do ... He gave me a hug .

" I am so sorry you have to go through this" oh my freaking god the famous , Italian mafia boss is apologizing to me .

Then he was about to pull off I heard a voice behind me .

" Awww , you guys are so cutee . Have children already"

LUCA . How long has he been there?? Leo broke the hug and I turned to see Luca at the doorstep. Leo is looking at him with a hard glare that he could be 6 feet under if looks could kill. I on the other hand was so embarrassed and probably looking like a tomato .

Hii guys . I missed you so much ❤️. I will try to give as more updates as possible . Thank you for reading 💞 Love you guys . I would love to read your comments . Comments fill my heart with happiness .Thank you guys 💖

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